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I started writing this blog a little over  two years ago with .   Since then I have written hundreds of posts here and also on Wise Bread.  This is not the first time I have kept a journalor blog, but this blog is definitely the one that lasted the longest.  So after two years of writing, I think it is a good time to reflect on what this blog has become.

First of all, this is  a great place for me to give my friends and family updates on my life.  After college my friends naturally dispersed all over the world and it is hard to contact everyone to just talk about what is going on because I am busy with work full time.  Since starting this blog , , and  now I am carrying the little nugget below:

I have gotten many messages from my friends and family in the form of “Hey I read on your blog that…”.  Sometimes my friends also start discussions about the random topics I write about, and that’s always fun.

Next, writing down my thoughts from time to time is really therapeutic for me and my husband.  When I am blogging my husband gets a bit of “man time” and he  appreciates that I don’t talk his ears off about what I think all the time.  It’s not that we don’t talk to each other, but I know he is not that interested in a lot of the money and finance topics I write here.  Also, he is pretty much the first to know things that happen in my life so there is no point in telling him again.    This has been a great place for my rants and raves, and it will probably continue to function as such.

Additionally, blogging has turned into a good source of side income.  We are still donating most of the money my blogs generate so technically my writing is benefiting  people in my community and the far reaches of the world in a tangible way.  I don’t really do a lot of promotion of my blogs, but now there is a steady stream of advertising revenue.  This aspect of the blog wasn’t totally planned in the beginning, but I am glad that it is happening.

Through this blog I have also met some great folks at , and also .   This also wasn’t really planned, but it is a great result of letting random people read my thoughts.  Over two years my posts have received hundreds of thousands of page views, and I hope I made people think, laugh, and cringe just  a little.

In the last two years I definitely experienced and learned quite a lot of things and blogging has been a good way for me to chronicle my life and thoughts.  Sometimes I read my old posts as a reminder of what happened, and perhaps in the future my kid will be able to read this and learn something, too.

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I love reading stories about real people, and today I read this story about nine years ago.    He  does live in a cave, and his lifestyle does seem somewhat crazy by the norms of society, but some of the things he believes about money are things I have noticed or thought about before.

he makes a point that money is imaginary, and that the power of money only becomes real if both the creditor and the debtor both believe in it.  The example he uses is that if you give a bushman in the jungle some German marks then it is nothing but colored paper to the bushman.  That money has no meaning to the bushman.  This is definitely true when you think about it.  Why is the United States able to literally summon trillions of dollars out of thin air?  It is because the United States’ creditors have faith in the word of the U.S. government.  Why did California have to cut spending?  It is because creditors no longer believed in California.   Money is only real because people believe in the system and participate in it.  If you bestow an account with a trillion dollars to an extraterrestrial who places no value in it then it is meaningless to that alien.

Another point on Suelo’s site is that in reality goods and services can be exchanged without money.  One example he had was of a German woman named Heidemarie Schwermer who has lived without money for about 12 years.  She does this by bartering within exchange circles and she is the subject of an upcoming documentary appropriately titled  .  This is not a new idea since people have been exchanging goods and services for thousands of years.  Money just became a global system of accounting that made these exchanges less personal.  It is certainly more efficient to swipe a credit card to buy a sack of rice rather than trading a bag of almonds or something else.  However, for those without money it may make more sense to barter.

Finally, another thing that made Suelo swear off money is the recurring theme of “mo’ money, mo’ problems”.  The example he gave was that when he worked with Ecuadorean tribespeople he saw how money made them buy useless things.  The tribespeople also became less healthy as they spent more because they started to buy things like soda, MSG, and refined sugar.   Suelo said that he charted their development and “it looked like money was impoverishing them”.  I have certainly seen how money could impoverish people.  Some people forget the real things in their lives such as family and friends and pursue money relentlessly because they never feel like they have enough.  The fact is that if they never feel like they have enough then it does not matter how much money they earn, because they will never be satisfied.

Anyway, I think that these people demonstrate that it is definitely possible to live without money, but the hard part is to unplug yourself from what is considered normal.  I am definitely not cut out to live in a cave, but I have to admit that I am a little envious of those living abundantly without money.  For now I am very thankful for the lot I have been given, and I will just have to do my best in this world that is controlled by this “imaginary” system.   I have to admit that this whole financial meltdown made me less fearful of losing money, because life can and will go on without it.

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My sister in law recently started her own small business in San Diego.  She majored in interior design in college and she is very artistic.  Since she got married last year she has thought about running her own paper crafting business for a while.  After a fairly long period of research and planning she is finally open for business!  She named her business and she is selling crafting supplies, hand crafted cards, and pre-assembled scrapbook pages.   She also made a  pretty neat shadow box  for me and the hubby so I think she could sell those, too.   She is still working on getting her et up but she already made a lot of great progress on her current websites and looks really great.  She also has on her blog and I think her designs are all pretty cute.

Some good articles from her blog about her journey include:

– This describes her checklist for starting her business

– This describes how she got her business license.

I think it is really awesome that she is able to do something she loves to do and her hubby is pretty supportive.  I thought it was pretty courageous of her to quit her fairly uninspiring job in this economy, too.  I am sure that she will learn a lot  more through this process of starting her own business and her success will depend on how much work she puts into it.  The coolest thing about is that it will be her enterprise from the beginning.

Anyway, I hope that she gets lots of clients and buyers in the future and I am looking forward to see her new designs.    Good luck !

