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So there is chatter in the news the government worked out a deal with major banks to freeze the adjustable rates on mortgages of many subprime borrowers. The rules are, the loan has to be originated from the beginning of 2005 to July 30th of 2007 and the rate is set to reset in 2008 to 2010. The subprime borrower also have to have a good payment history and live in the home to qualify. So I thought I would do an non-expert analysis on who benefits the most in this situation.

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The biggest winner is the banks that made these loans. Some of the teaser rates for these subprime loans are as high as 8%, so I don’t think the banks are hurting much by collecting a rate thats 16 times the average of national banks interest payout on savings accounts. Additionally, by keeping the borrowers in their homes, the banks do not have to deal with an asset that has depreciated in value. Basically, the banks are saving and earning billions by keeping subprime borrowers up to date with their debt.

The next big winner in this situation is the government. Why? One word: taxes. By keeping these stretched homeowners in their homes the government can continue to collect property taxes. Additionally, since the mortgage rates are not rising the homeowners will have less mortgage interest to deduct on their taxes and that means more tax revenue for the government than they would have had otherwise.

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I don’t consider the homeowners who keep their homes in this plan to be winners. Sure, they get to keep their home, but many of them are so financially stretched that almost their entire income is going to the banks and that is a very stressful situation. In fact, if they weren’t financially stretched, they wouldn’t qualify for the program. This is Secretary Paulson’s outline of the plan:

Paulson offered a general outline of the plan on Monday. He identified four groups of subprime borrowers facing rate increases on their adjustable-rate loans: Those who cannot afford their payments even at the current rate; those who could afford payments at the higher rate; those can refinance into a “sustainable mortgage while keeping investors whole;” and those who can afford their mortgages today but could not at the higher rate.

Only the fourth group would get help.

These homeowners are just indentured servants to a gargantuan money hungry force. Their rates will be frozen for five years, but they will have to keep on paying the price on an asset that has depreciated greatly with all that they have.


generic viagra no prescription women

I would count myself amongst “The Angry” because I think the plan is unfair to most consumers and Americans in general. I don’t own a home, but I know many people who took out reasonable fixed rate loans at higher rates than these subprime borrowers, only to see irresponsible behavior rewarded. Additionally, as Paulson said, “those who could afford payments at the higher rate” will not get help. How is that fair? I suppose life just isn’t fair. I think this plan, and other mortgage related bailouts are just further discouraging people from saving money, and living a sustainable lifestyle. I also think the subprime borrowers who had absolutely no equity in their homes would do better just to walk away, save some money and buy a home for a much cheaper price. I know it’s not that easy, but we can’t continue to support this manipulated bubble economy.

Quote Source: San Francisco Chronicle 12/6/2007 This article is a great read that echos some of my thoughts.

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generic viagra no prescription women

I spent quite a few of my formative years in Honolulu, Hawaii and only moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when I started high school. The middle school project that I remember most clearly was named “The Cost of Living in Paradise”. The Hawaiian Islands is often addressed as paradise, but the cost of living on these islands is very high and so our sixth grade English teacher wanted us to learn about the financial burdens our parents go through. The project worked like the following:

1. We all picked an educational degree out of a hat
2. We all picked a marital status out of a hat
3. We all drew the number of children we had randomly
4. “Married” people were paired up with partners.
5. We had to look in the newspaper classifieds for jobs according to our educational degree. (This was 12 years ago and online job ads were not very common)
6. We had to find housing in the newspaper. (no craigslist yet!)
7. Then based on the pay rate of our “jobs” we set up a budget and calculated how much money we have left at the end of the month.
8. Finally we had to create a poster with all the classfied ads we found and present our budget, and tell the whole class what the cost of living in paradise is.

This is how my fate in paradise turned out. I had a high school diploma and I found a job as a carpet shampooer paying $2000 a month. I was married, and my “husband” happened to be my best friend, who had an associates degree in the culinary arts so he found a job as a chef paying $37,000 a year. It was pretty funny because he was a chubby boy and the whole class laughed and said they could see him as a chef (in reality he is in law school now). Fortunately, we had no kids. The few details I remember about our budget is that our rent was $700 a month, and we had one car and I took the bus to work because public transit is very abundant on the island. We also only budgeted $20 a month for entertainment. In the end we had about $760 left in savings every month.

It sounds so childish when I write about it now, but I remember being very proud of that project because we had the most savings out of the entire class even though we weren’t graded on our savings amount. Some kids budgeted $400 a month for entertainment and $600 a month for clothes and ended up with 0 dollars for savings, and some of the “single” kids said it wasn’t fair that they had less money. Some of the presentations were quite funny,too. For example, a boy explained that he needed to use a lot of money for entertainment to buy the things his parents didn’t buy for him. The takeaway from that project was 1) stay in school to get better paying jobs 2) budgeting lets you see how much you can spend 3) Hawaii is expensive. I don’t think the lesson got through to everyone, but it was still a worthwhile exercise. It is probably the only personal finance lesson I actually had in school, and that’s why I remember it so well. Now that I am really married and working I think I am a little less frugal than my 12 year old self, but I still manage to save a lot with the hubby. On a side note, I sincerely hope the spendthrift kids in my class aren’t living in the zero savings budget they drew when they were 12. Anyway, I think this project can be replicated anywhere with any literate kid and a few newspapers. Of course, it is a lot more fun with more kids in a classroom.

