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Instead of graduating college with a buttload of debt, I came out with about $30,000 in savings. This is a measly amount of money compared to the earnings of some people I know who started their own companies or got really good at online poker, but I thought it was a good chunk of money at the age of 21. This is how I did it and I hope it’s entertaining to you.

buy brand viagra online with no prescriptionbuy brand viagra online with no prescription — Yeah, I have really great parents, and I went to wasn’t very expensive six years ago. Even though our house was about three miles from campus they let me live on campus. The entire four years of education cost about $30,000 including tuition and dorms. That’s less than the cost of one year at most private schools. So the result is that I had no student loans.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription– Yeah, my parents are awesome. They’re not rich, though. The car was about five years old, and my mom bought it because her boss sold it to her at a very large discount. The boss had a Jaguar, and never drove his little Honda Accord, and so it was a very good deal. That’s why I never had a single car payment.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription — This may be a mistake in hindsight, because my credit history still isn’t very long. However, it may be a blessing too, because I ended up with no credit card debt.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription– I worked at a couple places on campus — one was an academic reader position, and another was a lab purchasing position. It’s pretty funny but the purchasing position paid about 30% more. Every other day, I would order radioactive embryos and chemicals for the plant biology department. That was a fun job because I got to look at what toys and weird stuff the professors were buying. The weirdest things I bought were cocaine, and two dozen live sterile cockroaches. The cocaine was bought with a license so it was legal. When the cockroach professor came in to pick up his cargo I asked him what he planned to do with them. He replied that he will have his students dissect them and determine the sex of the bugs. They were actually quite expensive, about $2.00 per head. I wonder who are the professional roach breeders out there. That’s got to be a pretty odd job.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription– UC Berkeley has one of the best libraries in the country, and almost all the textbooks were there. I estimate I saved at least $1000 just by borrowing books from the library. It’s hilarious because I had a class with 200+ people, and there were 3 to 4 copies of the current edition of the textbook in the library, but noone borrowed the books except for me. What’s up with that? Maybe some people like keeping textbooks to remind them of the pain they went through, but I don’t. I just kept on renewing the books until the end of the semester and kept them in my locker. I guess not all college libraries have great collections, but most libraries will have at least one book you read during the long four years.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription– This is one of those funny things that I just did out of the blue. I used to be a very big library book sale fan. I especially like their fire sales where bags of books were sold for $3 to $5. So the end result was that I ended up with a lot of books. I started listing them in Amazon Marketplace and some of them started to sell. It was pretty fun and easy to do and didn’t take that much time. The most profitable book I sold was purchased for $1 and sold for $97 on eBay. I actually learned a lot of things about running a “business”, but I quit this venture after college mostly because I got bored of it and didn’t have time and space for it anymore. The total net profit from selling a few hundred books was about $5000 to $6000. It was enough to cover rent for my senior year of college so my parents didn’t pay for it.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription — These all happened in senior year. I didn’t really go to school the first semester of that year because I did a co-op, which is a paid internship that I received school credit for. That was sort of the first taste of having a real job and living on my own for me. It was a really good experience, and I think all college students should try to get an internship before graduating. The second internship happened sort of randomly during the second semester, and I got the job because of my experience in the first internship. That was much more part-time and lasted a shorter time period. The contract job was offered to me through a friend. So senior year all I did was work, and it was quite interesting. I had the opportunity to experience three extremely different working environments, and meet lots of cool people. Of course, I also managed to save most of my earnings from these gigs without debt and such.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription– Sweepstaking is usually seen as a hobby for old people and stay at home moms. In fact, most of the women in the sweepstakes forums are stay at home moms. I learned a lot about advertising, spam, and sweepstakes laws when I had this hobby. I entered sweepstakes sponsored by reputable companies, and I won a lot of things. I’m still wearing clothes won from that hobby to this day, and my current favoritel Citizen Ecodrive watch is also a trophy from a win. I also won money and other random things. The coolest prize was a weekend getaway to Miami, Florida. I went there with my mom, and it was an awesome getaway because it was completely free. Sweepstakes is purely luck and the more you enter the more you will win. It is time consuming, and I gave it up when I graduated because I felt like I don’t really need to win small things by giving up my information anymore. Actually, there is still one sweepstakes I enter, and I may write about it in the near future.

