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After we moved to Popo’s house, I sent my daughter to the nearby Queen Liliuokalani Elementary for school. I walked into a Chinese restaurant because I have often heard in China that Chinese students worked in restaurants. Even if my English were poor I could still wash dishes and earn a bit of money for tuition.

When I walked into the restaurant I met a Chinese host. I asked him if they needed people to help with the dishwashing. He sized me up from head to toe and knew that I was probably a student from mainland China. He said that they did not need anyone at the moment, and if I were a student I would need a work permit from the school. I was disappointed and wallowed a bit at home. I thought to myself even though our family is reunited, I did not have a job or money for school. In fact, it is hard for me to get any job at all. What should I do?

Helen has a friend who works as a saleswoman at the world renowned International Marketplace in Waikiki. She suggested that I try my luck there. So on the third day of arriving in Hawaii, I took the bus to Waikiki. Waikiki means “spouting water”, and indicates that the rivers and waterfalls flow into the ocean. It is an extremely popular white sand beach that is more than one mile long. Along the beach there are many expensive hotels such as Hilton,Sheraton, and Hyatt.

Waikiki is also surrounded by a forest of restaurants and shops. In the center of it all there is a massive attraction called the International Marketplace. This place has many small shops where tourists can buy souvenirs. Additionally there is a food court where people can taste foods from all around the world. In this marketplace there is a small lane that is approximately 150 meters, and it is known as “Duke’s Lane”. On both sides of the lane there are small shops that sold souvenirs. These souvenirs included gold and silver jewelry, crystal, wood carvings, and other random knick knacks associated with Hawaii. For example, there are little toy hula girls. Additionally there are shops that sell exclusively T-shirts or beach towels. Basically it is a market full of small time entrepreneurs.

Because Duke’s Lane is directly in the path from several large hotels to the beach, the business from tourists is usually red hot. In this lane most of the shop owners are Korean. Korean women are very diligent and outgoing and many of them spoke Japanese because Japan occupied them for a fairly long time. Besides Korean people, about 1/5 of the store owners were Chinese. Most of them were Vietnamese Chinese or Taiwanese with the exception of one mainland Chinese man who came to Hawaii in the early 80s as an international student.

I stepped off the bus and walked into this narrow lane. The Koreans on both sides thought that I was Japanese and started hollering in Japanese.

“Misetekudasai. Ima, 非常 yasui!” (Please take a look, right now it’s very cheap!) (Note: My dad wrote the Japanese part phonetically in Chinese. He took Japanese for a while in China so he understood these saleswomen. I only took Japanese for a year so I’m not sure if I transliterated it back correctly. Please correct us if you could. This is the original Chinese transliteration of the Japanese my dad wrote “buy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescriptionbuy generic viagra online without prescription)

“Umiyagi takusan arimasu” (There are a lot of souvenirs!)

These Korean girls would yell as they pulled you towards their stores. At that time I did not have the heart or money to buy any travel souvenirs. Even though I understood them I pretended that I didn’t, and kept on walking as I shook my head. A Korean girl still wanted me to go to her store, and I suddenly said in Chinese, “I don’t want to!” Now they knew that I was not a rich Japanese tourist, and stopped their yelling. That was in the early 90s, but now things have changed. Recently I heard from friends in Hawaii that now many Chinese people are spending fists full of money in Hawaii. Now I think perhaps these Korean women are learning Chinese.

To be continued!

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This morning as I drove to work I saw a cluster of pink and red balloons flying into a vast and endless blue sky. I laughed to myself in the car because I imagined a poor man somewhere on the other side of the street watching the $40 he just spent flying away. Anyway, my is receiving a lot of views on Wise Bread today. My hubby read my article and he is going to cook for me!! I am so excited! He is preparing a sea scallop and mushroom risotto with some homemade mushroom and spinach ravioli. *drools*

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day if you’re into it. Just remember that it’s a capitalistic conspiracy for you to pull out your wallets. Resist if you can!

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buy generic viagra online without prescription

The plane landed at Tokyo International Airport for a transfer, and then flew directly to Honolulu International Airport. We left Shanghai on the morning of August 15th, but because of the time difference we landed in Honolulu in the afternoon of August 15th after flying for fourteen hours. The reunion of our family on August 15th has finally arrived! At the airport, we saw Helen, the person we have been missing day and night for over a year. She was wearing a sky blue dress decorated with large pink flowers that my old classmate An Lang’s wife made for her. Because Hawaii’s sun, she was tanned, and she seemed a bit slimmer than I last saw her, but she was quite energetic. When she saw us she hugged our daughter tight and repeated over and over, “Xin-head, mommy missed you so much! Mommy missed you so much! Do you miss mommy?” Xin nodded her head, but she was really thinking of her new Game Boy.

