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Recently I read a headline that , millions of potentially incorrect tax forms are going to the government printers. Additionally, next year since people who use the incorrect forms will have to file an amended return. I haven’t even heard of the alternative minimum tax until I started working in 2005. Apparently a lot of my peers aren’t aware of this tax either. Even if they do know what it is they’re pretty confused about it. I am actually pretty confused by it, too, but I will list a few things I know that annoys me here. I encourage those who are more knowledgeable about this particular tax system to comment.

viagra no prescription viagra no prescription– I think this part annoys me the most. Filing taxes is already complicated enough, but it’s doubly as annoying when you have to fill out forms for a second set of tax rules. This second set of rules makes everything more confusing because you have to keep track which set of rules goes with with tax system. What’s more annoying is that I usually can’t determine whether or not I have to pay the AMT until I complete both forms.

viagra no prescriptionviagra no prescription– In the regular tax system the taxes I already paid to California is a deduction and no federal tax is paid on the money, but in the AMT state and local taxes (including local real estate taxes) are disallowed as deductions. This means that you pay taxes on the money you already paid as taxes. That just doesn’t make sense to me. In high tax states like California it could mean paying hundreds to thousands of dollars more on money you didn’t receive in the first place.

viagra no prescriptionviagra no prescription — The legend goes that this second system of taxation was invented in 1969 to prevent 155 extremely rich individuals from paying very little or no taxes. Then it was never indexed for inflation so now almost 40 years later we’re still using 1969′s standard of “extremely rich” to determine who should pay this tax. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Also, the standard of “rich” is very different across the United States. Here in the Bay Area, a family of four making $75,000 to $100,000 a year is by no means fabulously rich because our cost of living is extremely high. Adding to our cost of living is our high state taxes that can’t be deducted. Exemptions on children also can’t be deducted so families with more kids would be more likely to thrown into AMT status. It is estimated that 50% of families making $75,000 to $100000 a year will be subject to the AMT, and it is just an additional financial burden on a lot of middle class families.

viagra no prescription — Whenever I try to explain this point I have people saying that I am a conspiracy theorist and that the government didn’t intend for the AMT to hit the middle class. But here are the facts, suppose you paid $3000 originally in federal taxes and your AMT calculation comes out to $2999, then you don’t have to pay the AMT because your tax amount in the original system is higher. However, suppose the Bush Tax Cuts cut your taxes in the original system down to $2400, then you scored $600 right? Nope! You still have to pay $2999 because the rules governing the AMT hasn’t changed and now the AMT is the larger amount. In cases like these the AMT pretty much nullifies the tax cut completely. I have known people who started to pay the AMT because the Bush tax cuts made their federal tax lower than the AMT, and basically these middle class families didn’t benefit very much at all from the “tax relief”. I actually think the Bush tax cuts are fiscally possible because of the AMT. As I mentioned in the previous point, the AMT isn’t indexed for inflation, so they know that more and more people will be thrown into AMT status every year, and that means collecting more revenues from this second system as time goes by.

Anyway, I will conclude my rant here. Here’s a funny thought: if the alternative minimum tax never gets indexed for inflation, eventually everyone will qualify, and it will no longer be “alternative” and nobody can say that it’s a tax for the rich because everyone will be paying it. Then the IRS can just print one form again and completely abolish the original tax system!

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My schoolmate Anna asked the following in a comment:

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Well, first I have to say that everyone’s priorities are different, but my husband and I are saving for both. We are both contributing 17% of our income to our 401ks and we have gotten used to that deduction so we don’t miss the money at all. We don’t totally max out our 401k but 17% is a good amount that we’re both comfortable with. We’re keeping most of what we save outside of our 401ks in a and a Vanguard index fund and we do intend to use the money to purchase a home sometime in the future.

Personally I think that saving for a house shouldn’t be put ahead of saving for retirement. The reason is that money grows exponentially in a retirement fund with time. Generally the earlier you start contributing the larger a nest egg you would have in the end. Diverting your money from a retirement fund to purchase a home would require much larger retirement contributions in the future to achieve the same nest egg. Lets use some real numbers to see what I mean.

