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First of all, many thanks to Patrick of for linking to this series. I have been reading Patrick’s site for about two years, ever since I contemplated buying a home. At that time everyone and their puppies were buying houses and I am so glad I found and did not follow the mania. Anyway, lets talk about “luxury” homes.

So the definition of “luxury homes” vary from person to person. Some people say that it’s a house that’s big and some say that it’s a house that’s over a certain price level. Some also say that size doesn’t matter but the amenities inside has to be glorious. The following are a list of homes in decline that I believe qualify as “luxury” by normal wage-slave standards.

Size: 3520 Sqft
Last Sale Date: 5/31/2006
Last Sale Price: 2,000,000
Current Asking: 1,998,000
Annualized Loss: -0.07%

Size: 2316 Sqft
Last Sale Date: 5/31/2006
Last Sale Price: 1,165,000
Current Asking: 1,149,000
Annualized Loss: -1.27%

Size: 2050 Sqft
Last Sale Date: 3/10/2005
Last Sale Price: 1,380,000
Current Asking: 1,379,000
Annualized Loss: -0.03%

From the looks of it the expensive luxury homes in San Mateo didn’t decline very much because the people that buy these have so much money that they don’t care. I think for me any of these homes would be way too much of a hassle and require a lot of cleaning and energy costs. I just want something around 1400 Sqft that is manageable and reasonably priced. It seems that for most people, just the act of buying a home is a luxury in the sense that they could rent a place for much less money. In some ways, luxury is equivalent to waste because there is no point in buying something you don’t need, or spending more money for something of the same value. When you are in San Mateo, I can almost guarantee that a rental unit is always going to be cheaper than a comparable unit for sale. I think these homes in the 1 million to 2 million range will sink a bit more due to inventory piling up, but I think the homes in the 10 million plus category will probably not sink very much. It doesn’t matter much because most people don’t care about the 10 million dollar homes. Most of us just want a little abode to call home. Is that too much to ask for?

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Lets continue looking at San Mateo home sellers in trouble. Just looking at the most depreciated homes in the previous post you may think that the losses incurred are not so bad. One person said to me that at least these home sellers aren’t losing 100%. The truth is they’re losing much more than 100%. Take the example of a home seller losing 24% of the price of his home and has only 20% of the home’s equity then he is really losing 120% of his equity plus all the interest payments he has made. Basically, all the homeowners who are losing more than what they have in equity are losing more than 100% of their money. I am not sure what amount of equity each of these homes have, but I am sure the statistics would look a lot uglier if we compared the value lost to the amount of equity owned.

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Belmont: 1

Burlingame: 2

Daly City: 13

East Palo Alto: 6

Foster City: 2

Menlo Park: 3

Pacifica: 1

Redwood City: 13

San Bruno: 4

San Carlos: 1

San Mateo: 27

South San Francisco: 29

The clear winner (or loser) is South San Francisco, followed closely by San Mateo. It seems that South San Francisco’s Westborough neighborhood near Skyline College has a lot of homes in close proximity to each other that have had drastic haircuts. For example, on Carter Drive alone there are six homes that are included in the list of troubled sellers. That area isn’t really horrible, but being on the edge of San Mateo County its real estate prices seems to be collapsing in on itself.

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As promised, the following are the five troubled homes with the lowest price per square foot. Several of them are on the aforementioned Carter Dr. in South San Francisco and it seems that these neighbors will drive their collective prices down as they compete for buyers. The last home on this list also showed up in the previous post as one of the biggest losers. Most of these homes have above average sizes and it shows that not only the starter homes are falling in price.

Address: 3550 Carter Dr #134, South San Francisco
Last Sale Date: 2/17/2006
Last Sale Price: 586,000
Current Asking Price: 450,000
Size: 1644 Sqft
Price per Sqft: $274

Address: 3550 Carter Dr #26, South San Francisco
Last Sale Date: 1/6/2006
Last Sale Price: 590,000
Current Asking Price: 590,000
Size: 1644 Sqft
Price per Sqft: $359

Address: 3231 Geoffrey Dr, San Bruno
Last Sale Date: 7/29/2005
Last Sale Price: 790000
Current Asking Price: 775000
Size: 2050 Sqft
Price per Sqft: $378

Address: 3875 Carter Dr #204, South San Francisco
Last Sale Date: 10/14/2005
Last Sale Price: 575000
Current Asking Price: 419999
Size: 1105
Price per Sqft: $380

Address: 2318 Flores St, San Mateo
Last Sale Date: 12/29/2006
Last Sale Price: 1,250,000
Current Asking Price: 888,000
Size: 2304
Price per Sqft: $385

Tomorrow we will look at some more of this data and look at some “luxury” homes.

