<%3Fxml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"%3F> Generic cialis soft tabs products » Canada Pharmacy - (OTC) Non-Prescription. and she is selling crafting supplies, hand crafted cards, and pre-assembled scrapbook pages.   She also made a  pretty neat shadow box  for me and the hubby so I think she could sell those, too.   She is still working on getting her et up but she already made a lot of great progress on her current websites and looks really great.  She also has on her blog and I think her designs are all pretty cute.

Some good articles from her blog about her journey include:

– This describes her checklist for starting her business

– This describes how she got her business license.

I think it is really awesome that she is able to do something she loves to do and her hubby is pretty supportive.  I thought it was pretty courageous of her to quit her fairly uninspiring job in this economy, too.  I am sure that she will learn a lot  more through this process of starting her own business and her success will depend on how much work she puts into it.  The coolest thing about is that it will be her enterprise from the beginning.

Anyway, I hope that she gets lots of clients and buyers in the future and I am looking forward to see her new designs.    Good luck !

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]]> http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2009/07/15/my-sister-in-law-started-a-business/feed/ 1 Generic cialis soft tabs products » Canada Pharmacy - (OTC) Non-Prescription. http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/17/should-you-buy-a-business-or-build-your-own/ http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/17/should-you-buy-a-business-or-build-your-own/#comments Tue, 17 Jun 2008 17:32:29 +0000 admin http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/17/should-you-buy-a-business-or-build-your-own/ Well, I haven’t blogged for four days, and it feels like an eternity, seriously. This weekend I was down in Southern California for a wedding and that involved about 14 hours of driving between my husband and I. On Monday I was swamped with work and I kept on wanting to sleep so I didn’t blog at all, but at least this article I wrote for the Money Blog Network went up on Wise Bread, !

Anyway, before I left I checked out . Her story is pretty inspiring in that she is a young woman in the Silicon Valley who built up a business and recently sold it for more than a million dollars. Now she is semi-retired and writing. Recently she bought an established website on Sitepoint to run as a new business and she is only a year older than me. So this led me to browse the Sitepoint marketplace and learn about buying established websites.

So far, I haven’t made a purchase because just like any investment, it takes a lot of research to find a profitable business worth buying. A lot of the cheaper websites that cost under $1000 have less traffic than my sites or just aren’t very interesting. I see most sites in the following categories:

  • Forums
  • Scraper sites that steal content
  • Directories
  • Blogs
  • Established e-commerce sites
  • E-books
  • Spam sites full of ads with a good domain name
  • Proxy sites

There are also some unique sites with custom software, but those are very very expensive. I think if I buy a site, the only category of sites I am interested in buying is a good forum because those have user generated content that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about. As long as a community is there it would be fine. I don’t want another blog because blogs takes time to create new content for and oftentimes readers are loyal to the original writer of the blog that made it popular so once you buy it a lot of its value is lost. I also don’t want a spammy site full of butts. Anyway, it seems that people price their sites at a multiple of their monthly revenue, so anything that’s pulling a decent income becomes very expensive. However, there are gems in the rough. For example, there are sites that webmasters have not monetized at all because all they created a site as a hobby, but want to get rid of it due to it being too much work. So this creates another segment of entrepreneurs who buy a site on the cheap, slap on some ads, and then flip it for a profit. I think that’s a pretty interesting business on its own, but it takes time to research and find the best “fixer-upper”.

Anyway, as I have said to many people. I only need about 10 to 20 times my current blog income across my three blogs to quit my job and work on this full time. There is definitely potential for my blogs to grow. Currently my site is growing quite healthily and could even surpass The Baglady in traffic with minimal promotion. It is already on the , my favorite real estate site. I guess people just browse that site page after page looking at the home prices falling by 200k to 300k like they are watching a train wreck. So if I concentrate on my current blogs and make them grow to their fullest potential I don’t have to buy any more sites. It may take a longer time, but it would be all mine. If I do buy a established site, I will need to spend time to integrate it onto my webserver and learn about running the new site and that may neglect my current ventures a little bit.

Anyway, I will probably still look out for good sites to purchase, but those are very rare and people snap them up very quickly. I am more of a cautious investor and I never buy anything without a lot of research so I probably won’t be buying something within 30 minutes of the listing so I might miss out on some good ones, but I should be able to avoid a lot of bad ones. Looking at some of the better sites for sale, I am amazed at what some of these very young people have done in terms of online income. The biggest sites with millions of page views a day are basically another full time job and cost a lot for bandwidth so I probably don’t want those. I would be happy with 25000 page views a day and enough money to cover my living expenses after taxes. Maybe next year?