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Suppose that I put $1200 a month into a 401k. Since this money is contributed pre-tax, I am actually seeing a deduction of about $800 from my paycheck due to my fairly high tax rate in California. I can withdraw from my 401k at the age of 59.5 without penalty, so I can keep on contributing for at least 35 years. Assuming a fairly conservative average annual growth rate of 7% a year, my nest egg will grow to approximately $1,990,611 at age 59.5. Meanwhile I can still save whatever money I have left for a home.

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Suppose that I need a downpayment of $75,000 for a below median price Californian home and I am saving what I would have put into my 401k into a money market account. I would have to save after-tax money so I could only contribute about $800 per month and lets assume that I use a money market fund that pays 4% per year after tax. At this rate, it would take me just about seven years to save for the downpayment. The $75,000 is good for a 20% downpayment on a $375,000 home. Usually there are other closing costs so actually I need more money to buy a $375,000 home. Just to make this example simple, I will say that $75,000 is adequate for me to buy a $375,000 home and the entire $75k is applied to the price of the home. Suppose that I take a regular fixed 30 year loan on the remaining balance of $300,000 and I get a fairly good rate of 6% I would now have a mortgage payment of 1798.65 per month.

This scenario means that I would lose seven years on my retirement contributions. If I contribute $1200 a month to my retirement for only 28 years I would have only 1,599,377 at age 59.5.  To reach the same nest egg of scenario 1 at age 59.5, I would have to contribute about $2055 per month to my 401k for 28 years. This is not even possible without company matching because the IRS limit on 401k contributions is $15500 a year right now.

Now, some may argue that  savings are going into the home that I bought. Historically, home prices have only risen 2 to 4% over long periods of time. Additionally, there is a 1.1% property tax in California on the value of my home every year even if I have paid it off. In other states the property tax can be very high and completely wipe out the gains on a home. So, suppose that I take an extremely optimistic growth rate of 4% on my home then the home is worth about $1,216,274 after 30 years. However, I am not accounting for the effects of inflation and maintenance costs so I think I would break even at best.  If I put the mortgage money in an investment account instead I would have more than $2,000,000 after 30 years assuming a growth rate of 7%.  In that case, I could use my $2 million and buy a better house with cash.

With all of that said, I realize that not everyone live in a place with and in some places of the country it still makes sense to buy a home because the house payments are less than rents. In those less crazy parts of the country it doesn’t take seven years to save a reasonable downpayment so the potential time loss on a retirement account isn’t as severe. Saving for a home first could make sense for some people. However, it really would take young people years to save an adequate downpayment here in California. In fact, there is nothing decent for $375,000 here in San Mateo and a 20% downpayment on an average home is more likely to be $120000 to $140000. My stance on the subject is to save for retirement as much as you can and as soon as possible. You can still save for a home as much as you can, but you should clearly understand that a home is a cost center, and not a savings vehicle. I still want a house of my own, but I do not expect it to feed me and pay for my health insurance when I retire. I would approach buying a home as I would approach buying any other item, such as a car or a stick of gum. I want a quality home at a reasonable price, and I don’t mind waiting a while for a sale. While I wait to buy a home, I am building up a strong retirement nest egg. I hope I answered your question Anna!

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about an unlucky Guatemalan made me so mad and sad that I had to write about it.

For 11 years, Pedro Zapeta, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, lived his version of the American dream in Stuart, Florida: washing dishes and living frugally to bring money back to his home country. Two years ago, Zapeta was ready to return to Guatemala, so he carried a duffel bag filled with $59,000 — all the cash he had scrimped and saved over the years — to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

But when Zapeta tried to go through airport security, an officer spotted the money in the bag and called officials.

“They asked me how much money I had,” Zapeta recalled, speaking to CNN in Spanish.