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So, I am a pretty big fan of the blog where the blogger lists houses that are bought in the past two years and currently listed for lower than the last sale price. So I wondered if I could find some listings in San Mateo County that qualify as “in trouble”. A lot of people are saying that San Mateo County’s real estate is resistant to the current housing market and won’t ever fall, but after browsing Redfin’s San Mateo listings I found over 100 homes that are current asking prices less than their last selling price. I found a lot of interesting data through this exercise and I will share it here all week long. Today I will present the overall averages and the five homes with the greatest annualized percentage loss plus the five homes with the highest current price per square foot.

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I found a total of 102 homes in the San Mateo County that were last sold within the last 3 years and are currently selling for lower or equal to their last sale prices. The average amount of time from last sale date is 1.78 years. The average current asking price is $631,059 and the average last sale price is $703591. The average size of these homes is around 1200 square feet and the average annualized loss per year is about 6.76% if all of these homes sell for their current asking prices. Overall, they are still quite expensive and have an average per square foot price tag of $540.

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I calculated the annualized loss using 10/7/07 as the current date and assumed yearly interest compound. Four out of these five homes were bought less than a year ago, and that is probably why their annualized loss is so high. I know that the home at 2318 Flores St. is a short sale and it has been advertised for months.

Last Sale Date: 05/23/2007
Last Sale Price: 543099
Current Asking Price: 429000
Annualized Loss: -46.7%

Last Sale Date: 12/29/2006
Last Sale Price: 1250000
Current Asking Price: 888000
Annualized Loss: -35.8%

Last Sale Date: 07/24/2007
Last Sale Price: 688937
Current Asking Price: 649900
Annualized Loss: -24.7%

Last Sale Date: 06/21/2007
Last Sale Price: 476469
Current Asking Price: 439000
Annualized Loss: -24.2%

Last Sale Date: 05/20/2004
Last Sale Price: 1984091
Current Asking Price: 862000
Annualized Loss: -21.8%

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I think most of these homes belong in an episode of Dr. Housing Bubble’s Real Homes of Genius. Four of these homes are smaller than the condo I rent and the cost per square foot is more than some parts of Manhattan. The largest home in this list is a condo so there is no land premium. It is a condo in a good location, but it still seems to be quite overpriced. So here they are:

Current Asking Price: 889900
Annualized Loss: -0.7%
Size: 910 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $978

Current Asking Price: 1599999
Annualized Loss: -16.5%
Size: 1911 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $837

Current Asking Price: 850000
Annualized Loss: -8.9%
Size: 1030 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $825

Current Asking Price: 649000
Annualized Loss: -0%
Size: 820 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $791

Current Asking Price: 529000
Annualized Loss: -4.1%
Size: 680 Square Feet
Price Per Square Foot: $778

Tomorrow I will post the following: Cities with the Most Homes in Trouble, and The Least Expensive Homes by Price per Square Foot.

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So about a month ago I wrote about the and now it’s time for an update on these homes.

So in Daly City we had . It’s still on the market and now the asking price is $574,900, a sharp reduction from the $639,900 price of last month. Unfortunately the current price still works out to be $610 per square foot, and it most definitely needs to be repainted inside and out.

Now in East Palo Alto we had . The pictures really aren’t that bad and the price has been reduced $10,000 from last month to the current asking of $479,000. Well, would you pay $522 per square foot in East Palo Alto? I certainly wouldn’t.

In Menlo Park we have 1359 Hollyburne Ave, which also dropped $10,000 from last month and still unsold. It’s not very pretty though:

The Pacifica home at 641 Forest Lake Dr is still unsold and went through a $25,000 pricecut in a month. . It looks like the other Pacifica foreclosure was sold for $613,000 a few months ago. That is about $6000 less than the Countrywide price.

The former million dollar home at seems to be stirring up quite a bit of interest lately. It seems to have a lot of agents listing it that do not agree on the price. On Redfin it’s 779,900, but on Craigslist for the past week or so there has been a posting that read like this:

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Reply to:
Date: 2007-09-11, 10:57PM PDTHouses in this neighborhood begin at $1.1 – $1.9Call 1-888-769-9284 for more info

The Craigslist prices ranged from 729,999 to 749,999. If we assume that these ads are legitimate, then that means this house went for another $90k+ haircut in a month. It seems that it’s a unshowable fixer because there are zero pictures.

