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cialis prices uk

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cialis prices uk

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cialis prices uk

cialis prices uk

Yesterday I just didn’t feel like getting dressed and after taking a teleconference at 10 am I decided to work at home.  I rarely work at home, but it is actually amazingly productive.  I did quite a bit of work, and also managed to do six loads of laundry and bake some chicken.

Today I went back work and I realized why I can’t concentrate very well there.  People are just talking constantly over each other and I hear them from my cube. Then I’m constantly distracted by people walking in the hallway because I happen to face the hallway.  Additionally, there are too many snacks and drinks in the breakroom so I find myself going there every hour or so.  You would think that an office environment lets you concentrate on work, but it is rather distracting.  Being in my home office is much more comfortable than coming to the office.  It is much quieter and much more relaxing.

Knowing this, I might ask my manager to let me work at home once a week.  Several of my coworkers actually work at home full time so it is not a huge request.  If I work at home once a week I could save a gallon of gas every week and also cook instead of going out.  I could also shave off some snack calories. We will see how this works out.

How about you?  Do you find working at home more productive?  Or do you need the human interaction at the office?

cialis prices uk

When I tell people that I am a release engineer I usually get a blank look. Then I explain the aspect of my job most people understand and say that I make programs that you double click to install software. Then most people say something along the lines of “oh you’re a software engineer”. I suppose that’s true, but a release engineer’s job is somewhat more specialized and it involves duties that are quite different from most software engineers’ daily routine of fixing bugs. So I decided to write a list of things I love and hate about my job, and I would love to hear what other release engineers think.

Here are the things I love about my job:
cialis prices uk – Release engineers handle a lot of the critical systems like builds and version control in an engineering organization. Any screw up in those systems could potentially destroy a lot of other people’s hard work. So I learn to tread carefully and be an expert in these systems.

cialis prices uk- When you have to package builds for a bunch of different operating systems and programming languages you have to learn a bit about everything. I admit that I’m not an expert in any one programming language, operating system, or database, but I’ve picked up enough in the past few years to at least answer interview questions about a broad range of subjects.

cialis prices uk – In my last company I was the sole release engineer, and now at my current company I am sort of moving into that role. This means that I have to be aware of all the product releases and the plans for these releases. Generally I like knowing what’s going to happen in the grand scheme of the company I work for.

cialis prices uk- Release engineers serve a specific function so the job isn’t that ambiguous. As I have written before, a lot of people are disastified with their jobs because they don’t see the fruit of their work and they feel that it is pointless to work. Generally, I know what my deliverables are so my efforts don’t seem so useless.

cialis prices uk – Release impacts a lot of groups including support,documentation, QA, and development. This means that I have to talk to a lot of people to get a good release. This makes the job less boring in a way.

cialis prices uk- When you search for software enginering jobs online most of the job descriptions are “software engineer” and the responsibilities section basically say that you will be a code monkey. There is nothing to distinguish one software engineer from another besides that they code different things. There are usually less job listings for the title of Release Engineer, and that usually means less competition and better compensation. So in terms of my career, I like being more specialized.

Now here are the things that are annoying:

cialis prices uk – I hate setting up machines and monitoring their disk space. I hate upgrading software. I hate making images of machines and then deploying them on new machines that usually do not work right away. I hate power failures that mess up my fleet of build and test machines in mysterious ways. Basically, when you have to be a daily user of a bunch of different machines you generally end up maintaining them at least a little bit, and that could be a pain in the butt.

cialis prices uk- At my last company I kept a hall of shame for those who broke the build, and then I got bored of taking down people’s names because they were doing it every few hours. Someone emailed me once and said, “you’re like a zookeeper”. It really felt like that sometimes when I had to manage 30+ code branches with around 80 developers checking in code. At my current company we don’t have that many builds or developers and people seem to be more careful so it’s not so bad.

cialis prices uk – I actually don’t like to send emails that tell people what they broke. However, this is really part of the job, too because the goal is to get a clean build every single time and I have to be whiny sometimes for the sake of product quality.

cialis prices uk – I think a good release engineer has to be somewhat obsessive compulsive to make sure a build contains exactly what is supposed to be there. In the most extreme case it involves manual inspections of hundreds of nasty code merge conflicts from various branches of code. If you ever used CVS for a large project with a crapload of branches you might have run into this problem. I have done that before and it was painful. Then again, a lot of other jobs are also very tedious so I don’t think tedium is a unique problem.

At the end of the day, I am pretty happy to be a release engineer because it is an important job in any engineering organization and I have a lot of autonomy to do my work. This job also helped me develop my organization and management skills that I could use in the future.

cialis prices uk

Today I read the story of Terry Childs, a bonafide of the City of San Francisco. Apparently he was disciplined for poor performance and so he took matters into his own hands and . Now San Francisco’s networks are in his control even though he has been arrested and the city has set a $5 million bail.

First of all, I find this whole story bizarre because since the perpetuator is in jail and the city has physical access to the machines then they are able to reset the passwords or reinstall the systems. Second, what the hell were they doing by giving this guy so much power over the network? It doesn’t even seem like he was the IT director from the report. Third, I find the city’s reaction to this mischief to be quite overblown. The network is still running, but other admins cannot access the system. This shows that perhaps the other admins ARE more incompetent than Childs. They could have resolved the matter in a more civil manner than arresting the guy. That probably just pissed off the guy more.