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http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/17/should-you-buy-a-business-or-build-your-own/feed/ 6
Generic cialis soft tabs products » Canada Pharmacy - (OTC) Non-Prescription. http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/02/a-profitable-business-doesnt-have-to-be-based-on-a-brilliant-technical-idea/ http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/02/a-profitable-business-doesnt-have-to-be-based-on-a-brilliant-technical-idea/#comments Tue, 03 Jun 2008 06:51:22 +0000 admin http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/02/a-profitable-business-doesnt-have-to-be-based-on-a-brilliant-technical-idea/ Currently I work at a startup that does some brilliant technical things with software security. Honestly, I would not have thought of the idea the founders came up with in a million years. The funny thing is that no matter how powerful or brilliant of an anti-hacking software product we create, we can’t prevent the physical theft of machines from datacenters with it. It is basically impossible for our software to jump out and club a thief on the head. This means that companies still need to hire security guards at sensitive datacenters to prevent the physical attacks of information thieves. I think what is interesting is that the idea behind a physical security firm doesn’t take a PhD to understand, but these security firms are just as vital as my company in preventing data theft.

So what I have realized is that many thriving businesses are actually based on fairly simple ideas. As long as there is a need for a service or product, there is money to be made. The problem with simple ideas is that they are easy to copy so there might be a lot of competition, but with enough research and great execution they can still be very successful.

When it comes to execution of a simple business idea, technical ingenuinity and techniques could propel the business quite a bit. For example, many steps in a retail business can be automated, and having a good online store gives the business a huge competitive advantage. Great internet marketing also helps many small businesses make their presence known in the entire world. These technological advances make simple ideas easier to implement and become profitable.

Another great advantage to simple ideas is that the business could be very easy to duplicate and having a few simple businesses that run off the same infrastructure is easier than working on a complex business idea with a high barrier of entry. So even though there may be more competition, as long as the amount of available business is huge there shouldn’t be any problems to making a simple business profitable.

I am looking into starting a business or two that can be easily automated and generates recurring income. I have a couple ideas, and they may seem silly, but I think as long as I follow through and execute them well they can be quite profitable. Ultimately, I will need to be selling something that people want, and it is my job to create a product that helps people at a great price point. We will see if anything pans out and I will definitely announce my progress as I get to it.

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http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/06/02/a-profitable-business-doesnt-have-to-be-based-on-a-brilliant-technical-idea/feed/ 4
Generic cialis soft tabs products » Canada Pharmacy - (OTC) Non-Prescription. http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/04/14/the-55th-carnival-of-money-stories-tax-day-edition/ http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/04/14/the-55th-carnival-of-money-stories-tax-day-edition/#comments Tue, 15 Apr 2008 05:01:25 +0000 admin http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/04/14/the-55th-carnival-of-money-stories-tax-day-edition/

Welcome to the 55th edition of It’s that time of the year again. In Vietnam they are celebrating the national holiday of Gio to Hung Vuong, but here in the United States it is time for all of us to hand in our tax forms. I just begrudgingly mailed out my tax forms with payment, but today’s carnival certainly cheered me up. We have nearly 30 great stories about life and money. Enjoy!

generic cialis soft tabs products

Praveen writes that at . Apparently you don’t have to be freaked out when you receive a letter from the IRS.

Will presents posted at . This is a scary story of debt collectors who would freeze pension statements.

Silicon Valley Blogger tells us posted at . I am so jealous!

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Kyle from Amateur Asset Collector gives us . It seems like Kyle paid a bit too much taxes on alcohol when he was in his twenties.

Mr. Cheap presents posted at . This is Mr. Cheap’s story about the tariffs he had to pay on hard liquor. That will teach him to be a cheap boozehound.

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The rising cost of gas is really cutting into many of our pocketbooks. Here are some stories. about how gas affects people.

MoneyKing presents ,

Financial Learn presents posted at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

Mark Butler presents posted at . We can all learn quite a bit from this story of entrepreneurship.

generic cialis soft tabs products

FFB presents posted at . More money means more taxes, but it doesn’t have to mean more expenses.

Life. Money. Development. presents posted at

generic cialis soft tabs products

FIRE Finance presents posted at .

Ryan Taylor presents posted at .

Hank presents posted at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

Here are two stories about snowflaking! You can get rid of debt one flake at a time and these two stories illustrate how you can do it, too.

NtJS presents posted at .

paidtwice presents at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

Passive Income Investor presents posted at .

MoneyNing presents posted at .

The Dough Roller presents posted at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

Want to retire early? These stories of people who managed to accumulate a huge net worth at a relatively young age.

PT presents posted at .

