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has collected over 450 reader comments and there are some comments that are so entertaining and thoughtful that I have to share them in case you missed them. So today I shall highlight some comments from my article about

Some background on these commenters: qmc is my classmate from school and Alex is an ex-coworker and friend. We do know each other in real life and they’re both interesting and intelligent guys.

This thread starts off with a comment from an anonymous guy:

enzyte viagra saleon 11.28.07 at 1:04 pm
This reeks of sense of entitlement. At 24 you can not have as much experience as someone who has been doing a job for 10 or 20 years. You will see, when you are older and 20 year olds come in and think they know more than you, just wait you will see.

Then qmc and Alex chimed in, and I have to say Alex’s comment is absolutely priceless and the incidents he mentioned are hilarious.

enzyte viagra saleon 11.29.07 at 6:31 pm

30-something,Just because someone’s been doing something “longer” doesn’t mean they’re doing it “better.” Some of them have been doing it “longer,” but not “better.” Incidentally, from doing some interviewing for my employer, I’ve met some “Business Intelligence Engineers” with 5+ years of experience that supposedly work with databases all day, don’t necessarily know either (a) how to code or (b) how to write efficient SQL (strange union query with aggregates instead of a simple outer join?)That being said, I realize I don’t know everything, but I expect some learning to go both ways.

enzyte viagra saleon 11.30.07 at 10:35 pm

I agree with qmc. Age may, but does not necessarily, confer experience. There are definitely people who have been in the software industry for a long time and who are very experienced and whom I respect greatly.But then there are those who make be wonder, “How did you ever get this job?” I knew one guy who had been a programmer for years, but didn’t know DeMorgan’s Law. Several times he made changes to someone else’s code by pushing the NOTs into or pulling them out of a boolean expression without changing the ANDs to ORs and vice versa. What motivated him to make those changes I do not know; perhaps, he just didn’t like the way it looked. The first time he made that error, I dismissed it as a momentary lapse; but after seeing him make the same error multiple times, I realized that he didn’t know what he was doing. I tried explaining DeMorgan’s Law to him, but he wouldn’t listen. He tried to determine whether the code after his changes was logically equivalent to the original code by testing different cases in his head in an ad hoc fashion. I stared at him nonplussed; it was like watching an accountant try to add without knowing how to carry. Somehow he managed to survive many years as a programmer without knowing the basic tools of his trade.

Then, there was an incident with another coworker at Oracle OpenWorld; I’m not sure which story is more damning. We were given a free pass to OpenWorld as Oracle employees. For a couple of hours, we were allowed to walk around and tour the booths. At one booth, there was a slightly anthropomorphic robot. It would roll up to people and ask, “What is your name?” If you ignored it, it would ask, “What is your name?” over and over gain. So at first, I thought it was stuck in an infinite loop. But then, it said, “HEY YOU! What’s your name?” After a few minutes’ conversation, it became apparent (at least to me, and I think, to most of the audience) that there was a man behind the machine. It could recognize that a California state driver’s license was upside down and could recognize that a set of car keys had the Honda logo. Someone asked it to compute the square root of 3; it initially could not do it, but later it responded with an answer, after, I assume, the human operator plugged it into a calculator. I asked it what would happen if I put it inside a Faraday cage. It didn’t know what that was at first, but later it responded with a definition that the human operator probably found with Google. In any case, as we walked away from the booth, my coworker said to me, with all sincerity, “Technology these days is really amazing. I had not imagined that they could build a robot like that.” I stared at him incredulously and thought, “How can you be a programmer for so many years and remain ignorant of the state of our art? There is no way that AI is that advanced.”I do not know how some people managed to get by for so many years and remain so ignorant. Perhaps, it is an after-effect of the boom, when many people were hired indiscriminately without having their qualifications rigorously checked.

Alex’s comment is probably more appreciated by a nerd, but it is pretty awesome.

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enzyte viagra sale

For the past few days my colleague’s sister has been missing. Her family tried very hard to find her and tonight I heard that a suspect has been arrested for her murder . Her body has not been found so perhaps there is a chance she is still out there, but the police has told her family that they believe the personal trainer in custody did murder her. I am just in a state of disbelief because this is just so senseless and even though I don’t know the victim I know her sister and how close their family is. All her siblings have taken time off from work in this search effort and I hate to see a tragic ending to this. We were all hoping that her sister just took a little vacation, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This is a bizarre feeling I am having now because I just think of how many times I have read stories about murders in the paper and didn’t think too much about them. I guess it never affects you that much when the story doesn’t relate to you personally. It’s so weird to realize that all of these stories are real and it’s so horrifying to think that something like this could happen to anyone.

