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Today I saw a headline in that listed . I read on, and apparently it’s a gallery based on a new book by Emory English professor Mark Bauerlein titled The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future. Here is a blow by blow of his points with my comments.

buy pfizer viagra online- Here Bauerlein makes an argument that young people do not know anything beyond friends, work, and Facebook. Well, I know many people older than 30 that do not know anything beyond money, cars, and sports. Basically, I don’t think it’s unique to our generation to focus on things that are narrowly important to ourselves. Jaywalking is a TV show segment that picks out the most hilariously dumb people on the streets, and I have seen Jay find dumb people of all sizes and ages.

buy pfizer viagra online – I don’t think this generalization could be blanketed onto an entire generation. Some people love to read and some don’t. I am one of those people who used to read almost a book a week, but these days I just don’t have the time to dig through the thousands of books that are written everyday. I do read a lot of news, and I don’t believe that young people don’t want to read books. If we didn’t read books then how do giant bookstores like Amazon sell so many books that are interesting and targeted to our generation?

buy pfizer viagra online – In this point Bauerlein states that young people’s vocabulary and spelling have been defiled by IMs and text messages. Well, I do a considerable amount of instant messaging every day, and I do use shortcuts sometimes because they are easier to type. Bauerlein seems to miss the point that texting and IMing are forms of communication equivalent to speaking. When you talk to your friends it is completely acceptable to use slang and colloquialisms that are not applicable to formal writing. I think most people I know are aware of this fact and are completely capable of spelling correctly in formal papers and reports even though they IM things like “LOL” and “luv u”.

buy pfizer viagra online- This is one of the dumbest points I have read. Basically the author states that when a young person actually formally composes something original on MySpace they are ridiculed for their spark of intelligence. Well, guess what, MySpace is not a place for literary greatness, and buddies are ALWAYS making fun of each other on sites like that. My husband writes an extremely intelligent , and I have never seen him ridiculed on his blog. There is a place for everything, and Bauerlein shouldn’t be scouring MySpace for intelligent discourse.

buy pfizer viagra online- Ah, here is another required bashing of games and other digital entertainment for the dumbing down of my generation. My husband could probably write a ten page rant about this since he is a video game developer and he gets a bit riled up whenever the media blames video games for the downfall of modern society. Whenever I hear people bashing video games, I wonder if they have ever played a great video game. Yes, there are a lot of dumb games, but there are a lot of dumb books and movies, too. Any piece of entertainment reflects the skill and art of its creators, and I’m sure not all of the trashy pieces of entertainment we see are created by 20 somethings. Anyway, I am pretty sure that the author of this book doesn’t have 1/100th the ingenuity and creativity that goes behind creating a great game.

buy pfizer viagra online – Here the author’s point is that young people have access to a lot of information at their fingertips so they don’t make an effort to retain the knowledge they obtain. Instead, they look it up and move on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. For example, I am a software engineer by trade, and I don’t make an effort to memorize every defined function in a computer language because things are changing all the time. So when I need to write something I am unfamiliar with I search for functions I need and read documentation. I know pretty much all of my colleagues young and old work the same way. Some of the older people may have stored more in their heads just because they have programmed in a language for a longer period of time, but that doesn’t make them smarter. We don’t store information because there is just so much information we need to know these days. Life isn’t as simple as knowing your multiplication table and this behavior of research instead of memorization is not stupidity. I would argue that it’s actually better than memorization because we constantly obtain updated information.

buy pfizer viagra online- Well, this point actually says to me that the teachers are dumb. I have had teachers I needed to correct. The last time this happened was in college in Physics class. There were three problems on a midterm and two of them had wrong answers on the answer key. I had to email the professor and tell him he was wrong. I just want to say that just because there are teachers that do not do their jobs well it doesn’t mean that my generation isn’t learning and thinking.

buy pfizer viagra online – I made a comment on saying that it is probably unfair to judge the money habits of generation Y right now because when we are in our 20s we are in a grand stage of transition. Life is confusing and abruptly changing for any generation of people at this age range. Anyway, this is an extremely retarded reason to call an entire generation stupid. It is almost as absurd as calling my friends’ children’s generation dumb just because they are all babies that can’t do anything but poop and eat. I really wonder if Bauerlein admitted how stupid he was when he was young in his book to support this point.

Anyway, I personally know more brilliant 20 somethings than smart older people just because most of my friends are about the same age as me. I researched this Mark Bauerlein a bit and it seems that his students think he is a very condescending guy. I am not surprised, and I am pretty sure he wrote this book to stir up controversy, and also make a bit of money so he is a little less angry about dumb twenty-somethings like me being paid more than a highly educated English professor like him.

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buy pfizer viagra online

Well, I’m sitting here waiting for the hubby to get out of the shower to take me to work since my car is still in the shop. The good news is that nothing in the undercarriage was damaged so I just need the tires changed and get an alignment. I should get it back by the end of today or tomorrow. I drew a picture of what it looked like when the tires were killed by the debris and my hubby didn’t appreciate it. He said he has seen flat tires before. So I thought I’d share my art here on the blog:

Anyway, have a great Friday everyone.

