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cialis normal dosage

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cialis normal dosage

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Wow, it’s Monday again and there’s a My submission for this week was , and I found a couple other interesting articles on careers at the carnival too:

  • — This article at Cash Money Life describes some incredibly dangerous careers. I didn’t know fishing was so dangerous.
  • — I agree with pretty much everything in this article, and I’ve seen some botched negotiations too.

Check out the Carnival for a slew of other great articles! Trent’s editor’s picks are all very good.

cialis normal dosage

cialis normal dosage

In a perfect world, everything is priced at the most reasonable amount a customer wants to pay and haggling is not necessary, but unfortunately, most of the time the sticker price on products are meant to maximize the profit of the seller. When I first came to American I lived in Hawaii. My parents were graduate students and they worked part time at the tourist shops near Waikiki. Sometimes I would go there and do homework while they worked, and they talked about how much the tokens they sold cost the shop, and how much they charged the tourists. Most notably, my mother sold many fanny packs with tropical prints that cost $4.00 each wholesale. She was able to sell them for anywhere from $40.00 to $90.00 to tourists all around the world. She basically taught me that no matter where you are, you have to get the lowest price as you can as a buyer, and get the highest price you can as a seller. Since we are Chinese, we are very familiar with negotiating for a better offer when it comes to purchasing things, and it really surprised us that most people do not question the pricetags in America. It seems that culturally Americans are not accustomed to asking for discounts, and some people are even embarrassed to do so. From my experience, most sellers are willing to yield to the customer and give discounts if the customer just asked politely. There is really no shame in it, and on big ticket items you could save thousands of dollars by simply opening your mouth. Anyway, here are some stories from my family and I hope that they demonstrate why you should always ask for a better deal:

cialis normal dosage — A few years ago I went to Macy’s with my dad, and he really liked a couple pairs of shoes which were already on sale. He tried them on and decided to buy them. He went up to the saleslady and asked, if I buy both pair of shoes could I get a discount? The saleslady actually was really nice and smiled and took 10% off. He didn’t have to sign up for any cards or deals and he bought the shoes. So you can haggle at department stores.

cialis normal dosage — Recently my fubby and I went couch shopping for our new apartment. We decided to buy a leather sectional with a sticker price of $1799. I said to my fubby, “Lets see if they can give us a better price.” The fubby said, “okay, you do the talking. I know you’re shameless.” So all I said was, “what is the best price you could give us on that couch there?” The lady recognized us from a previous visit and actually cut down the price to $1499. If we didn’t ask at all they would’ve just sold it to us for $1799.

cialis normal dosage– My parents bought their first home in the East Bay back in 1999. It’s kind of funny because we moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii, and real estate in Hawaii was much more expensive than the Bay Area back then. So my parents thought everything was so cheap around here and found a house we all really loved after months of searching. So did my parents get into a bidding war for the home? Nope. They offered for slightly lower than the asking price. After the offer was accepted, my mom wrote another letter to the sellers about the condition of the carpets, and reduced the price a little more. I personally think that the American culture of not haggling contributed to the housing bubble at least a little bit. The artificial housing bidding wars of the past few years really inflated housing prices and in turn people had to borrow more money. What if everyone negotiated and offered reasonably? The current mortgage melt down might not be so bad if the fundamental housing price wasn’t driven up so much.

My fubby hates haggling because he thinks it’s a waste of time and he doesn’t really mind paying more. I agree with him that there is no point in negotiating prices for groceries or very small things. However, when you are purchasing something as large as a car or a home then you should never pay the full asking price. Negotiations may take time, but they can be as simple as asking, “What is the best price you could give me?” If the seller is obstinate and don’t give you a discount, you don’t lose anything, but if the seller opens up negotiations you could be saving some of your hard earned money. I really see haggling as a win-win situation for the consumer, and I hope more people just invest a few minutes in saving their money through haggling.

cialis normal dosage

cialis normal dosage

My fubby asked me why I am so concerned about the mortgage meltdown recently when I work in the tech industry which seemingly has nothing to do with mortgages.  It actually already affected me because most companies that sell ads on the internet are hurt by the fiasco in some way. Internet outfits like LowerMyBills and LendingTree that thrive on mortgage leads are also hit heavily by the implosion of so many mortgage companies this year.  A mortgage lead is basically a form that’s filled out by a consumer requesting a mortgage rate quote.  As recent as last year, some of these leads were selling for more than $100 per pop to companies like New Century Financial, which operates mostly under the name on the internet. The selling of leads is still a viable business, but less mortgage companies are alive to bid on the leads, and thus the prices are falling.

In addition to mortgage leads, there are mortgage ads.  “Mortgages” and similar terms were very expensive in the AdWords market place because of the flurry of mortgage lenders and lead generation companies that wanted to attract customers.  With the implosion, the mortgage ads revenue will definitely have to go down.  The July 2007 Nielsen rating of the top 5 internet advertisers based on estimated earnings are as follows:

  1. Low Rate Source — One of the largest mortgage leads companies.
  2.  NexTag, Inc — One of the largest shopping comparison engines which has a mortgage leads service
  3. Experian Group Limited — One of the three credit rating bureaus that also happens to own LowerMyBills
  4. Countrywide Financial Corporation — I think we all know this one as the largest mortgage lender in the country.
  5.  InterActiveCorp — The owner of LendingTree and other internet properties.

