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I really have no words for besides that I am glad that no one is hurt. Basically the stretch of highway that I drive from the office to home was shutdown in both directions because some woman named Revuelta (flipped over in Spanish) flipped over an oil tanker with her minivan and spilled over 2000 gallons of oil onto highway 101 causing the asphalt to deteriorate. I was lucky not to be stuck in that jam because a coworker of mine tried to go home around five pm and came back to the office past six saying that he got through maybe 2 miles in an hour. All the local streets were packed to the brim and El Camino was literally a parking lot. I left around 8pm and took the 280 home and I have never seen that many cars on that highway before. Anyway, in honor of this accident, here are a list of supplies that I think commuters in Northern California may need for survival.

cialis brand cheap – This is for crossing the various bridges.  In case you have automatic windows that don’t open once your car is under water then  you may need a brick to break the glass.  Otherwise bricks are also good for self defense.

cialis brand cheap- One of my ex-coworkers actually has these in his car because he can’t swim.  He is afraid that if he were crossing one of the bridges his car may fall in and he may drown and he bought the life vests after he heard on the news a bridge collapsed in some other state.  I think this is reasonable and life vests are not very heavy.

cialis brand cheap – So the highway patrol closed down most of the southbound lanes today because they were afraid the gasoline was going to catch on fire.  So in case your car is on fire a fire extinguisher may be good equipment to have.

cialis brand cheap -  Imagine you were one of those people who were stuck on the highway for hours upon hours.  Actually, I have been there when I tried to drive home one Christmas.  It took me four hours to drive 40 miles on the 101 from the Peninsula to the East Bay.  Water and snack packs are needed to keep your energy up.

cialis brand cheap -  Having lived here for ten years I can’t believe how many times hazardous materials have spilled over on the highways.  Last year a highway connector freaking burned down because of another tanker turn over. Seriously, a gas mask or hazmat suit may save your life one day.

cialis brand cheap -  If it gets really bad and you have to shut off your engine, you may have time for a friendly game with the rest of the travelers who are stuck.  If you are a loner it might be good to have portable gaming or a portable DVD player.

cialis brand cheap – This is pretty essential everywhere I guess.

On days like this I wish I still lived in a high density area with plentiful public transportation, but then again, a bus could be stuck on these highways too and I wouldn’t be packing my gear. The bottom line is people need to be more careful when they drive. For some reason Northern California is rife with bad drivers riding in fancy cars.  It was really a culture shock when I moved from Hawaii to here and saw so many rude drivers that think they own every single road. If everyone just slowed down a bit and tried not to cut people off, then maybe we could have less tankers rolling over.

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Since I was on vacation during the last week of December I decided to combine the two reports into a report of the last four weeks. Not that many new listings came up in the last two weeks of December because a lot of realtors and sellers are on vacation also. So here is a summary of the last four weeks:

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What is interesting is that 37 out of these 82 troubled properties were listed within the past seven days! Some more properties of interest are below:

— This is a good sized Belmont ranch that was last sold for 1.2 million in October, 2006, and is now listed for just under 1 million. Personally I still think it’s overpriced, but in Belmont

— It smells a little fishy that this tiny and unattractive home last sold for 715k and is now listed for 488.5k. I don’t think it’s a great bargain, but it is the home with the largest absolute percentage loss on the list.

– The Redfin listing says that the home’s square footage is 2500, but the description says it’s great for a first time buyer. That made me kind of suspicious and I looked it up on, and there it stated the home is actually only 820 square feet. Now a 820 square foot starter home is more believable.

— In a previous report I found the picture of 404 Accacia St extremely funny, and now it seems like its next door neighbor is up for sale. Here are the pictures of these two houses:

— Finally, this “house” wins the award for the ugliest home in the this report:

The detailed report will be on the statistics page and a new update of homes listed in late October to early November last year will also be included. Stay tuned!

