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Today I am done with my 28th week of pregnancy, and I am definitely a lot bigger than before.  The belly is really getting in the way and I am having a difficult time putting on my socks because it is hard to lift my legs up all the way.  These few weeks I have been getting a bunch of blood tests done and there will be more doctor’s appointments ahead.  The hubby has been able to feel the baby kick almost everyday and he talks to the baby often.  The baby is quite hyper and according to my hubby when the baby kicks me at night I would spasm a little and snore with each kick.  He thinks it’s funny, and I don’t remember it at all.

In terms of preparations, I am trying to document a lot of things at work about what I do  before I take leave in a bit over two months.  There are some things I do that are not really written down anywhere and it would be good for my coworkers to know where to find things necessary for releasing our software.  It has been busy, but I am making good progress.  The hubby and I also signed up for some prenatal classes offered by Kaiser that we will take in the first half of September.  There are four sessions that include breastfeeding and preparation for the birth.  There are also newborn care classes offered at the Kaiser health education center that we will sign up for.   Hopefully we will feel a bit more prepared after these classes even though realistically I know we cannot be completely prepared to be parents.  I am really just hoping that the hubby will be calm during the labor and delivery because he has repeatedly said that he will probably freak out.

In the meantime, I am also still working on my baby registry, and hopefully I will have time to go to some rummage/garage sales in the near future to scout out stuff for the baby.

As to my blogging, I am still taking the approach of writing whatever I want whenever I want to and that probably will not change when the baby comes.  I guess this is why this blog feels so random.  If you do not follow my other blogs, I have written some articles recently on that you can read.  Here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks:

Finally, I think I have not completely digested the fact that I am going to be a mom soon.  Also I have found that researching about parenting is so much more difficult than researching  about how to save and manage money because there are just too many different opinions. For example, most people agree that it is good to start  a Roth IRA account while you are young, but I have found that some people actually think I am too young to have a child.  It is true that many people in my social circle do not have kids yet either due to graduate school or personal choice, but  I am 26 now and I think I am at a good stage in my life  to have a kid.  I actually wrote   and I still believe in what I wrote.  I have also found that  culture and customs also influence parenting decisions so it is difficult to say who is “right” in their child rearing methods.  Many people also get awfully defensive when you do not agree with their child care tactics and some folks can also get in your face when they do not agree with what you think is best for your child. (Rabidly defensive or well meaning women are both scary.)   So I guess it is best to just figure out what works well  for us on our own and  this child will just have to be an experiment since he is our first.

canada drug stores viagra

canada drug stores viagra

If you do not know by now, the in funding since it burned through $1 billion in less than a week.  Legislators are touting this program as the most successful program of the stimulus package and that is rather scary because how much waste it actually produces.

This program .  A good illustration of .   The sad thing about it is that the cars being traded in have to be in working condition, and none of their parts can be reused or resold.  So the result is that hundreds of thousands of perfectly good used cars are taken off the market completely to be turned into garbage.  The gas mileage requirement for the new cars are also quite low.  In some cases consumers only have to find a car that gets 1 or 2 miles per gallon to get the voucher so I am not quite sure how big of an environment benefit this would be considering that it costs quite a bit of  energy to scrap the old cars and produce new cars.  It may be much less wasteful if the old cars that got just 1 mile less per gallon were allowed to survive a bit longer.

If this is indeed the most successful part of the stimulus package then perhaps the legislators should apply the same principles of Cash for Clunkers to the housing problem.  In order to promote new home sales, perhaps home buyers should be given a credit for “trading in” their existing homes with home builders.  The old home will have to be owned for at least a year, and in habitable condition and cannot be more than 15 years old.   The new homes have to be green and use appliances that cut down on energy use by 5%.  The government will then give a voucher for  $100,000 for the old home, and then the old home has to be burned down to the ground and none of its parts can be reused.  Lets just throw $75 billion (this is the price of the ) at this hypothetical program and sell 750,000 new homes and decrease the supply of used houses by 750,000!  Sure, some neighborhoods will get uglier due to the piles of ashes, but I am sure that will stimulate new construction and create jobs!

I know that burning down homes to stimulate new home sales sounds ridiculous, but the fictional housing program I outlined above directly parallels Cash for Clunkers. If it is implemented it would probably be deemed a “success” as hundreds of thousands of people with homes worth less than $100,000 start razing their properties and buy new homes.  The government is essentially encouraging people to destroy something perfectly usable to buy something new.  Also I am sure many of these new car purchases came with new loans so once again we have government policy that encourages people to spend and get into debt.  Cash for Clunkers  certainly is stimulative for the auto industry, but it is definitely not stimulative for the environment or prudent tax payers.

canada drug stores viagra

canada drug stores viagra

So by now I think everyone knows that to run search on Yahoo websites.  This is still waiting for regulatory approval, but chances are it will be fine since the two behemoths are not exactly merging and the combined search market of Yahoo and Microsoft is only around 35%. The word from inside Yahoo Search is that they will keep on developing their search engine for now while they wait for the final approval.  No one is fired as of now but most people in search are understandably dejected that their product is essentially being scrapped.  Personally, I think this is a perfect time for the codemonkeys in Yahoo to band together and use their search engine for one last hurrah.

