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cialis side effects

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cialis side effects

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cialis side effects

cialis side effects

I have been tinkering with a few new programs to promote my site and generate more revenue. Here are my trials and experiences:

1. cialis side effects- I just joined this program last night. It is basically a link exchange program between bloggers, but it is ridiculously addictive. You can see it in my left sidebar under the heading Entrecard. You earn a credit for dropping your card into the widget of other bloggers and also receive a credit for getting drops in your widget. Then the credits can be used to buy advertising on other sites. Some of the great personal finance sites you can advertise on are ridiculously cheap because they just joined Entrecard recently. Some of the less popular sites are also ridiculously expensive to advertise on. I haven’t perfected my advertising strategy yet, but I did read a ton of blogs today and got quite a bit of visitors as a result.

2. Since Google ad revenues are dropping lately all across the web I researched where I could get some pay per impression ads. After looking around for an entire night I found Adsdaq and signed up. It is run by the reputable ContextWeb and accepts small publishers like me. With it I could set my own CPM for my ads. Right now it is performing better than BlogherAds and the ads are all very professional looking. I set the Google ad tags as the backup tag for Adsdaq and my Google earnings have not dropped. So far after using Adsdaq for a week I got $12, and this is really good because they pay when you reach $50.

3. – I usually hate social bookmarking sites (especially Digg), but I am discovering really good links at Mixx. I have been submitting one or two things I find interesting there, and it seems that they don’t penalize for submitting your own stuff.

4. WidgetBucks – This was a failure since I don’t have a product centric site. After 2000 impressions I earned nothing, so I took it off.

Additionally, I am still writing for Wise Bread and here are a few more of my favorite articles:

I think I am getting more serious about blogging lately, and I may be spending too much time on it.  I still had time to go out with the hubby and watch TV, though.  I think I have all this extra time because I don’t have a game to play currently.  It is a good thing.

cialis side effects

Yup, I finally got picked to host by Flexo! The current carnival is going on at and includes my article on sweepstaking. The two carnivals I have hosted in the past are and . However, The Carnival of Personal Finance would be the largest carnival I will ever host! I hope I don’t disappoint all of you. Anyway, if you want to be included, . I will be reading the new posts soon enough.

In other blog related news, my article about on Wise Bread was picked up by Lifehacker! I actually really liked this article so I am glad a lot of others liked it too. Additionally, my article about has 95 diggs right now! Though, I’m not sure if it will make it to the front page. Digg is pretty weird these days because I saw a lame picture with 44 diggs making it to the front page while a good article about foods took 260+ diggs. It’s pretty unjust in many cases.

Hope you are having a nice Monday, I am thinking of translating more of later.

cialis side effects

Today I read a rather interesting article on Yahoo about how the digital age has made a lot of our work less satisfying.  A lot of us do not see what we are producing since our products are less tangible.  For example, managers’ jobs usually consist of drawing up charts and scheduling meetings.  While in the past people made things like chairs and car parts.  The fact that a lot of our work these days are virtual and intangible makes it less meaningful to people.  This made me wonder, what makes my work meaningful?

So, let me explain a bit what I do on a daily basis.  I write scripts and programs that build and package lines of code into executable installers and installable packages.  When you buy a software program and insert a  CD into a computer usually an installer comes up, and well, I’m the the type of engineer that makes those CDs.  It is pretty tedious work, and the products are real, but intangible in the sense that I can’t really touch the program I compiled.  Though on most days I do find my job meaningful because the installers and builds I create are being used by people all over the world.  Sometimes it is hard to explain what I do to people who are not in software.  For example, my grandparents have no idea what I do, and I have no idea how to describe my job in Chinese.  So I just tell them I work with computers.

Before I became a release engineer I was a QA engineer for a couple years, and it is another fairly tedious job, but quite fun when you nail a nasty bug.  What is not fun is to do long performance tests without getting conclusive results.  I  really think that QA engineers are extremely important.   The problem is that QA engineers seem to be less respected for the most part in the software industry.  One time I had an interview where the interviewers were quite impressed with me, and then asked me why I became a QA engineer like it was a bad thing.  I was actually kind of offended and didn’t take their offer. So I think a job is also more meaningful when it is a respected profession.

