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My mom is looking for a new position for the first time in ten years because her company’s sole client has been taken over by another firm. She asked me before if I have any tips on finding a job, and I decided to list what I learned in the past few years here in the Silicon Valley:

cialis dosage — I think this is the most difficult part of many people’s job search. Some people are changing jobs because they hate what they’re doing, and may be looking for something completely different. Some people are looking for the same job, but with different types of benefits and hours. The idea is that the job seeker needs to clearly identify the endgame for his or her job search and build a profile of the ideal job. A person can only aim when a target is clearly painted and it is a total waste of time and effort to find a job you don’t really want.

cialis dosage — After you work for a few years you will probably end up with quite a few ex-coworkers. You may not know all of them very well, but there has to be a few that you are on friendly terms with. Generally I ask for the contact information of coworkers I like when they leave my company. Recently a lot of them have been connecting with me on LinkedIn or Facebook. For the people that do not use these services I record their contact information in a text file. It’s very likely that some ex-coworkers are willing to forward your resume to HR, because a lot of companies have internal referral bonuses for successful hires. The world is a very small place, and I think the first place to look for a job is through people you know. Friends and relatives are also great resources for possible jobs. You can just send out a general email to all your friends and relatives and ask if there are any available positions that would fit you. I think it is to your advantage to tap your relationships unless you don’t want your friends and relatives to know that you’re looking for a job.

cialis dosage — I have found that most headhunting firms that cold call me end up wasting my time. They often overstate the salary of the job they’re recruiting for and they’re more like salesmen that are trying to sell whatever person they can for a commission. Most of these “bad” recruiters don’t read your resume and do not match you to a company’s needs very well. For example, there was one day when I got three calls from three different recruiters trying to pitch the same position which I knew I was not a good candidate for. Though, many companies do hire their own internal recruiters and they are the HR department of the company. Those calls lead usually lead to fruitful interviews. So it is very important to identify where a recruiter is coming from. It is as simple as asking, “are you part of the company you’re recruiting for, or are you a recruitment firm?” There are very good independent recruiters and I have known a couple, but they really work on finding you a job that matches your needs and the jobs they present to you should already be something you’re interested in.

cialis dosage — I think it’s generally good to group your interviews around the same days if it is possible. The reason is that if you interview at multiple companies on approximately the same day you’re likely to receive their responses at approximately the same time. Another reason is that you may be able to use less vacation days from your current job if you schedule multiple interviews on the same day. When you get responses back around the same time you are able to make more strategic decisions on what to do next.

cialis dosage — When you look for a job online you usually use some job search engine and type in your desired job title. Make sure to try all possible variations of your job title. For example, my current job title is Release Engineer. Some companies also title my position SCM Engineer, Configuration Engineer, Build Engineer, Software Engineer in Release, Build Release QA Engineer, and some other names. The point is that you can’t just search for one job title because you may miss out on some positions that is a good match to your skills. Brainstorm a list of titles you may be called and start searching there.

cialis dosage — Make sure you have at least two to three people that will vouch for your work ethics. If you’re pretty new to the workforce you should still secure a couple people that will speak on your behalf. You should inform these people that your job search may burden them with writing a recommendation or answering a few questions. This is courtesy, and most companies still ask for human references no matter how good you look on paper or how smooth you were in the interview.

cialis dosage — It amazes me how many people I have interviewed had absolutely no interest in the companies that are supposed to hire them. If you are interested in a company you should find out some basics such as its location, its products, and its working environment. Such information can be obtained during an interview but a little preemptive research is always good. You may find out that a company is not really a good place to work or that its products are totally unappealing to you. If that’s the case then there is no point in applying and interviewing. If after your preliminary research you are still interested then you would have more to talk about with the interviewees. It is a win-win situation for you to do your due diligence.

cialis dosage — It is a good idea to update your resume every six months even if you haven’t changed jobs. There may be new projects that you have done and new technologies you have learned, and your resume is a good place to keep record. Another reason is that when you update your resume in a website like Hotjobs or Monster employers tend to pick up on the update and contact you if they are interested. Make sure that you block your current employer in these services so that they don’t know you’re looking.

cialis dosage — This is a must. You can prepare for your interview any way you are comfortable with, but you must do it. Your preparation could be as simple as reviewing your resume and remembering what you wrote. I say this because I have had interviewees who wrote a lot of things on their resumes they did not know anything about. Since tips for interviewing would take up an entire book I will not elaborate here. However, I have written an article on I have endured.

cialis dosage — There may be rejections along the path of your job search, but the key is to just forget about it and don’t look back. There is no time to waste on being depressed about not getting a certain job. The same applies to your old employer when you do find a great offer. If you were jaded enough to search for a job in the first place then it’s probably best not to look back and go on to your new place.