Update:  The Bagmobile is back! The carshop put the good tire in front onto the back and got 2 new tires installed and balanced them.  It only cost around $180 for the tires and installation!  The car also got a lot of other needed work done.  Apparently the battery failed the load test because it is 8 years old.  So that got replaced.  Assorted oils and fluids also got replaced.  The windshield wipers are now new because the 8 year old ones were falling apart.  The reason the car had so many original parts is because I really don’t drive it much.  It has 47300 miles now, and it’s 8.5 years old.  The carshop recommended that I get my timing belt replaced because the manual states it should be replaced every 7 years or every 105000 miles.  They quoted me $725 for the service.  I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX so I looked around online as to how much that service should cost.  Apparently people on Honda forums quote anywhere from $600 to $900.  I just asked another shop for a quote on that job and I will get it done soon.  I am so glad the Bagmobile is back!! It’s no longer sad!  I really wish that I didn’t have to drive, but San Mateo is such an anti-public transit county that they blocked BART from coming through.  Sigh…

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buy pfizer viagra online

The more I drive on these the more thankful I am to God that I am alive. Everything related to our cars was going quite well this month.  For example, the hubby and I have both been driving slower on the highways and we saved quite a bit of gas.  I haven’t had to refuel for a month now.  The hubby’s point for an accident three years ago also came off his record a few weeks ago so we got his car insurance lowered.  Just when I thought that we were on a roll…

Today I got on the 101 north  as usual and started driving fairly normally between 55 to 65 miles per hour on the right lane.  As I neared the Holly exit in San Carlos I saw a paint can  and some other metal strut fly off the rear of a car in the lane left of me.  It was about 4 or 5 cars away and so I slowed down a bit, however, the can and some other debris kept on tumbling in my lane and I swerved a bit to the right.  I guess I didn’t swerve enough because I heard a loud bang, and I felt my car sink to the ground on the left.

I felt that my wheels were on the asphalt so I slowed down more and pulled over to the shoulder.  It turns out that the debris slashed both of my tires on the driver’s side.  Then I saw at least 20 cars behind me swerving into the shoulder to avoid the debris.  I guess my car was really the only one that got damaged because the debris stopped moving after I hit it. At first I thought that I didn’t have my cellphone, but I found it in my purse and called my hubby first to tell him what happened and asked him to send an email to my manager.  Then I called my insurance company to report the incident.  They sent a towtruck for me, and luckily the carshop I usually go to was only 2 miles away.  So I called my carshop (A+ Japanese Auto in San Carlos)  to say that I was sending over my car.

Anyway, I felt better once I got into the towtruck since the driver was kind of funny.  He said he went to an accident scene on highway 280 last week where a portapotty fell off a truck and splattered 3 to 4 cars.  The car in the front of the pile had crap all over it and he said to the driver, “well this is a crappy situation”.  That made the driver and her dad laugh quite a bit.  At least my car only had its tires slashed and the rest of it looked fine.

The whole impact of how lucky I was started hitting me as I sat in the office of A+ Japanese Auto.  I don’t know why it is but I tend to be extremely calm when crazy things are happening but think about it and panic over it later.  My car could have flipped over from the tire popping (in fact that has happened to one of my dad’s friends), or if the debris landed straight in the lane left to me maybe a car in that lane might have swerved and smashed into my car.  The possibilities of a giant highway  disaster were countless.   The carshop took in my car and they will inspect the undercarriage and fix my tires. So now my car is safely parked in their garage.  They also gave me a ride to work since I was only a few miles away from my office.

At the office my boss said to me, “I am glad you are alive!”  Well, I am, too.  I told my mother in law about it and she said she prays for traveling mercies for me and the hubby and his sister everyday.  I am really thankful that someone was watching over me.

This incident will probably set me back a few hundred dollars since my insurance has a $500 deductible, but that’s really the last thing on my mind now.  I am a little sad that all four tires have to replaced because they are fairly new, but I am sure my carshop will do a good job with my car since I have had my car serviced by them for a while now and their service has been consistently good.

Anyway, that’s the story of my crazy morning, and I am extremely grateful that I am alive to tell it to you.  I hope you were entertained!

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buy pfizer viagra online

Just recently I read about a case of salary discrimination where a female worker found out that she was paid less than her male counterparts for 19 years. She found out by accident because she was about to retire and a memo was sent to her containing three of her male coworkers’ salaries. She was more senior than most of them and was paid anywhere from 20% to 30% less. This reminded me of one of the companies I worked for because my coworker and I found a list of everyone’s salaries on that company’s shared drive under a folder named Public/Company. If you sorted the list by salary and position it was pretty clear all the women got paid the least in their roles compared to their male counterparts. Additionally, new hires were paid quite a bit more (10 to 20%) than people who have stuck around the company ever since the lean years of 2001 to 2003. When I was leaving the company I made it clear to my manager that I and my cubemate knew this information since it was on a public shared drive where we store our collective files and he was pretty pissed because he found out that a brand new guy a couple levels below him was paid more than him. So he packed up and left soon after me. After we both left nearly everyone in the engineering organization of that company got a raise. It felt like a lot of drama at that time, but I think in the end everyone was better off because the salary information was public (even though it may have been unintentionally public). The people who stuck around got a “market adjustment” and mostly caught up to their new peers, and those of us who left found better opportunities.

