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So today I got an email from Lynn Truong of inquiring if I would like to join them as a writer. I accepted after I figured out what they are all about. I have read the blog before but never really thought about writing for them. Anyway, I set up a profile today and submitted my first article This article came from a discussion I had with a friend about what would happen if the entire United States were as cheap as me or the .

I plan to write for from time to time because it is a great blog that has a lot more readers than The Baglady, but I will keep the crazier and more personal posts here at The Baglady. Stay tuned!

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viagra revenue

Lately quite a few people have been asking me about my opinion on the political candidates and who I would vote for. I give a different answer everytime because I am not an American citizen and therefore I don’t have the right vote. Sometimes I jokingly say, “I hail to Beijing!”. Though in reality, the actions of the American government really affect me a lot more than those of the Chinese government since I am a permanent resident of the United States. I don’t particularly like politics in America because a lot of it is a bizarre popularity contest. (e.g. Hillary wins New Hampshire because she got emotional? What?) However, I am pretty clear about what I want the next president to do with my money. Here is my wishlist from the sidelines of the current electoral circus:

viagra revenue — Social Security Tax is the tax that irks me the most because I know as it is I will never benefit from it. It’s a system that lets older generations spend the money of the younger generations and everyone knows it is not really sustainable. I hope the next president actually does something about this because the past presidents always talk about Social Security reform and never take action. I am all for abolishing the system all together or changing the system into some kind of enforced retirement saving so that the person who paid the tax actually gets the money back in the end (the entire amount plus investment gains). If the government really wants a cut they can make sure the money all go into treasury bonds, but in the end the person who paid the money in the first place gets the money for retirement. I think that is the only fair thing to do.

viagra revenue — I think the government really spends our money on a lot of useless stuff or just mindlessly overpays for goods and services. I heard on the radio a few months ago that . Of course the company in this story committed fraud and was discovered, but how many of these cases are out there in other contracts? The government needs to be lean and frugal with their spending and actually examine their purchase orders one by one. My previous company’s CEO took frugality to the max and made sure every purchase was first researched on a shopping comparison engine, and then he signs the purchase order. The government can also cut down on inefficient personnel. It seems like a government job is so stable that people never worry about being fired. Well, maybe some slackers should be fired and government services as a whole may improve. I am just proposing a couple ways the government can cut down on spending without cutting services.

viagra revenue — I don’t really mind that the tax system is tiered or that we have to pay income taxes, but I don’t like how ridiculously complicated the system is. I have written previously about and the and I think all these weird exceptions should be ironed out and simplified. It is not easy, but something has to be done. Also, it’s very likely that a lot of the Bush Tax Cuts will expire in 2010 if the next president isn’t supportive of the tax cuts, and I think a sudden change back to higher taxes would be hard to swallow for a lot of Americans. It would be best if the next president just kept the tax cuts where they are.

viagra revenue — I have . Basically the government really never reports the true inflation we face everyday. I hope they would at least include the actual costs of things in the measurement of inflation instead of the substitute costs. Anyway, this is a hairy issue that affects a lot of people that I never hear about from the presidential candidates. If we have a more accurate CPI we can have fairer raises and better prepare for our future through savings and investments.

viagra revenue — As long as I have lived here we are encouraged to spend because consumer spending is what keeps our economy going. What if there are just a few changes that encourage people to save? For example, raise the Roth IRA contribution limit, or eliminate federal taxes on treasury bond interest income? What if we had a president that advocated that frugality is the path to the American Dream? How would American change? How would the world change?