When we exited the airport, Helen’s landlady Lory drove our entire family onto the highway with her Mazda. For the first time I saw a highway several lanes wide with cars flying through it. It is a scene I have only seen in movies, and it finally hit me that I was in an unfamiliar country. Even though this was Hawaii, one of the famed scenic spots in the world, I did not have the appetite to enjoy the scenery. When we arrived at Lory’s home, Helen took us to a nearby McDonalds for a meal. It was Xin’s first time eating at McDonalds, and she enjoyed it very much, but I was not used to eating raw vegetables between bread. More importantly, I thought about how I had no way to go back, and I did not know what lies ahead, and I wondered how I was going to survive.

Now, I must give everyone a few basic facts about Hawaii. Hawaii is a group of islands including the four main islands of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island because it has the largest area), O’ahu, Maui, and Kauai. Additionally there are hundreds of smaller atolls and islands. Honolulu is the state capital of Hawaii, and it is on O’ahu. At that time Honolulu had over 800,000 inhabitants. Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States, and it is also the last state to enter the union in year 1959. Hawaii has three main industries in its economy: tourism, tropical agriculture, and the United States military.  When I arrived in Hawaii, it was in the midst of a serious recession.  Since the Cold War  just ended, America reduced its troops in Hawaii and that caused quite a bit of unemployment.  Additionally, because of the rising costs of agricultural wages in Hawaii and the increase supply of tropical fruits from South America, the competitiveness of Hawaiian agricultural products was drastically falling.  Even though at the beginning of the 90s Japan’s economy was weakening, the Japanese yen was still quite strong against the dollar.  Almost half of the tourists that came to Hawaii were Japanese, and thus most of Hawaii’s economy was supported by tourism.

Since our entire family arrived in Hawaii, we were not able to fit in Lory’s home.  However, a friend from school introduced Helen to another live in situation.  This time, we were to live with a 93 year old  Chinese lady.  We called her “popo”, which means grandma in Chinese.  She had a huge house near the foot of Diamond Head.  Popo came to Hawaii as a child bride in the early 1900s.  Her husband died quite early, and she worked as a housekeeper and raised five children by herself.  Two of her children are engineers, one is a shop keeper, one is a real estate agent, and another is a teacher.  Popo had a bad temper, and often yelled at her children.  Even though her children were very filial, they were also terrified by her.  Even though she had quite a full house of descendants, none of them wanted to live with her.  She gave our family a very large bedroom and did not charge us rent.  In exchange, we cleaned the house and maintained the yard.  When we cooked dinner we also shared food with her.  Thus we were able to settle down in Hawaii.

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For the past week I have been vacationing down in the with my hubby’s family. We spent Christmas cooking and eating and then we did various things like shopping, gaming, and more eating. My hubby was extremely excited over purchasing a double down puffy jacket at the at Puente Hills Mall for $8.98! Actually everything in the store was $8.98 because it was a grand opening sale and the entire time we were in the store the hubby was saying, “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!” I thought it was extremely cute that he got excited over cheap stuff. Apparently there will be a Steve and Barry’s opening in San Jose sometime in the future and maybe they will have such a sale too.

Besides being delighted by cheap jackets, we went to a couple of the Southern Californian restaurants that my hubby has been craving for. We managed to go to and . He also wanted to go to El Pollo Loco. (There is certainly a theme of chicken to these restaurants.) I have to say that Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets are quite good, and unfortunately the closest one in Northern California is about two hours away from us in Sacramento.We only recently found out that there is a Thai BBQ in South San Francisco, but everything in the SoCal location was $1.00 cheaper. I guess the rent is just higher in South San Francisco. We also had a LOT of boba milktea everywhere we went. When we visited the hubby’s friend J Allan and he drove us to Pasadena to see their “old stomping grounds” (Caltech). The entire city was gearing up for the Rose Parade and there were bleachers erected all over the streets. We ate at a small hole in wall restaurant called The Pasadena Sandwich Company. This is a place that makes sandwiches that are bigger than newborns and they’re mostly under $8. We all ordered something called “Trust the Cook”, which is basically a random sandwich. Then we ended the day with a lot of Rock Band.

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to the San Diego Natural History Museum’s special exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a short tour of the U.S.S Nimitz. The Dead Sea Scrolls are absolutely amazing because the Biblical texts they contain actually validate a lot of our modern day Bible. Additionally, the exhibit emphasized that the ideas written by the Jews in turbulent times thousands of years ago still applies to us today. There are also a lot of texts not related to the Bible and one of them that caught a lot of people’s attention is a copper scroll that is basically a treasure map to vast amounts of gold and riches from the temple of Jerusalem. It is believed that the treasure was hidden before the temple was destroyed. On the same day my sister in law’s boyfriend took us on a tour on the U.S.S. Nimitz because he lives and serves on the ship. The seasoned aircraft carrier is literally a fort on the water. I think there were about twelve to thirteen floors and it took us a while to walk up to the landing strip and flight deck at the top. We did go after sundown so a lot of areas were closed off or were going under renovations. The U.S.S. Reagan was entirely decked out in red and green holiday lights along the right side of the Nimitz and it was pretty impressive looking also. Unfortunately I have no pictures of these because photography was not allowed in either place.

