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I think it’s funny that most people always wonder how much money their friends and coworkers make, but rarely talk about it. It may just be an American thing, because in China my parents and grandparents tell anyone they know how much money they make. I think because of them I am usually pretty open about how much money I make when people I trust ask me about it, but really, very few people ask. Here’s a story of how a friend reacted when I told him how much I was paid.

So I have known this guy for more than ten years now. He was a year above me in high school and we had several classes together. We went to different colleges but studied the same major and still kept in touch online and played games together. We never really talked about money very much because finances didn’t really matter when you’re young and in school and your parents paid for most of it. Our conversations mostly consisted of him making up funny nicknames for me and random stuff. So after he and I both secured our first real world full time jobs after college he asked me how much I was paid. As I stated in a previous post I made $60,000 a year when I graduated from college. It turns out that he was making a bit more than $40,000 per year and I told him he was definitely underpaid. He was outraged and went straight to his boss for a raise even though he had been working there for about 3 months. His boss definitely knew he was underpaid because the company immediately gave him a $13,000 raise and bumped his pay from 42,000 to 55,000 per year. I think he was happy about the raise, but still a bit miffed that I made more than him and he was doing a job he hated. But now he was definitely more confident about his skills and worth, because he went on to look for a new job and got a lot of interviews, and finally he took an offer at that ginormous search company which rhymes with oogle.

So we’re still friends after that, but now he feels rich because he has a lot more income. He looked into buying a condo in 2006 because a coworker was into real estate investing. He asked me about it and I told him many reasons why I thought it was a bad idea to buy at that time. He was thinking of putting 5% down and buying a 499k condo in Fremont that was less than 900 square feet. He was throwing all those arguments such as “I will have equity” and “housing will go up” at me. Then I said to him, “You know that equity means the amount of money you have paid on a home and not the price of a home, right?” To this he replied, “What? That sucks!!” I think that at the peak of the housing bubble a lot of people just repeated what the realtors said without really researching what each of the buzzwords meant. My friend isn’t stupid, and he didn’t buy the condo. Now more than a year later he is gladly renting an apartment with a roommate and recently he told me he probably would have bought the house if I wasn’t against the idea so much. I also told him about other investments such as mutual funds, bonds, and stocks and just explained what each of them were and he realized on his own that the investment gains on a home probably isn’t more than investment gains on stocks in the long run. He bought some money market funds, treasury bonds, and stocks on his own. We both agree that we want to be homeowners, but a home shouldn’t be an investment vehicle, and the current Bay Area prices are way out of line.

Now after less than a year he is totally debt free and has saved a substantial amount of money at the age of 24. According to him he is learning about capitalism and he needs to understand capitalism to beat it. So I’m glad to see that his basic ideals has not changed by having and saving more money. In fact, he has grown much more responsible just by learning about finances.

What is the moral of this story? I guess one important thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss finances with your friends and family. You learn a lot about a person by how they deal with their money and you can also get tips on how you can manage your money. It’s also possible that you will find a friend who is really in need and an opportunity to help someone. Another thing is that twentysomethings really need to have a guide on how to manage their lives when they’re thrown in the real world. It’s pretty hard to transition the talks of fun and games to serious financial issues when you have friends that you’ve had silly conversations with for years and years. And finally there is the cliche lesson of believing in yourself, because ultimately my friend did whatever he wanted to do without compromising his values. I fed him information, and he made his own choices to save and invest for his future. My friend wanted me to write this story because he’s quite proud of where he is now, and I think anyone can do what he did if they choose to.

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When I came back from my honeymoon I had a lot of news to catch up on, and the headline that made me laugh the hardest is that a lot of consumers were angry over the At first Steve Jobs and then offered a $100 Apple store credit. This event made me reaffirm my belief that if people want to save money they should never buy things on launch day, and especially don’t buy a new product on launch day. Here’s why:

1. buy real viagra online without prescription– Most of the time technology products are shipped with bugs. If it’s a good company making your desired product they will try to make sure the bugs are minor, but the sheer number of bugs a product could ship with may astound any consumer. The problem with first generation products is that they haven’t be mass-tested in the field, so uncaught problems are more likely to surface. When bugs are caught in the “production environment”, or by consumers, they’re considered especially bad, and the company will issue patches and new versions of the product. So it’s best to let the first generation of the product be a field test before you buy some horrendous bug and waste your time with recalls or refunds.

2. buy real viagra online without prescription — I call the resellers of popular products on launch day scalpers because they are basically feeding on the fanaticism of people who want their stuff right away. Some crazy examples include PS3 consoles selling for over $6000 each on eBay. Apparently a large percentage of launch day purchases for PS3s were made by these scalpers. Do you really want these people to make money off of you? I certainly did not. Now several months later, the PS3 console also went through a price cut and is more widely available.