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If you live in the Bay Area you would know that we’re in the midst of the worst winter storm in two years, and over a million residences and businesses have lost power today. San Mateo County was the hardest hit and I spent the most of today without electricity. It was a really strange day since I attempted to go to work, but every traffic light leading to the office was broken and the intersections morphed into bizarre four way stops with three to four lanes each. This made a nine mile drive take 40 minutes (it took me 20 minutes just to get to highway 101, which is less than 2 miles away). I braved the gusts and pouring rain into my office building only to see the lights off and the IT lady sitting in the dark. I asked her if the office is closed and she said, “yeah, we have no power, no email, nothing!” So I walked back to my car and went to run an errand and then went home.

On the drive home I heard that the power outages could go well into the weekend and hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity. Since my condo had power in the morning I thought I am one of the lucky ones who already had service restored. Unfortunately, when I got home the power was off again. I thought that I could get a lot of cleaning done, but I was wrong. The laundry room required electricity to run the machines, and the vacuums also needed to be plugged in. So then I thought, okay, maybe I will cook something for lunch. Alas! The stove is electric! So then I thought maybe I can go out for some food, but every single nearby restaurant shut down because they had no power. I found an uneaten breakfast bar in my pocket, and I wolfed it down.

So there I was with nothing to do. My phone was out of power, and so was my Nintendo DS. What can I do to entertain myself? I ended up picking up everything off the floor and putting them away. The hubby’s parents recently dropped off a few boxes of the hubby’s things from his childhood and I started reading those. I read his fifth grade essays and his college application essays and “awwed” at his pictures. However, this entertainment was limited, and after I put everything away I was going starking crazy. The skies soon turned dark and I ended up lighting up candles. I was so bored that I started to pour the wax from one candle to another. Finally I ended up playing a board game in single player mode with candles lit on the side. I was reading the instructions by candlelight and I set it down on one of the candles by accident. A plume of smoke rose and I mentally panicked for a second, but I quickly blew the fire out but the instructions has a permanent hole in it right now.

Finally after eight hours, the power finally came back on. My hubby got home and I showed him his scorched game instructions and he said, “thank goodness you didn’t burn anything else down”. Then I told him that I put everything away and cleaned the floors and he said, “at least something good came out of this. I can’t believe you were so bored that you cleaned!”

I have been through blackouts before, but I think this is the longest one I have went through and having the lights on was like having a fresh breath of air. (I was really getting dizzy from the aromatic candles.) Seriously, I don’t think I can live without electricity. I’m not sure what the economic impacts of this mass blackout is to the Bay Area, but it nearly drove me insane.

Anyway, currently a lot of the coastal areas in San Mateo is still blacked out and I hope everyone is alright. Electricity is something many of us take for granted, and it is amazing how much of our lives is so dependent on this. To all the PG&E crews out there, thank you for your hard work.

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So, it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time for me to write down my goals for next year. I am usually pretty clear what I want to do and I always want to reach my goals early. So hopefully I can accomplish the following.

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  1. cialis brand cheap — There are definitely opportunities to volunteer here in San Mateo. I just need time and a good cause.
  2. cialis brand cheap — I am averaging about 100 to 200 visitors a day now, so 1000 seems a reachable goal by the end of next year if I continue to write quality articles that people are interested in. I write a lot about my life and the Bay Area, but these are the things I know well.
  3. cialis brand cheap– I know almost everyone has this goal and only a few of us actually manage to achieve it. My workplace does offer a gym membership reimbursement of $60 a month so I really should take advantage of it.
  4. cialis brand cheap — Every time my mother sees me she tells me to help my hubby clean. I guess I’m really not big on cleaning and cooking. My hubby actually said to me once, “you’re not good at anything but making money” :(
  5. cialis brand cheap– I am still in my adjustment period at my new job, but I am definitely getting the hang of things and I am contributing. Next year I want to be recognized as one of the best. Though I have to say my whole team is pretty awesome.

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  1. cialis brand cheap — This would include my salary and all dividends & capital gains, and of course blog income! I am not including the hubby’s income in this goal because he is free to do what he loves and not care about the pay as much. I am actually pretty close to this goal this year but I took on a new job that doesn’t have as many bonuses as my old job so next year the salary income may not be as high. Then again there is no guarantee I would get good bonuses next year at the old job because revenues have been eroded by the mortgage crisis.
  2. cialis brand cheap — This is a bit of an aggressive goal since I’m not sure what will happen to the stock market, but the hubby and I have been doing quite well in saving money. We have saved around 50 to 60% of our net income every month in the four months we have been married. Lately I have been sort of cautious about the stock market so I haven’t made any new equity investments, but we saved a good chunk in our Vanguard money market fund and 401ks.
  3. cialis brand cheap — From what I read many bloggers register their income producing blog as a business and then deduct expenses such as internet fees as business expenses.  I think this is something I could look into because right now my blog income pretty much covers our internet access and if that is tax deductible then that’s great.

