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viagra facts

It has been three years since I graduated from college, and it certainly has been interesting. I made quite a few friends, and also picked up a hodgepodge of technical skills . Oh yeah,. So now what? Well, my grand goal is to become financially independent in 7 years because by then I would have served corporate America for a total of 10 years, and I think that is enough. Is this doable? Well..

I know it’s doable because my parents earned enough to retire together in the past 10 years despite having more financial challenges than my husband and I. Ten years ago my parents were more than forty years old and their salaries were much lower than our current salaries even after adjusting for inflation. They had pretty much no savings because they just graduated from grad school and they spent what money they had on the relocation from Hawaii to the Bay Area and bought a car. They also put me through college and weathered the dot com bubble, but they managed to do quite well. If they wanted to retire now, they really could do it. My mom doesn’t think so, but actually the numbers are in their favor. So I really see their success as an inspiration and a mark of certainty that my husband and I can do the same.

My mom once said that I can’t use them as a benchmark because they are much older than us so we need a lot more money for retirement. She also said that I was a very cheap child to raise so maybe we won’t be so lucky with our future kid(s). Additionally, inflation is running wild now and the buying power of their money was greater than ours. Another thing is that their Social Security benefits will be much better than ours. I have considered all of those things and I still think it is possible for me to quit my job in seven years because we are currently of our income. Additionally, I will keep on writing so I will have some income and the hubby doesn’t necessarily have to quit his job. Though he did say that if we were financially secure and he did not need to work he would design and program games on his own rather than work for a company where he doesn’t have total control over the process of creating a game. He also loves kids so he said that if he has the opportunity to be home with our future offspring he would take it. So I take those comments as an indication that if we could both “retire”, he would join me.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate my job and I don’t hate working, but I hate the fact that society makes us believe we are supposed to stop working at age 65 or 67. At that age, you don’t have that many years left to enjoy life. I think ultimately retirement for me and my husband means that we can pursue our own passions rather than whoring our talents and adding to someone else’s bottom line.

Seven years is really a stretch goal for our financial independence because we would only be 32 by that time and we would have to support ourselves for many years. I calculated that we probably need at least a portfolio worth $1.4 to $1.5 million with the based on an assumption that we live on around 4% of the portfolio and our side income. Some people think I am a bit crazy, but I really believe that it is possible even with children. Anyway, we will see in seven years, and hopefully is still around then so all of you can see if this grand goal has been achieved.

viagra facts

This story comes from my friend   He has really finished working and is now traveling around Asia like a retirement hobo should.  He is sending his friends emails and I really liked this story so I asked him if I could post this story on my blog.  He said YAHHH!!! So here it is!

Just wanted to share one day with you all.

A few days ago, a friend introduced me to his private mountain.  That’s right, a mountain.  He bought it years ago as an investment property but the license fell through and now he turned it into a farm where he and his family can camp out and eat fresh organic vegetables and tropical fruits he grows and barbecue fresh farmed trout from their pond.

We entered the gate that marked the mountain he owned…that’s right, a mountain…and it was so nice.  The weather was semi-tropical, a slight mist in the air, with the sunset beaming the day’s last rays through the myriad of trees, scattering light onto the stone path.  We drove a few hundred meters and reached his man-made cottage and barn.  There was some ducks and geese chilling by the lake and a bunch of vegetables and fruits growing in an orchard.

One of the fruits, when literally translated from Chinese (neither of us knew the English name) is called the “Fire Dragon Fruit” and was named because of its fire-reddish color that mixed in shades of orange and yellow (kinda like a mango) and it’s skin made it seem like it had scales (kinda like an artichoke).  It grew on a huge cactus that vined around and its flower was a huge tropical-looking red blossom (kinda like that plant that kills you in the movie, Jumanji).

His cottage had electricity and running water somehow (I’m guessing magic), and he put on a hot pot of water to boil some organic fresh tea he picked straight up from the garden.  We took a little hike and he pointed out the pond of fish, a waterfall and a creek, and various small reptiles and lizards.

We settle down on his porch and he tells me to get ready for some show that his magical mountain…that’s right, a magical mountain…was about to start.  He turns off all the lights and we wait.  A steady stream of water, frogs ribits, and other loud insects keeps the silence away while we wait.  Then a flicker of light flashes in the trees…too quick and sudden to be the sun, which has already completely set.  Then slowly, a chorus of small flashing lights, like lighters at a P-Diddy concert remembering B.I.G. while he raps “I’ll be missing you”, lights up the mountain.  Turns out, it was mating season for fireflies and his private mountain….that’s right, fireflies….was one of the few places left that had the right amount of water, humidity, firefly food for us to view them in the density that we saw.

Thousands of lights twinkle on and off lighting the forest.  We were able to catch them in our hands and make them flash lights to the music of Kanye West’s “Stronger” bumping from my iphone.  Well….not really, but we were able to catch them and that was kinda cool.

Anyways, that was one of my better days.  I hope the excruciatingly painful details I provided was a good alternative to my usual banter of falling off fences, psychobabble about father and son, and dudes that looks like ladies.  I’ll write some direct replies to your emails now too since I have all day on the internet today.

Until next time, kids.

viagra facts

Since the hubby and I do not have any debt, we do not know the stress of debt, but there is definitely stress in saving money. First, you have to be vigilant about deals and sales when you want something.  Then you make sure you use your coupons. You also do things like budgeting to make sure that you have money to save.  Then after you save your money you have to figure out how to allocate it and manage it so you don’t lose what you worked for to inflation and other larger forces. Sometimes I do find managing our growing portfolio to be a pain in the butt.  One time my hubby laughed at me when I groaned at the dropping interest rate on our accounts and he jokingly said that he used to manage his money by spending it and I should do the same and cut out all this stress.  I glared at him a bit and told him that the interest rate on his entertainment fund as prescribed by also dropped.  At that moment he screamed in a dramatic fashion, “Nooooooooooooooooo! SCREW YOU FEDERAL RESERVE! YOU STOLE my game money!”