Over in South San Francisco, last month I pointed out that the condo at faced stiff competition from its neighbor which was priced at $499k. Well, it seems like the listing agents cut the price to $465k from $507k within the last thirty days, and the other listing in the same complex was sold. Could this home sell quickly now?

This update shows that most of the foreclosed homes are not sold and are still going through fairly drastic pricecuts. We’re not at the bottom yet kids.

So what are the new San Mateo foreclosures available at Countrywide? Lets take a look:

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Address: .
Last Sale Date: 07/27/2005
Last Sale Price: $654,000
Current Asking Price: $539,900
Size: 1230 Sqft
Comments: This is a condo with an HOA of $270 a month. The pictures on Redfin do not look so bad, but I’m betting that it won’t be sold within a month even though it’s below $500 per square foot.

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Last Sale Date: 07/12/2007
Last Sale Price: $492,750
Current Asking Price:$564,000
Size: 960 square ft.
Comments: This is an oddball on the Countrywide list. What’s going on here? Could it be an active flipper that already purchased the home from Countrywide in July? Usually it takes at least 3 months of late payments for a loan to go to default, so it doesn’t make sense that the home could be in foreclosure so quickly. The previous sale was for $670,000 in 2006 so it’s likely that was the mortgage that defaulted. Well, I think if it’s a flip, it will flop. Asking for almost $600 per square foot in East Palo Alto probably won’t fly these days, then again, what do I know, someone paid almost $700 per square foot for this same house last year. There only needs to be one person to fall for this.

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Last Sale Date: 03/29/2005
Last Sale Price: $650,000
Current Asking: $549,900
Size: Disputed number. Zillow says 590 sqft while the listing on Redfin says 1007 sqft. It looks really small though.
Comments: It’s possible that the square footage posted by the realtor is inflated on this property. Bringing a tape measure with you to open houses is a good idea I think. It doesn’t matter if it’s 590 sqft or 1007 sqft, it’s still not worth it to pay that much to live 1.5 blocks from the 101.

Address: 615 Island Pl
Last Sale Date: 10/21/2003
Last Sale Price: $923,000
Current Asking: $1,125,900
Size: 2310 sqft
Comments: This home is a single family in a planned community so you still have to pay an HOA I believe. It’s actually in Redwood Shores, which is the part of Redwood City next to Electronic Arts and Oracle with some expensive apartments and homes built on an old Six Flags Marine World. It all looks really nice, but according to my mom who works in commercial real estate her company considered buying the business parks there and the surveyor found that the entire area is sinking so they didn’t buy it. The same sinking is happening in Foster City since it used to be a landfill and many of my uncle’s neighbor’s sewage pipes were broken by the ground sinking. My uncle sold his Foster City townhome quite a few years back because he was afraid his sewage pipes would break too. The Redwood Shores area is also plagued with electrical problems whenever it rains a bit hard and I have experienced this since I used to work there. If you don’t mind the occasional sewage spillage and blackouts then Redwood Shores is really a nice place to live, and this house looks pretty great.

Well, that wraps up this month’s San Mateo County Countrywide Foreclosures. I hope this was informative, and I’ll try to do another update in a month!

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It’s tough to hire good people these days in the Silicon Valley mostly due to the world renowned event known as the “dot-com bubble”. A lot of people my age decided not to pursue software engineering, or switched jobs so the talent pool is pretty small. Additionally, there seems to be a “Bubble 2.0″ brewing in the Valley as a new battallion of small “Web 2.0″ companies are sprouting up like mushrooms after a rainy day. It’s especially difficult to find mid level people with 3 to 6 years of experience because those are the classes that graduated during the great technology depression. In the past few years of working in the Valley I conducted many interviews, and here are some stories and lessons learned.

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When I started out, I was not yet 22, and I had to interview a lot of people much older than me. That was a bit intimidating, and there are times when the candidates actually started telling me what I should do in my job. It was pretty annoying because it felt like they were interviewing me and giving me advice. Later on I learned to just take the reins of the conversation and stop candidates when they babble on. An interviewer really has to be in control.

