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prescription drugs cialis us

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prescription drugs cialis us

prescription drugs cialis us

Well, I haven’t done a carnival roundup for a while. Today was my last day at my job and this entire week has been quite crazy.

at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already. My post in this carnival is about .

at Millionaire Mommy Next Door. My article in this carnival showcases theI have met.

at My Adventures into the Street. My post in this carnival is .

included my .

hosted ! Check out the carnival for some awesome stories from all more than twenty personal finance bloggers.

Finally, the story about my got a 4th wind this week since it was linked on one of the MSN Money Central blogs and then linked by JD over at . My ex-bf wants to say that the part I exaggerated about is the 25 cent spaghetti, and I want to say I didn’t really break up with him because he is cheap.

prescription drugs cialis us

I am so pissed off right now because my mother harassed me for 12 hours straight about my last post even after I took it off last night. Her harassment consisted of spamming this blog with comments and calling both my husband’s and my phones from 11pm to 7am. After my dad and husband both tried to convince her that I already took down the post she continued to harass me and I had to block her IP. Then my dad found out that she didn’t even read that I took down the post and just continued to harass me anyway. Because of this the both of us didn’t get a good night sleep. All I wrote about was that my parents bought two homes and lost money on the second home because it was bought at the peak of the housing bubble. This is probably a situation faced by many couples all across the world. I posted no names, no addresses, and no extremely private information. Past and present housing prices are all public information anyway so I don’t see what the big deal is on posting that without pinpointing the actual addresses.

Her argument was that I gave too much information about their personal finances without permission, but what I don’t understand is that they talk about their personal finances in detail all the time to everyone they know. They brag about the stocks they own, the houses they own, and their jobs constantly so I always had an impression that they are pretty open about this topic. They also tell their friends and friends of friends about my personal finance without my permission. This incident actually brought back the memory of when they bought the second home. When I went to see the place my mother flat out told the loan agent how much money I made at my job without prompting. Then the loan agent said to me, “you should buy a house.” This was when I was making $60,000 a year by myself, and THAT really pissed me off too. I felt like they were just mocking me for no reason and looking back it is like they are throwing me to the wolves of the real estate industry.

Dear readers, isn’t what they do to me much worse than anonymously telling random people about a nameless couple? The difference between what I wrote and what they do all the time is that what I wrote is anonymous and what they do actually affects me in real life because all those Chinese parents that they talk to know who I am and they tell their kids to look up to me because of how much money I make. I’ve actually been introduced by a Chinese dad to his daughter by my networth and that was rather disturbing. I really don’t want to be defined by my salary and networth and yet they continue to do exactly that without my permission. This is really a flaw of the Asian culture because so much of who you are is based on money, but I could really write an entire series of rants about Asians and money. It’s really bizarre and annoying to have such hypocritical parents, and on top of that for my mother to act like such a vainglorious and spoiled brat really amazed me.

prescription drugs cialis us

Welcome to the . On this foggy and ghastly eve of Halloween brings you a creepy collection of money horrors. This edition includes 21 stories about mooching relatives, timeshares, and giant wallops of debt. If you want to have a relaxing day please stop reading here, but if you want to be shocked, titillated, and inspired, please read on!

prescription drugs cialis us

Eric presents posted at . This is a well written story about a truly horrible situation. You have to read this article to see why I found this story to be the most upsetting and scary. People really just have to say no to family members that mooch continuously and that is why I say .

Ana presents posted at . I fear debt so much that when I read this story I felt like I was being run over with the kid’s truck. He should really be feeling the weight of his monster truck debt but .

prescription drugs cialis us

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents posted at . Honestly, the picture insert on this post gave me quite a fright, but I agree with the Millionaire Mommy that renting makes sense for a lot of people.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents posted at . SVB’s dry cleaner turned into a real estate agent! I hope that guy will be okay, but the fact of the matter is that .

prescription drugs cialis us
Maria Fernandez presents posted at . I am so glad that my parents didn’t buy any timeshares and just took the free gifts and ran.

Betsy Teutsch presents posted at . This is a great story about a couple quite scary things: a timeshare and a golddigging stepmom.

prescription drugs cialis us

Brip Blap presents posted at . I actually really liked this story and voted for it over at . It begs the question “have you used your real eyes before?”

Raymond presents posted at . Raymond shows us that being organized and financially prepared could really help in a situation where a family member’s health turns for the worst.

prescription drugs cialis us

JvW presents posted at . Group shopping can be pretty dangerous and you can end up with things you don’t really want. JvW shows us how she planned for a group outing.

freefrombroke presents posted at . Marketing people really sell us a lot of things by playing on our emotions. This story shows us a prime example of this manipulation.

prescription drugs cialis us

FIRE Finance presents posted at . I have survived a rather large hurricane and quite a few floods, but I think I am still most afraid of fires. FIRE Finance writes about the on going disaster in Southern California.

prescription drugs cialis us

FMF presents posted at . My hubby’s ex-coworker went mountain biking with a sewer cleaner, and that’s when I first found out that they made so much money. We pay money to take care of tasks we find disgusting to do, and those with the guts to do these dirty jobs really really deserve the money.

Lynnae presents posted at . Losing your job can be a traumatic experience, but Lynnae seems to see the good parts of being unemployed.

prescription drugs cialis us posted at I must say paidtwice’s family pays quite a bundle on their health insurance and this post made Brip Blap’s blood boil! Read the article and comments for details.

prescription drugs cialis us
caw presents posted at . This is a story of an App-o-rama gone wrong. I guess it could have been a lot worse.

ispf presents posted at . Ispf shows us that we need to check for things that are anomalous on our bank statements. If you’re not careful the sneaky bankers may take your money without your consent!