Now you may ask, when did you study for class and do projects? Well, I spent a lot of time on those too, but college students really have a lot of time on their hands. That’s why a lot of them can start companies, get good at pokers, or becoming gaming champions.

So what did I do with my $30,000 after the pomp and circumstance? I put $7000 of it into a Roth IRA at Vanguard, and $13000 of it into an individual fund acount at Vanguard. I haven’t moved the Vanguard money for two years and the $20,000 there has now grown to about $27,500. I put half of the money in Vanguard Target Retirement 2045, and half of the money in Vanguard Primecap Core (a fund recommendation from my mom). I don’t worry about my Vanguard fund very much, and I’m just letting it grow. I put the other $10,000 in t-bills and i-bonds, which has been earning less interest. However, T-bills are very accessible and I like them because I don’t have to pay state taxes on the income. I think ultimately it really helped me to have very supportive parents who are also financially savvy. They told me about things like Roth IRAs and mutual funds and now after two years of working full time and saving, my little nest egg has grown to more than four times its original size.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription

I have had many long talks with my friends and family about attending graduate school and argued about the pros and cons. This article summarizes what I have gathered from our collective experiences.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription

  • The most common reason for my friends to attend graduate school is that they don’t exactly know what they want in life yet. So they try to delay entering into the “real world” by going to graduate school. In graduate school they have a flexible schedule to think about what they want to do while working on possibly cutting edge projects.
  • Then there are a massive group of immigrants who absolutely need to use graduate school just to get into in America. For some of them, graduate school is their livelihood. A lot of my coworkers went to graduate school in the United States in order to have a job here in the US and create a better life for their families. My parents, for example, came to the US through graduate school.
  • Next there are those who are practically forced into graduate school, either by their parents, a weak job market, or by the realization that the fun and interesting major they studied in school is not in demand in the job market. Additionally, some professions such as doctor or lawyer require graduate school so it is merely a continuation of education and training for the college graduates pursuing those careers.
  • Also, there is a group of people who already have great jobs but want to either advance in their careers or change professions completely. Several of my former classmates turned to medicine or law after working as software or mechanical engineers.
  • Finally, there are those idealists who are actually truly passionate about their field, and want to be professors and researchers and possibly change the world with their studies. I know several PhD candidates who are in this category.

buy brand viagra online with no prescription

  • One big reason is that I am a woman that wants kids. Going to graduate school would delay the creation of a family. My personal take on kids is that if you want to have them it’s probably better to have them earlier rather than later. Since with inflation, the cost of raising a child heightens as years go by.
  • Since I am a woman in engineering, academia is not a very friendly place. One of my best friends said that she felt true sexism for the first time in her first year of her PhD program at MIT . One of her professors pretty much implied that she was slow and didn’t bother to answer her question at office hours, and when a male classmate asked almost the same question, the professor began a very detailed explanation of the problem. As a woman, becoming an engineering professor is also extremely difficult since tenure is decided by an old boys club in most universities. Anyway, I never ever wanted to be a professor in my life.
  • Since I don’t want to do a PhD program, what’s left is a masters program. Most master programs¬† are self-funded, so the return on investment isn’t very attractive. At least in computer science, masters program graduates earn a comparable salary as those with a bachelor’s degree and two to three years of experience. The difference is that the person with the bachelor’s degree would have savings instead of debt.
  • I don’t really want to change careers now because I have a great job with a lot of responsibilities and very good benefits.

So by process of elimination, I concluded that I should not go to graduate school. If you are thinking about graduate school, it’s probably best to think about what you intend to do after you graduate. Do you want to be an academic or work in industry? Do you want a family? Do you want fame and glory? A PhD program takes up five to six years in science, and up to fifteen years in humanities. Those years of your life can never be recovered. A masters program is quick, but the knowledge you buy might not really be much more than your bachelor’s degree. Also, you’re most likely to take a hit in the pocketbook by pursuing a masters program. It’s probably best to do a personal cost and benefit assessment of your choice to go to graduate school. This is a quick summary of my analysis:

Cost of getting a masters degree in computer science: having children later and sacrificing two years of pay in industry and the masters program tuition.

Benefits: none currently.

Your assessment is probably very different from mine and it’s possible that your perceived benefits is much greater than your perceived costs. It’s possible that one day I will revisit the analysis again, and find that the benefits greatly outweigh the costs, then I will consider graduate school again.

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