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Heads up everyone! Next week on the eve of Halloween will be hosted here at !! I expect all of you to some awesome stories to entertain me! I’m super excited since it’s the first carnival I am hosting, and hopefully it will be a spectacular carnival!

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So I am a pretty big fan of The Office and the last episode dealt with the main character Michael Scott’s money troubles. It was quite hilarious because he started working a second job as a telemarketer after work to pay off his credit card debt and declared bankruptcy by screaming loudly “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!” Then he sought help from the office accountant Oscar and Oscar summed up Michael’s expenses with a chart that looks like the following:

Oscar explains the chart to Michael like this, “the green bar is what you spend on stuff you need — the car, the house. The red bar is what you spend on non-essentials, like magazines and entertainment, things like that. This scary black bar is what you spend on things that noone ever ever needs like multiple magic sets, professional bass fishing equipment.” Michael seemed quite oblivious to this assessment and said, “how did you do this so fast, Powerpoint?”

This episode reminded me of a classic The Onion article titled: . Seriously, people spend a lot of money on completely useless things. Here are a sampling of the most useless things I have seen people buy or advertised on TV:

— This thing is about $5000 per pop and had software bugs that propelled its rider off when the batteries ran out. One of my coworkers actually brought one to work and caused quite a commotion, but she never brought it again.

2. A Personal Breathalyzer — This is arguably useful if you’re a partier and you’re responsibly checking your blood alcohol level after each romp, but if you’re semi-coherent I don’t think you would go check your blood alcohol level. Also, if you’re keeling over I don’t think you need a breathalyzer to tell you that you’re drunk.

3. The Autocool — This is something I saw advertised on TV and what is hilarious about the commercial is that it doesn’t show how much the car cools after the Autocool is installed. It has a thermometer for the car without the Autocool and registers about 117 degrees, and for the car with the Autocool the commercial doesn’t tell you the temperature and instead just says it’s “MUCH COOLER!!”. It seems that a lot of people are reporting that it’s a useless piece of plastic.

4. — I really really don’t understand the point of these for completely healthy pets. Usually when my dog goes out he really wants to walk and run around. The point of walking a dog is to give it fresh air and exercise. My dog is a little Pekingese that can’t walk for more than two blocks, but there is no way we will get him a stroller. He really has fun just walking the two blocks everyday.

This is just a small list of things I consider quite useless. I think a lot of people are like Michael and don’t realize that they have spent so much money on “things noone ever ever needs”. Do you have a big black bar like above? What exactly did you buy?

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buy cialis generic cheap Jobverbs 31:10

I am a big fan of the Fortune columnist and I’ve been reading his column for a very long time. He happens to have written a book called and there is a companion site here with . So I haven’t read the book yet but I’d like to write down some types of crazy bosses I have observed.

buy cialis generic cheap — This is the type of crazy boss that thinks he is king of the world. They are always right and they would bite someone’s head off if they want to. Most of the time they are CEOs because there is almost no consequence to their actions in a company. A CEO is technically the king of his/her own empire. The Tyrants are usually fairly clear headed when they get angry and know what they are yelling for. So generally they’re not logically insane, but they are definitely explosively tempered. I am quite familiar with such a personality.

buy cialis generic cheap — I think most of these are mid-level managers without too many real skills. They are paranoid because they are afraid they can be downsized at any moment. The paranoia makes them delusional and they start to blame their underlings for anything that goes wrong whether or not the event is their fault. Paranoid delusionals are harder to deal with than Tyrants because they don’t understand reason. Paranoid delusionals can also be a little bipolar and treat you really nicely one day and put you in the dog house the next. This type of crazy boss is probably the most difficult to deal with and could drive you insane, too.

buy cialis generic cheap — These guys don’t really care about work and would gladly have a beer bash every day. It might seem awesome to have one of them as a boss at first, but eventually you realize something is not quite right. What is worse is that you may become a slacker like your boss and lose all motivation towards an honest day’s work. The Partiers are also more likely to pull stunts like making you cover for them because they’re drunk. I would say I haven’t really met a true party boss yet. Though, there are a couple that came close.

buy cialis generic cheap — These guys are direct opposites to the Party Animals. They are willing to work their team to the bone for their own sense of accomplishment. Usually their underlings are quite unhappy and these crazy bosses LOVE to take credit for any good that comes out of his or her slave driving. These bosses tend to make their people leave quite quickly. I think these crazies are quite common and it’s quite easy to recognize them when you start getting calls on the weekends to go into the office when you don’t even get overtime pay.

buy cialis generic cheap– These are bosses with substance abuse or gambling problems. They are obviously sick and need help, but they are still functional enough to hold onto a job. Before they fall to their ultimate demise they may regularly assert their power and borrow money from their work flunkies and not return it. I have already seen two cases of these crazies and in both cases they were fired. The best thing for a victim to do is to report such behavior as soon as possible and get the crazy boss fired. Unfortunately a lot of people are afraid of their bosses and a lot of times these addicts are quite manipulative and lie as easily as they breathe.