One thing that really stuck out to me is how much sprawling land there is down south and how much we had to drive to each location. Here in San Mateo everything seems so crowded and there is a lot of apartment buildings and tiny single family homes. Down south it seems that the standard home has four bedrooms (at least in Chino Hills). I picked up an issue of the Home and Land magazine down there and I was totally amazed that you could rent one of these giant houses for less than the cost of our condo. It is possible that one day the hubby and I would move down there, but it would be at least a few years from now.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a fun and safe holiday and that today was a wonderful beginning of the new year!

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During a recent lunch with my coworkers we discussed marriage and two guys voiced their opposition to the institution of marriage. They weren’t against the concept of being monogamous at all. One man said that he doesn’t like the fact that he has to register his marriage with the government. He really doesn’t mind having a longterm commitment to one woman and he isn’t against having a ceremony declaring his current live-in girlfriend as his wife, but he feels that it’s ridiculous that the government has to get into a private union such as marriage and charge additional taxes. Another man said that he doesn’t like the fact marriage has historically been a business deal where a woman becomes the property of a man. He says that marriage is still very much about the ownership of property and he just thinks it’s a really archaic custom where two people join to increase their wealth.

I think they both had valid points. Marriage is an economic union no matter how we slice it. In many cultures it is customary to marry someone in the same economic standing as you are. In China the saying for the compatibility of economic stature is “meng dang hu dui”, which literally translates to “the suitable door and the matching household”. In Arab countries it is also common for cousins to marry each other in order to keep wealth within the same family. I think in America it is more of an unspoken rule , but for the most part couples I know do come from fairly similar economic backgrounds. If one partner happens to be a lot poorer than the other they may be labeled as a “golddigger” or “mooch”.

Disregarding arranged marriages, I think one of the main reasons we tend to end up with people in our own economic echelon is that these people usually live in the same neighborhoods, have similar educational backgrounds, and have common social circles. Also, when two people get married it’s easier to adapt to a lifestyle that is familiar to both of them so having similar economic backgrounds is actually a good thing for a marriage. So in most cases where we marry laterally we have an economic union that is a partnership or merger of sorts. In such a marriage the two parties have equal economic clout in the household.

In cases where one person “marries up” to another, the economic dynamics is more like a buyout. Basically the partner with more money could hold more power over the less financially endowed partner. As my coworker said, oftentimes women were treated like property in a marriage and it still happens today in many countries because women in those are forbidden to work and earn income.

I think in both cases there are problems and compromises have to be made for any marriage to work. In the case where two people are fairly equal in wealth and income there may be too much independence. Since a marriage is about combining two lives together into one the combining of spending and finances may be an issue of contention. I think the hubby and I have it figured out mostly. In the case where one person has no income or very little income the other partner may have too much power, and when that partner abuses that power there would be major problems in the relationship. Millionaire Mommy Next Door had an entire article about and unfortunately a lot of people are in these relationships where the person who brings home the bacon asserts his/her power with money. On the flipside of the coin, sometimes the person who earns money isn’t necessarily an abuser, but is just fed up with being a provider and becomes resentful. That is why there are sites like where men who feel trapped go to rant about their lives. However, I think these financially imbalanced marriages can work well if both partners appreciate each other more for what they do. A lot of stay at home partners do a lot of things around the household to improve the lives of the whole family, and that is work too. As long as both people recognize each other for what they do and care about money a bit less then it should work out.

Since a marriage is a very long relationship sometimes one partner’s financial situation changes so much that they’re no longer equals, or the person who married up suddenly started to earn more money than the other. In these cases there are problems because money can change people. In the case of , the couple started out with nothing, but his wife managed to help him get through Harvard Business School and then quit her job after he became an executive. Their marriage ended in a very public divorce where his exwife Lorna battled for half of his fortune. It is very unfortunate that these types of divorces happen over and over again.

Money issues is the number one reason couples divorce each other, so it’s best to figure out what kind of economic relationship you have with your mate before you get married. If you are already married having open and honest talks about your concerns with each other also helps a lot. I am still a newlywed but I hope that money will not change my hubby and I. So what sort of economic union do you have? A merger in progress or a total buyout? Are you a victim of economic abuse or are you a resentful provider?

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