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I have been married for two days and the former fubby is now officially the hubby. Hurray! Before my wedding and a coworker asked me to tell him whether or not the wedding was worth it after I go through it. I promised that I will write an entry about it since I will be out of the office for about two weeks, so here’s a summary of the Baglady’s wedding afterthoughts.

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  • Seeing Friends and Family — Shortly before the wedding the hubby said that I should be more excited about it because only a big event such as our wedding could bring so many of our friends and family from far away to see us. I think that’s very true because friends and family were the most important part of our wedding. Without them we wouldn’t have a big event anyway. Also, we saw quite a few friends of ours that recently got engaged after us. The hubby thinks that our engagement and subsequent marriage prompted some people to pop the question. I don’t think that’s the case, but I’m happy for all of the engaged couples.
  • The Toasts — My dad was really excited to do a toast. He was pretty nervous, and made some funny mistakes in his speech. My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing during his toast, but apparently other guests thought it was very moving and cried. Perhaps we just know my dad too well and know how hilarious he is. My maid of honor also gave a really awesome toast, and revealed to everyone that I said in high school that I never want to get married and I believe that babies are technically parasites (by definition, babies are parasites when they’re in the womb). Anyway, I thought the speeches are pretty priceless.
  • The Reception Hall — We got married at the Freedom Hall and Gardens in Santa Clara. It’s actually nestled amongst a bunch of office buildings right next to the Transmeta corporation. Weddings are apparently happening next to CPU creation every week. Who knew? If you read my you will see that we spent around $9500 for the reception. What I didn’t mention is that this price included the cake, the DJ, food for 140 people, unlimited alcohol and soft drinks, and an outdoor ceremony. In my mind it’s very well worth it since booking each item separately would cost much more than this. The cake and food were all wonderful and the DJ definitely worked with us before the wedding so everything went very smoothly. The Freedom Hall is very popular and they told us they already have reservations for 2009 wedding dates. I must say I was definitely happy with my purchase.
  • The Flowers — We spent the morning before our wedding shopping for flowers at the San Francisco Flower Mart on Brannan with my hubby’s godmother. We got flowers for fourteen tables, vases, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, the cake, and the flower girl basket for a little less than $200. The flowers were beautiful at our wedding because the hubby’s godmother did a fabulous job arranging them. The hubby thought the flower mart was pretty cool because it was just fun to look through all the different flowers, and I loved that it was all wholesale. I have heard of florists charging $200 just for a few bouquets, so I was very happy with how it turned out.
  • The Money Dance — The hubby teased me that I only did the dance to get money because I seriously can’t dance, but after we did the dance he found it to be a very fun thing to do because we got to talk to a lot of our friends and family one on one. Also, some people made pretty funny origami with their money and pinned a bowtie and tail on the hubby. One of his groomsmen pinned an IOU on his back. His uncle also taped a long string of expired credit cards on us and said that he needed them back after the wedding. It was just a very fun thing to do and I would recommend it even if it’s not really part of your tradition.

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  • The High Heels — The heels really hurt me throughout the entire wedding, and I fell down once during the reception. I also walked super slowly during the procession that they had to play the wedding march twice. The hubby said he got worried for a little bit there since he couldn’t see if I was coming up to the arch or not. I am already klutzy to begin with and heels really don’t help.
  • The Wedding Dress — I should have paid much much less for this piece of garment. It got pretty dirty after being dragged around on the grass and serves no purpose now. Having an outside wedding with a big train is not a very good idea, but hopefully the pictures look nice.
  • The Bachelor Party — Well, the hubby’s groomsmen decided to take him paintballing the night before the wedding, and put him through the gauntlet where he was shot at by fifteen guys with no chance to fire back. The result was a very bruised hubby. The good thing is that most of his bruises are covered, but he still has huge patches over his arms that look like he was tattooed and spots all over his back that look like hickeys. On the day of the wedding he also had two large bruises on his head that was thankfully covered by his hair. He said he had fun “being a man”, but he is in pain now.

My mom always says that when you buy something and you’re happy with it then it is worth it, and so I would say the wedding was worthwhile. The good things definitely outweigh the bad in having a wedding. Nevertheless, I would never EVER do it again because I got a hubby now. We will go on our honeymoon to Kauai tomorrow, and hopefully it will be as smooth-sailing and fun as the wedding. I probably won’t write from Kauai, but I will be back!

canadian viagra email

canadian viagra email

This week’s! My article was Since I just tied the knot yesterday I thought these wedding related articles were very relevant to me:

— This article asks why people expect wedding gifts. I was totally wowed by the invitation the author received because on our wedding invitation we basically asked for gifts in cash or items. Read it and find out what I mean.