Anyway, there are a lot of other issues I care about, but what I say doesn’t matter because I am not a citizen. I hope something good comes out of the new presidential regime and I hope voters examine what the candidates wish to do instead of being in love with their personalities. Good luck America, and feel free to say what you want to see happen here!

viagra revenue

viagra revenue

When I first moved to the United States in 1992 the country was recovering from a widespread recession and I was totally unaware of it since I was only nine years old. Then ten years later another recession occurred and I was attending college and once again lived through it without caring too much. Today there is a lot of talk about the coming of the next recession and I am sure it will happen again since the economy is cyclical. We are already seeing a slow down in employment and massive losses in the financial industry and the stock market has come down about 10 to 11% since the October high. So what will I do in this coming recession?

viagra revenue — I am not going to sell all my investments just because it is going down right now. Panicking and selling long term investments is probably not the best thing to do since I really don’t need the money right now. I will also continue to contribute to my 401k despite the volatile market. The reason for this is that eventually a recession ends and the market goes up again. Selling a stock or fund at a low is never really a good strategy.

viagra revenue — I will be looking for cheap investments to buy if there is a recession. There are many great companies that will survive through a recession but their prices may be depressed by the general mood of investors. So I am sure there will be bargains. Additionally the real estate market is falling almost everyday and if there is a reasonable bargain I may purchase real estate. Basically, I will keep an eye out for things on sale.

viagra revenue — The general consensus is that the tech industry is still fairly strong, but a recession could change the outlook rapidly and there may be a great Silicon Valley Job Massacre again. I think the key to keeping your job is to be good at it, and I will try my best to be “unfirable”.

viagra revenue — Sometimes being a great employee is not enough and people still get axed because the horrendous economic situation of their company just can’t be salvaged. This is why I think everyone should have a backup plan to survive. I’m not sure what I would do yet, but I imagine I could be a consultant or just blog full time. I also have a pretty big emergency fund that could help through a period of unemployment.

viagra revenue — When times are lean, it’s even more important to be debt free because it may be harder to reduce debt with less income. I will make sure I don’t take on any debts I can’t pay back.

viagra revenue — If our income falls drastically we may need to cut expenses. There are many areas where we can be more frugal right now, but since we’re doing fairly well in savings we’re not living an extremely cheap lifestyle. For example, we could move to a smaller apartment, but it would be less comfortable. However, if we really had to downsize we would be fine with a smaller and cheaper apartment. I think many people live in houses that are way too big for them and if times are lean that’s where they can save the most. They can rent out part of their home or just move to a smaller apartment.

viagra revenue — I read an article some time ago that said charitable organizations receive less donations in recessions. This is understandable because if a lot of people lose their jobs they would be unable to donate. I will try my best to maintain my donations.

Anyway, my outlook for the next recession is that it probably will not affect me and the hubby very much and I probably do not have to change much of my lifestyle. If we both happen to lose our jobs I think we are still fairly well prepared to live through it. What are your plans for the coming recession?

viagra revenue

viagra revenue

A couple days ago I read an article that stated and America is the happiest place on earth! The article gave many reasons to the bliss of Americans including wealth and religion. (I do agree with the reasons given.) I personally think that the general ignorance of Americans about current events and their own personal financial situation also makes them happier than the rest of the world. After all, ignorance is bliss, right?

When I was three or four years old I had very little knowledge about how my parents paid the bills. I didn’t worry about money because I was unaware of my need for it. I think that’s a big reason why children are generally happier than adults. Children aren’t concerned about making money, responsibilities, or the future. For children the ignorance of adult affairs such as financial management is normal, and I think it is quite fine and healthy for a child to worry more about the next episode of his or her favorite cartoon than fussing over paying the rent. Unfortunately I think a lot of Americans carry this blissful ignorance well into adulthood and are happily irresponsible about their money.

For example, I have read quite a few articles from multiple sources on how most Americans are not saving enough for retirement. The numbers of American adults reported by the press as not being well-equipped for retirement ranges anywhere from 100 million to 150 million (this is roughly 50% to 75% of the adult population). The question is, how many of these people actually know that they don’t have enough for retirement? I imagine not many actually know the extent of their financial health. The simple fact is when people do not know that they are not saving enough for the future they won’t save more. The bigger problem is that some of these people won’t believe you if you tell them that they will not have enough to retire. I don’t think this type of stubborn ignorance is healthy, but at least most of them have time to correct their course.

