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fda approved cialis

So a couple months ago linked my story about and thousands of people read it in a matter of hours. After that I received an email from a guy named Alan Corey and it said the following:

Hi Baglady,

I came across your blog today and have to say I loved reading about your ex-boyfriend. He reminds me a lot of myself. I went to extreme measures to achieve my financial goals and finally was rewarded for it. I would love to send him (and you) an advanced copy of my book ” .” It hopefully will keep you both motivated to also remind you that you two are doing things right.


Alan Corey

So I went to the guy’s website and read a bit about him, and he seemed weird, but kind of funny, and mostly harmless. So I replied to him to send me the book, and a couple weeks later I received a package from the publisher Random House and it contained a shiny advanced copy of the book and on the title page it said, “Here’s to better boyfriends”. (Well, thanks Alan, but I don’t need anymore boyfriends. I got a super cool hubby now.) I read it on the way to Southern California while my hubby drove, and to be honest I rather enjoyed the book because it was quite funny and candid. After reading his story of eating only ramen noodles for three months I understood why he said my super cheap ex reminded him of himself. Though what is funnier to me is that another incident in his book reminded me of myself. The story was that one of his girlfriends was really into movies and spent hundreds of dollars a month on her passion, and he made a spreadsheet showing her how much money she could earn if she invested the money instead of spending it on movies. (A replica of the spreadsheet is in the book). After he presented the spreadsheet he was dumped. I laughed out loud at this because I made a similar spreadsheet for my hubby while we were dating because he spent a lot of money on games and gadgets. Fortunately my hubby didn’t dump me. I do understand where Alan is coming from and the spreadsheet is really his way of saying to the girl that he cares about her, but unfortunately the message was lost somewhere. The book is also sprinkled with sections named “Extreme Cheapskate Strategy”. Some of these tips are good, but some are a bit too extreme or even borderline unethical. I will not list them here, but some of these are pretty hilarious too.

The main vehicle Alan used to become a millionaire is real estate. But unlike the infamous Casey Serin he was very sensible about what he could handle. He almost always offered lower than the asking price and had partners and kept his full time job throughout all of his real estate ventures. I like that Alan acknowledged that he was lucky to catch one of the largest real estate booms in history, but I would like to emphasize that Alan really worked his butt off too. I really don’t know how he is able to have a full time job, handle six or seven crazy tenants, go to a bazillion open houses, renovate houses, host success seminars, and go on a bunch of reality TV shows. My main criticism of the book is that people might read it and think it’s easy to become a house flipper or landlord and suddenly become a young millionaire. Those easy money days are dying down and it really takes a lot of time and patience to be a successful real estate investor. I think Alan should have had a summary of his personality traits and actions that took him where he is, and I think a lot of financially successful people have similar paths to Alan’s. I will try to summarize the things that made Alan successful here for him:

fda approved cialis — Alan lists his goals from the beginning of the book to the end. His main goal has always been becoming a millionaire by 30, but he also had many smaller subgoals that brings him closer to the majority goal. Basically, knowing where you want to go is always important to your success.

fda approved cialis — Alan was really cheap and didn’t care to have a beautiful apartment or the best room in the house, and that’s how he saved and earned money. He also earned a lot of money and free goodies by being ridiculed on reality TV shows, but that’s really in another league of not caring what others think.

fda approved cialis — As I mentioned before, Alan really worked pretty hard when he was young, and as his wealth increased it became easier to accumulate money. The rich do become richer, but sitting on your butt and not working towards your goals will not make you rich in the first place.

fda approved cialis– For the most part I thought the risks Alan took in real estate were realistic and well thought out. He also emphasizes that he took a lot of time researching the investments he was about to make. I think the research part is overlooked by a lot of people who want to become rich quickly. It is usually not that easy to find a good investment and the cliche “it always goes up in the long run” isn’t always true for everything.

fda approved cialis– One thing I really liked about Alan’s story is that he quit and got out of the rat race. If he kept on flipping houses he might have lost his fortunes, but he did what he wanted to do and decided that he is done. Sometimes people can become wildly successful but never learn to quit and become a slave to earning money once again. I admire the people that value living their life over having the biggest bank account and the fanciest cars. Another example of this is and I highly recommend her blog.

Anyway, I definitely recommend if you want a light hearted read about a Southern boy making it big in the Big Apple. I was laughing a lot when I read it, but that is because I can really relate to what he went through.  Though I am hoping that his book doesn’t create any new and his readers would realize that it isn’t easy to become a millionaire, but anyone could do it.

fda approved cialis

fda approved cialis

For the past week I have been vacationing down in the with my hubby’s family. We spent Christmas cooking and eating and then we did various things like shopping, gaming, and more eating. My hubby was extremely excited over purchasing a double down puffy jacket at the at Puente Hills Mall for $8.98! Actually everything in the store was $8.98 because it was a grand opening sale and the entire time we were in the store the hubby was saying, “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!” I thought it was extremely cute that he got excited over cheap stuff. Apparently there will be a Steve and Barry’s opening in San Jose sometime in the future and maybe they will have such a sale too.