3. buy real viagra online without prescription– Discounts happen to all products. Most stores have seasonal sales where they give out percentage off coupons or just have specials on items. If a product is not selling as well as intended then pricecuts happen (i.e. the PS3 & iPhone). If you’re not a fashionista and don’t care about the newest line or brands you can buy last season’s clothing for huge discounts in clearance. The point is that if you buy something on launch day there’s a very slim chance that there is a sale or discount.

So how long should one wait until getting that super awesome gadget or sweater? My answer is, well, as long as you don’t need it don’t get it. The longer you wait the more likely you’ll lose your itch for that splurge or maybe you might get it for free or discounted. Basically, if you want to be frugal, be steadfast and don’t get into the hype for anything. And if you are one of those angry customers who bought an iPhone before the price cut, don’t feel so bad because it’s not as bad as the pain suffered by one of those folks who bought a new home in the last couple years only to see the builders offering huge discounts of six digits and above now on unsold inventory. I’m not against buying new things, but it’s always best to wait and watch the market a little bit.

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I used to rate chase, which is opening bank accounts at the places that give me the highest interest rate, but I have stopped because opening too many accounts is just very unmanageable. Instead, I have funneled all of my cash into the Vanguard California Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund (VCTXX). Currently this fund is yielding 3.58%, which doesn’t sound as high as the yields of a lot of online banks, but the yield is completely tax free. For my fubby and I, because our top federal tax rate is 28% and our top state tax rate is 9.3% the yield on VCTXX calculates to about 5.71% pre-tax. I calculated it like this: pretax yield * (1 – 0.28 – 0.093) = 3.58 and therefore 3.58/0.627 = 5.71. Now 5.71% is very competitive against most online banks. Taking into consideration that I really trust Vanguard as a company I have put a large amount of cash in this fund. Another bonus feature of this fund is that it allows free check writing. The checks are free if you request them and they’re payable from Wachovia Bank. The only restriction is that the checks are only valid if the amount payable is more than $250. This is not a big deal since I only write checks for fairly large things. Recently I paid my wedding reception hall with a check on this fund with no problems. I can also use the checks for rent while earning interest.

This fund is definitely not for everyone because it is more beneficial for people in the higher tax brackets. Also, it’s unlike a savings account because it is not FDIC insured. It’s like a mutual fund, and could possibly lose value. So you have to do a tax equivalence yield calculation like I did to see if these funds are worth it for you. Vanguard also has tax-exempt money market funds in other states including New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. All of these state specific money market funds are exempt from federal and state income taxes. There is also a national tax exempt fund that provides interest that’s federal tax free. The California fund provides the best tax equivalent yield because our state income taxes are so high.

Anyway, a lot of the are worth checking out. They have great yields and it’s quite easy to pull money out or exchange into other Vanguard funds. Vanguard also has an excellent reputation and great customer service.

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I think most personal finance bloggers have heard of marketed as the peer to peer lending site where people act as banks. Well, I have been a member of Prosper for six months now and made a total of 6 loans with a total value of $300.64. One is already paid, and the rest are current. I didn’t dump my money all into high interest loans because I knew that renting money is risky business. Here are some of my lending criteria even though I am still a very novice lender:

1. I don’t lend to people that use the money to buy houses or are in trouble with their mortgage. Usually I just stay away from the real estate related listings like “help me save my house!”. The reason is very clear. If they’re in trouble with their mortgage, it’s very very hard for them to catch up, and if they’re borrowing on Prosper for their mortgage they’re just delaying the inevitable foreclosure. Not lending to distressed homeowners was just an instinct I had, but apparently other Prosper lenders have the statistics to back up that homeowners are

2. I don’t lend to people with credit ratings less than D because the default rate is just way too high when people have worse credit ratings. I prefer B and C because I am personally in that credit score range and it’s not because I don’t pay my bills.

3. I don’t like very high revolving debt percentages and delinquencies in the credit report. This is also very obvious. If they’re maxed out and has a history of not paying bills then they’re not very good candidates for paying my money back either.

4. I don’t lend to people who are “reinvesting on Prosper”. The reason is that I did an analysis early on on whether or not I could actually make money by borrowing money on Prosper and then reinvesting, and I found that I have got to be extremely lucky to do so. Apparently other people also did the same analysis as me and found that Also, now there are many stories of “blenders” who are defaulting on their own loans while they’re collecting funds from the loans that they funded. That’s extremely retarded in my book.

5. I don’t really like listings that say they will pay me back faster than the three year period because they are admitting they’re a prepayment risk. I like people who pay on time for the right amount.