It really seems that Americans are happy as long as there is enough to live on in the current moment. This is why the minimum payment on credit cards is such a psychological trap. The minimum payment is only 1 to 2% of the entire debt and almost anyone could afford it from month to month. Meanwhile, the interest piles up and the debt follows the minimum payment customer forever. If you watch the Secret History of Credit Cards you will see how clueless most consumers are about how credit card companies make money. The banks bank on the consumers’ ignorance, and keeps them happy with low minimum payments.

Additionally, ignorance also played a huge part in the housing bubble. Many people wanted a home and didn’t do adequate research on their purchases and loans. A great number of these homes are going into foreclosure, but some of these people who bought homes at the inflated prices are still happy homeowners because they’re unaware of the current housing crisis and they can afford their homes. After all, the easy loans gaveĀ  people an opportunity to own huge new homes, and a good number of people don’t read the news and don’t really care that their property has dropped in value. Quite a few of these homeowners are also extremely optimistic about their home values in the future. I think in general optimism is a good thing, but I would never endorse the act of falling into financial ruin due to ignorance.

I would count myself as one of the happy people living in America, but I think my reasons for being happy is more due to religion and family. I would argue that even though ignorance can be bliss at times, knowing as much as you can about the world around you would better prepare you for the times ahead. None of us know what will happen in the future, but to be completely clueless and happy in a disheveled financial present is not the path to a enjoyable future.

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viagra revenue

If you live in the Bay Area you would know that we’re in the midst of the worst winter storm in two years, and over a million residences and businesses have lost power today. San Mateo County was the hardest hit and I spent the most of today without electricity. It was a really strange day since I attempted to go to work, but every traffic light leading to the office was broken and the intersections morphed into bizarre four way stops with three to four lanes each. This made a nine mile drive take 40 minutes (it took me 20 minutes just to get to highway 101, which is less than 2 miles away). I braved the gusts and pouring rain into my office building only to see the lights off and the IT lady sitting in the dark. I asked her if the office is closed and she said, “yeah, we have no power, no email, nothing!” So I walked back to my car and went to run an errand and then went home.

On the drive home I heard that the power outages could go well into the weekend and hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity. Since my condo had power in the morning I thought I am one of the lucky ones who already had service restored. Unfortunately, when I got home the power was off again. I thought that I could get a lot of cleaning done, but I was wrong. The laundry room required electricity to run the machines, and the vacuums also needed to be plugged in. So then I thought, okay, maybe I will cook something for lunch. Alas! The stove is electric! So then I thought maybe I can go out for some food, but every single nearby restaurant shut down because they had no power. I found an uneaten breakfast bar in my pocket, and I wolfed it down.

So there I was with nothing to do. My phone was out of power, and so was my Nintendo DS. What can I do to entertain myself? I ended up picking up everything off the floor and putting them away. The hubby’s parents recently dropped off a few boxes of the hubby’s things from his childhood and I started reading those. I read his fifth grade essays and his college application essays and “awwed” at his pictures. However, this entertainment was limited, and after I put everything away I was going starking crazy. The skies soon turned dark and I ended up lighting up candles. I was so bored that I started to pour the wax from one candle to another. Finally I ended up playing a board game in single player mode with candles lit on the side. I was reading the instructions by candlelight and I set it down on one of the candles by accident. A plume of smoke rose and I mentally panicked for a second, but I quickly blew the fire out but the instructions has a permanent hole in it right now.

Finally after eight hours, the power finally came back on. My hubby got home and I showed him his scorched game instructions and he said, “thank goodness you didn’t burn anything else down”. Then I told him that I put everything away and cleaned the floors and he said, “at least something good came out of this. I can’t believe you were so bored that you cleaned!”

I have been through blackouts before, but I think this is the longest one I have went through and having the lights on was like having a fresh breath of air. (I was really getting dizzy from the aromatic candles.) Seriously, I don’t think I can live without electricity. I’m not sure what the economic impacts of this mass blackout is to the Bay Area, but it nearly drove me insane.

Anyway, currently a lot of the coastal areas in San Mateo is still blacked out and I hope everyone is alright. Electricity is something many of us take for granted, and it is amazing how much of our lives is so dependent on this. To all the PG&E crews out there, thank you for your hard work.

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