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generic viagra no prescription women

Well everyone, this is the 100th post! In the past four months or so has had over 20000 visitors and over 45000 page views. The large spikes in visitors I have had came from , , and . This blog really started as something to entertain myself and my friends, but I am glad that I managed to provoke, entertain, and inform so many other people from my little corner of the world to the end of the earth. So thank you all for reading !

I enjoy writing about whatever comes to my mind and so perhaps this blog may seem a bit random, but that is how I am. I want to share my life experiences with others and my blog is sending out my voice to be heard and I find that quite satisfying. I have had blogs in the past, but this is the one that has lasted the longest and I have definitely put in quite a bit of effort into writing this blog. When I was young I wanted to be a journalist, but for practical reasons I became an engineer. In a way this blog is fulfilling that childhood dream because people are reading what I write, and I am publishing anything I want.

For a little flash back, here are my personal favorite articles of this blog:

— This article has been featured as an editor’s pick at the and the ! Additionally it was linked by Karen Datko of blog.

– Since I wrote this article I found that there is a huge interest in selling eggs. Now about 30 to 40% of my search engine traffic comes from people searching for information on how much they can get for their eggs. It’s pretty funny to me.

– A collection of crazy bosses I have observed.

— This is my personal pessimistic view of the future, but as people have pointed out, I may be wrong because more jobs will be created.

— This article just never dies and was linked by J.D. at . It showed me that a lot of women have cheap boyfriends and are quite bothered by it because there are searches about this every single day. It is also now .

This blog will continue to grow in the future, and most recently I started a . It is written in simplified Chinese and it is a place for me to practice my Chinese. So far I only translated one article, and it took me a pretty long time. We’re living in a crazy era, and I am sure there will be a lot of insanities for me to record.

Until next time, I leave you with this excellent video

Once again, thank you all for reading and commenting on .

generic viagra no prescription women

generic viagra no prescription women

We’re heading into the winter doldrums of real estate and these two weeks I examined 218 properties that were up for sale in San Mateo County. Of these, 28 qualify as home sellers in trouble. Here are some highlights.

generic viagra no prescription women

generic viagra no prescription women

Recently I read a headline that , millions of potentially incorrect tax forms are going to the government printers. Additionally, next year since people who use the incorrect forms will have to file an amended return. I haven’t even heard of the alternative minimum tax until I started working in 2005. Apparently a lot of my peers aren’t aware of this tax either. Even if they do know what it is they’re pretty confused about it. I am actually pretty confused by it, too, but I will list a few things I know that annoys me here. I encourage those who are more knowledgeable about this particular tax system to comment.

generic viagra no prescription women generic viagra no prescription women– I think this part annoys me the most. Filing taxes is already complicated enough, but it’s doubly as annoying when you have to fill out forms for a second set of tax rules. This second set of rules makes everything more confusing because you have to keep track which set of rules goes with with tax system. What’s more annoying is that I usually can’t determine whether or not I have to pay the AMT until I complete both forms.

generic viagra no prescription womengeneric viagra no prescription women– In the regular tax system the taxes I already paid to California is a deduction and no federal tax is paid on the money, but in the AMT state and local taxes (including local real estate taxes) are disallowed as deductions. This means that you pay taxes on the money you already paid as taxes. That just doesn’t make sense to me. In high tax states like California it could mean paying hundreds to thousands of dollars more on money you didn’t receive in the first place.

generic viagra no prescription womengeneric viagra no prescription women — The legend goes that this second system of taxation was invented in 1969 to prevent 155 extremely rich individuals from paying very little or no taxes. Then it was never indexed for inflation so now almost 40 years later we’re still using 1969′s standard of “extremely rich” to determine who should pay this tax. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Also, the standard of “rich” is very different across the United States. Here in the Bay Area, a family of four making $75,000 to $100,000 a year is by no means fabulously rich because our cost of living is extremely high. Adding to our cost of living is our high state taxes that can’t be deducted. Exemptions on children also can’t be deducted so families with more kids would be more likely to thrown into AMT status. It is estimated that 50% of families making $75,000 to $100000 a year will be subject to the AMT, and it is just an additional financial burden on a lot of middle class families.

generic viagra no prescription women — Whenever I try to explain this point I have people saying that I am a conspiracy theorist and that the government didn’t intend for the AMT to hit the middle class. But here are the facts, suppose you paid $3000 originally in federal taxes and your AMT calculation comes out to $2999, then you don’t have to pay the AMT because your tax amount in the original system is higher. However, suppose the Bush Tax Cuts cut your taxes in the original system down to $2400, then you scored $600 right? Nope! You still have to pay $2999 because the rules governing the AMT hasn’t changed and now the AMT is the larger amount. In cases like these the AMT pretty much nullifies the tax cut completely. I have known people who started to pay the AMT because the Bush tax cuts made their federal tax lower than the AMT, and basically these middle class families didn’t benefit very much at all from the “tax relief”. I actually think the Bush tax cuts are fiscally possible because of the AMT. As I mentioned in the previous point, the AMT isn’t indexed for inflation, so they know that more and more people will be thrown into AMT status every year, and that means collecting more revenues from this second system as time goes by.

Anyway, I will conclude my rant here. Here’s a funny thought: if the alternative minimum tax never gets indexed for inflation, eventually everyone will qualify, and it will no longer be “alternative” and nobody can say that it’s a tax for the rich because everyone will be paying it. Then the IRS can just print one form again and completely abolish the original tax system!

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