buy cialis generic cheap — These bosses may seem extremely normal and actually get you to work with praises and compliments. Then when review time comes and you’re due for a raise you don’t get it. Then they give a lot of excuses as to why you’re not getting a raise but still pay you with compliments and possibly a free lunch. Then behind your back they wipe their brow and think to themselves, “I just suckered that guy out of a $4000 raise with a seven dollar lunch”. It’s hard to spot this type of crazy, and that is because they’re deviously smart and manipulative.

buy cialis generic cheap — Personally I haven’t met one of these, but I have heard many many stories of these crazies. They are the reason why you may have had to sit through a sexual harassment training seminar. Many companies now also have rules on whether or not a supervisor could ask his or her direct employee out to drinks after work. Once again, these bosses can be reported, but usually it’s harder to prove that your boss sexually harassed you than proving that your boss is an addict. It would be good to save emails or tape recordings in case you meet a crazy like this.

Fortunately, I have not had any of these personalities as my direct supervisor, but I have definitely interacted with some of these crazy bosses. If you have had a crazy manager, how would you dissect his or her personality?

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This is something that has puzzled me for years. Why do Americans allow babies to poop and pee so freely and spend a fortune on diapers? It’s understandable when babies can’t move around and go to the toilet, but when babies start to walk around they can be trained to go to potty by themselves. Normal toilets are way too big for babies but when I was young I had a tiny potty that fit me perfectly. My mom said that soon after I started walking I was able to do my business in my personal porcelain throne and I only got excrement on myself when I was sick and couldn’t control myself. Of course, my parents had to empty the potty out and clean it daily, but it’s not really much worse than cleaning up after a puppy or cleaning a regular toilet that is heavily soiled. A baby potty isn’t very expensive, but I’m not sure if they’re widely used here in America.

This weekend I spent some time with my friend’s baby. He’s exactly 17 months today and he is walking around quite capably. He is still wearing a diaper and is quite used to pooping standing up. His dad told us a funny story of where he was playing ball with the baby. Suddenly the baby needed to poop and concentrated on pooping while he stood there. Instead of catching the ball he let it hit himself in the face. It is pretty comical to me because the boy is quite smart and is learning words by the mouthful. He can certainly learn to poop in a potty and his parents can probably save hundreds of dollars on diapers.

Today I discussed this issue with my coworkers during lunch and one of them is an immigrant from Vietnam. He recounted that he had a baby potty, too. His parents set the potty outside of the house and let him do his business there. He also doesn’t understand why toddlers here routinely soil themselves. It also amazes me that there are products like Pull-ups that probably prolong the potty training process. It is almost like a diaper industry conspiracy to take your money and keep your child ignorant. I don’t have a kid yet but I think I can probably save a lot of diaper money just by training my child to use the potty as soon as possible. Babies are really smarter than people expect them to be.

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Recently I read an article titled on and I wondered if wealth can be detrimental to a marriage. The article was based on a survey 433 independently wealthy men and women and the conclusion is that almost half say that they’re unhappy in their marriage and more than half have been unfaithful in the past three years. Those unhappy with their marriage also fear divorce would be very costly and hurt their business dealings so they stay together. The article was focused on the wealthy and it makes you wonder if money affects the quality of a marriage. This leads me to ask, can wealth be detrimental to a marriage?

I believe that wealth is generally a good thing in marriage because it gets rid of worries about affording basic needs. However, as my ex-roommate always said, “marriages are difficult at best”. So I think the problem with having a tremendous amount money in a marriage is that the focus shifts to the cash rather than the spouse. For example, what I found interesting in the Forbes article is that most of the wealth of these couples were accumulated during marriage, and yet 75% of those with assets over 10 million agreed that marriage hindered their financial success. I can see instances where a marriage can hinder one’s financial success. For example, a married person who has to take care of a spouse and children is less likely to take large financial risks or be very mobile to take on new jobs and opportunities. However, these wealthy folks ARE very successful and they did it while married. So the fact that they think their marriage hindered their financial success means that they don’t think they are as successful as they hope to be. This makes me think that they are more focused on their money than their marriage.

Another “problem” with accumulating a massive amount of wealth during a marriage is that people can change from working together to working against each other. What I mean is that when young couples get together and have nothing they try to work together to make a better life, and sometimes when that better life is achieved people get more possessive of the things they have. That is why in the Forbes article a large percentage of the wealthy have hidden and protected assets. I think this is another example of putting money over marriage.

I also find it funny and ironic that money keeps unhappy people together because it is too costly for them to get a divorce. I hope that I will never get to that stage in my marriage. Ultimately, money is inanimate and neutral and shouldn’t be detrimental to marriages

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