Besides being delighted by cheap jackets, we went to a couple of the Southern Californian restaurants that my hubby has been craving for. We managed to go to and . He also wanted to go to El Pollo Loco. (There is certainly a theme of chicken to these restaurants.) I have to say that Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets are quite good, and unfortunately the closest one in Northern California is about two hours away from us in Sacramento.We only recently found out that there is a Thai BBQ in South San Francisco, but everything in the SoCal location was $1.00 cheaper. I guess the rent is just higher in South San Francisco. We also had a LOT of boba milktea everywhere we went. When we visited the hubby’s friend J Allan and he drove us to Pasadena to see their “old stomping grounds” (Caltech). The entire city was gearing up for the Rose Parade and there were bleachers erected all over the streets. We ate at a small hole in wall restaurant called The Pasadena Sandwich Company. This is a place that makes sandwiches that are bigger than newborns and they’re mostly under $8. We all ordered something called “Trust the Cook”, which is basically a random sandwich. Then we ended the day with a lot of Rock Band.

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to the San Diego Natural History Museum’s special exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a short tour of the U.S.S Nimitz. The Dead Sea Scrolls are absolutely amazing because the Biblical texts they contain actually validate a lot of our modern day Bible. Additionally, the exhibit emphasized that the ideas written by the Jews in turbulent times thousands of years ago still applies to us today. There are also a lot of texts not related to the Bible and one of them that caught a lot of people’s attention is a copper scroll that is basically a treasure map to vast amounts of gold and riches from the temple of Jerusalem. It is believed that the treasure was hidden before the temple was destroyed. On the same day my sister in law’s boyfriend took us on a tour on the U.S.S. Nimitz because he lives and serves on the ship. The seasoned aircraft carrier is literally a fort on the water. I think there were about twelve to thirteen floors and it took us a while to walk up to the landing strip and flight deck at the top. We did go after sundown so a lot of areas were closed off or were going under renovations. The U.S.S. Reagan was entirely decked out in red and green holiday lights along the right side of the Nimitz and it was pretty impressive looking also. Unfortunately I have no pictures of these because photography was not allowed in either place.

One thing that really stuck out to me is how much sprawling land there is down south and how much we had to drive to each location. Here in San Mateo everything seems so crowded and there is a lot of apartment buildings and tiny single family homes. Down south it seems that the standard home has four bedrooms (at least in Chino Hills). I picked up an issue of the Home and Land magazine down there and I was totally amazed that you could rent one of these giant houses for less than the cost of our condo. It is possible that one day the hubby and I would move down there, but it would be at least a few years from now.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a fun and safe holiday and that today was a wonderful beginning of the new year!

fda approved cialis

fda approved cialis

So, it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time for me to write down my goals for next year. I am usually pretty clear what I want to do and I always want to reach my goals early. So hopefully I can accomplish the following.

fda approved cialis

  1. fda approved cialis — There are definitely opportunities to volunteer here in San Mateo. I just need time and a good cause.
  2. fda approved cialis — I am averaging about 100 to 200 visitors a day now, so 1000 seems a reachable goal by the end of next year if I continue to write quality articles that people are interested in. I write a lot about my life and the Bay Area, but these are the things I know well.
  3. fda approved cialis– I know almost everyone has this goal and only a few of us actually manage to achieve it. My workplace does offer a gym membership reimbursement of $60 a month so I really should take advantage of it.
  4. fda approved cialis — Every time my mother sees me she tells me to help my hubby clean. I guess I’m really not big on cleaning and cooking. My hubby actually said to me once, “you’re not good at anything but making money” :(
  5. fda approved cialis– I am still in my adjustment period at my new job, but I am definitely getting the hang of things and I am contributing. Next year I want to be recognized as one of the best. Though I have to say my whole team is pretty awesome.

fda approved cialis

  1. fda approved cialis — This would include my salary and all dividends & capital gains, and of course blog income! I am not including the hubby’s income in this goal because he is free to do what he loves and not care about the pay as much. I am actually pretty close to this goal this year but I took on a new job that doesn’t have as many bonuses as my old job so next year the salary income may not be as high. Then again there is no guarantee I would get good bonuses next year at the old job because revenues have been eroded by the mortgage crisis.
  2. fda approved cialis — This is a bit of an aggressive goal since I’m not sure what will happen to the stock market, but the hubby and I have been doing quite well in saving money. We have saved around 50 to 60% of our net income every month in the four months we have been married. Lately I have been sort of cautious about the stock market so I haven’t made any new equity investments, but we saved a good chunk in our Vanguard money market fund and 401ks.
  3. fda approved cialis — From what I read many bloggers register their income producing blog as a business and then deduct expenses such as internet fees as business expenses.  I think this is something I could look into because right now my blog income pretty much covers our internet access and if that is tax deductible then that’s great.