The Investor’s Journal presents posted at . This blogger reminds us that investing shouldn’t be like gambling, but sometimes it really tempts us to act like gamblers.

prescription drugs cialis us

cashmoneylife presents posted at . This story made me feel warm and fuzzy. It wasn’t scary, but it was certainly magical.

Pinyo B. presents posted at . A story that has floated around the net. Very sweet though.

Kyle James presents posted at . I think I would get along with Kyle’s dad.

Lazy Man presents posted at I must say, Lazy Man seems to be enjoying his unemployment.

This concludes the 32nd edition of . Please your story next week if it wasn’t included in this edition! Have a safe and delicious Halloween tomorrow everyone!

prescription drugs cialis us

It’s happening all over again. I am leaving a job where I have done a lot and earned very good reviews from my managers. The last time I left my job many people talked to me and tried to convince me to stay. The entire day felt like breaking up with one man after another. It is actually quite easy to map what they said to what boyfriends would say in a breakup. Here are some examples:

prescription drugs cialis us — One guy called me on the cell and said, “You’re leaving over my DEAD body! I want you to stay!” I’m happy to report that he is still alive and he didn’t kill me after I left the company

prescription drugs cialis us — This is typical of what people say to convince someone to stay. Basically it goes like this, “Listen, I know that things have not been going well, but I can make sure things change. Please stay and see that things will change!” Unfortunately, things usually don’t change.

prescription drugs cialis us — People have said things like, “this is a huge blow to my heart” and “I’m very very upset right now.” These feelings are probably true, but it’s hard to respond to them sometimes when you’re in a conference room.

To all of these “boyfriends” I generally respond with the cliche “it’s not you, it’s me”. I tell them that they have been great to me (it is usually true), and I am just leaving for something new.

The working relationship is usually a long term relationship and the emotions felt when someone useful leaves can be pretty similar to the emotions in a break up. When you think about it, a lot of people probably spend more time with their coworkers than with their families. I do feel bad when grown men that I respect get on the verge of tears while trying to convince me to stay, but when I have made up my mind to leave I go for it. Also I understand that most of them do have selfish reasons for being upset. It takes time and money to train someone and it takes time to trust someone so it is always a bad thing when someone useful leaves. Currently I am going through another round of “breakups” at work. I am leaving a well-paying job at a stable and highly profitable company for a startup that is just starting to become profitable. I am taking a fairly big risk, but I feel like I need to join another startup before I have kids. It was a tough choice to make, but I am sure I will learn a lot of new things.

prescription drugs cialis us

So I have been writing this blog for three months and I am surprised that I haven’t written about being an only child. I am an only child because I was born in China and my entire generation was subject to the . In China my entire class consisted of only children and the closest thing I had to a brother was my first cousin, who happens to be only 3 days older than me. Last year I read quite a few articles published by the official news agency of China about my generation of “little emperors” and “little princesses” and I found them quite interesting. Here is a short summary of the central government’s findings on this enormous social experiment.

prescription drugs cialis us

  1. A lot of only children are quite independent and very productive.
  2. Urban females are more educated than past generations since parents could only give attention and care to their only child. In past generations the boys usually received preferential treatment. The only-child policy actually did create more gender equality in urban areas.
  3. The only-child generation did not show distinct personality defects as feared by sociologists when the policy went into place. In fact, they are generally healthier than previous generation.
  4. Only children are more sociable than children with siblings because they have to get friends outside of their family.

prescription drugs cialis us

  1. The only-child generation tends to have less responsibility growing up and end up being lazier.
  2. Divorce seems to be rampant in this generation because of overprotective parents and unyielding egos.
  3. Only children have no idea how to take care of their own kid.
  4. As their parents and grandparents age these peers of mine will have to potentially take care of six people.

When I was a child I really thought that being an only child is the right and normal thing because it was the law and I was born into a world of only children. I remember that it took me a while to adjust to the fact that only children are fairly rare in America and most people has at least one sibling. Since in China the kids with brothers and sisters were from the countryside I thought that maybe most Americans are farmers. I had a few classmates that also came from China, but their parents chose to have more children in America. Most of these American siblings were ten or more years younger than my classmates. In fact, one of my friend’s mom produced his last little brother when he was a senior in high school. This is because in the Chinese culture children are considered blessings. In America the one child policy has many critics, and I agree that it does impede on the basic reproductive rights of human beings and millions of babies have died because of this law. However, population control is probably needed in the world and it’s a tough issue to resolve when most humans are biologically driven to have more children.

For the most part I did benefit from the law because I had the full attention of my parents and they provided me with all that I needed. Even though I live in America now I think I am not so different from my Chinese counterparts. However, my dad wrote in his blog (in Chinese) that I am much because I grew up in America. Looking back, I probably wouldn’t want a sibling to play and fight with and I quite enjoyed being an only child. There are definitely moments of loneliness, but I just filled my time by reading a lot of books and spending time with my parents. To this day I am still more comfortable talking with older people because I am used to having my parents as my friends. Maybe that’s why I identify with an old baglady and I am so keen on retirement planning. Now that I am married I am trying to adjust to not being an only child, but a wife. It is kind of hard since my hubby takes care of so many things around the house. He is the older brother in his family and he is definitely taking care of me in a lot of ways. I definitely need to take care of him more so that I maintain my marriage and not end up a divorce statistic.


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