You have to take Nielsen’s estimated ad spending with a grain of salt since they don’t know exactly what amount of money each of these companies spend on ads, but these five companies do serve up a lot of ad impressions and ALL of them have revenues either partially or totally from mortgage related businesses.  With the current market conditions, it would be prudent for them to cut down on mortgage related ads.  Companies such as Countrywide might even need the advertising dollars to survive, to fund its operations. Lower advertising spending by these companies would mean less revenues for all advertisers carrying mortgage related ads.

I am not sure what percentage of ad revenues internet giants like Google and Yahoo are losing due to this situation, but. Could less ad revenues spell new rounds of layoffs for the Valley? Only time will tell.

cialis normal dosage

cialis normal dosage

Today is officially the one month anniversary of this blog! So far The Baglady has gotten over 1000 pageviews despite Dreamhost having extremely horrible network outage about 10% of this month. Here’s a roundup of the most popular articles on this blog in the last month:

— This is the article on the latest Carnival of Personal Finance about things I should do after marriage

— This is why I don’t want to buy houses in San Mateo.
- My way of budgeting.

— This article is extremely popular amongst my friends. It details how I am bleeding money into a big noisy event.

— I guess Countrywide is doing really poorly now and people are finding this article through search. I will give an update on the homes in a few weeks!

— This is a really bland article I thought, but it gives fairly good information so on Google this article is ranked 2nd or 3rd when you search for Stonegate San Mateo.

And here’s a personal favorite of mine:

— The interviewing is still going on. Where are all the capable people?

cialis normal dosage

cialis normal dosage

Some of my friends that read this blog are still in school and haven’t started working yet and a couple other friends have asked me advice on evaluating the job offers they’ve gotten. So here’s a summary on how I currently evaluate job offers. This is purely from my perspective as a young engineer with no kids so your priorities may be very different. I am certain that my evaluation method will change as I go on to the later phases of my life. Right now, here are the things I consider in order of importance:

cialis normal dosage — The first and most important thing is to understand what I will be doing in the position offered. Is this job something I would be happy doing eight to nine hours a day? Would I be creating a product or service that people find useful? Are there opportunities for advancement and recognition in this job? Of course, the best place to learn about the job is through asking questions at the interview or asking HR. It’s important to get as much information as possible because a lot of job descriptions these days are pretty vague. Additionally I would find out about the company from external sources such as surveys and friends. I would find out the working conditions and hours and the general company ethics. I really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a job you enjoy with a company that takes care of its employees because otherwise life is pretty miserable.

cialis normal dosage– If you read my in the Valley, then you’ll know how important it is to me to find useful people that I can get along with at work. Interviews work both ways, so when I am the job candidate I am also assessing how skilled and amiable the interviewer is. The most important person that has to get along with me is my direct supervisor so I try to ask questions about his/her management style and gauge his/her personality. If my direct manager isn’t even interviewing me, then something is definitely broken at the company and I wouldn’t consider it.

cialis normal dosage — A lot of people I know seem to put salary as the top priority in evaluating a job, but it’s really just part of a greater benefits package. Other major things to consider are paid time off, health insurance, retirement contributions, bonuses, and equity compensation. Each one of these benefit items could be worth a considerable amount financially. In some jobs, bonuses are the bulk of the compensation so you can’t really decide that a certain job pays worse just based on the salary. Retirement contributions is also a big benefit. A lot of people my age think that retirement is really far away and it’s not a big deal, but we are the generation that can’t depend on social security and pensions, so anything a employer would give us now could be a lifesaver in the future. Vacation days is another great thing. The difference between having 10 days and 15 days of vacation per year is huge. That extra week of vacation may just save your sanity. Equity compensation can include stock grants, , or employee stock purchase programs. If the company is doing well, then the equity is a worthwhile bonus. Health insurance is very important, but a lot of employers these days don’t pay for 100% of the premiums. So when I look at a compensation package I would find out how much health insurance the company pays for. There are also other miscellaneous benefits a company could offer such as free food, club memberships, and discounts. Those are also great, but they’re more minor additions to a benefits package.

cialis normal dosage– Most of the time I don’t apply for jobs that are more than 20 miles away from where I live. The physical accessibility of the job is very important because you need to consider that it takes time and money to commute. If your company offers telecommuting then that’s possibly the greatest location because you can work at home and not commute at all. I personally don’t mind going to the office because I like to interact with my coworkers, but if I have to drive more than an hour each way to work everyday I think I would go insane. And yet I know some people in the Bay Area that drive two to five hours per day to work because housing is so expensive in areas close to work. Driving that much is really not worth it because an 8 hour day turns into a 10 to 13 hour day and there will be no other life but work. I would prefer to take public transit to work if I could, so if the job is along well established public transportation then that’s a plus in my book.

In conclusion, there are many aspects of a job to consider before accepting an offer. The best thing to do is to get as much information as possible, either through the interview, people you trust, or online resources. If there are terms that you don’t like about the benefits package there is always room for negotiation. I have found that it’s never as clearcut as “this offer is better because it pays more”. Trust your instincts, and if you feel like you wouldn’t fit into a particular job or company, then don’t take it because if you do the lives of everyone involved may become a little worse.

cialis normal dosage

  • cialis normal dosage

  • cialis normal dosage

  • cialis normal dosage

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