Well mom, I hope you found this useful, and good luck on your job hunt. When you get an offer make sure to check out .

cialis dosage

cialis dosage

This is a bit late notice, but I heard on that PG&E is giving away a million compact fluorescent lightbulbs this week in the Bay Area. These are the energy saving bulbs mentioned in the . You have to call PG&E’s Smarter Energy Line at 1-800-933-9555 to find out where to go. My coworker just asked me where to go buy compact fluorescent bulbs, and well, you can get them for free. Though you shouldn’t get too excited and drive a long time for these!

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cialis dosage

So at the beginning of the year I heard that one of my ex-coworkers left our ex-employer and joined a startup called Instructables in San Francisco. The idea of the site is that anyone can post step by step instructions for making anything and doing anything. So I signed up for the site because my ex-coworker is a pretty cool guy and I wanted to support him. From time to time Instructables sends me newsletters with some quite odd things that people posted. Anyway, here’s my own Instructables newsletter with a collection of tips and do it yourself guides for saving money and saving the world:

1. — This is written by a tightwad who combines the forces of his old deodorants together. I actually did this with my lip balm before, by accident. Basically I left the little jar of it in my car and it all melted. I guess this will work with all kinds of things you can melt.

2. — Very simple Instructable that makes a lot of sense. You really don’t need the water on when you’re putting on soap. This especially works well when you’re in sunny California and it doesn’t get very cold.

3. — If you’re into smoking meat or fish, this is pretty awesome.

4. — This is the guide to homemade sodas. I don’t really drink sodas very often, but it’s still pretty cool.

5. – I’m not sure how this works since I always just pay $10 at the pharmacy as a copay. This could help people who don’t have an insurance plan that covers a lot of drug expenses though.

6. — My hubby actually has a wireless mouse. I wonder if he will let me experiment.

7. — I don’t have a garden, but this contraption is an awesome idea.

8. — I think the people who don’t flush to save water will enjoy this hack. It is true that it’s pretty wasteful to use so much clean water to carry our waste down the drain.

9. — I don’t know if I would make this, but it seems that if you make it in large enough batches it’s worth it. It does take work though.

10. — If you eat a lot of bacon and save the fat then this may be useful to you. It’s a little gross, but it is good fat!

11. — The hubby’s friend gave us one of these things for our wedding. Now I know what to do with it when we need refills.

12. — Use enewable energy to heat up wieners! The picture is awesome on this one.

13. — Very easy instructable, though I’m not quite sure if it’s cheaper than just buying the Febreze.

14. — This is sort of a propaganda piece for compact flourescent lights, but it’s pretty well written and full of information.

15. — Pretty much all Chinese people in China actually do this and dry their clothes with the power of the sun. We used to do this when we first moved to America and then one night all of our clothes were stolen by some vagabond. My mom was pretty sad and stopped putting clothes outside. If you have a pretty safe yard or patio this is a good way to dry your clothes in sunny weather.

All of these guides should be used with caution. There are some Instructables that are truly frightening and could harm people. I will not list them here but I do enjoy reading them. Until next time, have fun on Instructables and save our planet!

cialis dosage

cialis dosage

Many of my friends ask me, “why are you worried about retirement already? You’re only 24 and you have more than forty years until your retire!” The truth is that I don’t think we have forty years until retirement and a lot of us will be forced to retire early. In fact, a recent article in . That only gives me 33 years, which still seems like a long time. However, I think in the future the average retirement age will only get lower and here are my reasons.

cialis dosage — Our generation no longer work at a company for life. I don’t think it means that we are less loyal, but it’s more of a reaction to the profit seeking inhumanity of corporations. There are often mass layoffs and good benefits such as pensions are mostly eliminated. Basically there are no advantages to being an employee for life. I think the only people in the Silicon Valley who have worked for a private company their entire lives are all at Lockheed Martin, and they’re relics of the old economy waiting to cash in on their pensions. The new world order means that we have no job security and one day we may not be able to find a job and be forced to retire.

cialis dosage — The United States population is growing fairly slowly right now, but it is expected to . Why does this affect our retirement age? Well, basically in 15 to 20 years our children will enter the work force and compete for the same limited pool of resources and positions. In China many baby boomers are forced to retire at age 50 so that their jobs can be passed down to younger people. You may say that it’s ageism, but I think it actually makes sense because you can’t let millions of young people run around without a purpose. Our skills need to be passed down to our children, and we need to step aside at some point. I think forty five years is way too long for us to hold on to a job because two generations of people will enter the workforce in that time period.

cialis dosage — We live in an age where so many things are automated and simplified so that it takes much less people to do a job. For example, my parents are accountants, and they all use software like Excel and Quicken to balance their books these days. However, before these software packages existed people had to do everything by hand. It definitely took many more accountants to run a billion dollar enterprise sixty years ago. I imagine that technology advancements will eliminate a lot more jobs in the future. It’s possible that technology related positions will increase, but if you’ve ever worked in the Silicon Valley you’d know that these jobs are dominated by the under 40 crowd. Additionally, not all of us work in the tech industry so as technology phases out more and more jobs some of us will be forced to retire.

