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When I buy a home, I would prefer to buy a new home so I don’t have to worry about updating it to building code and making it energy efficient. The problem is, most brand new homes are not listed on the multiple listing service the realtors use because the builders want to sell the homes themselves for a larger profit. Additionally, realtors don’t seem to welcome new homes on the MLS because that would give buyers the perception that there is a huge inventory. Both parties want to keep the prices up. So how do you go about finding new home developments in your community without using the MLS?

Drive Around — This may seem obvious, but you can just drive around the places you want to live and look for developments. Often the builders will have big signs out and sales offices are ready before all the homes are built. They are usually pretty friendly in the sales offices and will tell you about the property in detail.

Look at Recently Sold Homes — Most newspapers have a real estate section listing the homes sold in the past month or so. If you see many properties sold on the same street, chances are it’s a new development.

Search Builder Websites — If you know of reputable builders in your area, you can go directly to their webpage and search for new developments

Use Google — Type in something similar to New Homes Your County in Google, and you will receive some hits, but you have to take some effort to weed out the irrelevant results.

Search the City Planning Division — This is probably the best resource for finding new homes in places like San Mateo that are perceived as completely built out. Before each builder can break ground, they need building permits from the city they want to build in. So a good way to find out who’s building what is to look at city planning pages. For example, San Mateo has an listing all the sites that have building permits and the list of builders applying for permits. If your city doesn’t have a resource like this online, they will have the information in the city planning office, and it should be public record.

Builders are offering a lot of incentives lately such as free upgrades and closing costs, so it’s possible to get a new home that’s cheaper and better than a used home. Anyway, it still takes patience and legwork to find the home you want because you need to research the builder and the area. Personally, I don’t mind waiting for some of the developments that will come up a couple years down the road or wait for the current builders to cut their prices some more.

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Lately in the media we are hearing a lot about foreclosures caused by subprime mortgages in America. This made me wonder how mortgages and real estate transactions are handled in places other than United States. So here’s the first installment featuring Afghanistan since it’s the alphabetically first country in the world.

Some quick facts about Afghanistan taken from Wikipedia:

- 2007 estimate 31,889,923 (37th)
- 1979 census 13,051,358
- Density 119 /sq mi

It’s actually very hard to find any legitimate looking Afghani real estate listings on the internet. The war-torn country lost an incredible amount of homes while its population is still increasing at a rapid clip. according to a recent article in the BBC:

New Kabul is an ambitious experiment in mortgaging homes – the first time ever in Afghanistan – in a country where an annual $380 per capita income makes it virtually impossible for most people to afford homes.

Banks will buy these homes from the government and then mortgage them to buyers who, officials reckon, will have to pay $100 to $150 every month for 16 years before becoming owners.

The article then goes on to describe the massive amount of home shortages in Afghanistan and that for most Afghanis owning a home is “virtually impossible”. Many homes are illegally built and crumbling apartments are in demand. There is no mention of home prices, but the article did state that “a two-bedroom apartment in Kabul can cost $200 a month, compared to $7 for a three-bedroom home before the war in 1978″ because of the home building shortages. No foreclosure data is available due to mortgage products being very new.

What we can derive from this is that the new homes with mortgages are all buy viagra without prescription. It implies that there are governmental regulations around these home transactions. Additionally, rent payments seem to be more expensive than the mortgage payments due to the shortage of homes. In Afghanistan, perhaps mortgages will be what they’re meant to do, help people fight inflation of housing prices.

Addendum: in my search for real estate in Afghanistan I did find a looking for “Real Estate Deelopment” opportunities in Afghanistan. Perhaps he’s on the right track.

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After I graduated from college, I got a job as a software engineer paying around $60,000 per year. I thought that was a fairly good offer, except, I ended up living in San Mateo County, where . I must say, I do enjoy living here even though it is very expensive. For the past two years I shared a three bedroom condo with two other women and paid around $700 a month in rent. In other parts of the country, I am sure you can rent entire houses with that much money, but here it’s pretty much impossible to rent anything more than a studio or single room for that price. My parents have always encouraged me to buy a place of my own, because they do believe that renting is throwing away money. Now that I am forming a new household with my fiance, his parents also suggested that we should buy a place, and they even generously offered to help us with the downpayment.So I did some research on buying a house, and found some excellent housing bubble blogs, and some truly horrifying houses. I blogrolled Irvine Housing Bubble and Dr. Housing Bubble because I love their posts, but the scary homes they feature in the OC and the “Inland empire” really can not compare to the barf-inducing shacks and McMansions in San Mateo county. Here’s somewhat of a faceoff, SoCal housing bubble against NorCal housing bubble:

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SoCal Home quick stats: A small 2 bedroom and 1 bath home measuring 816 sqft, age unknown, listing for $400,000, short sale, last sale price $500,000 on 8/31/2006. For all the rest of the gory details click on the link.

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This house that looks like a matchbox supported by matchsticks is probably the only thing I can afford in this county. When you look at the price per square foot on this home, I might as well just pack up and move to Manhattan. For those of you unfamiliar with the cities in San Mateo County, let me give you an SAT style analogy Southern Californians can instantly understand: Compton: Los Angeles = East Palo Alto : San Mateo. The last sale price on this home was $350,000 on 04/19/2006. That means the seller stands to gain more than $80000 in a little more than a year. This is a gain of 22% in 16 months if it manages to sell. I send the future buyer my condolences. As a direct comparison to the Real Homes of Genius, this East Palo Alto beauty is much older, and costs approximately twice per sqft. It also makes potential buyers feel like San Mateo real estate is really not deflating.


Now onto the next round:

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Lately IrvineRenter has been blogging about homes that are dropping in price back to the prices of yesteryears. So this home he featured is not a trainwreck at all. So the question is, are there any decent San Mateo homes in my favorite neighborhood that’s rolling back prices?

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My search parameters on Redfin was: 1000-1250 sqft, 2 bedroom+ single family home located from Ralston in Belmont to Woodside Rd. in Redwood City west of El Camino Real. The search yielded 39 results, and the average price square foot is a whopping buy viagra without prescription! The San Carlos home featured here is the closest thing to a “rollback”. The last sale price was $760,000 in February of 2006, and the current listing price is $779,900. Needless to say, I cannot afford a home like this. It really makes me wonder who is buying all of these homes since the . I am sincerely hoping that the rollbacks in Southern California and the surrounding counties will move into San Mateo, so people can buy their only little secret hideouts again. For now, my fubby and I are renting a great condo in Redwood City for less than half the mortgage required to buy a similar unit.

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