Surprisingly after eight months of marriage, the hubby and I almost never fought about money issues even though he is more of a spender.  I think one reason that we do not fight about money is that we have no debt.  From what I have read in the news and heard from friends, the stress of debt is very draining and even debilitating. One woman wrote me saying that she feels like she is always behind on the bills and she hates that feeling because it is like she doesn’t have control over her own life.  Unfortunately sometimes it creates a vicious cycle because research showed that when . When I watched the movie , I was shocked that people actually killed themselves over credit card debt. I can’t say I know how that feels,but I imagine it is extreme psychological torture for people to take such extreme measures.

I think will take the stress of saving money over the stress of debt any time of the day. I don’t mind that the hubby and others laugh at my Ferengi ways because I find it funny, too. I have also learned a lot about the world and the economy through my research into how to manage my money.  In the end, the work I put into saving money gives me a sense of security and well being. Every month I pay our bills and then add up the amounts in our various portfolios and give the hubby a short net worth report. It’s always good to know that we have a financial cushion to fall back on and we are  ahead of the bills, and I truly believe that it is good for our marriage.

viagra facts

One thing I have noticed about insurance and investment ads on TV is that the spokesperson is often a middle aged male. Usually the ads have a person deliver the product information and show the company logo. They are good and classy ads, but they don’t appeal to me very much. As a woman I feel like investing firms do not market to women very much. I think financial firms could gain a lot by effectively marketing to women, and here are some of my thoughts on the topic.

In a way, I think the traditional financial ads show the belief that middle age men control the most money in this world. For the most part that is true, but women are starting to earn more money than ever before and they need to manage it. Usually women love to research for extensive information before they plop down their hard earned money on some investment so pithy ads that says “My company is awesome” do not work as well. I think what appeals more to women are community portals or human representatives. However, in depth content like that costs more to build.

I hate to say this, but women can be more emotional than men and be irrational sometimes. So advertising could take advantage of women’s emotions. For example, I have read a lot of complaints by men who say that their wives forced them into buying a house in the recent years. I have to say that in nine out of ten couples I have met it’s the wife that wants to buy a house. So the entire housing industry sold the idea that “you are buying a home” and many people fell for it. Even now, the ads from the housing industry seem to be targeting women more than men, and they are very effective because they try to emotionally attach people to a few walls and a roof. If the investment industry could be as effective as the housing industry in marketing to women, I am sure they could make quite a bit of money because even though a man could be the breadwinner in the house, it’s the woman that’s in charge of distributing the money.

I think if financial firms took an effort to attract female investors they will not only get more customers, but better customers. A survey from a few years ago which studied 100000 portfolios Women are more tolerant and studied investors and take less risk, and their portfolios grow bigger with patience. If an investment firm gets a female customer they are more likely to get a customer that holds a fund or portfolio for a while, and that means better returns for the company. Women also live longer than men on average, so investment firms should definitely learn to market to all those rich widows.

viagra facts

According to various measurements, the price of food and energy have increased anywhere from 6% to 9% in the past year. Meanwhile the interest rate on savings accounts have been slashed dramatically to less than 2%. In this environment, it is easy for a saver to feel like a fool, but there are ways you can mitigate the effects of inflation and still save for the future.

viagra facts- Obviously, you can’t stockpile fresh food for very long, but you can certainly keep quite a bit of dried, canned, and freezable goods.  If you have room for storage, things like pasta or wine can be kept for a pretty long time. Sales are even better for stockpiling. For example, in my story about I got quite a bit of pasta roni,canned tomatoes, and toothpaste for very little money. Now I wish I bought more because we went through the food pretty quickly. Stockpiling food is a form of non-financial investment that could pay off better than stocks as long as you do eat the food before it goes bad.
viagra facts – I have a few stock holdings that have been giving out very high dividends. The ones I own are mostly natural resource and mineral stocks. I’m not an expert in stock picking, though, so the percentage of my individual stock holding is about 6% of my entire portfolio. There are a lot of ways to pick your dividend stocks and a simple and popular method is In the current market, you have to be careful with the stocks that give too high of an yield because some of them may be dying financial services. As always, do your research before you invest.
viagra facts – If buying a house makes sense in your area it may be a good hedge against inflation. I am a staunch bubble sitter here in because home prices are still way too high to justify buying a home. If inflation actually drove rent to within 10% of mortgage prices, I would consider buying, but the situation I am facing now is that home prices are falling but rent is still 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a mortgage on a comparable unit. However, if you can afford a home and in your area it is cheaper to buy than rent, it makes sense to buy a house to protect yourself against further rent hikes. As long as you get a fixed rate mortgage, your payments will stay the same throughout the term of a home loan.

I am sure there are many other ways people protect their savings from inflation. I have read that many people invest in I-Bonds or TIPS, which have variable rates related to inflation. I actually own some I-Bonds because they are state tax free. The problem is that these treasury bonds fluctuate with the core inflation rate, which doesn’t include food and energy. The result is that the return is lower than the real inflation, but they are generally better than dumping all your money in the bank or in a money market. The key is that you can manage your money well and diminish the effect of inflation when you put a little time into it. What have you been doing to fight inflation?

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