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This weekend my hubby and I went to the Palo Alto VA hospital with our church to serve the veterans a barbecue lunch. We always organize a barbecue on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day for the veterans there. My hubby always mans the grill and I help dispense food on the chow line. Each time we have the event we serve hundreds of people in the hospital. It’s always a fun and humbling event and I am glad that I get to participate. It’s also nice to see that the Palo Alto VA hospital is a great facility for the veterans.

Regardless of my opinions on the war and military spending I have a tremendous amount of respect for the veterans of America. A lot of the extremely injured soldiers I saw at the hospital are probably younger than me. One particular soldier that left an impression on me was a very young man who had a bruised face and staples in his skull. I saw him a few months ago during memorial day, and today on the radio I heard an interview with a soldier at the same VA hospital. He said that he lost half of his skull and his brain is severely injured. I wonder if that’s the same man? Another veteran that I remember very clearly is a tiny old woman who was shorter than me and slightly hunched over. She was still quite energetic and she said that she used to be a marine who handled artillery. It is humbling to meet these veterans because on the surface they are such ordinary people, but they were presented with extraordinary circumstances, and I think that makes them extraordinary, too.

I believe all of these veterans young and old deserve our respect. I don’t pity the young Iraq War veterans’ wounds because I don’t think they want anyone’s sympathy. What the wars have done to the veterans is irreversible and now what would help them is support in going back to some kind of normal life. I think it’s ridiculous that some VA hospitals are horribly mismanaged and a lot of young soldiers with families are paid very little for their work. I think a lot of veterans do want some recognition that they are still there after the wars and the military and they don’t want to be used and then discarded. I find it unsettling that a large proportion of the homeless are veterans, and I wonder if there are programs that can help veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

Finally, I feel like that volunteering a couple weekends out of a year is so insignificant, and I really want to do more volunteering.

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Even though I have never been to Cleveland I feel like I have some kind of strange connection to it through a few friends. One of my super geeky friends likes to say three things to indicate that something is cool. Those three words are “orange, ninja, and Cleveland”. I guess he got it from the opening song of Drew Carey where they yell “CLEVELAND ROCKS! CLEVELAND ROCKS!”. So sometimes he says “I’m in Cleveland” to mean that he’s awesome. Anyway, two of my other friends from high school are also connected to Cleveland. One of them is actually attending Case Western’s medical school, and the other one grew up in Cleveland. The three of us had a sort of “big head club”, because we all have quite large heads. So imagine my surprise when I read that most of the foreclosures in the . The BBC has also provided a lovely graphic to pinpoint all the German-owned properties:

I am at a loss for words. Though one thing that is clear is that the foreclosure situation in America affects financial institutions all around the world. It makes you wonder, how many other cities are getting owned by foreign banks?

P.S. Cleveland still rocks, because . Californian public schools are in desperate need of such courses too.

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So I haven’t written that much this week because I started a new job on Wednesday. So far it’s been going really well. I like my new coworkers very much and one of the company founders went to the same college as me. Well, actually a lot of my new coworkers are my former college classmates so it is actually quite fun. With this new job comes some new changes that I will write about in the coming months. For example, I will transfer out of my crappy former 401k that I described . My new employer’s 401k program is through Fidelity once again, and so I am a happy camper and I can roll all my 401k money into one place. Additionally, I have set up my direct deposit to deposit straight into my Vanguard money market account because I never really use my checking account except to funnel money. Vanguard’s direct deposit set up is actually quite cool and you can deposit your paycheck into any number of funds. Finally, I will need to make a decision on whether or not to exercise my vested options at my ex-employer. I do still have about 3 months to exercise my options and I am thinking of doing it in January so that in case I do trigger the AMT I would have to pay it in 2009 instead of 2008. By then, perhaps my old employer would go public (Hah! I wish). At this point, I think the options at my old employer is still worth exercising even though private stock is an illiquid asset. Besides those things, my pay schedule is now synced up with my hubby’s so monthly financial updates should be easier to manage. At my old company I got paid on the 7th and 22nd while he got paid on the 15th and end of the month. So that difference in pay schedule forced me to check our bank accounts every week.