Right now I find writing blog articles to be quite fun and meaningful, because I can read what I write, and thousands of other people read my thoughts everyday.  I wouldn’t really call it work because it is a hobby, but if I were given the opportunity to write full time I would totally do it.

That’s the end of my rant. What makes your work meaningful?

cialis side effects

Since I have been writing for Wise Bread I have found that my idea of a good blog post is sometimes very different from what is a popular blog post. I have pretty much figured out what makes an article popular, and I shall list my observations here.

cialis side effects- For example, a Wise Bread blogger wrote about copying her photographer’s photos and a lot of photographers were up in arms about it and the article got a lot of views. It seems that if you piss off a lot of people you will get a lot of attention. This is not necessarily good all the time.

cialis side effects – This is hit or miss. Sometimes an article is linked by a big site because it is awesome, but sometimes it is just lucky. For example, my article about got to the front page of Digg because a top digger liked it and submitted it. I personally thought it was not my best work. I really liked a lot better. Social networks are also kind of gamed in that those who are very popular can make your article popular if they submit your article. So even if they do “digg” or “stumble” your article but it was submitted by a less popular user then your article would not become popular as quickly. So there is a lot of luck involved in social bookmarking.

cialis side effects- Lately a super popular article on Wise Bread is just a link to the download of Suze Orman’s book. This is information people who watched Oprah were seeking, and a lot of people found Wise Bread through Google because of that simple post. Similarly my post about a Pinecone Research link was very easy to write, but attracted more people than many of the posts I actually worked on more. So if you happen to have popular information you could have a very easy and simple blog article.

cialis side effects – There are definitely instances where a quality article appears and becomes very popular by the votes of many different people, but I think that only happens 10 to 20% of the time. Even when an article is really awesome it still takes the right amount of luck to become extremely popular. If a site is visited by very little people then there is very little chance for it to get more exposure.

So what can you do to make your blog articles popular? First, you need a good amount of traffic, then you need to write a mixture of controversial and well written posts, and hopefully submit it to the right people. It really takes patience, luck, and a lot of writing.

cialis side effects

Happy new year everyone! Today is the lunar Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival. This is probably the most important festival for Chinese people in addition to the .  During the festival we generally eat a lot, light up fireworks, and give red envelopes to children.  Doors in China are also decorated with red paper with couplets written on them and there are often many parades with dragon and lion dancers. What is less known in America is the original reason for this joyous and boisterous celebration, and it is a pretty interesting legend that I shall retell here.

A long long time ago, there lived a ferocious monster named Nian.  It was bigger than an ox and so ugly that no man could lay eyes upon it without vomiting. Its favorite food was human and it was able to swallow several people in one bite, but it was so lazy that it would only hunt once a year.  Every year it came down from the mountains in the midst of winter on a moonless night and raided the first village it came upon. Thus the people dreaded the new moon in the coldest night of the winter, and feared for their lives every time the year ends.

One year, the hungry Nian came down from the mountains as usual and ran to a village under the cover of darkness.  Only one house in the village had its light on and Nian walked towards the home.  As it approached the window it suddenly heard a loud noise and was startled, and then it saw the home had red paper on its walls and it was even more frightened!  The giant beast was afraid of the color red and loud noises!  It howled in terror and ran away from the village.

The villagers rejoiced the fact that Nian did not take any of them victim, and the next year they were ready.  They all decorated their homes with red lanterns and red paper and prepared firecrackers and loud musical instruments.  On the night of the new moon in the middle of winter, they had a giant party with gongs, drums, and firecrackers.  The village was lit up in lights and glowed red.

Some say that Nian came by the village again and was killed as it cowered in fear, and others say that Nian just never bothered the humans ever again.  Nevertheless, the villagers continued the tradition of celebrating in the midst of winter with lots of noise and crimson decorations.  Thousands of years passed, and the word for “year” in Chinese became “Nian”.  If you look closely at the , you can imagine that its a stylized picture of a beast with a horn, large mouth, and a long tail.  The expression for new year’s day is sometimes “guo nian”, which means “having past the nian”, or “having survived the nian”.  Red became a color of joy, celebration, and ward against evil and that is why it is the color many Chinese brides wear.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a Chinese friend tell them happy new year!

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