— These tips are very common sense and we applied most of them to our wedding.

Enjoy the carnival! As usual there are plenty of great articles to read!

canadian viagra email

canadian viagra email

I used to rate chase, which is opening bank accounts at the places that give me the highest interest rate, but I have stopped because opening too many accounts is just very unmanageable. Instead, I have funneled all of my cash into the Vanguard California Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund (VCTXX). Currently this fund is yielding 3.58%, which doesn’t sound as high as the yields of a lot of online banks, but the yield is completely tax free. For my fubby and I, because our top federal tax rate is 28% and our top state tax rate is 9.3% the yield on VCTXX calculates to about 5.71% pre-tax. I calculated it like this: pretax yield * (1 – 0.28 – 0.093) = 3.58 and therefore 3.58/0.627 = 5.71. Now 5.71% is very competitive against most online banks. Taking into consideration that I really trust Vanguard as a company I have put a large amount of cash in this fund. Another bonus feature of this fund is that it allows free check writing. The checks are free if you request them and they’re payable from Wachovia Bank. The only restriction is that the checks are only valid if the amount payable is more than $250. This is not a big deal since I only write checks for fairly large things. Recently I paid my wedding reception hall with a check on this fund with no problems. I can also use the checks for rent while earning interest.

This fund is definitely not for everyone because it is more beneficial for people in the higher tax brackets. Also, it’s unlike a savings account because it is not FDIC insured. It’s like a mutual fund, and could possibly lose value. So you have to do a tax equivalence yield calculation like I did to see if these funds are worth it for you. Vanguard also has tax-exempt money market funds in other states including New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. All of these state specific money market funds are exempt from federal and state income taxes. There is also a national tax exempt fund that provides interest that’s federal tax free. The California fund provides the best tax equivalent yield because our state income taxes are so high.

Anyway, a lot of the are worth checking out. They have great yields and it’s quite easy to pull money out or exchange into other Vanguard funds. Vanguard also has an excellent reputation and great customer service.

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canadian viagra email

I think most personal finance bloggers have heard of marketed as the peer to peer lending site where people act as banks. Well, I have been a member of Prosper for six months now and made a total of 6 loans with a total value of $300.64. One is already paid, and the rest are current. I didn’t dump my money all into high interest loans because I knew that renting money is risky business. Here are some of my lending criteria even though I am still a very novice lender:

1. I don’t lend to people that use the money to buy houses or are in trouble with their mortgage. Usually I just stay away from the real estate related listings like “help me save my house!”. The reason is very clear. If they’re in trouble with their mortgage, it’s very very hard for them to catch up, and if they’re borrowing on Prosper for their mortgage they’re just delaying the inevitable foreclosure. Not lending to distressed homeowners was just an instinct I had, but apparently other Prosper lenders have the statistics to back up that homeowners are

2. I don’t lend to people with credit ratings less than D because the default rate is just way too high when people have worse credit ratings. I prefer B and C because I am personally in that credit score range and it’s not because I don’t pay my bills.

3. I don’t like very high revolving debt percentages and delinquencies in the credit report. This is also very obvious. If they’re maxed out and has a history of not paying bills then they’re not very good candidates for paying my money back either.

4. I don’t lend to people who are “reinvesting on Prosper”. The reason is that I did an analysis early on on whether or not I could actually make money by borrowing money on Prosper and then reinvesting, and I found that I have got to be extremely lucky to do so. Apparently other people also did the same analysis as me and found that Also, now there are many stories of “blenders” who are defaulting on their own loans while they’re collecting funds from the loans that they funded. That’s extremely retarded in my book.

5. I don’t really like listings that say they will pay me back faster than the three year period because they are admitting they’re a prepayment risk. I like people who pay on time for the right amount.

6. I do like verified bank accounts and I like people who link up Prosper to their bank even more.

7. I do like some listings where people are trying to consolidate their credit cards or higher interest loans. The reason is that these borrowers are using Prosper the right way. If Prosper is giving them a lower rate than they’re currently paying then they’re saving money, and I am all for helping people save money.