Anyway, I am still hoping that my colleague’s sister is still alive and there will be a happy Christmas reunion. I am still in shock because no one expected that anyone would want to cause harm to this woman. It’s also frightening to think that perhaps someone you know would want to kill you someday. Perhaps I sound sheltered by saying this because some people live in areas where violent crime is almost a way of life, but maybe that is why I am extremely affected by this event.

On the other side of the coin I find the Nguyen family’s bond and love to be amazing and encouraging. Her brothers investigated and found the abandoned car and the suspect for the police! A lot of people in this world go missing and no one even cares to look. I know my family would probably look for me and I am extremely blessed to have people who love me. I firmly believe that in the end good will always win over evil, because God is good.

I don’t know what more to say except to cherish those you love this holiday season, and the next, and for as long as your have them, because you never know what darkness could come and take them away.

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enzyte viagra sale

Albert Einstein once said that “the hardest thing to understand in the world is income taxes”. I definitely agree with him and I think everyone’s lives would be a lot easier without income taxes. Recently I came upon something called . It is a bill in Congress with a good amount of supporters and its goal is to establish a national consumption tax of 23% and eliminate all income taxes. I went to and read about the bill in detail. I must say that it is an intriguing and revolutionary bill, but is it really a fair tax?

The main point of the FairTax is that rich people spend more money so they will be taxed more. Since it is a tax on consumption instead of of income it encourages saving and investment. There is also a set level of expenditures that are not taxed. For a couple in the continental United States the limit is around $20,000. I do find this attractive because it should encourage people to spend less so that they can keep more. However, I can see how this can backfire and people will spend more than before because their paychecks will look much bigger and they will feel rich. If everyone’s social security and federal taxes were suddenly gone, many people will find their paychecks to be 20 to 30% bigger. That’s a huge increase on paper and psychologically it will induce more spending.

I am also skeptic about this tax because I still think that the rich will benefit more from the plan. There is a basic cost of living for survival no matter where you live. Suppose that amount is $30,000 a year for a couple somewhere in the United States. So they’re not taxed on the first $20,000 they spend and on the next $10000 they need to pay $3000 under the FairTax (The tax is $3000 on $10000 because $3000 is 23% of 13000). Suppose one couple in this area makes $35,000 a year and another couple makes $70,000 a year and they both spend the minimum they need to survive. The couple that makes $35,000 saves $2,000 because they spent $30,000 and paid $3,000 in taxes. The couple that makes $70,000 saves 37,000 instead, and pays the same $3,000 in taxes. The effective tax rate on the poorer couple is 8.6% while the effective tax rate on the richer couple is 4.3%. Is this fair? I think it’s debatable, but under the regular tax system the poorer couple probably could have qualified for a lot more tax cuts. Though, since these couples can’t escape the 7.65% payroll taxes on Social Security and Medicare, even the 8.6% tax rate isn’t too bad. No matter how we cut it, those who have more money will benefit more because they can live on a smaller portion of their income. The FairTax counts on the fact that richer people spend more money, but I don’t think that’s always true.  If you look at Warren Buffet, from all available reports it really seems that he doesn’t spend that much on himself every year, but his investment income is enormous.  If the FairTax were implemented, a gargantuan chunk of tax revenue that could have been collected from frugal billionaires like Warren would be gone.  It’s great for Warren, but is it really feasible for the United States government?

Another thing I don’t consider fair about this tax system is the minimum poverty rate. They really can’t say that $20,000 is the poverty rate throughout the whole country. In expensive counties like San Mateo and San Francisco a couple usually needs more than $20,000 a year just for the necessities. The average rent for a 1 bedroom is around $1000 to $1500 in these counties. If they really wanted to be fair they would adjust the poverty rate for each region. It shouldn’t be so hard because they already have a cost of living system in place for the military where soldiers get different in different parts of the country and world. The same system could be used to adjust the minimum poverty rate in each region.

This tax is also a huge boon to the bottom lines of corporations because the high corporate taxes are eliminated. The FairTax proponents argue that this is a stimulant to the economy because corporations would be able to hire more people and produce more with the income they have. Also, they argue that prices will come down because corporations will no longer have to pay their employees’ social security and medicare taxes so corporations can create cheaper products. Most of this sounds good, but I imagine it would be harder for small businesses to start because there will probably be legal barriers. Also, big corporations probably will not lower their prices just because their costs are lower. The whole point of capitalism is to make as much money as possible. If a consumer is willing to pay $100 for something, a corporation would not mark it down to $50 just because their manufacturing process suddenly became more efficient and they can produce twice as much. A smart corporation would continue to charge $100.

