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My success in Duke’s Lane strengthened my self esteem, but I knew that I couldn’t be a salesman at a souvenir shop forever. I was in America, and I was an alien. If I wanted to stay, I needed to go to school. In China I studied agricultural economics, and then changed my focus and studied economical law. My English skills were quite horrible, and law school in America required extremely high linguistic skills. I could not even understand the test to get into law school. So as I worked I tried my best to study English. I copied vocabulary words onto cards and tried my best to remember them. When I rode the bus or had extra time at work I would study vocabulary. After three months in America, I took the TOEFL and got a score of 540. This score was 10 points below the lowest requirement of the University of Hawaii’s economics department. Shortly after the test, I received a letter from the department informing that I was rejected. The letter also indicated that in addition to the TOEFL, the GRE was also required as of the spring semester of 1993.
When I read this letter, my heart sank to the floor. I thought that I have expended the effort of nine bulls and two tigers and I still didn’t qualify. Now I needed to study for the GRE, and I had no idea how long it would take for me to be able to get into graduate school. Actually, at that time I did qualify for Hawaii’s Pacific University, which is a private school that charged over $5000 per semester. There was no way I could afford the fee.

During this time, I took a day off from work. I helped Popo clean her yard and then fed the dozen or so red eared turtles in her backyard. Then I started to study. At this moment Popo’s third daughter Gloria came to visit. She is a highschool teacher and she takes turns with her siblings to take Popo out for strolls. Gloria is almost 50. She married a Japanese American many years ago, but he passed away more than ten years ago. She doesn’t have children, and so she visits quite often and is quite attentive to our family. Whenever she comes she would drive us to get groceries and sometimes she brought treats for my daughter.

This day, she saw that I was at home and asked about how I was doing. I told her that I was just rejected from UH, and I could not afford a private university. I was quite anxious and disheartened, but she told me to calm down, and told me that there is a community college named Kapi’olani Community College very close to the house, and it wouldn’t hurt for me to take a look.

I followed her directions and walked south on 16th Avenue for about ten minutes. Then I saw a beautiful campus surrounded by coconut trees and other tropical plants. When I walked into the campus I was pleasantly surprised. Due to a construction project that blocked the southern end of 16th Avenue, I didn’t see the campus when I first moved to Popo’s house. I didn’t know that there was such a beautiful place close to the house. I was mesmerized by the campus’ modern architecture, neatly landscaped gardens, and its grandiose backdrop of the ocean and Diamond Head. Nearly every building on the campus is named after a tropical plant native to Polynesia and Southeast Asia. For example, the cafeteria where I worked is named ‘Ohi’a, which is a small Hawaiian plant with bright red flowers. Another example is the art building, which is named after a very fragrant Hawaiian flower called Maile which is used in leis quite often. Basically, this college’s buildings and Hawaiian plants reflect the roots of Hawaiian culture.

If people say that Hawaii is paradise, then I would say that Kapi’olani Community College is like a small paradise inside paradise. When I first saw this beautiful campus, I fell deeply in love with the place.

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I totally forgot about this, but I will be hosting the   on April 7th.  This is a pretty good carnival for those of us in the twenties trying to juggle personal finance.

Even if you’re not in your twenties, feel free to and give the young ones some advice!

If you are interested in reading some other great carnivals I have hosted in the past.  Here they are:

Have fun reading!

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I don’t write much about politics, because I absolutely loathe it. I am also not an American citizen so my opinion doesn’t count in this country anyway. Nevertheless, I have no idea why anyone would want to be the next president of America right now.  With everything that is happening, it truly is a horrible time to be president.  Here are some of my predictions of what would happen regardless of which candidate gets elected.

brand cialis prices – How is it possible that America could wage an extremely expensive war for five years and cut taxes?  I’m not sure how the government does its accounting, but it did borrow a crapload of money from the rest of the world to fund this multi-trillion dollar war.  The war is funded on debt, and Americans have not really started paying for it. The interest on the debt will pile on, and we will be paying for it for years to come.  Taxes will increase either because the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010 or because the next president will just have no choice but to raise taxes and pay down some of that debt.

brand cialis prices- This is really anecdotal, but yesterday I walked around downtown San Mateo and at least three shops and restaurants were out of business.  One restaurant just said, “LOST OUR LEASE” on the door. The recession is really just beginning, and usually in an election year the government does whatever it could to prop up the stock market, but once the next president gets up to serve it will come crashing down.

brand cialis prices – Of course the NAR is calling a bottom now that housing sales went up a measly 2.9% nationally in February. They are not highlighting the fact that this February was a whole day longer than last year, which means that the month was 3.5% longer.  Prices were down 8.2% and housing sales still declined in the west. I am not sure if the bottom will come in the next presidential term, but the housing market will definitely decline a bit more.

brand cialis prices – It is unfortunate, but I don’t think the war in Iraq will be over as soon as the democrats promise.  The Americans are just too entrenched in that country to suddenly pull out.

Whoever the next president is, God help him/her.  I really think that a major problem with American politics is that power changes hands every four years so that every president tend to do short term fixes and make his/her four years look as glorious as possible and leave the seething crapbag to the next person in line.   The entire system fits with the American culture of “I want it right here right now”, and that results in policies that borrow against the future. For example, billions of dollars have been taken out of Social Security in the last couple decades to pay for operating expenses. Unfortunately, I don’t think this prevailing attitude and policy of sealing mortal wounds with bandages would change with new leadership.

