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Apparently the second largest bank failure in American history was just announced yesterday.  IndyMac Bank has been closed by the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was named the Conservator.  IndyMac Bank’s assets has been transferred to  a new FDIC insured federal entity called IndyMac Federal Bank and the FDIC has control over its operations.  This is the fifth bank failure in 2008, but it is by far the largest since IndyMac has over $32 billion in holdings. The FDIC will probably try to get a buyer for IndyMac’s assets while keeping it in operations for a little while. It is estimated that it would cost FDIC $4 to $8 billion to dispose of IndyMac.

So is it time to panic?  Well, lets take a look at history.  The last time there was a housing bubble was in the late 80s.  After that the bubble promptly popped, many many banks failed.  According to the FDIC there were 127 bank failures in 1991 and the total assets held by these dead banks was around $63 billion. Leading up to 1991 there were 207 failures in 1989, and 169 failures in 1990, but the total assets in those years were only $29.2 billion and $15.7 billion respectively.  The horror of those years is now known as the savings and loans crisis. After this crisis, the FDIC significantly raised the insurance premiums on deposits and new banking bills were created that is supposed to stop insolvent banks from operating.

If you adjust for inflation, $63 billion in 1991 is equivalent to around $100 billion today.  The five bank failures of this year adds up to more than $34 billion in assets. So I think the worst is yet to come and all of us will experience some pain.   It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but there is very little we can do to stop the insolvent banks from failing at this point.  The good news is that the economy recovered the last time around and if you bought an index fund in 1991 and just sat on it you would be quite a bit  ahead today.  So once again I reiterate, if you are an investor then you shouldn’t panic and just .

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Well, I’m reading some panic-inducing headlines lately about the Dow going down 20% and how it is worst June since the Great Depression.  Recently my mom asked if I were selling my investments lately, and I  said no way.  Here are some of the reasons why I am not panicking and keeping my portfolio intact.

free levitra  -  The hubby and I have a cash reserve that could last more than a year of our expenses.  So there is no need to touch our long term investments.
free levitra – Most mutual fund investors do not get the long term gains as advertised by the funds because of panic selling at low points.  Since most of my portfolio is in funds, I am keeping them still to get the long term benefits.

free levitra – Yes, my portfolio has gone down a few percentage points, but overall I still have gains because I have been investing for more than three years.  So if I do sell now, I still have capital gains taxes to pay, and that doesn’t seem to be worthwhile.

free levitra This is an election year, so volatility is to be expected since there are a lot of uncertainties. Additionally, the turmoil in the credit/finance industry has not totally settled yet. I would be more worried if there was no volatility and the markets are shooting straight up because that might indicate another bubble.

At this point, the best thing for long term investors to do is to not look at the market.  A funny story I read at the Vanguard Diehards forums said that a photographer asked one of the Bogleheads  “How’s the market doing?”, and someone answered, “I don’t know and I don’t care!”. I like that attitude.  I think   my portfolio is fairly well diversified and I am comfortable with its long term growth, so I am just leaving it alone.  If I look at it too much, I might be tempted to do something stupid, and that could be disastrous.

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Lately, one news story that has been really getting on my nerves is that of Laura Richardson, the Southern California congresswoman who defaulted on three separate homes repeatedly and most likely used her influence to that has already been sold. The investor that bought her home has against the congresswoman and Washington Mutual for illegally rescinding a proper sale. I hope the buyer James York wins because there was no possible way that the congresswoman didn’t know about the sale. She didn’t pay her mortgage for more than six months!! What did she think was supposed to happen? After the congresswoman’s mortgage troubles were publicized, more information came to light that she has a history of being a deadbeat and and . She took money out of her three homes to finance her campaigns, and made only a few payments on her Sacramento home. If debtors’ prisons were still in operation, this woman would be sitting in jail right now eating gruel . Instead, she is being in her honor to help her with her debts. One thing that made me laugh and cry at the same time was that in this she said “she is like any other American suffering in the mortgage crisis and wants to testify to Congress about her experience as lawmakers craft a foreclosure-prevention bill.” Right, she is just like any other American that buys three homes, pulls money out, stops paying the mortgage and property taxes, and then denies that she knew anything about an oncoming foreclosure. That is really believable and poignant!

Apparently, Laura Richardson is not the only representative with mortgage woes. A less publicized case is of state Senator Julia Boseman of North Carolina. She and her ex-partner Melissa Jarrellon their $1.3 million dollar mansion since August 1, 2007. In order to clean her own hands, Boseman has taken herself off the home’s deed without her ex-partner’s knowledge. The house is set to be auctioned, and I hope Boseman doesn’t use her political clout to take the house back like Laura Richardson did.

