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So tonight on the way home I heard about a game called “Financial Football”. The plug is this: “authentic cialis cheap” When I heard this I thought, wow, what a horrible idea for a game. What kind of kids would play a game called Financial Football? Additionally, it seems like a game that’s geared towards boys since most girls I know aren’t really into football. It was really funny because the news report ended with a man saying, “many people in the NFL are on their way to leaving their careers penniless because they do not know how to manage their money, and we’re hoping that this game will teach kids about finances.” Anyway, curiosity got the best of me and I looked up the game online. Apparently

The game starts off with choosing your teams. I picked the Patriots and the Raiders. Then the “Kickoff” starts and a series of finance related trivia questions are thrown at you. You only have ten seconds to answer each, and some of them were not very easy to answer in ten seconds. For example, one question asked how much interest would you receive if you had $100 and it compounded yearly for 2 years at 10% a year. I got the correct answer of $21, but it’s not super easy to answer in 10 seconds. Some of the questions are so long that it’s hard to read it all in the strict time limit. I was surprised that the questions covered a very wide range of topics including insurance, mortgages, interest rates, credit cards, and simple economics. It even had a question about the . However, this is my favorite question out of the entire game:

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A. 10 years

B. At the end of the year.

C. When you retire

D. Never

At first I picked C and the game said that was wrong, and then I picked D, and that was the correct answer. I’m glad to see that Visa is being brutally honest with the children of America.

I didn’t agree with some of the questions and answers in the game. For example, one question asked which investment was the riskiest and listed corporate bonds, corporate stocks, and money markets. Their correct answer was corporate stocks, but actually I think some junk corporate bonds are much worse. Besides that, I think this is a good game for parents to play against their children even thought I am not very fond of the football elements throughout the game. It also contains too much trivial information such as whose face is on which coin. The radio newsclip said that teachers are using Financial Football to teach middle school students, and I’m not sure a lot of these fast paced question and answer sessions will stick. Hopefully some of the good things in this game will be absorbed into the young minds of the future. Anyway, if you’re bored, try your hand at some and tell me what you think.

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This week The Baglady was selected for a few different blog carnivals. Here they are:

— In this edition I wrote about my current . It wasn’t a very fun article. The following are articles that I really liked from this week

  • — I have also been meaning to write an article on charitable giving and debt. I feel like she is on the right track. Sometimes I feel like I’m copping out just by giving away money, because giving time and effort is sometimes much more personal and helpful.
  • — I’ve always been a fan of Four Pillars because I actually have a lot of Canadian relatives. My mom’s cousin is actually a Canadian working in Tennessee. The recent monetary decline of the US dollar really hurt her because she sends her money to her family in Vancouver and she’s basically gotten a 30% pay cut in the last few years.
  • — I thought this article was great because it really breaks it down that after taxes and expenses we don’t really have much money left. That’s why I limit to 2% of what we earn.

The next place The Baglady showed up is the The featured article is . I made a note that my boyfriend is really cheap, and it goes beyond frugality, and this article was appropriately featured under “Being Frugal vs. Being Cheap”. Additionally I really enjoyed the following articles:

  • – I know full well what the latte factor is. My hubby is sort of addicted to a drink called “boba”, which is an Asian milk tea drink with tapioca balls in it. When I first started dating him I calculated how much he spent on boba, and it worked out to be a quite large number. Now we moved rather far away from accessible boba shops so he is not getting his fix very often. Sometimes I bring home a treat for him because I work fairly close to a boba shop, but I only buy the special which is a dollar or two cheaper than everything else.
  • — If my hubby read this he’d laugh and say, “That’s so you!!”

Next, we have the . The Baglady’s article on the has been included. This article has attracted some very thoughtful and detailed comments that I recommend reading. This carnival also had a fairly disturbing but thought provoking article titled

Anyway, I hope all of you enjoyed reading these carnivals. If you’re new to The Baglady feel free to

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We live in a capitalist society that glorifies the rich. The mainstream media publishes lists of what the wealthy buy, where they live, and what they are worth. The constant attention to the affluent makes us want to have more and more. For many Americans, their net worths have become their ultimate value in life and they’re constantly comparing their wealth to that of neighbors, friends, and complete strangers. I think it’s incredibly unhealthy and dangerous to keep score in life with money for the following reasons:

authentic cialis cheap authentic cialis cheap — If I compared what I have with what others in my peer group have I am very likely to fall into complacency. For example, according to , people my age have a median networth of $400. If I ran with that statistic then I could spend pretty much all my money and still remain above average. Many of us have also read now deceased blog and thought to ourselves, “at least I didn’t get into THAT much debt.” Comparing ourselves with people worse off than us does make us feel better about our own situation, but our misguided comfort may also make us a little less prudent in how we spend and invest money.