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Even though this is old news, I couldn’t believe what I read.  A company in Oak Park called Chicago Spectro Service Laboratory Inc. created phony statements every year and lied about the contributions they made to their employees’ profit sharing plan.  The result is that an engineer who worked for them for 30 years found out that instead of $200,000 he had nothing in his retirement fund. The engineer had to endure five years of litigation to get a settlement that paid him $3000 a month.  Apparently theft from 401ks and other pension plans is quite common in small companies where the plans are not audited. So what can you do about it?

brand cialis prices – Obviously, when your company actually fakes the statements this would not help.  However, you can still check for irregularities.  For example, does the contribution on the statement match what is deducted on your paycheck?  Some companies steal money by withholding your contributions.  Basically, they deduct the money from your check and never deposit it.

brand cialis prices – No matter what you invest in for your retirement plans, you should know approximately how much you have.  It could fluctuate according to the market, but any fluctuations that are larger than normal should be looked at.  It could be possible that your company withdrew money from your account.

brand cialis prices – Some shady companies do deposit their employees’ money, but they do it very slowly and collect the float on the money they take.  By law your money should be deposited into your account by the 15th of the month following the deduction.  Federal regulators are thinking of shortening this deposit period to seven days after the deduction because too many companies are waiting until the last minute and shafting their employees.

brand cialis prices- A recent case where an employee sued his company for mismanaging his 401k is due to the company’s negligence in carrying out his instructions to move his investments.  This kind of incompetence is pretty common, and you have to check that your retirement plan administrator follows your instructions through statements and paystubs.  For example, my hubby had to bug his HR repeatedly to get his 401k contribution percentage changed. The process should have taken just one or two paycycles, but instead it took about 3 months because his HR just neglected his request.

brand cialis prices – It seems that quite a few companies raided their employees’ 401ks due to their own financial troubles.  If it seems that your company is dying out, it might be best to leave the company and take your money with you in a rollover IRA.  You have more control of your money with your own IRA and you have more investment options.

The good news is that most companies with more than 100 employees generally have their retirement programs audited yearly.  If your account is in a reputable financial firm such as Fidelity or Vanguard you also have less to worry about because these financial firms will do a lot to protect their own reputations. It is a shame that some employers would betray the trust of their employees and raid their nest eggs, but stealing and embezzlement is against the law  and if you discover such illegal activity you should blow the whistle for the good of your retirement.

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Recently I read an article about financial planners talking with their clients about their childhood.  The point is that events that happened in childhood often shape how we manage our money.  So I thought about it, and I took a trip down memory lane. Here are a couple of my most distinct childhood memories about money, and how they relate to how I manage money now.
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When I was 4 or 5 my mom sent me to the corner store to buy a box of crayons.  I think it cost about 8 fen (1 fen is 1/100th of a yuan, the official currency of China).  So I clutched the coins in my hand and walked to the store. When I got to the store I laid down my money and asked for the box of crayons, and the storekeeper told me that I didn’t have enough money!  It seems that I lost a couple coins on the way. So I walked home with the coins I had and told my mom.  My mom gave me a couple more coins and told me to try again.  So once again I skipped and hopped to the store.  I put down my coins again, and unfortunately I didn’t have enough money again.  So I sulked a little and went home.  My mom laughed at me a bit, and decided to come along.  She asked me where I walked and I showed her, and she found the three or four coins I dropped.  Finally I got my box of crayons with my mom’s help.

I still sort of remember the fence I walked by and the grass I hopped on, and my mom repeats this story ad nauseum to whoever would listen because she thinks it’s hilariously cute.  I think this is an incident that made me wary of carrying cash in my hands. It has been twenty years since it has happened, but I still don’t like carrying a lot of cash because I fear I would lose it. Another habit instilled by this event is that I look at the ground .

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When I was about 12 my family lived in Hawaii, and we were quite low income because my parents were both immigrant graduate students. My dad tells the story of being a minimum wage souvenir salesman .  Anyway, we needed some photos developed and my dad went to the supermarket and dropped off the film. They had an advertisement that said if you choose express developing and they don’t deliver the film by 9am then they will give you the photos for free.  My dad fell for the advertisement and ordered express development.  Then the next day he sent me to pick up the photos.  Usually it cost $4 to $5 to develop a roll, but because of my dad’s folly the final bill came out to be $11.29 or something.  I handed over the money on the verge of tears because it just felt like I lost something.  Then I went home with the photos and cried.  Then my mom asked me why I was crying and I said that dad made us pay extra money for photos.  She kind of laughed at me again, but chided my dad a little bit for falling for the supermarket’s ploy and making me cry.

Of course, these days my mom makes fun of me for this incident, too.  I cried because I felt tricked, but also because I knew that money was hard to come by in my family at that time.  This was a time when we bought the overripened produce and clipped every coupon to survive, and $11 was a lot of money. Because of this incident I am very against paying for extras tacked on by stores and anything that is “express” or “premium”.  For example, I don’t buy extra warranties offered by stores, and I always just get the cheapest or free shipping.

Anyway, this post was very therapeutic for me and I hope you were amused by it. It is kind of funny to look back, but these memories do explain why I have such a cautious and frugal attitude towards money.  What are some of your childhood memories about money? Do they explain how you treat money now?brand cialis prices

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