He told the customs officials $59,000. At that point, U.S. customs seized his money, setting off a two-year struggle for Zapeta to get it back.

I am not a supporter of illegal immigration, but I think this hard working man was robbed in broad daylight. Currently he faces deportation and a Floridian judge has concluded his case and decided that the United States government is entitled to $49,000 of this man’s sweat equity. I personally didn’t know there was a law that says I can’t carry more than $10,000 of my own money out of the country without telling the government. If I did carry more than that amount, would the government also confiscate my money? Another thing I don’t understand is why didn’t they just inform him that he had to sign a form? He has not gone out of the airport and he should be able to obtain a form and fill it out. At first they detained him as a drug runner and held him on drug charges until he produced pay stubs proving he earned all the money through work. This means that even if Pedro declared his money the government probably would still have held him on bogus drug charges. How can any immigrant transport his/her own savings back to his country especially if it’s a country without a very secure banking system?

It makes me sad that Pedro is treated this way, and the fact is many immigrants in this country, whether legal or illegal, face many financial injustices. Here are a few of them that I am quite familiar with:

viagra no prescription– In the CNN article it stated that Pedro never paid income taxes, but actually I think taxes were deducted from his pay because the Floridian Judge found that Pedro paid more taxes than he should. In the judge states:

The Court rejects the United States’ argument regarding tax evasion or other law violations allegedly committed by Claimant. As noted above, Claimant has not been charged with any crimes, and the evidence indicates that some taxes were in fact paid, when perhaps they did not need to be paid.

Pedro’s income was very low and Florida does not have state income taxes, so he probably did not have to pay any federal income taxes if he did file. Like Pedro, a lot of immigrants pay more taxes to the United States coffers than they should. For example, if any immigrant is paying for social security and medicare taxes and intend to go back to their home countries then they will forfeit 100% of their money. A lot of immigrants are also not extremely knowledgeable about taxes and do not file their taxes either out of fear or ignorance. In fact, if they did file their taxes some of the lower income immigrants will get a return. I also think it’s an injustice that the Internal Revenue Service can classify you as an US person for tax purposes while the Immigration and Naturalizaion Service has not yet given you permanent residency or citizenship. Myself and others I know have been in this situation where we paid all the same taxes that a citizen pays without knowing whether or not we can actually stay in this country. I don’t think it’s fair that immigrants facing uncertainty about their ability to stay are paying for the social security benefits of the current American retirees.

viagra no prescription — Outsourcing and H1B visas are hotly debated topics in the United States. The immigrants and foreigners are almost always painted as the villains that steal jobs from hard working Americans. The fact is that corporations are always looking out for their own bottom line and wants to hire immigrants because they are more likely to accept a below average wage. No one denies that most of California’s agricultural workers are illegal immigrants and most of these immigrants are paid below minimum wage. Additionally, a lot of construction positions are filled by day workers who are illegal. In the Silicon Valley, an H1B visa is usually a way to keep a high tech worker working for a company for below average pay. It is pretty much legalized indentured servitude because the deal is that the foreign worker works for a company for six to seven years and hopefully earn the right to stay in the United States. When the internet bubble burst in the beginning of this decade many immigrant workers were laid off from their companies and had to go back to their own countries. California is an at-will state and that means a company can fire a worker at any time so an H1B worker isn’t always guaranteed their American dream. It is true that the law states when a company helps a worker obtain a green card they must pay the worker a certain wage, but there is a prevalent abuse of this law since the H1B worker can be fired at anytime and isn’t likely to complain about their wage. I have heard cases of companies that do not consider American workers because they know they can keep an H1B worker longer and pay them less. It is completely illegal, but it’s quite a common practice. In Pedro’s case, we do not see that his employers suffered any legal consequences for hiring an illegal immigrant. That seems like quite a double standard on the part of the United States government.

viagra no prescription — The banking and credit system in this country isn’t very friendly to immigrants who do not understand much English. From my experience, a lot of immigrants also have an inherent distrust of the banking system and end up keeping a lot of cash in their homes. Pedro actually kept all of his money in a sack around his home according toUsually you can’t open a bank account, investment account, or obtain loans without a valid social security number so illegal immigrants tend to keep simply cash. It’s very dangerous to do this but they have little other choice. The credit system is another odd beast. It seems that in the recent years it has been so lax that many immigrants were victimized by shady loan peddlers.

