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I am a big fan of the Fortune columnist and I’ve been reading his column for a very long time. He happens to have written a book called and there is a companion site here with . So I haven’t read the book yet but I’d like to write down some types of crazy bosses I have observed.

cheapest viagra prices online — This is the type of crazy boss that thinks he is king of the world. They are always right and they would bite someone’s head off if they want to. Most of the time they are CEOs because there is almost no consequence to their actions in a company. A CEO is technically the king of his/her own empire. The Tyrants are usually fairly clear headed when they get angry and know what they are yelling for. So generally they’re not logically insane, but they are definitely explosively tempered. I am quite familiar with such a personality.

cheapest viagra prices online — I think most of these are mid-level managers without too many real skills. They are paranoid because they are afraid they can be downsized at any moment. The paranoia makes them delusional and they start to blame their underlings for anything that goes wrong whether or not the event is their fault. Paranoid delusionals are harder to deal with than Tyrants because they don’t understand reason. Paranoid delusionals can also be a little bipolar and treat you really nicely one day and put you in the dog house the next. This type of crazy boss is probably the most difficult to deal with and could drive you insane, too.

cheapest viagra prices online — These guys don’t really care about work and would gladly have a beer bash every day. It might seem awesome to have one of them as a boss at first, but eventually you realize something is not quite right. What is worse is that you may become a slacker like your boss and lose all motivation towards an honest day’s work. The Partiers are also more likely to pull stunts like making you cover for them because they’re drunk. I would say I haven’t really met a true party boss yet. Though, there are a couple that came close.

cheapest viagra prices online — These guys are direct opposites to the Party Animals. They are willing to work their team to the bone for their own sense of accomplishment. Usually their underlings are quite unhappy and these crazy bosses LOVE to take credit for any good that comes out of his or her slave driving. These bosses tend to make their people leave quite quickly. I think these crazies are quite common and it’s quite easy to recognize them when you start getting calls on the weekends to go into the office when you don’t even get overtime pay.

cheapest viagra prices online– These are bosses with substance abuse or gambling problems. They are obviously sick and need help, but they are still functional enough to hold onto a job. Before they fall to their ultimate demise they may regularly assert their power and borrow money from their work flunkies and not return it. I have already seen two cases of these crazies and in both cases they were fired. The best thing for a victim to do is to report such behavior as soon as possible and get the crazy boss fired. Unfortunately a lot of people are afraid of their bosses and a lot of times these addicts are quite manipulative and lie as easily as they breathe.

cheapest viagra prices online — These bosses may seem extremely normal and actually get you to work with praises and compliments. Then when review time comes and you’re due for a raise you don’t get it. Then they give a lot of excuses as to why you’re not getting a raise but still pay you with compliments and possibly a free lunch. Then behind your back they wipe their brow and think to themselves, “I just suckered that guy out of a $4000 raise with a seven dollar lunch”. It’s hard to spot this type of crazy, and that is because they’re deviously smart and manipulative.

cheapest viagra prices online — Personally I haven’t met one of these, but I have heard many many stories of these crazies. They are the reason why you may have had to sit through a sexual harassment training seminar. Many companies now also have rules on whether or not a supervisor could ask his or her direct employee out to drinks after work. Once again, these bosses can be reported, but usually it’s harder to prove that your boss sexually harassed you than proving that your boss is an addict. It would be good to save emails or tape recordings in case you meet a crazy like this.

Fortunately, I have not had any of these personalities as my direct supervisor, but I have definitely interacted with some of these crazy bosses. If you have had a crazy manager, how would you dissect his or her personality?

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Before I start this post I’d like to tell all of you that I secured my exboyfriend’s permission to write this article about a month ago. He is an intelligent and capable guy, but he might be a little too penny-pinching for his own good. The first time I wrote a story about his tight-fisted behavior I didn’t tell him about it and entered it into Suave’s America’s Smartest Shopper Essay Contest under his name. It was a silly joke, but ironically the entry was selected as a finalist and he won $200 in cash and was invited to audition for a TV show on the Style Network about the longest yard sale. I had to let him cash the check, but in return he bought me a full tank of gas and dinner for my parents. All of that didn’t add up to $200, though, but I guess it is the thought that counts. I’ve forgotten what exactly I wrote in that story, but here are some possibilities.

cheapest viagra prices onlinecheapest viagra prices online cheapest viagra prices online– This behavior is understandable if he were 16, but he is now 26 years old with a well paying full time job as a mid-level software engineer at a fairly large defense firm. He says that he serves as his parents’ marriage counselor, system administrator, and financial adviser so that he doesn’t have to pay his parents anything. Therefore, he has zero living expenses.

