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In part one I talked about , and I got some pretty interesting comments. I encourage you guys to check it out. In this part I want to talk about the reasons why in some instances you shouldn’t try so hard to fit in. Granted, everyone wants to be “normal”, and I expressed that feeling in a previous post about . However, being “normal” is not always wise, and you shouldn’t follow along for the sake of being part of the majority.

It all started when I was a kid. I was never into fashion and I was fine with wearing things I picked out at church sales for 25 cents. Heck, I still have one of those shirts and I wear it sometimes. I have been teased about my clothing in elementary school, but it didn’t matter to me. I knew that having brand name clothes and shoes wouldn’t really affect my schoolwork and I had good friends anyway.  Additionally, my parents really didn’t have money to buy me new clothes so there was no reason for me to unnecessarily add to their expenses.

Now that I am an adult, I think I still tend to shy away from what is considered popular. For example, I still don’t have an iPod, and I don’t intend to ever get one. I could afford a very nice car, but I have no need for it. Considering how many of my coworkers have extremely luxury cars I would say that I am in the minority. I’m not in a car contest with them, so I don’t feel the need to join in and fit in. I have to confess that as a teenager I wanted a Porsche, but now I understand that fancy cars are not necessarily a mark of success because most of them are financed by debt.

Another way that I am a minority right now is that I am a renter. I have written quite a few articles on why I am not buying a house now, and I truly believe that in I am building more wealth by renting rather than buying. Even though I will buy a house some day, I think it is good to have a different mindset right now.   I know many people jumped in to real estate because everyone was doing it in the past couple years.  Now many of the same people are regretting their decisions.  So in the particular case of real estate, I am glad that my husband and I did not decide to buy anything when we got married even though .

Finally, what is scary to me is that in America debt is considered normal. Dave Ramsey actually has a funny sticker that says, “Debt is normal, be weird!”. So when it comes to things such as debt and fashion, I don’t mind being in the minority. In fact, I think many people would be much more successful than they already are if they stopped trying to fit in and do their own thing.  I know that peer pressure is a powerful force, but we have to be level headed and see if “normal” is really the best thing for our goals.

buy viagra pills online canada

buy viagra pills online canada

In many ways, I am a minority in the United States. I am a female engineer, an Asian immigrant, a saver, and an only child. Being in the minority isn’t always easy, so I thought that I should write a series on how to succeed while you are different from the rest. First and foremost, you need to learn how to deal with prejudices. Here are some things I have learned over the years about how to deal with prejudice. I am sure it’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s a starting point.

buy viagra pills online canada – Sometimes you should just walk away from ridiculous bashing of your race, gender, or religion. Getting into a fight with unreasonable people is a waste of time.

buy viagra pills online canada – Sometimes people don’t know that you are offended by some comments or actions because America is such a multicultural place and there can be misunderstandings. I have encountered that at times and if I know that they are sensible people I try to explain my point of view. Most of the time this works well in the workplace where people are more civil.

buy viagra pills online canada – Before you take the drastic action of suing someone you need to have evidence. For example, if you think that you’re being discriminated against in terms of pay you need to collect quite a bit of salary information in your company and that may be hard to get to. In other cases where violence has occurred you should report it as soon as possible so that the authorities can collect evidence.

buy viagra pills online canada- A lot of prejudice stems from stereotypes, and not all stereotypes are bad. For example, Asians are usually thought of as hard working and frugal. I don’t mind that at all, but there are stereotypes such as “only children can’t take care of themselves” and “women engineers are worse than male engineers” that I deal with. The only thing I could do is to break those stereotypes through action and show others that they are wrong.

buy viagra pills online canada- Unfortunately, all of us are imperfect humans who are capable of hate and prejudice but adding to the cesspool of hatred isn’t going to solve anything. It is natural to be angry when you are attacked, but if you escalate attacks based on prejudice then there will be no end to the whole thing.

buy viagra pills online canada – Since America has so many laws against discrimination, there have been instances when people abused the laws and sued for “damages”. I think there is no point to raise a fuss if there is no real issue because that just brings more hatred against an entire group. Sometimes it is hard for people to tell what prejudice is, and simply talking to the “offender” could resolve a lot of things.

buy viagra pills online canada- Finally, prejudice may throw obstacles in your path, but you shouldn’t let it deter you from your goal. For example, I am acutely aware of the fact that female workers still get paid less in this country, but I remedy that situation by moving to jobs with higher pay. Conquering obstacles often makes a person more competitive and likely to succeed.

