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generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories #67!  This week we have sixteen great stories full of insights,inspiration,triumph, and tragedy.  Read on to be titillated and entertained!

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy- Silicon Valley Blogger tells the story of her friends’ ill fated real estate purchase in posted at . This story is a must read.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Dean Paley presents posted at . It seems pretty simple to negotiate your mortgage terms with the banks these days.

FMF tells of posted at . When I do buy a house, I will make sure to make a lowball offer. There is just no point in paying sticker price for anything.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Kelly from Almost Frugal tells us how she is at . When you have a chronic disease, money management is even more important.

GBlogger presents posted at . This is an inspirational story about a guy that managed to invest well despite the debilitating effects of brain cancer.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Mr Credit Card presents posted at . Is it worth it to get a crappy credit card to build your credit score? Mr Credit Card tells us his experience.

paidtwice presents posted at .

Brooke presents posted at . In this story Brooke outlines how much she spent this month in various things. She has been bad.

Ryan Suenaga presents posted at . This is a tip on how to get 5% back on gift card purchases through credit cards.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Jim presents posted at . Jim reflects on his decision to become a professional blogger.

The Financial Blogger writes about his new job in posted at . He is trying to make more income so that his wife can stay home without worrying about finances.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Dorian Wales tells us how to posted at . Well, Monopoly isn’t really my favorite boardgame because there is too much luck involved, but this is a good post about it.

Todd tells us that his neighbors are having at . Hip hip hooray for Todd’s neighbor I guess.

Tip Diva presents posted at .  I am sorry you were victimized Tip Diva!

vh presents posted at . Estate sales are pretty awesome for furniture, and that ottoman vh got is quite delicious.

Money Monk and MoneyNing had very similar stories about living below your means. See posted at and posted at .

That is all for this week!  Next week the carnival will make a stop at so !

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

I am pretty lazy in submitting my articles to carnivals, but I did do a few last week. Here they are:

– This is actually a pretty good carnival that I never participated in before. Better late than never.

-Some great stories here. I liked this one about .

– I was picked as a sparkling pick of the week for my article about . It’s pretty funny, but I used to send my scathing real estate related articles to this carnival and they always rejected it, but I guess the rosy sentiment towards real estate has changed.

– This carnival always has some funny stuff. I liked #13, which linked to a story that said liberal (and obviously juvenile) San Franciscans are . The stupidity of this  is that the job of waste management plants is to clean up waste and toxic stuff, so if they want to say that President Bush is crappy by donning his name on this plant, they deserve a big fat FAIL on their heads like the folks at

Another announcement is that I will be hosting The once again next Tuesday! I should have put up a post earlier but I totally forgot. Anyway, feel free to submit .

Finally, I wrote an article about on Wise Bread last night. I really enjoyed writing this article so I hope you enjoy reading it, too.

Have a great holiday everyone! Don’t eat too much and drive safely!

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Welcome to the 55th edition of It’s that time of the year again. In Vietnam they are celebrating the national holiday of Gio to Hung Vuong, but here in the United States it is time for all of us to hand in our tax forms. I just begrudgingly mailed out my tax forms with payment, but today’s carnival certainly cheered me up. We have nearly 30 great stories about life and money. Enjoy!

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Praveen writes that at . Apparently you don’t have to be freaked out when you receive a letter from the IRS.

Will presents posted at . This is a scary story of debt collectors who would freeze pension statements.

Silicon Valley Blogger tells us posted at . I am so jealous!

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Kyle from Amateur Asset Collector gives us . It seems like Kyle paid a bit too much taxes on alcohol when he was in his twenties.

Mr. Cheap presents posted at . This is Mr. Cheap’s story about the tariffs he had to pay on hard liquor. That will teach him to be a cheap boozehound.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

The rising cost of gas is really cutting into many of our pocketbooks. Here are some stories. about how gas affects people.

MoneyKing presents ,

Financial Learn presents posted at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Mark Butler presents posted at . We can all learn quite a bit from this story of entrepreneurship.

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

FFB presents posted at . More money means more taxes, but it doesn’t have to mean more expenses.

Life. Money. Development. presents posted at

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

FIRE Finance presents posted at .

Ryan Taylor presents posted at .

Hank presents posted at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Here are two stories about snowflaking! You can get rid of debt one flake at a time and these two stories illustrate how you can do it, too.

NtJS presents posted at .

paidtwice presents at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Passive Income Investor presents posted at .

MoneyNing presents posted at .

The Dough Roller presents posted at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Want to retire early? These stories of people who managed to accumulate a huge net worth at a relatively young age.

PT presents posted at .

GBlogger presents posted at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Dorian Wales presents posted at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Amy presents posted at .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

FMF presents posted at

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Chief Family Officer presents posted at . The loose privacy policy prompted Chief Family Officer to not join the new PayPal clone. I haven’t joined either, because I’m just not really into having another financial account.

First Lady Of Poker presents posted at . This is an interesting story about why women can beat men at poker.

The Financial Blogger presents .

Raymond presents posted at .

Jeremy Zongker presents posted at .

Madison presents posted at .

That is all for this edition of the . Thank you all for participating and a link back to the carnival is always appreciated. If you have more stories you can always to the next carnival which is being held at . This is a relatively new blog that is very well written. Now if you haven’t already, go out and file your taxes!

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy


It is the that have brought a state of upon all of us. Deals like , interest free loans and non-authorized grants have brought this day. People need to learn to use their properly and resist the temptation to look at all the .

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

The current is up at The Financial Blogger.  This wonderful carnival will make a stop at on Tax Day!  Here are some of the highlights from today’s edition.

- A story about giving up a job as a tax attorney to blog.

-  This is a funny post about pimping out your hubby or wifey.

– I’ve been reading Can I Get Rich on a Salary lately and he finds a lot of these millionaire next door stories.

I hope I will get some fun stuff to read next week!  Meanwhile, stick around  to enter the and !

generic viagra online canadian pharmacy

Yup, I finally got picked to host by Flexo! The current carnival is going on at and includes my article on sweepstaking. The two carnivals I have hosted in the past are and . However, The Carnival of Personal Finance would be the largest carnival I will ever host! I hope I don’t disappoint all of you. Anyway, if you want to be included, . I will be reading the new posts soon enough.

In other blog related news, my article about on Wise Bread was picked up by Lifehacker! I actually really liked this article so I am glad a lot of others liked it too. Additionally, my article about has 95 diggs right now! Though, I’m not sure if it will make it to the front page. Digg is pretty weird these days because I saw a lame picture with 44 diggs making it to the front page while a good article about foods took 260+ diggs. It’s pretty unjust in many cases.

Hope you are having a nice Monday, I am thinking of translating more of later.

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