authentic cialis cheap –I live in the middle of a place where . It is a rather ridiculous and comical situation when you think about it. In the article one millionaire stated, “everyone around here looks at the people above them”. Well, guess what? If they just stopped comparing their networth to that of the billionaire in the next town, then maybe they wouldn’t feel so poor. It’s almost impossible to become the richest person in the world so if you look up you’ll always find someone above you. Even when you are the richest person in the world, you may find yourself worrying that you’d lose the number one spot if you’ve always been worried about what others have. Basically, if you keep on wanting more you’ll never have enough.
authentic cialis cheap — When I walk through the parking lot at work I see quite a few very expensive cars. I don’t really know which ones are paid for and which ones are leased. What I do know is that if I wanted one of those cars I would have to shell out a significant amount of my savings. It’s very likely that those who lease very expensive cars don’t have more money than I do. However, many people get caught up in appearances and run out to buy that Mercedes or BMW just so that they fit into their parking lots even if they can’t afford it. There is really no point in envying someone’s large pile of debt. However, when we look at our neighbors we probably don’t see credit card bills and negative savings. We see their plasma screens and McMansions, and those physical things certainly could stir up jealousy.

authentic cialis cheap — Sometimes people lose track of their families, friends, and even themselves in pursuit of money. This could happen if a person works way too much and doesn’t have any time to enjoy their money. Also, sometimes people may alienate their friends and family because of their financial situation. I have seen people isolate themselves because they thought they are too poor, and thus they feel like failures. On the other end of the spectrum I have met people who feel like they’re too rich to speak to you. A person’s wealth shouldn’t prevent him or her from making meaningful relationships. I still believe that if a person is really my friend they wouldn’t care how much money I have.

I believe the key to defeating these potential pitfalls is to forget about what other people have, ignore statistics, and only compete with yourself to improve your life I do not care about how many houses other people bought or how much money they have. That’s their business and not mine. I only keep tabs on how much I have because I know fully what is going on in my life. In competing with myself I try to do better than I did in yesteryears. For example, I set for myself and try to reach them. To reach these goals in a timely fashion I would need to increase my income, and to do that I try to improve my career and investing skills. I accomplish things when I compete with myself because I know where I am and where I want to go. Ultimately, making an inventory of other people’s knick knacks will not improve your life.

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The hubby and I have been married for almost a month now, and we are sort of getting our finances together. I opened a joint account at Vanguard with the new hubby. I told him that we should name the account the Baby + Downpayment Fund. We both would like to purchase a home sometime after we have our first kid. However, babies and houses both cost a lot of money and we need to prepare. So I set up a chart at the and set an arbitrary goal of $100,000 with a deadline of two years from now. Two years is a good timeframe for this goal because I think the housing market will continue to decline until at least 2009, and also, we would like to have a child two to three years from now so we have a bit of time to ourselves in our marriage. $100,000 isn’t really enough for a downpayment on a median priced home in the Bay Area right now, but maybe in two years there may be some bargains as sellers become more desperate and more ARM loans are reset. There may also be a infinitesimally small possibility that we no longer live in this crazy place and the home prices will be much more reasonable. Either way, $100,000 seemed like a nice round number to work towards.

We’re both putting $10,000 in this account now as a start. The new contributions will be whatever we manage to save together as a couple after we take our individual 401k contributions. Right now all the funds are in the Vanguard California Tax-Exempt Money Market fund so it’s pretty safe. Eventually I may move some of the cash to other funds. We are $80,000 short right now, and that means for us to achieve the goal in 24 months the account has to grow on average of $3,333 per month. Can we do it? We will see, but I think it’s very possible.

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When I graduated from college and got my first job my mom said to me, “if you want to live at home it’s fine, but you’d have to pay rent.” I didn’t want to live at home at all because it would take a 1.5 hour trek across the Bay Bridge to get to work. If you’ve ever been on the you’d know why I do not want to drive through that deathtrap everyday. So I packed my suitcase and moved to San Mateo and my parents breathed a sigh of relief.

I have met quite a few “boomerang kids” since then. They are mostly young adults who have well paying jobs. Most of the ones I know that do not pay room and board to their parents are young Chinese men. This may be a cultural thing because in China sons are especially coddled. One woman read my story about my “” and said that she’s very afraid that her child will return home and mooch off of her. My answer to this is that these parents need to grow a backbone and ask their kids for compensation or ask them to move out.

Here’s an example of a family that’s got it figured out. At work I met a girl who happened to be the same age as me and also attended the same school as me. We became good friends and I found out that she lives at home, but her mom takes a bank draft of $1000 from her account every month. She says that she doesn’t want to move out because her parents cleans and cooks, and they no longer give her a curfew. Her parents have sort of become her roommates and landlords. Her other reason for not moving out is that she’s keeping the money in the family. Since she’s an only child her parents’ assets will eventually be hers.

If I had kids with good jobs that wanted to move back in with me I would ask them for rent at market price. If they really can’t afford it then I would rent to them at the Section 8 rate or 30% of their gross income, whichever is lower. I may ask them for a bit over the market price if they are paid very well just so that I encourage them to find a place themselves. If they don’t have a job then I will make them get one as soon as possible and then repay the rent they owe as soon as they are able. I probably don’t need the money, but a lot of parents nearing retirement do need the money. The point is that so many people my age need to learn what the real costs of living are and budget and save accordingly. Children cannot depend on their parents forever, and parents need to learn to let go and give their kids a little nudge out the door.

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