As long as I set my mind to accomplish these things I will be able to conquer these goals. I think nothing on this list is outrageously difficult. We will see in a year what happens!

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Today I received an excellent email from a reader of mine and I have permission from him to post his email here. I thought the information is excellent for first time buyers who are interested in condos. It’s funny but my parents were just telling me this weekend that they met a taxi driver who bought a condo in San Mateo and was assessed one of these secret fees for $20,000 or $40,000. San Mateo’s condo fees seem to be extremely expensive and basically I really wouldn’t want to buy a condo here. The reader also attached a picture of the Colina Condos at 1 Appian Way. That address has been on the list in the past and it seems that more will flood the market.

Hi Baglady,

I just want to stress the importance of looking carefully into the signing documents when purchasing real estate, especially condos. Often, sellers may try to slide in information about “special assessment fees” hoping the buyer won’t notice. “Special Assessment Fees” are levied by the HOA for repairs that affect the whole complex that the standard monthly HOA fee can’t cover, usually as a result of shoddy construction, bad planning, or mismanagement. The HOA or property management company usually informs owners about these assessment fees a year or so in advance and sometimes set up an installment payment plan, as some of these fees are outrageously large. These assessment fees are a bad sign, as they often indicate possible future problems and therefore, more future fees. And unfortunately, you can’t deduct it off your taxes like a mortgage. It is an out-of-pocket expense. And unfortunately for some condo-owners, they are already financially stretched to the point where they can’t afford this surprise fee, thus forcing them to sell early before the fee hits them, hoping some other poor sucker buyer was
equally as negligent as they were and gloss over the signing documents in haste.

Here’s an example I saw earlier this year. The condos at Pointe Pacific at the top of San Bruno Mountain in Daly City had an assessment fee levied because the location of the condos was a poor decision. Pointe Pacific is on the side of the mountain, battered by rain and wind moreso than another condo complex no more than a block away. This
results in the buildings at Pointe Pacific requiring more repairs. The special assessment fee: approximately $15,000 per household. Even worse, this was not the first time its happened. Just about 5-7 years ago, the HOA levied a similar fee. So you can probably bet there will be another fee in another few years, after the current fee.

Its even worse when the HOA neglects the repairs as they snowball into a huge financial disaster in the long run. Probably the worst example of “Special Assessment Fees” gone awry is the one CURRENTLY HAPPENING at Colina Condos on 1 Appian Way (cross street Gellert) in South San Francisco. I know several people who have bought condos there. Apparently, the condos were poorly built as the original builder went bankrupt halfway through the construction process. The whole complex requires approximately $13.5 million to repair the run-down buildings. The HOA meetings are shouting matches and whole HOA board has quit in horrified disgust. The property management company has abandoned the complex. The only hope left is for the city of SSF to take over and help solve the process, something many of the homeowners are hotly debating. The ship is sailing in the dark with nobody at the helm, so to speak.

The average estimated cost per household for Colina Condos: $70,000. Yes, you heard right. cialis brand cheapout-of-pocket repair costs for condos going for about $400k on the market.

Even worse, you may need to temporarily move when they finally do get the repairs going (and possibly spend even more money on renting a temporary place), as the condos have some deep structural integrity problems. (Some people have water-logged walls, others have collapsed bathrooms.) So, as you can imagine, many new condo owners with no equity can’t afford it and may need to sell. This will probably result in a bunch of impatient, panicked sellers putting those condos on the market all at once, driving value down further. They are hoping for a miracle of miracles: that someone else will be dumb enough to buy their lemon condo and lift the load off their shoulders.

Lessons to be learned: 1. Read all the signing documents carefully. 2. Don’t buy crappy condos. It is of such importance, I hope you publish this email on your main webpage.

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