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You spend most of your waking hours with your coworkers if you work at a regular office with a regular eight hour shift. So it’s really important to reject the people you don’t want. There is a problem when someone above you is bent on hiring someone you don’t like, but object as loudly as you can. I’ve already had to deal with this twice. The first time my own manager hired someone he didn’t want because a VP above him wanted to hire the candidate who happened to be the VP’s excoworker. The end result was that the new person really didn’t fit in well within our team but had the support of the VP, and I ended up leaving the company, and then my manager and two other team members also left so the only person left was the VP’s excoworker. The second time, I really thought that one candidate wouldn’t be able to learn as quickly as she needs to, and told my manager that. However, he hired her anyway, and the end result is that she felt really overwhelmed and quit in three months. It’s an incredible waste to hire someone that could destroy an entire team or produce discord in an otherwise happy team. It’s hard to assess a person in a short amount of time, but if you can’t even deal with someone for thirty minutes to an hour, it would be very hard for you to work with them for eight hours a day. If you’re not the hiring manager, it’s best to voice your objections as much as you can before a horrible hiring mistake is committed. Now I think my manager trusts my opinions more because I was the only one who really objected to the hiring of that particular candidate. If your manager isn’t open to suggestions and objections, then he/she probably isn’t a very good manager anyway. That’s why in my last company my whole team left after that particular VP took over.

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I’m not saying “don’t be nice”, but don’t talk to a candidate like you would talk to a friend. Be courteous but not too familiar. Useless smalltalk in interviews really bother me and they’re a waste of time. At the time of the interview, I really don’t care that a candidate loves cats or can cook really good vegetarian food. I also don’t like people who read the things on my shirts and ask me about them. I am also disturbed by compliments on my looks, because that’s almost like sexual harassment. I liked to get to the business of interviewing and nothing more

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I just went through two beyond painful interviews today with two candidates with 10+ years of experience. It’s almost like they write as much as they can on their resumes without actually having corresponding skills to back it up. It’s really easy to just throw a few simple questions at them and discover that they pretty much lied on their resume. That really doesn’t sit well with me. I asked a candidate once why she wrote all that stuff she clearly didn’t have any knowledge about, and she said, “well, my friend told me that I should write every technology I have heard of”. That is really not the way to go. So now when I see resumes with too many keywords I go into the interview fearing the worst. Most people are experts in a few things, and I think it’s better to highlight one’s expertise rather than writing every hot buzzword there is on the resume.The problem is, HR people can only search on resumes, and they tend to be fooled easily by these liars and we end up wasting some time.

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Basically, don’t be afraid to reject a large number of people you interview and don’t take their feelings into your consideration. They might find another job with a competitor, and possibly create an inferior product. That’s better for your company anyway. So don’t feel bad for them.

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The technologies we use change very rapidly, and it’s important to upgrade my own skills. I have interviewed a few people with more years of work experience than years I have been alive, but their skills are no longer applicable. It’s really easy to learn things these days because there are so many manuals and tutorials available on the web. Having a few horrible interviews actually motivated me to not become a dinosaur and upgrade my knowledgebase in order to be competitive.

Okay, enough of the serious stuff. Now I bring you some highlights of comical and craptacular interviews:

  • Once I was asking a candidate a question, and he said, “excuse me, may I go to the bathroom?” So of course I let him go, and then five minutes after he came back he asked again, “may I go to the bathroom?” At this point it was clear to me he had some sort of bowel problem. So we finished up the interview and I returned to my supervisor. I said to him, “I think the candidate has diarrhea”. My supervisor almost fell out of his chair and exclaimed, “WHAT?!”. I repeated, “I think he has diarrhea.” He seemed relieved and said, “oh my god, I thought you said he DIED”. We all had a pretty good laugh about it over happy hour. I guess the lesson here is to cancel interviews if you’re feeling sick.
  • Once there was a man I interviewed that I could barely understand. When I asked him what about the company interested him he answered, “when you guys go public lots of money!” I really appreciated the honesty and thought that was a better answer than the cliche answer “I like your product”, but unfortunately, he had none of the technical skills we were looking for.
  • I’ve gotten some horribly wrong answers to some of the simple technical questions I ask. One of the simplest questions I ask is “how do you get an output of all the lines in a text file that start with a certain word or letter”. This is a list of horrible answers I have gotten (a few were from today): ping A, ls -lrt, dir, find A, head, tail,some Unix command. The one that takes the cake is “ping”, because two different people gave this answer independently. Is there some demented interview guide that tells interviewees just to say “ping” to things they don’t know? In my opinion, even answering “manually copy and paste the lines that start with the word or letter” is better than throwing out random command names and hoping it’s right.
  • This one is short, and it was funny to me. I walked into the interview room and introduced myself. Then the candidate got a call and looked extremely nervous. When he got off the phone he said, “I need to go back to work” and left.

Interviews are the closest thing to blind dates. It’s hard to find that special someone, especially in this mad place. People are always switching jobs and doing new things here, and maybe one day I will be interviewed by one of my ex-interviewees (the horrors!). Anyway, if you know someone who is awesome at programming or QA please send me a note and maybe we can set up something.

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