6. I do like verified bank accounts and I like people who link up Prosper to their bank even more.

7. I do like some listings where people are trying to consolidate their credit cards or higher interest loans. The reason is that these borrowers are using Prosper the right way. If Prosper is giving them a lower rate than they’re currently paying then they’re saving money, and I am all for helping people save money.

I think even after six months, I am still not ready to pour in large amounts of money into Prosper because humans are unpredictable investments. Also, Prosper still has a lot of things it could improve to make it a better place for lenders. When you loan small amounts of money like me, Prosper is really good just for entertainment purposes. There is a certain level of voyeurism similar to reading personal finance blogs when you read other people’s . I think the financial transparency is what makes Prosper fun to personal finance addicts. Currently there is a pretty good bonus of $25 for being a new lender and funding a loan of at least $50. So if you want to try your hand at being a Bank of One or just check out other people’s debt, you can and I will get $25, too. Otherwise, if you’re a borrower, you really have the upper hand on Prosper and you can wipe out your credit card debt faster with a lower interest rate. Currently I am still adding bits of money to Prosper. Basically every month I add a few dollars to Prosper from my checking account so my account balance ends in zero. I know it’s silly, but I think has potential to be much more than what it is now.

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In a perfect world, everything is priced at the most reasonable amount a customer wants to pay and haggling is not necessary, but unfortunately, most of the time the sticker price on products are meant to maximize the profit of the seller. When I first came to American I lived in Hawaii. My parents were graduate students and they worked part time at the tourist shops near Waikiki. Sometimes I would go there and do homework while they worked, and they talked about how much the tokens they sold cost the shop, and how much they charged the tourists. Most notably, my mother sold many fanny packs with tropical prints that cost $4.00 each wholesale. She was able to sell them for anywhere from $40.00 to $90.00 to tourists all around the world. She basically taught me that no matter where you are, you have to get the lowest price as you can as a buyer, and get the highest price you can as a seller. Since we are Chinese, we are very familiar with negotiating for a better offer when it comes to purchasing things, and it really surprised us that most people do not question the pricetags in America. It seems that culturally Americans are not accustomed to asking for discounts, and some people are even embarrassed to do so. From my experience, most sellers are willing to yield to the customer and give discounts if the customer just asked politely. There is really no shame in it, and on big ticket items you could save thousands of dollars by simply opening your mouth. Anyway, here are some stories from my family and I hope that they demonstrate why you should always ask for a better deal:

buy real viagra online without prescription — A few years ago I went to Macy’s with my dad, and he really liked a couple pairs of shoes which were already on sale. He tried them on and decided to buy them. He went up to the saleslady and asked, if I buy both pair of shoes could I get a discount? The saleslady actually was really nice and smiled and took 10% off. He didn’t have to sign up for any cards or deals and he bought the shoes. So you can haggle at department stores.

buy real viagra online without prescription — Recently my fubby and I went couch shopping for our new apartment. We decided to buy a leather sectional with a sticker price of $1799. I said to my fubby, “Lets see if they can give us a better price.” The fubby said, “okay, you do the talking. I know you’re shameless.” So all I said was, “what is the best price you could give us on that couch there?” The lady recognized us from a previous visit and actually cut down the price to $1499. If we didn’t ask at all they would’ve just sold it to us for $1799.

buy real viagra online without prescription– My parents bought their first home in the East Bay back in 1999. It’s kind of funny because we moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii, and real estate in Hawaii was much more expensive than the Bay Area back then. So my parents thought everything was so cheap around here and found a house we all really loved after months of searching. So did my parents get into a bidding war for the home? Nope. They offered for slightly lower than the asking price. After the offer was accepted, my mom wrote another letter to the sellers about the condition of the carpets, and reduced the price a little more. I personally think that the American culture of not haggling contributed to the housing bubble at least a little bit. The artificial housing bidding wars of the past few years really inflated housing prices and in turn people had to borrow more money. What if everyone negotiated and offered reasonably? The current mortgage melt down might not be so bad if the fundamental housing price wasn’t driven up so much.

My fubby hates haggling because he thinks it’s a waste of time and he doesn’t really mind paying more. I agree with him that there is no point in negotiating prices for groceries or very small things. However, when you are purchasing something as large as a car or a home then you should never pay the full asking price. Negotiations may take time, but they can be as simple as asking, “What is the best price you could give me?” If the seller is obstinate and don’t give you a discount, you don’t lose anything, but if the seller opens up negotiations you could be saving some of your hard earned money. I really see haggling as a win-win situation for the consumer, and I hope more people just invest a few minutes in saving their money through haggling.

  • buy real viagra online without prescription

  • buy real viagra online without prescription

  • buy real viagra online without prescription

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