So having gone through that incident, I have thought a lot about the pros and cons of public salary information in a corporation. Here are my conclusions:

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1. Companies can’t secretly discriminate against workers if salary information were all public. This will pretty much eliminate lawsuits where employees do find out discriminatory compensation.

2. There is no secrecy between coworkers so there is no speculation as to who is getting paid more, and so everyone can just focus on work. If salaries were posted by position then there wouldn’t be an incident where newcomers with the same positions are paid a lot more just because they joined at a more prosperous time.

3. There would be better accountability for a company as to where their money is going. For example, public companies disclose the pay packages of executives because shareholders like to know the information. Also, the government gives detailed salary information on all positions because they are spending public money. If everyone in a company knew what others were making, then it’s easier to trim the fat when needed.

4. Employees would be more aware of their worth to a company and the career and promotion paths would be more clear. This gives employees direction and something to work towards. In the government they basically state how many years of experience or education you need for a certain pay grade. This makes it easier for people to figure out what they need to do.

buy pfizer viagra online

1. Workers may be more complacent in knowing that they will get paid a certain amount as long as they stick around. They may not work to their max potential because they already know what raise and bonuses they would get.  However, I think companies could avoid this complacency by giving out performance based raises and bonuses and clearly state what the rates are for each performance level.

2. Companies would have to shell out a lot more to hire people from competing firms during great economic times because they would have to raise the rates for everyone.  I do think this is a good thing for the employees, but it can be costly for employers.

3. Companies with posted salary information may give  regular but smaller raises and bonuses because they need to make the most amount of people happy.   This is how it is in the government, but it doesn’t have to be always true.

I know that in America people believe that salary information should be confidential, but I really think that open salary information could be beneficial to employees and employers. Since I am Chinese I do discuss salary information with my friends and it is actually very helpful to know what the market rate is for my position.  I think ultimately public salary information has a stabilizing effect in a company because those who are comfortable with what everyone else is being paid are probably happy with what they are being paid.   Since employees often leave companies due to their thoughts about their salary, a company can benefit from workers who are content with their salaries.

What do you think?  Do you work for an agency with public salary information?  Do you wish you worked for one?

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buy pfizer viagra online

Today as I was driving to work the news did a short report about Homestead High School students going to the 18th annual National Science Bowl sponsored by the Department of Energy. This is a contest where you answer questions about a variety of scientific subjects. Everyone gets a buzzer and you buzz in with your answer for points. It is sort of like Jeopardy, but it’s multiple choice. That news clip stirred up quite a few memories because I participated in that contest when I was in high school and my team made it to the nationals two years in a row after winning the East Bay regionals. We all got an all expense paid trip to Washington DC and had a lot of fun. I would say that was one of the highlights of high school for me.

Even though it has been seven years, I still remember the day of the regionals of the second year I participated. Since it was on a weekend I overslept and my physics teacher’s van was at my door. My teammate knocked on my door and my mom woke me up and I ran down with my hair uncombed and hopped in the van. We won after a few hours of intense competition. A few months later we were flown to DC and participated in the nationals. We met some really weird New Yorkers there. One of the New Yorkers looked so much like one of our classmates that they could be twins. What’s weirder is that they and had the same first name and last initial. I took pictures of him and took it home for comparison. That year my parents actually went to Washington with me just for fun. They had to pay for their trip, but it seems that they liked DC a lot. I really loved touring the Smithsonian and it really takes days to look at everything in those museums and I am so glad they are free for everyone. That year we came in the top 12 in the competition and won $1000 for our school.

Quite a few of my best friends were on the team and we don’t see each other much these days since we all live in different parts of the country now. The girl that’s my best friend is now a bioengineering PhD at MIT, and another best friend is now going to medical school in Cleveland (he still comes to read my blog and leave comments from time to time :D ). Another older guy is now doing a geophysics PhD at Harvard. I think another guy is also in grad school for something or other in San Diego. Looking back, I think they have always been the real hardcore science nerds and that is why they are all going to be doctors and scientists now. I think I was on the team because I was quick with a buzzer and I had a lot of random knowledge about rocks, poisons, and diseases. I enjoyed the game and competition, but I always knew that I would not devote my life to science. That is why I am the only one in that club that did not go on to a PhD and I have to say I am quite content with my decision. I also think that my friends are where they need to be, because frankly they are brilliant and maybe one of them will change the world.

So in summary, here are the random thoughts from this session of reminiscing:

1) Science is fun
2) You could win great prizes by being good at trivia and buzzers. Heck, Ken Jennings won over $2 million on Jeopardy.
3) Devoting your life to science isn’t as easy as donating your cadaver

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