I think even after six months, I am still not ready to pour in large amounts of money into Prosper because humans are unpredictable investments. Also, Prosper still has a lot of things it could improve to make it a better place for lenders. When you loan small amounts of money like me, Prosper is really good just for entertainment purposes. There is a certain level of voyeurism similar to reading personal finance blogs when you read other people’s . I think the financial transparency is what makes Prosper fun to personal finance addicts. Currently there is a pretty good bonus of $25 for being a new lender and funding a loan of at least $50. So if you want to try your hand at being a Bank of One or just check out other people’s debt, you can and I will get $25, too. Otherwise, if you’re a borrower, you really have the upper hand on Prosper and you can wipe out your credit card debt faster with a lower interest rate. Currently I am still adding bits of money to Prosper. Basically every month I add a few dollars to Prosper from my checking account so my account balance ends in zero. I know it’s silly, but I think has potential to be much more than what it is now.

canadian viagra email

canadian viagra email

Today on the front page of Yahoo! Finance there was an article reporting that since last year. This made me wonder how many of those foreclosed homes belonged to young newlyweds. It seems that to many people buying a home is the ultimate sign of settling down, and is an integral part of getting married so many couples actually make home purchasing a part of their wedding planning. I am getting married in four days, and throughout our engagement many people have asked us if we were purchasing a home. The fubby’s parents even generously offered to help us with the downpayment and my parents also already gave us a fairly large cash gift that they hope we would use towards our downpayment. We decided against buying a home during our wedding planning, and here are some of the reasons why:

canadian viagra email — Wedding planning take a lot of time and patience, and so does buying a home. Since we’re both software engineers working full time, it’s already stressful enough to use up our nights and weekends to plan for the wedding. If we added home shopping to the mix we would have another huge decision to make amidst all the other things we have to book for the wedding. Home and mortgage shopping would just make everything more complicated and add anxiety to both of us.

canadian viagra email — It’s nearly impossible to time the home purchase and the wedding perfectly so that we could move in right after we get married. A couple friends of ours bought a new construction home that was not finished until four months after their wedding. This is not a big deal if you are willing to wait, but why add stress to the engagement if your new home will be available after the wedding anyway? Also, when you shop for a house before the wedding, the wedding becomes somewhat of an artificial deadline for your closing date. When you put a time constraint on purchasing a home, you might not make the best choice. It is also a little risky to purchase a home before a wedding because technically you’re not yet married. So whose name will be on the title? Also, what if the wedding doesn’t happen? What will happen to the house then? So in my opinion, the engagement is never a good time to buy a home because it is a time of uncertainty.

canadian viagra email– A wedding is already a huge expense. When you throw in buying a house into the mix, the bleeding of cash would be extremely painful. Usually when there is a surge of expenses, a lot of people could get into credit card debt and other financial trouble. A lot of the times people also underestimate the cost of simply purchasing a home just like I underestimated a wedding. So unless money is no object, the expenses of buying a home could take a substantial toll on the relationship and add stress to the wedding planning.

canadian viagra email — People are always asking me, “Are you excited about the wedding?” I am actually more anxious than excited, but the point is that the days before a wedding is an emotional time. When people are abnormally emotional, they don’t tend to make the most rational decisions. Buying a home is such a big decision that just one mistake could send someone into financial ruin. I really think that in the premarital months some couples get too excited about starting their lives together in a big beautiful place and buy way above their means. I don’t have real statistics to support that this happens a lot, but I know I could have fallen into that trap.

canadian viagra email — Both the fubby and I are 24. We have no debt and have never missed payments on anything, but our credit histories aren’t very long so our credit scores aren’t as high as they could be. It’s more likely that young people like us won’t get the best loans possible even if we have very good incomes and the downpayment. Anyway, I really think credit scores are a funny thing, because apparently I need more debt to improve my score. I don’t plan to incur more debt, but waiting a few years so that our credit histories age a bit is probably a good thing.

I have also told a lot of you that I am not considering buying a home mostly because of the current prices of homes. It’s really out of our control that our engagement happens to occur during one of the greatest housing bubbles in history. I’m sure for some couples the cost not a big deal because the home is paid for by their parents or they’re independently wealthy enough to have substantial financial resources. Unfortunately for us, we would land in jumbo loan territory even with a 20% downpayment on most homes here and will have to pony up more than 50% of our paychecks for the monthly payments. I really don’t want to end up a foreclosure statistic. Regardless of the cost of a home, the sheer amount of work in choosing a home, a reception hall, a DJ, a caterer, bridal party, invitations , and all the rest could really weigh down a relationship. In conclusion, I really believe that buying a home while planning a wedding is a potential danger to the relationship and financial health of an engaged couple. We do want to purchase a home sometime, but we will do it on our own terms without the additional pressures of a wedding.

canadian viagra email

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  • canadian viagra email

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