Anyway, this is an issue to watch for in the 2008 elections. FairTax.org has a list of presidential candidates who have stated in public Personally, I am wary of this proposal and I agree with what Giuliani and McCain said. This is a new system that will take a lot of effort to implement and get used to. It also needs to be fleshed out further and looked at more carefully by more people. I doubt that it will be passed in the near future because there is just too much logistics involved. I am glad that people want to change America’s crazily convoluted tax system, but I am afraid that there is really no system that can be simple and equitable to everyone. I think the FairTax is definitely an interesting idea, but it probably won’t get enough support to be passed into law in the state it is in now. Additionally, all 50 state governments will have to agree to it and implement it, and that may be more difficult than just getting it passed in the Congress.

enzyte viagra sale

enzyte viagra sale

On Friday I performed an interview for my team at work. My job was to take the candidate to lunch and answer questions the candidate might have and attempt to assess his intelligence and “fit” for our team. This is one of those very rare interviews that actually turned out well and everyone who interviewed the guy liked him and we decided to hire him.

However, I feel like he may not join us because he is actually currently living in Austin, Texas. He said that he went to a nearby open house in Foster City and was shocked to find that a tiny townhouse less than half the size of his home in Texas is listed for $900,000. He used to live in Sacramento many years ago but the cost of living there is nowhere near the craziness of San Mateo. Then we chatted about the Bay Area in general and I said that I actually did some research on Texas and found that I could afford a 40% pay cut and still afford a better standard of living. He agreed with me, and I asked him if he would consider relocating and he said he would probably prefer telecommuting. However, after he finished his 8 hour grueling interview my team lead did mention that he would like all core members to be close to the headquarter and telecommuting from Texas is probably a deal breaker.

I imagine this is happening all over the Silicon Valley. There are a lot of great talent from other states that are interested in the companies here, but are totally put off by the cost of living and the cost of relocating. Additionally, I know dozens of people who are exiting this place due to the same reason. Even though I love the energy and dynamics in this place sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Yes, we do have fairly high incomes compared to the rest of the country, but with that we have extremely high taxes and a ridiculously high cost of living. When all the math is worked out, I think many of us who live in the Valley could have better lives elsewhere.

I thought that the job candidate is wise to investigate the cost of living before making a decision. I doubt that he is getting a 70 to 100% pay increase because Austin, Texas is also a very lively city with an abundance of jobs. On one hand, I do want him to join our team, but on the other hand I was honest with him and I want him to make the best decision possible for himself. I really don’t want him to join my company and then regret it and become grumpy!!

enzyte viagra sale

enzyte viagra sale

So my hubby and I just finished watching Beauty and the Geek Season 4. This is one of my guilty pleasure shows and it’s about a bunch of socially inept geeks and a crowd of gorgeous people working together to change themselves. The winners are supposed to be the couple that went through the largest transformation. This season one of my husband’s college classmates was on it. At first he would laugh at me when I watch the show and then he saw the lone female geek Nicole Morgan and said, “wait a minute, she looks like my friend Niky”. Then I looked up her bio and indeed she really is my hubby’s former classmate. It was quite amusing when he pulled out his Caltech yearbook and found Nicole’s picture and then commented, “they made her geekier looking for the show.” Since then he has rooted for Nicole to win, but unfortunate the final winner was determined by a vote and I think Nicole’s partner Sam was not very popular with the voting audiences so they lost as a team. The prize is $250,000 split between a couple, and as the host announced the prize he said, “a couple’s life is about to change!” My hubby and I both said along the lines of, “that’s not enough money to change their lives!” So after the show I thought about how much money people would need to change their lives. I thought about the events that defined the state of my life, and perhaps I was wrong to say that half of $250,000 can’t change someone’s life. Here are some ways someone’s life could change and their associated costs.

enzyte viagra sale– $125,000 is enough for someone to go to college and get a degree that propels them into a good career. Or it could be used for a professional degree or vocational training that could be used to start a new life.

enzyte viagra sale — I think $125,000 can make a big dent in most people’s debt. I truly believe that being free of debt that continually drains you is a good thing that can change people’s lives.

enzyte viagra sale- Previously, I wrote about these days. Nevertheless I think it’s important to have a wedding without going into debt. Marriage is absolutely life changing.

enzyte viagra sale — One of my friend is pregnant right now and another one had a baby about 1.5 years ago. The process of raising a child could cost up to a million dollars, but every mommy I have met say that having a child changed their perspective on life.

enzyte viagra sale– I sincerely hope that donating a bit of money or items every month or year changes someone’s life out there. a flock of chicks for a family in need and feed malnourished children. It really doesn’t take much to change someone’s life by giving.

Everyone’s circumstance is different, but the important thing to remember is how we use our money. We don’t necessarily need millions to change our lives, but we need to be open to change and be willing to direct our resources towards improving our lives. I hope the winners of Beauty and the Geek will use their windfall wisely, and truly change themselves and the world.

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