Finally, we have the bizarre story of Shirley Huntley, a state Senator from New York. She stopped paying her mortgage intentionally as an to see if she gets proper notification from her bank. After four months of not paying her mortgage and facing foreclosure, she paid up everything plus legal fees to avoid foreclosure. According to the article, her “original mortgage in 1976 was $28,500. Three decades later, she owes $290,000 due to repeated borrowing against her home”. So did she really conduct an experiment or did she just try to cover up some financial trouble? Either way, at least this woman owned up to her debt and paid it off. The alarming thing is that she used her home as an ATM so that her initial debt ballooned to more than 10 times of its original size.

With representatives like these, I guess I understand why the housing bailout is so popular. Congressional rules do not prevent representatives from voting on issues that help themselves financially because it is hard to avoid, but is supporting financial irresponsibility really wise? Anyway, all members of Congress and the Senate are required to report their personal finances and you can see the reports at . I encourage all of you to take a look at your local politicians and see how responsible they are with their own money, because I believe a person really needs to get his or her own affairs in order before making laws that affect millions of other people.

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Next month our lease on our apartment will be renewed. I’m pretty sure it won’t go up all that much since we are pretty good tenants. None of the neighbors have complained about us, either. Just out of my interest to know whether or not our rent is fair, I found some for the past seven years. I was sort of surprised by what I found.

As I have stated previously, we pay $1700 for a two bedroom two bathroom condo. The rent includes water, garbage, and cable TV. According the the historic data from San Mateo County, our rent is actually cheaper than the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in 2000! Here is a summary of the rent trends on a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment as recorded by the county and a timeline of recent history:

12/2000 – $1902 – The year of the dotcom boom and craziness. I was in highschool.
12/2001 – $1764 – The dotcom bubble popped and 9/11 happened in this year.
12/2002 – $1597 – Recession
12/2003 – $1478 – War broke out
12/2004 – $1421 – Valley beginning to recover, the hubby moves to San Mateo
12/2005 – $1449 – I moved to San Mateo
12/2006 – $1621 – Tech sector in full recovery, new startups and lotsa hiring
12/2007 – $1785 – We got married, moved to our present condo.
3/2008 – $1812 – Latest data available, rent prices trending up as more people are renting due to the ridiculous purchase prices. Jobs are still abundant.

So after looking at this data, I feel that our rent is pretty fair. Actually, I used a CPI calculator and found that $1902 in 2000 is actually worth $2381 today. So we are really getting a bargain and rent prices don’t always follow inflation. It is a bit alarming how much the rent jumped from 2005 to 2007, but I think as more foreclosures and cheap homes come onto the market the rental market can’t rise all that much. From what I have seen, there are actually quite a lot of 2 bedroom listings on Craigslist for under $1700 a month.

So if you are facing a rent increase, I encourage you to look up the fair market rent in your locale and see if it’s fair. If it’s too expensive then don’t be afraid to negotiate because even a month’s vacancy is very costly to a landlord and could wipe out all the gains he/she gets from raising your rent. Additionally, look for a cheaper alternative early if you know you can’t afford the increase. Oftentimes, there are individual homeowners who have held a home for many years and do not want to sell. In those cases you can get a very good deal as a renter.

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Today I read an article in BusinessWeek titled . Basically, it talked about how Senator Obama is proposing raising taxes for “rich” families with incomes of $250,000 or more, and how some families feel that they are just middle class with that kind of income.

As the article pointed out, it really depends on where you live since the cost of living varies wildly around the world. My husband and I don’t make anywhere near $250k a year, but we would be considered extremely well off if we lived in China. We may be upper middle class in a lower cost state like Texas since we could afford a house there and send our future kids to private school. However, in the Silicon Valley, there is no way anyone would considered us to be rich. Personally I feel that “rich” in the Valley is probably someone with assets in the hundred-million to billion range, and I am realistic enough to say that I probably will never be rich here.

I think a lot of the angst in the article comes from people who have good incomes that live in expensive areas of the country. The fact is, the tax system doesn’t adjust for cost of living. So even though people in high cost areas like the Bay Area are compensated well, our real capability in saving money is vastly diminished. It is tough to equalize this situation, and adding more taxes to high income families will probably just make it tougher for families with children who need that income.

Personally, one thing that really annoys me about all of this isn’t even about taxes.  I feel that with every speech about raising taxes on the rich, the politicians are implying that there is something wrong with having good incomes.  It is as if it is a sin for a family to make over $250,000 so that they need to be punished.   Most people I know here in California who have good incomes are hard working and honest people who did nothing to deserve the ire of people who have less than them.  They are professionals who contribute quite a bit to the society just through their work.  Why is there a need to take away more from them?

One thing is for sure, taxes will go up after the Bush tax cuts expire in two years. I highly doubt that the tax cuts will stay with a Democratic majority in the government. The sting will be especially painful for dual income couples like us because the marriage penalty will probably go back in full force again and our tax rate will rise dramatically. It will probably cut into our savings rate, but we are socking away as much as we could now before that happens. Ultimately, I think the government should find more ways to cut spending rather than squeezing more out of married couples and the “rich”.   I also don’t believe for a second that they will draw the line at $250k.  So brace yourself for more taxes everyone!

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