Anyway, I think the hardest part about a new job is really just the first month. After that I can usually get into a regular schedule and comfortably finish my work. Right now I’m trying to get used to the fact that people on my team come to work even later than I do. On Friday I went to work at 11am and I was the first one there. I also got the last cube available in the entire office space and so I’m in the middle of a bunch of boxes and next to the IT lady who talks on the phone all the time about her kid and grandmother. However, that is all going to change soon because the entire company is moving to San Mateo in two weeks. I am looking forward to sitting close to my team and getting a newer office space. It is also ironic because I just left a job in San Mateo and I’m going to move right back. I will definitely see a lot of my old cohorts hanging around downtown San Mateo during lunch. It should be fun because I will get to introduce my new coworkers to the lunch spots I am already very familiar with and still keep up with the gossip of the old office.

On a purely monetary standpoint I am pretty sure that I would have had a higher salary in the next few months if I just stayed at my old company and gotten my yearly review. However, I felt like it was time to learn something new and move on to a younger company. The VP at my old company also tried to convince me that my stock options may be worth a lot even though I have very few shares. That may or may not be true, and I do agree with the VP that the company should do very well in the future. However, I think my current company has a lot more potential because it is younger and makes a great product. I really see stock options as a “possible bonus”, and I don’t count on them to make me rich. I just feel like I have to move on to stay competitive in the field of software engineering. I am really afraid of becoming one of those people that I interviewed who had 8 years of experience and didn’t know the basics.

So that’s what’s happening in my life, and I am pretty excited to do all of these new things.

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Today I read an article about . The idea is pretty much the same as speed dating. Basically interviewers see as many candidates as possible in a short amount of time and give offers quickly so that they fill up positions quickly. I think this method makes a lot of sense and is advantageous to both the interviewer and the interviewee because it saves everyone’s time and offering quickly gives the company a better chance of snatching the candidate they want. For example, in my most recent job hunting experience the first company I interviewed at pretty much said that they wanted to hire me after two short interviews, but to satisfy the HR process they had me speak to three more people at a later date. They actually told me that the second round of interviews was a formality and that they wanted me to join their team. I thought that the second round of interviews was a waste of time but I still went because the company seemed nice. Actually, they could have just told me what their offer was after the first interviews and I might have accepted it. Because their second interview delayed their offer by a week I interviewed at another company and that company also made an offer, but it was within a day of the interview. The end result was that I went to the second company because it was much more interesting and I knew a lot of classmates that worked at the second company. Speeding up the hiring process really tells a candidate that the company wants to hire him/her right away, and it is to a company’s advantage to do this.

I havein the past few years and I have also been an interviewee on multiple occasions. Generally I know if I like someone within the first few minutes of meeting them. I have read that there were psychological experiments that concluded people make a determination on whether or not they like another person within the first few seconds of meeting them. Basically, regardless of whether you’re an interviewer or interviewee, there is no point in wasting time with people you don’t like. This is more reason why speed interviewing makes a lot of sense. It is advantageous to interviewees, too, because you get immediate feedback and you can either accept a new job or focus your energies on other companies. There is no point in waiting for a response for two weeks because your time is valuable. This is why I enjoy applying to small technology startups because the turnaround is very quick. Large companies are notorious for their HR bureaucracy and I have heard stories of people who were interviewed and never called back for more than a month. In my opinion job candidates should never wait for a response from a specific company and just keep on applying. Basically, if a company has a very slow moving hiring process then they will lose great candidates.