As long as I set my mind to accomplish these things I will be able to conquer these goals. I think nothing on this list is outrageously difficult. We will see in a year what happens!

fda approved cialis

fda approved cialis

Merry Christmas everyone!

Speaking of Christmas, I find it funny that one of the most popular icons of Christmas is Santa Claus. I always knew that the jolly fat man riding with reindeers and elves is not real since he did not exist in China when I was growing up. When I moved to America I was still a child, but I was old enough to know that any presents I received were given by my parents. I really thought that American kids are really gullible to believe that a rotund man would come down their chimneys like a cat burglar and drop glitzy packages of presents. Yet year after year the lie is perpetuated and millions of children are disappointed when they find out the truth. So today, I’d like to salute those who really make the grand operation known as Christmas joyous and possible.

First I’d like to thank all of the dedicated United States Postal workers and the employees of other package delivery operations such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL for working overtime and getting billions of packages delivered this holiday season. One of my friends is a supervisor at UPS and he has been leaving his pregnant wife home to go to work everyday at midnight. During the holiday season the volume of deliveries grow so much that these real people have to work more to bring you that new sweater or digital camera. If you know one of these hardworking men and women go ahead and thank them this holiday! My parents usually give something for the mail lady during Christmas and I think it’s a well deserved gift.

Next I’d like to thank all of the operations departments of retailers such as Amazon, or Walmart. These big retailers have amazing operations facilities that serves so many transactions during the holidays in order to bring holiday cheer. I remember that one of my classmates used to work at Amazon and she said that during Christmas their project was titled “Project Saving Christmas”. Basically they ensured that everything was shipped out on time.

Now you may say, stop right there Baglady! You’re cheering for consumerism and spending! Well, actually I am saluting the people that make giving presents possible and these unsung heroes are the closest thing to real Santa Clauses. It is unfortunate that Christmas has become such a commercial holiday, but I do believe that Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth and giving presents during Christmas is a symbol of the gift of life Christ has given us. There is nothing wrong with making someone happy by giving them a gift! So finally, I would like to thank God, for letting me be on this earth this Christmas with my friends and family, and ultimately God is the one that makes everyone’s Christmas possible.

Have a safe and wonderful day today everyone!

fda approved cialis

fda approved cialis

As I have mentioned before, the first piece of America I moved to was Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a place where I learned English and it’s also where I learned to sing Christmas carols. Well, it so happens that a lot of Christmas carols are pretty different in Hawaii! When I sang the Twelve Days of Christmas in the car the other day my hubby thought that I was making up lyrics to songs again. (I am guilty of making up lyrics to songs I don’t know to annoy my hubby sometimes) Then I told him that I learned these songs in Hawaii and he said that I learned them wrong! How rude! So today I shall sing these songs on my blog without reserve the ways Hawaiians do!

fda approved cialis

Numbah twelve day of Christmas
My tutu gave to me!
Eleven missionary!
Ten can of beer!
Nine pound of poi!
Eight ukulele!
Seven shrimp a-swimmin’!
Seex hula lesson!
fda approved cialis
Foah flowah lei!
Tree dry squid!
Two coconut,
An’ one mynah bird in da papaya tree!

Footnotes: tutu is a grandmother, and a mynah bird is a pretty common bird in Hawaii and I think they can be trained to talk. Once I had a baby mynah bird that fell out of a nest and I fed it watermelon and bread, but it died of diarrhea. Now onto the next song!

Po La`i E,Po Kamaha`o (Silent Night, Holy Night)

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaluhia, malamalama
Ka makuahine aloha e
Me ke keiki hemolele e
Moe me ka maluhia lani
Moe me ka maluhia lani

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,
Oni na kahu hipa e
I ko ka lani nani no
Mele na `anela haleluia.
Hanau `ia Kristo ka haku.
Hanau `ia Kristo ka haku.

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,
Keiki hiwahiwa aloha e,
Ka lama la`i mai luna mai
Me ka lokomaika`i makamae.
Iesu i kou hanau `ana.
Iesu i kou hanau `ana.

And finally, fda approved cialis

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say,
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day,
That’s the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway,
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright,
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night,
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way
To say “Merry Christmas to you.”

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say,
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day,
That’s the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway,
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright,
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night,
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way
To say, “Merry Christmas,
A very Merry Christmas to you.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

fda approved cialis

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