I used to work for a leading shopping comparison engine that has  significantly less traffic than Yahoo, but that is where I learned about how much money a website could potentially make even if it has a miniature slice of the giant internet pie. (At that time the company I worked for had only 0.2% of all search traffic).   The Yahoo search engine supposedly has 20% of the search market, so the codemonkeys that control it really have some serious power.  Here are some of the ways they could “experiment” with the search engine in the next few months for their own profit:

  • Change search results for products to websites that pay commissions and embed their own affiliate codes in the links.  By my estimate from my past experience in shopping comparison, these Yahoos only need to sign up as an affiliate for just a few major merchants and leave it running for one day to generate millions.
  • Create websites with various content and manually rank them high on the Yahoo search engine.  Drive traffic to these personal websites and get advertising dollars.  This probably would not make money as quickly as tactic one, but it will build up a website very quickly and possibly generate revenue for years to come.

Are these tactics unethical?  I don’t think they are if the search engine still finds results that are relevant to the person making the query. In fact, both Microsoft and Google manually rank many search results for various reasons so it isn’t exactly a democratic process anyway.  The creators of the search engines can and do control what you see on top.  Is it an inappropriate use of company property?  Perhaps, but it may also be beneficial to Yahoo to see the results of the experiment and see if there is a business opportunity there. The worst thing that could happen is that the Yahoos will be fired.

The chances of this actually happening is fairly low since it would require  source and data changes, and releases of software the size  of the Yahoo search engine  would take the coordination of a good sized team of engineers.  When you have to involve so many people in such a project to subvert a giant corporation it is not likely to happen.   However, if they manage to actually do it correctly and let it last for a few months until the Yahoo search algorithms are taken offline then  they will probably all be rich enough to retire.    Anyway, if this happens and Yahoo search employees retire with millions in commissions or advertising money I would ask that they let me write the book on it.  It would be the ultimate sequel, and it would be hilarious.

Now my  serious comment on this whole deal is  that it is better for the internet as a whole that Yahoo is consolidating its search with Microsoft instead of Google.  If Google owned 85% to 90% of the search market then they will wield even more power than they do now.  With that much market share Google will not have any incentive to improve their product, and they will have way too much power over what internet publishers do.  Even now Google is able to bully website owners into drop certain types of advertising with the threat of banning from their search engine.  Competition is good, and  I was hoping that Yahoo would beat Google for a while since I have been using Yahoo since it was still hosted at  Right now I sincerely hope that the Yahoo Search employees do well after this whole deal is over and perhaps start a few new companies here.

canada drug stores viagra

canada drug stores viagra

I started writing this blog a little over  two years ago with .   Since then I have written hundreds of posts here and also on Wise Bread.  This is not the first time I have kept a journalor blog, but this blog is definitely the one that lasted the longest.  So after two years of writing, I think it is a good time to reflect on what this blog has become.

First of all, this is  a great place for me to give my friends and family updates on my life.  After college my friends naturally dispersed all over the world and it is hard to contact everyone to just talk about what is going on because I am busy with work full time.  Since starting this blog , , and  now I am carrying the little nugget below:

I have gotten many messages from my friends and family in the form of “Hey I read on your blog that…”.  Sometimes my friends also start discussions about the random topics I write about, and that’s always fun.

Next, writing down my thoughts from time to time is really therapeutic for me and my husband.  When I am blogging my husband gets a bit of “man time” and he  appreciates that I don’t talk his ears off about what I think all the time.  It’s not that we don’t talk to each other, but I know he is not that interested in a lot of the money and finance topics I write here.  Also, he is pretty much the first to know things that happen in my life so there is no point in telling him again.    This has been a great place for my rants and raves, and it will probably continue to function as such.

Additionally, blogging has turned into a good source of side income.  We are still donating most of the money my blogs generate so technically my writing is benefiting  people in my community and the far reaches of the world in a tangible way.  I don’t really do a lot of promotion of my blogs, but now there is a steady stream of advertising revenue.  This aspect of the blog wasn’t totally planned in the beginning, but I am glad that it is happening.

Through this blog I have also met some great folks at , and also .   This also wasn’t really planned, but it is a great result of letting random people read my thoughts.  Over two years my posts have received hundreds of thousands of page views, and I hope I made people think, laugh, and cringe just  a little.

In the last two years I definitely experienced and learned quite a lot of things and blogging has been a good way for me to chronicle my life and thoughts.  Sometimes I read my old posts as a reminder of what happened, and perhaps in the future my kid will be able to read this and learn something, too.

canada drug stores viagra

canada drug stores viagra

Yesterday the hubby messaged me a link to a very good food deal at Baja Fresh.  Basically Baja Fresh put out a coupon on their Facebook fan page that allowed customers to get a free burrito with the purchase of a beverage.  The drinks are less than $2 and the burritos are usually $6 to $7.  So after work the hubby and I took advantage of the deal.

When we got to Baja Fresh there was actually a line and the servers at the registers had a giant pile of coupons that people have redeemed.  The hubby was kind of excited that the deal was being accepted at the location.  We each used a coupon and spent $1.74 each for a fountain drink and a burrito.  It would have been cheaper if our didn’t go up.   We sat down and ate our burritoes with a bit of glee.

Afterward, we were walking towards the car, and the hubby cheerfully said, “I found the deal!”

I congratulated him and said, “good job!”

Then he  said, “I beat you in finding the deal!”  I am usually the one sending him coupons so he seems very proud in finding this particular coupon.   Apparently he put Slickdeals on his RSS reader after he married me, and yesterday he read it before I did so he did beat me to it.  I thought it was awfully cute how proud he was of his accomplishment.

Even today he was cheerfully saying how he found a deal, so I think he really had fun in being frugal.  I think for folks who like to save money finding these opportunities is not a chore, but a game of sorts.  It does take a little bit of  effort to always look for a coupon or discount before you shop, but it really does not  hurt to look.  The hubby rarely used coupons before we got together, so I am glad to see that he is starting to enjoy it.

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