cialis dosage — Globalization is something a lot of people fight against. Right now, a lot of manufacturing jobs in America have already been outsourced to other countries. Since technology has expedited the delivery of goods and services around the world Americans are competing with the global workforce for business. High end professional jobs are also being outsourced to other countries because their workforces are cheaper. This all means that wages will probably decrease for Americans in the future. In fact, our generation is the first generation where our wages have decreased compared to our parents. This means that we should save as much as we can now before our earning power is further eroded.

cialis dosage — Corporations outsource because it is cheaper, and they also hire younger workers because they are cheaper. I have heard of stories of where senior engineers are laid off and replaced with cheaper college grads. Ageism is rampant, and in some cases it’s reasonable. For example, an 80 year old probably isn’t as good of a physical laborer than a 23 year old. However, most of the time corporations want younger workers to pad their own bottomline.

cialis dosage– The proverbial “glass ceiling” is reached much quicker by our generation because our parents’ generation is still in charge of the current state of the world well into our middle ages. Generally people work so that they can reach higher places in their career, and if the peak is reached so quickly then work may become meaningless.

This post may seem pessimistic and paint sort of a grim future, but I think it’s what my mom calls “cautious pessimism”. I think it’s highly likely that our generation will need to or be forced to retire as early as 45 to 50 and that only leaves me 20 to 25 years to save for the rest of my life. A lower retirement age coupled with longer life spans mean that our generation needs to save as much as we can during our working years. I am not really worried about retirement because I am taking steps to prepare for it. It’s much better to start preparing for the second half of your life now and not worry about it when you get there. I am also very optimistic about our generation because we may be able to enjoy our lives more if we plan well and retire early. So to my friends, if you haven’t started contributing to your retirement plan you should do it now before it’s too late.

cialis dosage

cialis dosage

I first heard about cooperative housing when I attended UC Berkeley. has a collection of houses around the campus that are highly coveted by students. There are usually a few openings in these houses each year and they’re quickly filled up. The reason is that they usually had cheaper rent and included food. When someone gets into a coop they like they usually don’t leave for the remainder of their college lives. I actually applied for a couple coops but I did not end up living in one because someone always got in before me. The student coops have a fairly long history in Berkeley and many students went on to found newer coops.

Currently the hubby and I rent an unit in a coop complex. Our landlord is technically the owner of our apartment. The difference between owning a coop apartment and owning a condo is that the coop is structured like a non-profit corporation and each owner owns a share of the corporation. That means they don’t really own the real estate and they pay monthly dues to the corporation for maintenance costs, insurance, and property taxes. What my hubby really liked about the place is that they had a list of rules of conduct. For example, “no person of immoral character may be allowed on the premises” and “no loud noise after 9pm”. We also like the fact that most of our neighbors have a vested interest in keeping the property nicely maintained. So far we enjoy it very much. All the neighbors are quite friendly and the pool and common areas are immaculate and welcoming. It’s also a lot quieter than a normal apartment building so the hubby is sometimes afraid that he’s making too much noise.

I read that cooperative apartments are much more prevalent in New York City and it isn’t as common here in the Bay Area. Coops are usually cheaper than most apartments and condominiums and it seems that the Bay Area should have more of them as an affordable housing option. Buying into a coop isn’t as easy as buying a condo because the coop board of directors can reject a potential buyer based on character and other factors such as the ability to pay the coop fees. Since a coop share is technically not real estate and there are sometimes price limits to reselling the share. For these reasons, coops are not very attractive to house flippers and their prices rise in a reasonable fashion. The rules also make coops a better place to live because at least you know that your neighbors have been pre-screened.

I do recommend cooperative housing over apartments managed by faceless companies because your neighbors are the owners. There is definitely a sense of community when you live in a coop because it is set up to be a shared living space. Some coops grow their own vegetables and bulk buy groceries to share and also maintain the properties themselves. My coop doesn’t do those things but we do share a funny little woodshop, low cost laundry room, and a great pool. The downside is that since coops are not very common in the Bay Area you really need to work on finding one with an opening. I think the hubby and I got lucky since there was only one opening in our coop and we only got it because the person who applied before us backed out.

The following are some places you can start looking for coops:

1. — Sometimes coop listings come up and you need to respond quickly

2. California Association of Housing Cooperatives — No website, but the association’s mission is mostly to provide education to the board of directors of coops in the SF Bay Area. The contact information is:
676 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
phone: (415) 922-8911
fax: (415) 922-3431

3. — Provides coop housing for students of UC Berkeley. So if you happen to be going there, you should definitely check it out.

4. – This is a list of coops, but the information isn’t complete. Some coops list their rent and opening schedule on this page. It’s worth checking out.

5. – This is a national site, but it’s full of great information on what coops are and how you can get into one.

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