Immigration is an important source of people and income for this country and I do not understand why it is so hard for the United States to accept all the hard working honest immigrants. My personal experience with immigration is so bizarre and dramatic that it deserves another few blog posts. If you speak to me in person you’d think that I was just another young American born Chinese woman, but the truth is that for a long time I was so jealous of all my friends who were born here. I got my green card just two year ago after growing up in America for the last fifteen years. In many ways, I am more American than I am Chinese, but when I read stories like Pedro’s it just makes me sick how immigrants are treated in this country.

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This week The Baglady was selected for a few different blog carnivals. Here they are:

— In this edition I wrote about my current . It wasn’t a very fun article. The following are articles that I really liked from this week

  • — I have also been meaning to write an article on charitable giving and debt. I feel like she is on the right track. Sometimes I feel like I’m copping out just by giving away money, because giving time and effort is sometimes much more personal and helpful.
  • — I’ve always been a fan of Four Pillars because I actually have a lot of Canadian relatives. My mom’s cousin is actually a Canadian working in Tennessee. The recent monetary decline of the US dollar really hurt her because she sends her money to her family in Vancouver and she’s basically gotten a 30% pay cut in the last few years.
  • — I thought this article was great because it really breaks it down that after taxes and expenses we don’t really have much money left. That’s why I limit to 2% of what we earn.

The next place The Baglady showed up is the The featured article is . I made a note that my boyfriend is really cheap, and it goes beyond frugality, and this article was appropriately featured under “Being Frugal vs. Being Cheap”. Additionally I really enjoyed the following articles:

  • – I know full well what the latte factor is. My hubby is sort of addicted to a drink called “boba”, which is an Asian milk tea drink with tapioca balls in it. When I first started dating him I calculated how much he spent on boba, and it worked out to be a quite large number. Now we moved rather far away from accessible boba shops so he is not getting his fix very often. Sometimes I bring home a treat for him because I work fairly close to a boba shop, but I only buy the special which is a dollar or two cheaper than everything else.
  • — If my hubby read this he’d laugh and say, “That’s so you!!”

Next, we have the . The Baglady’s article on the has been included. This article has attracted some very thoughtful and detailed comments that I recommend reading. This carnival also had a fairly disturbing but thought provoking article titled

Anyway, I hope all of you enjoyed reading these carnivals. If you’re new to The Baglady feel free to

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Ecclesiastes is probably my favorite book in the Bible because it is a little bit cynical, and at the same time full of hope and faith. It’s a book that matches my personality very well and it has quite a few acute observations about human nature and wealth. Whenever I feel discontent about my career or wealth I read this book and it really puts things in perspective. Here I will highlight some timeless verses from the book, with my comments on how they relate to me.
viagra no prescription

viagra no prescription Ecc 1:3


This is the main topic of Ecclesiastes. What do we gain from working and living? In other words, why are we here? What do we get for working for most of our lives? I think everyone asks this question once or twice.

viagra no prescription

viagra no prescription Ecc 1:10-11

This verse can be interpreted to mean that history repeats itself and we only think that something is new because we no longer remember that it happened or existed before. For me, it means that there is no point for me to participate in fads and fashions and purchase the most popular and flashy thing. This verse is especially true for technology products, because people are trying to reinvent the wheel all the time, and many companies and products are very quickly forgotten.