GBlogger presents posted at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

Dorian Wales presents posted at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

Amy presents posted at .

generic cialis soft tabs products

FMF presents posted at

generic cialis soft tabs products

Chief Family Officer presents posted at . The loose privacy policy prompted Chief Family Officer to not join the new PayPal clone. I haven’t joined either, because I’m just not really into having another financial account.

First Lady Of Poker presents posted at . This is an interesting story about why women can beat men at poker.

The Financial Blogger presents .

Raymond presents posted at .

Jeremy Zongker presents posted at .

Madison presents posted at .

That is all for this edition of the . Thank you all for participating and a link back to the carnival is always appreciated. If you have more stories you can always to the next carnival which is being held at . This is a relatively new blog that is very well written. Now if you haven’t already, go out and file your taxes!

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It is the that have brought a state of upon all of us. Deals like , interest free loans and non-authorized grants have brought this day. People need to learn to use their properly and resist the temptation to look at all the .

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http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2008/04/14/the-55th-carnival-of-money-stories-tax-day-edition/feed/ 20
Generic cialis soft tabs products » Canada Pharmacy - (OTC) Non-Prescription. http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2007/11/16/california-dreamin-incentive-stock-options-and-the-silicon-valley-workerbee/ http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2007/11/16/california-dreamin-incentive-stock-options-and-the-silicon-valley-workerbee/#comments Sat, 17 Nov 2007 02:40:54 +0000 admin http://baglady.dreamhosters.com/2007/11/16/california-dreamin-incentive-stock-options-and-the-silicon-valley-workerbee/ If I had a nickel for everytime I heard the phrase “if we go IPO…”, I could probably buy a nice video game. I have been working in private companies since I graduated college and everywhere I go engineers are dreaming of their companies going IPO and becoming the next Google. I am sorry to be a party pooper but the fact is that very few companies become public, and even if they do it’s very unlikely that rank and file workerbees like me would become fabulously rich. These are the lessons I have learned about stock options and I would like to list the reasons why most people don’t become rich off them.

1. generic cialis soft tabs products — The number of shares granted depends on your position and the stage in which you join the company. Logically, the earlier you join and the higher you are in the orgchart mean you would be given more shares. One important question a lot of young employees do not ask is how many shares are outstanding. Mathematically, 10000 shares out of 100 million shares is a lot worse than 10000 shares out of 1 million shares. The most I have been granted was 6000 out of 11 million. So even if I had all 6000 shares and they rose to $50 a share I would have about $150000 after taxes. That is not a very large amount to last for life. Another fact is that it’s pretty unlikely for a small private firm to go public and get $50 a share.

2. generic cialis soft tabs products — The standard vesting schedule for incentive stock options is as follows. 25% of your options vest after one year of service, and the rest vest in 3 to 4 years depending on the company. The most common plan I have seen is that 1/48th of the options vest every month after the first year so it takes a total of 4 years to receive all your shares. This is why a lot of people did not manage to cash out in the dot com boom. I have heard many stories of senior engineers who had options worth millions that they couldn’t exercise because they haven’t served a year yet. The market then collapsed so fast that their paper wealth became truly worthless.

3. generic cialis soft tabs productss — If you do receive employee stock options they are probably options for common shares. There is another class of shares called preferred shares that may be owned by the venture capitalists and other early investors. What preferred shares mean is that these shares need to be paid first in case of an exit event. An exit event is either a sale or an IPO. Most small companies are merged and sold to bigger entities before they ever go to the route of an IPO. In the case of Epinions, the employees who held common share options were royally screwed when they merged with DealTime to create Shopping.com. The reason is that Epinion’s preferred shares’ holders were promised a payment of 45 million dollars but the merger only yielded 30 million. That means all common shares were rendered worthless. Shopping.com then went on to a successful IPO and then it was subsequently purchased by Ebay, but the original Epinions employees got nothing.

Are there people who get ridiculously wealthy from stock options? Yes, but they are either incredibly lucky or they are very high up in the organization so they have a lot of shares. I don’t really count on my luck, and right now I am just a tiny pawn in the corporate jungle. The most important thing I have learned in this crazy place is to never count the money before it’s in your bank account. I have heard stories of people who bought extremely expensive homes during the dot.com boom because they were paper millionaires. That is a very bad idea.

Despite my knowledge of my dismal chance of ever becoming rich with my stock options, I still dream sometimes with my coworkers. Today my coworker said, “if we go IPO, I’d go shop at Santana Row instead of Gilroy outlet!”. I think that’s a reasonable aspiration. Since all three companies I have served are all going strong I hope someday I can afford a nice vacation with the sale of my shares.

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