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Recently I read an article titled on and I wondered if wealth can be detrimental to a marriage. The article was based on a survey 433 independently wealthy men and women and the conclusion is that almost half say that they’re unhappy in their marriage and more than half have been unfaithful in the past three years. Those unhappy with their marriage also fear divorce would be very costly and hurt their business dealings so they stay together. The article was focused on the wealthy and it makes you wonder if money affects the quality of a marriage. This leads me to ask, can wealth be detrimental to a marriage?

I believe that wealth is generally a good thing in marriage because it gets rid of worries about affording basic needs. However, as my ex-roommate always said, “marriages are difficult at best”. So I think the problem with having a tremendous amount money in a marriage is that the focus shifts to the cash rather than the spouse. For example, what I found interesting in the Forbes article is that most of the wealth of these couples were accumulated during marriage, and yet 75% of those with assets over 10 million agreed that marriage hindered their financial success. I can see instances where a marriage can hinder one’s financial success. For example, a married person who has to take care of a spouse and children is less likely to take large financial risks or be very mobile to take on new jobs and opportunities. However, these wealthy folks ARE very successful and they did it while married. So the fact that they think their marriage hindered their financial success means that they don’t think they are as successful as they hope to be. This makes me think that they are more focused on their money than their marriage.

Another “problem” with accumulating a massive amount of wealth during a marriage is that people can change from working together to working against each other. What I mean is that when young couples get together and have nothing they try to work together to make a better life, and sometimes when that better life is achieved people get more possessive of the things they have. That is why in the Forbes article a large percentage of the wealthy have hidden and protected assets. I think this is another example of putting money over marriage.

I also find it funny and ironic that money keeps unhappy people together because it is too costly for them to get a divorce. I hope that I will never get to that stage in my marriage. Ultimately, money is inanimate and neutral and shouldn’t be detrimental to marriages

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name brand cialis online

In the past week The Baglady’s articles can be found in the following carnivals. The articles included were:

– This carnival was written as a presidential candidate debate. It was very creatively hosted. I especially enjoyed . I once saw a show by the same guy who documented eating McDonalds for 30 days and he tried to live on minimum wage with his girlfriend, and his conclusion was that it’s ridiculously hard. He even added his nephew into the experiment so that it seems he and his girlfriend has a child. It was kind of bizarre to watch.

at Women Start Your Business Now — The weirdest article in this is about .

— My favorite article from this carnival was . Single Ma’s blog is always pretty funny and useful.

— I really liked in this carnival. For the most part I try to be positive around people, but I do get very crazily grumpy when I am PMSing. My husband can definitely attest to this.

— A lot of these articles were very good. I liked because it reminded me of a Demotivator poster that said “Meetings: because all of us is dumber than one of us”. Mob mentalities are often quite dangerous, and not very wise.

I haven’t had too much time to write lately because I am working on something that’s taking up a lot of my time, and I will write about it later when I am done. Also, my husband got me the game . It is an awesome game! My coworker said that he’s not getting his daily entertainment from this blog today. Don’t worry, more exciting Baglady musings will be in your future.

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name brand cialis online

First of all, many thanks to Patrick of for linking to this series. I have been reading Patrick’s site for about two years, ever since I contemplated buying a home. At that time everyone and their puppies were buying houses and I am so glad I found and did not follow the mania. Anyway, lets talk about “luxury” homes.

So the definition of “luxury homes” vary from person to person. Some people say that it’s a house that’s big and some say that it’s a house that’s over a certain price level. Some also say that size doesn’t matter but the amenities inside has to be glorious. The following are a list of homes in decline that I believe qualify as “luxury” by normal wage-slave standards.

Size: 3520 Sqft
Last Sale Date: 5/31/2006
Last Sale Price: 2,000,000
Current Asking: 1,998,000
Annualized Loss: -0.07%

Size: 2316 Sqft
Last Sale Date: 5/31/2006
Last Sale Price: 1,165,000
Current Asking: 1,149,000
Annualized Loss: -1.27%

Size: 2050 Sqft
Last Sale Date: 3/10/2005
Last Sale Price: 1,380,000
Current Asking: 1,379,000
Annualized Loss: -0.03%

From the looks of it the expensive luxury homes in San Mateo didn’t decline very much because the people that buy these have so much money that they don’t care. I think for me any of these homes would be way too much of a hassle and require a lot of cleaning and energy costs. I just want something around 1400 Sqft that is manageable and reasonably priced. It seems that for most people, just the act of buying a home is a luxury in the sense that they could rent a place for much less money. In some ways, luxury is equivalent to waste because there is no point in buying something you don’t need, or spending more money for something of the same value. When you are in San Mateo, I can almost guarantee that a rental unit is always going to be cheaper than a comparable unit for sale. I think these homes in the 1 million to 2 million range will sink a bit more due to inventory piling up, but I think the homes in the 10 million plus category will probably not sink very much. It doesn’t matter much because most people don’t care about the 10 million dollar homes. Most of us just want a little abode to call home. Is that too much to ask for?

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name brand cialis online

Lets continue looking at San Mateo home sellers in trouble. Just looking at the most depreciated homes in the previous post you may think that the losses incurred are not so bad. One person said to me that at least these home sellers aren’t losing 100%. The truth is they’re losing much more than 100%. Take the example of a home seller losing 24% of the price of his home and has only 20% of the home’s equity then he is really losing 120% of his equity plus all the interest payments he has made. Basically, all the homeowners who are losing more than what they have in equity are losing more than 100% of their money. I am not sure what amount of equity each of these homes have, but I am sure the statistics would look a lot uglier if we compared the value lost to the amount of equity owned.