For the most part, the prejudices I have dealt with over the years are quite small compared to what minorities dealt with in America in the last century. I think for the most part, prejudice could be dealt with in a civil manner in the current United States. The key is to recognize when you are treated unfairly and act accordingly.

buy viagra pills online canada

buy viagra pills online canada

The current is up at The Financial Blogger.  This wonderful carnival will make a stop at on Tax Day!  Here are some of the highlights from today’s edition.

- A story about giving up a job as a tax attorney to blog.

-  This is a funny post about pimping out your hubby or wifey.

– I’ve been reading Can I Get Rich on a Salary lately and he finds a lot of these millionaire next door stories.

I hope I will get some fun stuff to read next week!  Meanwhile, stick around  to enter the and !

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buy viagra pills online canada

This morning as I drove to work I heard   a barrage of news about protests against the Olympics in China. Here are some of my thoughts about the matter since a few friends have talked to me about it. I really think that people should leave the event alone and stop these ridiculous protests, and here are my reasons.

First of all, the Olympics is an economically draining event and not that many countries could afford it. The 2004 Olympics in Athens put Greece in so much debt that they are still trying to pay it off. When someone in San Francisco’s City Hall threw around the idea of hosting the Olympics the citizens actually said “Hell no”. Basically, no matter where you are from, you should be glad that the Olympics is not in your country for the sake of your money. In the case of China, the 2008 Olympics is really a special event for every single Chinese citizen. It is the first time China is hosting, and it is a symbol that China is now a great economic force that could compete with the United States and other developed countries. The country of 1.3 billion citizens has been preparing for the event for over eight years, and it is unfair to the Chinese people for the rest of the world to be so antagonistic to this event.

Second, the Olympics is supposed to be a time for the world to lay down their differences and compete in a civil and friendly matter. The ancient Greeks created the games as a break from war. When you throw war back into these games it never ends well. For example, back in 1972 a terrorist group kidnapped the Israeli Olympic team and murdered them. Then the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) killed the people they believe were responsible. Violence just begets more violence, and I am very disheartened to see that people are injecting hate into the Olympics.

Third, protesting against and boycotting the Olympics is extremely unfair to the athletes. The athletes who compete in the Olympics train for years to get where they are. They want to make their own countries proud, and they want to accomplish their dreams. I am sure that they are also disappointed and perhaps even afraid to compete in the games with so much opposition. I would hate to see an athlete being spat on like a Vietnam War veteran because they competed in the games in China. Once again I reiterate that the Olympics should be about peace, and not war.

I don’t deny that some rights taken for granted in America do not exist in China, but there is no perfect government. If you look on the record of any reasonable large and powerful nation you will find corruption,abuse,and other atrocities. As to the violence in Tibet, here is how I see it. The Europeans who colonized America took away the United States from the Native Americans just like China annexed Tibet. Actually the situation in America is even worse because many Native Americans are still segregated on reservations while Tibetans are free to live in their own homeland. Just like Native Americans in the United States, the Tibetans receive various benefits for being ethnic minorities in China. Now if a bunch of Native Americans took up torches and destroyed homes and stores belonging to other races in the name of freeing their nation, do you think that the current United States government will not react with force?

Anyway, I am trying to say that China’s political flaws and racial tensions really shouldn’t be the reason for people to douse the Olympic flame. I think it’s despicable for people to advance their own political agendas by knocking down this wonderful event meant to foster world harmony. Supposedly there will be a giant protest in San Francisco when the torch arrives on Wednesday, and I hope it will not get out of hand. I really wonder if those protesters have been to China, and if they know what the games mean to a Chinese citizen; I wonder if they know the original purpose of the Olympics, or if they are just following the herd. I sincerely hope the Olympics torch will burn brightly in San Francisco, and the games in August will be a huge success.

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buy viagra pills online canada

There is just one week left to file your taxes, but I have some good news for those of you who haven’t started on your files yet. H&R Block is graciously offering all of you procrastinators a chance to win a free copy of TaxCut here on The Baglady!

Just for fun, I want to know about your worst tax foibles or mistakes in the past. You can either leave a comment or write a post and link here. I will select the best submission on 4/9/2008 3pm Pacific Time so you still have plenty of time to file your taxes with you brand new software and get your return done. Now go at it!

Prize Details:

H&R Block is providing the winner with a keycode for . It includes a free session with a tax an H&R Block tax advisor and Worry-Free Audit Support®.

No purchase necessary.

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