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Yes, I know this blog is being neglected, but my life is just running so fast that I can hardly find time to just sit down and write now. My son is now running around like a chimpanzee and I feel like I am constantly running after him.  Anyway, I feel that I should record all the things I am thankful for since I last wrote here.

First of all, my sister in law is pregnant so I am going to be an aunt!  It is still early but I can’t wait to meet the little guy or girl.  They will be in another state, but we will definitely visit once the baby arrives.

Another big thing that happened is that my hubby is started at a new job after 4.5 years with his former company.  He will still be working in the gaming industry, but he will no longer be making MMOs.  He was extremely happy to get the new offer because it is 30% more than his current salary and he will be working in social gaming, which is something he wanted to get into.  The funny thing is that my blogging had a small part in his job hunting.  Basically, a recruiter for some gaming companies contacted me via my contact form and asked if I wanted to apply for a  release engineering position for the company he was recruiting for.  Currently I am not really looking for a new job so I asked him if he wanted my husband’s resume since the hubby has been looking for something new for a while now.  Of course he agreed since recruiters love free referrals.  After my husband sent him his resume the recruiter actually set him up with several interviews, and he landed this job.

Right now I am going through a transition phase at my workplace since It is almost like getting a new job because we were formally offered our jobs with the new company and had to go through all the paperwork once again.  My duties really haven’t changed, but there are new processes that will eventually get integrated.  As expected,  quite a few people quit after the acquisition.  It is unfortunate because this company is really the best company I have worked for.  However, I know that my ex-coworkers have gotten better monetary offers elsewhere, and  many of them have been here so long that change is good for them.

I don’t know if it is because the economy is turning up, but lately I’ve been getting recruiter emails and calls more frequently.  I have ignored most of them because I am mostly content where I am now, and it would take an amazing offer for me to make a change.  After working for five years I am much more clear in what I want from a employer, and ultimately, I want to just work for myself.  Right now I am thankful to have all the things I have now, and I am still working towards financial independence.

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As I have mentioned before, the first piece of America I moved to was Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a place where I learned English and it’s also where I learned to sing Christmas carols. Well, it so happens that a lot of Christmas carols are pretty different in Hawaii! When I sang the Twelve Days of Christmas in the car the other day my hubby thought that I was making up lyrics to songs again. (I am guilty of making up lyrics to songs I don’t know to annoy my hubby sometimes) Then I told him that I learned these songs in Hawaii and he said that I learned them wrong! How rude! So today I shall sing these songs on my blog without reserve the ways Hawaiians do!

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Numbah twelve day of Christmas
My tutu gave to me!
Eleven missionary!
Ten can of beer!
Nine pound of poi!
Eight ukulele!
Seven shrimp a-swimmin’!
Seex hula lesson!
real cialis toronto
Foah flowah lei!
Tree dry squid!
Two coconut,
An’ one mynah bird in da papaya tree!

Footnotes: tutu is a grandmother, and a mynah bird is a pretty common bird in Hawaii and I think they can be trained to talk. Once I had a baby mynah bird that fell out of a nest and I fed it watermelon and bread, but it died of diarrhea. Now onto the next song!

Po La`i E,Po Kamaha`o (Silent Night, Holy Night)

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaluhia, malamalama
Ka makuahine aloha e
Me ke keiki hemolele e
Moe me ka maluhia lani
Moe me ka maluhia lani

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,
Oni na kahu hipa e
I ko ka lani nani no
Mele na `anela haleluia.
Hanau `ia Kristo ka haku.
Hanau `ia Kristo ka haku.

Po la`i e, po kamaha`o,
Keiki hiwahiwa aloha e,
Ka lama la`i mai luna mai
Me ka lokomaika`i makamae.
Iesu i kou hanau `ana.
Iesu i kou hanau `ana.

And finally, real cialis toronto

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say,
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day,
That’s the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway,
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright,
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night,
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way
To say “Merry Christmas to you.”

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say,
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day,
That’s the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway,
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright,
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night,
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way
To say, “Merry Christmas,
A very Merry Christmas to you.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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Today I received an excellent email from a reader of mine and I have permission from him to post his email here. I thought the information is excellent for first time buyers who are interested in condos. It’s funny but my parents were just telling me this weekend that they met a taxi driver who bought a condo in San Mateo and was assessed one of these secret fees for $20,000 or $40,000. San Mateo’s condo fees seem to be extremely expensive and basically I really wouldn’t want to buy a condo here. The reader also attached a picture of the Colina Condos at 1 Appian Way. That address has been on the list in the past and it seems that more will flood the market.

Hi Baglady,

I just want to stress the importance of looking carefully into the signing documents when purchasing real estate, especially condos. Often, sellers may try to slide in information about “special assessment fees” hoping the buyer won’t notice. “Special Assessment Fees” are levied by the HOA for repairs that affect the whole complex that the standard monthly HOA fee can’t cover, usually as a result of shoddy construction, bad planning, or mismanagement. The HOA or property management company usually informs owners about these assessment fees a year or so in advance and sometimes set up an installment payment plan, as some of these fees are outrageously large. These assessment fees are a bad sign, as they often indicate possible future problems and therefore, more future fees. And unfortunately, you can’t deduct it off your taxes like a mortgage. It is an out-of-pocket expense. And unfortunately for some condo-owners, they are already financially stretched to the point where they can’t afford this surprise fee, thus forcing them to sell early before the fee hits them, hoping some other poor sucker buyer was
equally as negligent as they were and gloss over the signing documents in haste.