Anyway, this guy was paid $150k last year, and since he has pulled this stunt I doubt he will be getting any new job offers soon. I don’t know if he did this to spite his employer or to keep his job, but it is safe to say that he probably would be fired soon enough.

Instead of doing this, he could have just told his superiors the security flaws and problems he sees at work. If they don’t listen, then there are other jobs out there he could apply for. If I were really angry at an employer I would just pack up and leave. I have left jobs before where someone or something pissed me off, but I just don’t think it is worthwhile to plan some kind of revenge. Terry Childs may have embarrassed his employer, but he also embarrassed himself by being so unprofessional.

cialis prices uk

Today I read an article in BusinessWeek titled . Basically, it talked about how Senator Obama is proposing raising taxes for “rich” families with incomes of $250,000 or more, and how some families feel that they are just middle class with that kind of income.

As the article pointed out, it really depends on where you live since the cost of living varies wildly around the world. My husband and I don’t make anywhere near $250k a year, but we would be considered extremely well off if we lived in China. We may be upper middle class in a lower cost state like Texas since we could afford a house there and send our future kids to private school. However, in the Silicon Valley, there is no way anyone would considered us to be rich. Personally I feel that “rich” in the Valley is probably someone with assets in the hundred-million to billion range, and I am realistic enough to say that I probably will never be rich here.

I think a lot of the angst in the article comes from people who have good incomes that live in expensive areas of the country. The fact is, the tax system doesn’t adjust for cost of living. So even though people in high cost areas like the Bay Area are compensated well, our real capability in saving money is vastly diminished. It is tough to equalize this situation, and adding more taxes to high income families will probably just make it tougher for families with children who need that income.

Personally, one thing that really annoys me about all of this isn’t even about taxes.  I feel that with every speech about raising taxes on the rich, the politicians are implying that there is something wrong with having good incomes.  It is as if it is a sin for a family to make over $250,000 so that they need to be punished.   Most people I know here in California who have good incomes are hard working and honest people who did nothing to deserve the ire of people who have less than them.  They are professionals who contribute quite a bit to the society just through their work.  Why is there a need to take away more from them?

One thing is for sure, taxes will go up after the Bush tax cuts expire in two years. I highly doubt that the tax cuts will stay with a Democratic majority in the government. The sting will be especially painful for dual income couples like us because the marriage penalty will probably go back in full force again and our tax rate will rise dramatically. It will probably cut into our savings rate, but we are socking away as much as we could now before that happens. Ultimately, I think the government should find more ways to cut spending rather than squeezing more out of married couples and the “rich”.   I also don’t believe for a second that they will draw the line at $250k.  So brace yourself for more taxes everyone!

cialis prices uk

Recently I have seen a few blog posts about stating that women have a pretty tough time working in science and technology due to a “pervasive macho environment”. Ironically, this article was published in the “Fashion and Style” section of the New York Times, and that raised the ire of some more women. The article stated that 53% of the women surveyed said they have to “act like a man” in order to succeed and that 63% of women experience harassment on the job. Sadly, as a woman working in technology, I have to say that this really isn’t news. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences surrounding this issue.

I have to say that I am pretty used to “acting like a man”. When I entered the EECS program at UC Berkeley, my class was only 18% female and I remember that in one particular class there were only two girls. Consequently, all my friends and project partners ended up being guys. I think one thing that makes being a man easy for me is my name. You can’t really tell whether I am male or female from the name Xin (in Chinese it’s a name appropriate for a man or woman). It is funny to me when people assume that I am male from my resume, though. One time a recruiter called me and I answered, “yes, this is Xin”, and he actually said, “Oh, I’m pleasantly surprised that you are a woman”. I think my name makes people who read my resume and emails comfortable because they generally assume that I am another faceless immigrant man working in technology.

Another thing that helps me is that I am pretty immersed in the geek culture so I have common interests with the guys and I know how to communicate with them. For example, at my first company I met guys that watched the same SciFi shows as I did and played the same games. Then I made friends at work at the second company I worked for because I posted a list of games I liked. Suddenly some engineers that never spoke to me before started to talk to me. It has been my experience that most women are not as nerdy and dorky, though, so they tend to be outsiders in a majority of game loving and young hackers and alienation is never a nice feeling. For most of my school and career, men have treated me like one of the guys, and I am pretty sure that has spared me a lot of harassment. So once again, I think I am validating the original article’s point that you need to be like a man to be accepted in a man’s world.

Finally, another point in the article that I have thought about a lot is the attrition rate of women from science and engineering jobs. I wrote in a that female engineers with children are somewhat disadvantaged because they are supposed to work the weird hours like everyone else, but their kids don’t allow them to, and as a result resentment brews. Just as the article pointed out, a lot of women drop out of science and technology between the ages of 35 to 40 because these women don’t have the luxury of a wife that takes care of the kids. This is actually one of the reasons why I want to and quit working full time in the tech industry.

Right now I am actually in a pretty good company where approximately half of my team members are female engineers. The company seems to be really supportive of its employees in taking care of their personal issues.  When a teammate went through a personal tragedy everyone allowed her to have as much time as she needed to recover.  I find this quite rare and somewhat endearing. It gives me hope that perhaps I would stay a long time here and more companies will work on retaining their female talent with flexible schedules and moral support.

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