viagra no prescription

The entire second chapter of Ecclesiastes is great reading because it shows that rich people aren’t necessarily happy. The author (who is usually believed to be King Solomon) set out to accumulate great wealth and he successfully gathered a fortune that was above all who were before him in Jerusalem. (Ecc 2:9) Yet he says viagra no prescription Ecc 2:17-19 In these verses the author realizes that he can’t take his wealth with him when he dies, and he has collected so much just to give it to others. This is true of anyone with too much wealth. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are great examples. They’ve worked their entire lives just to give their enormous wealth to others. Additionally when people make too much money they also pay large amounts of taxes, which is also distributed to others. I don’t think leaving your wealth to others is necessarily a bad thing, but what really struck a chord with me is verse 19 when the author questions whether the receiver of his hard earned fortune is a “wise man or a fool”. At this very moment my tax dollars are being spent on mortgage bailouts, the war in Iraq, and probably ten thousand other issues that I consider foolish, but what can I do about it? Some hope and answers are offered in chapter 3.

viagra no prescription

viagra no prescription. – Ecc 3:1-11

These chapter offers encouragement that God has a plan for everything, but God is eternal and timeless so that we don’t know what he has already done for us. It also encourages me to have patience, because eventually I will experience God’s work.

Chapter 3 also has this verse, which is a good verse for those who hate their jobs:

viagra no prescription Ecc: 3:13

viagra no prescription

These chapters are mostly about all the people that are not satisfied with what they have. It’s a little comical in some parts.

viagra no prescription Ecc 4:4-6

Verse 4 sums up what we call today “keeping up with the Joneses”, and basically says that labor driven by envy is pretty pointless. Verse 5 is sometimes also translated as “The fool folds his hands and eats his own flesh”, which means that some people are so lazy that they don’t work at all and end up eating themselves. I thought that was funny because my mom told me of a story once of an extremely lazy child who died from starvation even when his mom put a giant pie on his head. This verse reminded me of that story. The opposite of these fools are people are those who work for a lot more than they need, and they’re the ones who have “two handfuls” in verse 6. This brings to mind of those people who bought “McMansions” only to work two jobs to keep their homes. So it is best to be at the middle ground which is work and earn the “handful” I need and be happy with it.

viagra no prescription Ecc 4:7-9

I have met people like this who really have way more money they can spend, but still isn’t satisfied. A good example is my company’s CEO whose networth is probably a few hundred million, but he is single and still works to 2am sometimes. I can’t say if he finds it miserable, but I probably would find it fairly depressing if all I had in my life was work. For me, two are definitely better than one, and I wouldn’t trade my hubby for a few hundred million dollars.

viagra no prescription Ecc 5:10-13

I think these verses give the answer to why people are always pursuing more money. When I first read this I also thought that he meant those who have more to eat got fatter (increased), and that’s harmful to the wealthy. Then again, not all rich people are fat. I think mostly it means that when you have more money it also becomes harder to manage and there is a fear of losing that wealth. Thus the “abundance” sometimes makes the rich lose sleep. Instead of sleeping they could be working to get more money, or managing their money. So wealth produces more work and stress. I have felt that in my life when I am really afraid that the stock market will tank or maybe someone will just steal everything I own, but what I should really be doing is to enjoy what I have been given. So I am still working on this, so that what I have been given does not become harmful to me.

viagra no prescription

viagra no prescription

The author speaks of a common affliction of the wealthy. There are many who are blessed with all the riches they desire, but are still depressed and conflicted. Just walk into a supermarket and you’ll see tabloids plastered with pictures of celebrities who could buy everything but happiness. Basically, wealth without the power to enjoy it is worthless, and “an alien” would enjoy it instead. I think the alien here means someone you’re unfamiliar with. For example, there are often stories of people who win lotteries and then suddenly random relatives pop out of the woodworks to befriend them. Money sometimes attracts people who aren’t really your friends, and they may enjoy your wealth more than you. If that happens then there is no point to having all that money.

There are a lot more great verses in this book, and I feel grounded when I read it. Ultimately the book says that God gives people all that they have, and if we enjoy what we’re given it is a gift from God. Also, without some sort of afterlife or eternity every bit of wealth we collect here on earth is meaningless and empty.

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