Here’s an example I saw earlier this year. The condos at Pointe Pacific at the top of San Bruno Mountain in Daly City had an assessment fee levied because the location of the condos was a poor decision. Pointe Pacific is on the side of the mountain, battered by rain and wind moreso than another condo complex no more than a block away. This
results in the buildings at Pointe Pacific requiring more repairs. The special assessment fee: approximately $15,000 per household. Even worse, this was not the first time its happened. Just about 5-7 years ago, the HOA levied a similar fee. So you can probably bet there will be another fee in another few years, after the current fee.

Its even worse when the HOA neglects the repairs as they snowball into a huge financial disaster in the long run. Probably the worst example of “Special Assessment Fees” gone awry is the one CURRENTLY HAPPENING at Colina Condos on 1 Appian Way (cross street Gellert) in South San Francisco. I know several people who have bought condos there. Apparently, the condos were poorly built as the original builder went bankrupt halfway through the construction process. The whole complex requires approximately $13.5 million to repair the run-down buildings. The HOA meetings are shouting matches and whole HOA board has quit in horrified disgust. The property management company has abandoned the complex. The only hope left is for the city of SSF to take over and help solve the process, something many of the homeowners are hotly debating. The ship is sailing in the dark with nobody at the helm, so to speak.

The average estimated cost per household for Colina Condos: $70,000. Yes, you heard right. real cialis torontoout-of-pocket repair costs for condos going for about $400k on the market.

Even worse, you may need to temporarily move when they finally do get the repairs going (and possibly spend even more money on renting a temporary place), as the condos have some deep structural integrity problems. (Some people have water-logged walls, others have collapsed bathrooms.) So, as you can imagine, many new condo owners with no equity can’t afford it and may need to sell. This will probably result in a bunch of impatient, panicked sellers putting those condos on the market all at once, driving value down further. They are hoping for a miracle of miracles: that someone else will be dumb enough to buy their lemon condo and lift the load off their shoulders.

Lessons to be learned: 1. Read all the signing documents carefully. 2. Don’t buy crappy condos. It is of such importance, I hope you publish this email on your main webpage.

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This week there were some great carnivals as usual. First there is the where my article about was included. Being the nerd I am I really liked

Next there is In this carnival I wrote about . A couple articles I would like to highlight is and I really love Scrabble and I love how Jim put together his experiences in a game into lessons for personal finance. Soup Parrish is a and he is trying an interesting experiment in retiring on $75,000 in San Francisco. I would like to see how he does.  I have told him that realistically he can’t retire on $75,000 here in the Bay Area, but he has a set of rules that lets him generate other income too.  Check out his blog at

Finally, there is the I like Lynnae’s blog a lot and this week my article about   has been included.  I also really liked this story about by Betsy Teutsch.  It’s pretty true that kids don’t like presents like stocks and bonds because they can’t really play with it.

That’s all for this week!

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This is something that has puzzled me for years. Why do Americans allow babies to poop and pee so freely and spend a fortune on diapers? It’s understandable when babies can’t move around and go to the toilet, but when babies start to walk around they can be trained to go to potty by themselves. Normal toilets are way too big for babies but when I was young I had a tiny potty that fit me perfectly. My mom said that soon after I started walking I was able to do my business in my personal porcelain throne and I only got excrement on myself when I was sick and couldn’t control myself. Of course, my parents had to empty the potty out and clean it daily, but it’s not really much worse than cleaning up after a puppy or cleaning a regular toilet that is heavily soiled. A baby potty isn’t very expensive, but I’m not sure if they’re widely used here in America.

This weekend I spent some time with my friend’s baby. He’s exactly 17 months today and he is walking around quite capably. He is still wearing a diaper and is quite used to pooping standing up. His dad told us a funny story of where he was playing ball with the baby. Suddenly the baby needed to poop and concentrated on pooping while he stood there. Instead of catching the ball he let it hit himself in the face. It is pretty comical to me because the boy is quite smart and is learning words by the mouthful. He can certainly learn to poop in a potty and his parents can probably save hundreds of dollars on diapers.

Today I discussed this issue with my coworkers during lunch and one of them is an immigrant from Vietnam. He recounted that he had a baby potty, too. His parents set the potty outside of the house and let him do his business there. He also doesn’t understand why toddlers here routinely soil themselves. It also amazes me that there are products like Pull-ups that probably prolong the potty training process. It is almost like a diaper industry conspiracy to take your money and keep your child ignorant. I don’t have a kid yet but I think I can probably save a lot of diaper money just by training my child to use the potty as soon as possible. Babies are really smarter than people expect them to be.

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