From my experience the companies that had the slowest recruiting processes are also the most bureaucratic companies. They are so overly organized that they’re disorganized. When an orgchart is thirteen levels deep there is bound to be a bit of chaos and frivolity. One example is an internship I had with a extremely large software and hardware vendor. The most ridiculous thing was that it took them a month to get my hiring paperwork done and then because they took so long my background check expired. Then I was required to go to  a different campus  about 20 miles from where I worked to get a keycard. Because of the long process my internship time was very short. When I finished the internship they created a position for me and wanted me to stay, but I chose to get a job elsewhere for obvious reasons. Then after I left it took them another month to mail me my final check. I had to call their payroll to demand it. This is a very well known company and that experience really put me off from working for extremely large organizations after college.

Anyway, I guess my whole spiel is that I am a great fan of companies that recruit quickly. Job hunters should definitely still research the companies that give an offer quickly, and if a company is extremely pushy that is not a good sign either. They should give you a reasonable amount of time to consider your options, but a immediate offer is always a good thing.

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cialis ecstasy

Today I read some pretty bizarre news about former t. Basically the guy is on trial for rape because he performed vaginal exams on two foster daughters and the girls allowed it because he told them he is testing them for egg donation. He also told them that each egg could sell for $5000 or more. The tests this guy performed were for his own perverted pleasures, but the egg donation industry is quite real.

What I find funny is that when you sell genetic material you’re considered a “donor”, because to me donation means giving away money or services. When I was in college I saw ads in our school paper looking for intelligent and attractive women to sell their eggs. Eggs have to be harvested with a surgical procedure after the woman is injected with hormones and sells for anywhere from $5000 to $25000. I can see why having such an advertisement in the Berkeley campus paper makes a lot of sense. A lot of these collegiate women are not working and could really use the money to buy things and pay off debt, and being college students they are sort of prescreened for intelligence. Even so, a lot of these egg donation ads also ask for standardized testing scores from tests such as the GRE and SAT. A lot of these young women are also at the peak of their fertility. A news articles from last year reports that college towns are ripe for egg harvests and .

At first glance, it seems like selling a few cells for thousands of dollars isn’t such a bad deal. After all, it is impossible for a woman to use up all the eggs she is born with. “Donating” eggs does help a lot of infertile couples have children, and that is not a bad thing. People are encouraged to give blood all the time to save lives, and giving eggs creates life so it really seems like a win-win situation for all parties involved. However, I have quite a few concerns about selling eggs. The first is that since the egg dispensing industry is quite young it is not well regulated. There are predators like Ted Klaudt who trick young women into humiliating tests. Also, the health impacts of the hormones injected into these women isn’t very well studied. If a woman donates regularly she would be exposed to hormones that she would not produce naturally. That just seems a bit dangerous to me. Additionally, once the eggs are fertilized there is no telling what the fertility clinics are doing with them. There was a Law and Order episode where a fertility clinic sold one woman’s embryos to multiple couples without the original woman’s knowledge. Even though that is fiction I can see it happening. Basically you have no idea that your eggs are actually going to the one couple that is paying you. This causes problems because if you have children of your own and you have no idea that they have a bunch of half siblings out there it is kind of weird.

In I read a Rabbi said, “In Third World countries, [women] go into prostitution. Here, because they have good SAT scores, they sell eggs?” He is concerned that young women are setting prices on their genetic material based on their looks and college credentials. I think that’s not what concerns me the most because technically we do use our credentials and looks to some extent in other parts of life such as work and relationships. I definitely wouldn’t equate selling eggs with prostitution. What troubles me about selling eggs is that families with money can buy a designer baby and choose the genetic profile of their children pre-conception. One of my all time favorite movies is with Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, and in that world most humans’ genes are prescreened and parents receive a baby that is an “optimal” combination of themselves. I think buying eggs or sperm is just a type of gene selection. That really scares me because as gene therapy and selection become more and more prevalent and popular eventually the rich will be able to purchase intelligence and beauty before they are even born. Technology is changing how we reproduce drastically, and that created the egg-trade.  With all of that said, I don’t think I will ever sell my eggs even if I were in a financial bind.

Since selling eggs is so lucrative, if you were a young woman who hasn’t started in your career and really need money to pay off debts, would you ever sell your eggs? If you are a man who really needs money, would you ask your wife/girlfriend to sell her eggs?

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