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Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday with my family.  First the hubby’s family had a party full of meat and games at his aunt’s house.  Then my parents made a trip to San Mateo and we went to a Chinese restaurant nearby.  Finally on my actual birthday the hubby took me out to The Village Pub, which is a Michelin starred restaurant that is practically down the street from where we live.  Needless to say I enjoyed spending time with my family and eating everything very much.

The hubby and I have not been to a fine dining  restaurant for this entire year  so it was really a fun treat  to go out.  The hubby actually convinced me to go because I was a bit hesitant about spending on my birthday this year with the recession and the coming of the baby.  In reality we are still saving around 50% of our income and neither of us got a reduction in income.  So we could afford to celebrate without worrying.  The hubby was a little apprehensive about the dress code since our experience with , but we read some reviews of the Village Pub and found that they allow jeans and shirts.  After all, we are back in Northern California.

On the way to the restaurant the hubby said that if they try to turn us away due to dress then he would say something like, “can you really afford to turn customers away?  In this economic climate?”  When we got there we found that the whole place was packed, and most people were dressed quite well, but there were a few people in jeans and Hawaiian shirts.  The servers were quite prompt with us and there was not a problem even though we showed up in jeans.   The hubby sat down, looked around,  and said, “well, I guess they can afford to turn us away.”  We opened the menu and found that it was not overly expensive.  Each appetizer was a bit under $20, and entrees were between $20 and $40.  So it was possible to eat pretty well for under $75 per person.  So the hubby concluded, “I guess maybe  this is recession dining for the rich.”

We both agreed that we always find the appetizers and desserts the most memorable at these “fancy” places, and The Pub was no different. The hubby had a mushroom and sweetbread salad topped with a poached egg for his appetizer.  I had a shaved foie gras salad with plums.  Both were seasoned just right and the ingredients tasted very fresh.  I had a rack of pork for the entree and the hubby had a spring lamb in three preparations.  I think the hubby’s lamb was better than my pork.  The pork was well cooked and seasoned, but it was a bit boring.  Finally for dessert I had a plate of strawberries prepared in several different ways.  One preparation was in a beignet, one was a frozen bar of strawberry with cream, and then there were a bunch of fresh strawberries on french toast.  It was really a very large dessert.  The hubby had a peach dessert that was prepared like a cobbler and also a frozen manner.  Overall we enjoyed our meal very much and it was a very good birthday for me.

Looking back on the past few months I think we do have a lot of reasons to celebrate.  and a wonderful family and we are soon enough.  I think that the horrid state of economy and the coming of the baby did add a bit of anxiety to our lives, but when I write it all down it seems that we are worrying for nothing much.   As my old roomie Cathy used to say, “all you need are faith, family, and friends”, and we have all three.

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is that I  think everyone who has a reason to celebrate this year should go ahead and do it as long as it is affordable.  There is no point in worrying about things you cannot control, and life really passes by faster than you can enjoy it.

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Last year my husband and I bought my in-laws’ home down in Southern California, and so we have been homeowners for 7.5 months now officially.   We have a really nice family living there now and for the most part things have been going smoothly, but there have been a few headaches that we’ve never encountered before.

First, the neighbors next door has completely neglected their backyard.  This isn’t exactly something we could fix because we can’t just jump over their fence, pluck out all the weeds, and clean their green pool.   I have contacted the public health department regarding their pool because you could see the green and brown slosh from SPACE via satellite photos and it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  I’m not sure if it got cleaned up yet but they did get a ticket from the county.  They also have a couple psycho little dogs that barks day and night because they are probably not being fed.

Next, this weekend our home caretakers called us and told us that the water heater broke and it would cost over $1000 to replace it.   The water heater is over 20 years old so I guess it was its time.  It sprung a leak and damaged the garage’s wall a little bit, too.  We had the money to replace it in our emergency fund, but it was still an unpleasant surprise.  So I started researching a bit into our insurance policy and I read on the internet that this sort of thing is usually covered by home warranty policies.

I do vaguely remember that in escrow last year my inlaws purchased a one year warranty for us, so it is definitely still valid now, but I was at work so I couldn’t dig through my mountain of home-related paperwork to see what company held the policy.  So I called the realtor that took care of the transaction and she told me right away what the warranty company was and the plan number.

I called the warranty company and our insurance company to see what we could do about it, and the warranty company said they would cover the water heater replacement and the insurance company said they would cover water damage on the drywall.  The warranty company sent a plumber within 4 hours of my call and replaced the water heater, and they also checked out the drywall and said it is drying enough that it doesn’t need to be replaced.  Both my hubby and I were very relieved because we didn’t want the family living there to be without hot water for a very long time.  They have been showering in cold water for a couple days now.

It seems that my husband and I are the type of people who are unlucky (or lucky) enough to get the most out of insurances and warranties, so we are considering extending the home warranty when it expires considering that this time it did save us a bunch of money.  So I guess the lesson here is to be aware what your home warranty and insurance covers and does not cover.  If I hadn’t remembered that we had a warranty then we would have paid for the repair out of pocket.  Also, another obvious point is that owning a home is a lot more trouble than just renting.

I definitely do not regret buying the home with the hubby, but I guess things like these make me realize how big of a responsibility it is.    I think we are pretty both realistic about the fact that we will not make money from the house and we simply bought it to keep it in the family.  I do see the house as a backup plan for possible high inflation because we are , and there is a possibility that we would move down there.  So as stupid as it sounds, there is definitely a little bit of joy in knowing that after fifteen or so years we will own a piece of real estate free and clear.

Anyway, we are happy the current problem is fixed, and now we are more aware of what to do the next time something like this happens.  I think when we were young our parents took care of a lot of things like these with their homes, and we did not even know or care that much.  Live and learn I guess.

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