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Belmont: 1

Burlingame: 2

Daly City: 13

East Palo Alto: 6

Foster City: 2

Menlo Park: 3

Pacifica: 1

Redwood City: 13

San Bruno: 4

San Carlos: 1

San Mateo: 27

South San Francisco: 29

The clear winner (or loser) is South San Francisco, followed closely by San Mateo. It seems that South San Francisco’s Westborough neighborhood near Skyline College has a lot of homes in close proximity to each other that have had drastic haircuts. For example, on Carter Drive alone there are six homes that are included in the list of troubled sellers. That area isn’t really horrible, but being on the edge of San Mateo County its real estate prices seems to be collapsing in on itself.

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As promised, the following are the five troubled homes with the lowest price per square foot. Several of them are on the aforementioned Carter Dr. in South San Francisco and it seems that these neighbors will drive their collective prices down as they compete for buyers. The last home on this list also showed up in the previous post as one of the biggest losers. Most of these homes have above average sizes and it shows that not only the starter homes are falling in price.

Address: 3550 Carter Dr #134, South San Francisco
Last Sale Date: 2/17/2006
Last Sale Price: 586,000
Current Asking Price: 450,000
Size: 1644 Sqft
Price per Sqft: $274

Address: 3550 Carter Dr #26, South San Francisco
Last Sale Date: 1/6/2006
Last Sale Price: 590,000
Current Asking Price: 590,000
Size: 1644 Sqft
Price per Sqft: $359

Address: 3231 Geoffrey Dr, San Bruno
Last Sale Date: 7/29/2005
Last Sale Price: 790000
Current Asking Price: 775000
Size: 2050 Sqft
Price per Sqft: $378

Address: 3875 Carter Dr #204, South San Francisco
Last Sale Date: 10/14/2005
Last Sale Price: 575000
Current Asking Price: 419999
Size: 1105
Price per Sqft: $380

Address: 2318 Flores St, San Mateo
Last Sale Date: 12/29/2006
Last Sale Price: 1,250,000
Current Asking Price: 888,000
Size: 2304
Price per Sqft: $385

Tomorrow we will look at some more of this data and look at some “luxury” homes.

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name brand cialis online

So, I am a pretty big fan of the blog where the blogger lists houses that are bought in the past two years and currently listed for lower than the last sale price. So I wondered if I could find some listings in San Mateo County that qualify as “in trouble”. A lot of people are saying that San Mateo County’s real estate is resistant to the current housing market and won’t ever fall, but after browsing Redfin’s San Mateo listings I found over 100 homes that are current asking prices less than their last selling price. I found a lot of interesting data through this exercise and I will share it here all week long. Today I will present the overall averages and the five homes with the greatest annualized percentage loss plus the five homes with the highest current price per square foot.

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I found a total of 102 homes in the San Mateo County that were last sold within the last 3 years and are currently selling for lower or equal to their last sale prices. The average amount of time from last sale date is 1.78 years. The average current asking price is $631,059 and the average last sale price is $703591. The average size of these homes is around 1200 square feet and the average annualized loss per year is about 6.76% if all of these homes sell for their current asking prices. Overall, they are still quite expensive and have an average per square foot price tag of $540.

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I calculated the annualized loss using 10/7/07 as the current date and assumed yearly interest compound. Four out of these five homes were bought less than a year ago, and that is probably why their annualized loss is so high. I know that the home at 2318 Flores St. is a short sale and it has been advertised for months.

Last Sale Date: 05/23/2007
Last Sale Price: 543099
Current Asking Price: 429000
Annualized Loss: -46.7%

Last Sale Date: 12/29/2006
Last Sale Price: 1250000
Current Asking Price: 888000
Annualized Loss: -35.8%

Last Sale Date: 07/24/2007
Last Sale Price: 688937
Current Asking Price: 649900
Annualized Loss: -24.7%

Last Sale Date: 06/21/2007
Last Sale Price: 476469
Current Asking Price: 439000
Annualized Loss: -24.2%

Last Sale Date: 05/20/2004
Last Sale Price: 1984091
Current Asking Price: 862000
Annualized Loss: -21.8%

name brand cialis online

I think most of these homes belong in an episode of Dr. Housing Bubble’s Real Homes of Genius. Four of these homes are smaller than the condo I rent and the cost per square foot is more than some parts of Manhattan. The largest home in this list is a condo so there is no land premium. It is a condo in a good location, but it still seems to be quite overpriced. So here they are:

Current Asking Price: 889900
Annualized Loss: -0.7%
Size: 910 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $978

Current Asking Price: 1599999
Annualized Loss: -16.5%
Size: 1911 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $837

Current Asking Price: 850000
Annualized Loss: -8.9%
Size: 1030 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $825

Current Asking Price: 649000
Annualized Loss: -0%
Size: 820 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $791

Current Asking Price: 529000
Annualized Loss: -4.1%
Size: 680 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $778

Tomorrow I will post the following: Cities with the Most Homes in Trouble, and The Least Expensive Homes by Price per Square Foot.

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