cheapest viagra prices online — This is a benefit from his employer. He has something called the “Ecopass” and he can take the bus and train for free in Santa Clara county. It would be a lot more convenient for him to drive to work, but he saves a lot of gas money by using his free bus pass. On the weekends he can just borrow his parents’ car and this way he has no automobile expenses.

cheapest viagra prices online — Our best dates were the company parties, because all the food and refreshments were free. There were also a lot of free movie tickets that we won from sweepstakes. There was also a very cheap Cinelux theatre in Milpitas that sold $1.50 tickets on Tuesdays, and we went to that fairly often. The theatre has been closed for a couple years now, but it was possibly the cheapest theatre in the Bay Area while it stood. I didn’t really mind having cheap and free dates because I am pretty frugal myself, but I imagine a lot of other girls would have objected to all the dates being free or under five dollars.

cheapest viagra prices online– For as long asĀ  I knew him his dinner diet consisted almost entirely of 25 cent spaghetti and 79 cent spaghetti sauce. He was quite proud of it too, and said that he would only buy spaghetti when it’s 25 cents, and he would stock up whenever he sees it. Sometimes he also brought some porkchops that his dad made for him and added it to the spaghetti. Once I went to Longs Drugs with him to procure some of that cheap spaghetti and they ran out, and he said that his mom would usually ask for a raincheck in that situation and buy the spaghetti later. Lately I asked him if he were still eating the 25 cent spaghetti, and he said, “no, 25 cent spaghetti is hard to come by now, the best I can get is 50 cents”.

cheapest viagra prices online — He would usually do #1 in his toilet 4 to 5 times before flushing and by then his toilet usually looks like a yellow bubbling cauldron. When I asked him why he did that he said it’s to save water. That is quite a weird dichotomy in him because he is very clean about his other living spaces and picks up every piece of hair and trash. He also cleans himself up pretty well, but he just doesn’t like to flush because according to him it wastes water.

cheapest viagra prices online — Sometimes banks or credit card companies send you small checks of $15 or $20 and if you cash them you are enrolled in some credit monitoring system that charges a fee. Well, he cashed one of those and forgot to cancel the service, so he ended up with negative five dollars. He was pretty sad about that, but couldn’t do anything, but now he no longer falls prey to small free checks.

You’d never know that he was that parsimonious just by looking at him. He actually looks like a fine well groomed young man and he is currently attending Stanford for his masters and works at the same time because his company is picking up his education tab. Looking back, I am pretty glad that I broke up with him because if I married him I would have had no wedding and right now I would probably be living with his parents and eating 50 cent spaghetti. Saving money is generally a good thing, but too much of a good thing can be hazardous, too . So now whenever people say that I am stingy I say to them, “well, let me tell you the story of my ex-boyfriend, his cheapness is award winning …”

cheapest viagra prices online

Some of my friends that read this blog are still in school and haven’t started working yet and a couple other friends have asked me advice on evaluating the job offers they’ve gotten. So here’s a summary on how I currently evaluate job offers. This is purely from my perspective as a young engineer with no kids so your priorities may be very different. I am certain that my evaluation method will change as I go on to the later phases of my life. Right now, here are the things I consider in order of importance:

cheapest viagra prices online — The first and most important thing is to understand what I will be doing in the position offered. Is this job something I would be happy doing eight to nine hours a day? Would I be creating a product or service that people find useful? Are there opportunities for advancement and recognition in this job? Of course, the best place to learn about the job is through asking questions at the interview or asking HR. It’s important to get as much information as possible because a lot of job descriptions these days are pretty vague. Additionally I would find out about the company from external sources such as surveys and friends. I would find out the working conditions and hours and the general company ethics. I really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a job you enjoy with a company that takes care of its employees because otherwise life is pretty miserable.

cheapest viagra prices online– If you read my in the Valley, then you’ll know how important it is to me to find useful people that I can get along with at work. Interviews work both ways, so when I am the job candidate I am also assessing how skilled and amiable the interviewer is. The most important person that has to get along with me is my direct supervisor so I try to ask questions about his/her management style and gauge his/her personality. If my direct manager isn’t even interviewing me, then something is definitely broken at the company and I wouldn’t consider it.

cheapest viagra prices online — A lot of people I know seem to put salary as the top priority in evaluating a job, but it’s really just part of a greater benefits package. Other major things to consider are paid time off, health insurance, retirement contributions, bonuses, and equity compensation. Each one of these benefit items could be worth a considerable amount financially. In some jobs, bonuses are the bulk of the compensation so you can’t really decide that a certain job pays worse just based on the salary. Retirement contributions is also a big benefit. A lot of people my age think that retirement is really far away and it’s not a big deal, but we are the generation that can’t depend on social security and pensions, so anything a employer would give us now could be a lifesaver in the future. Vacation days is another great thing. The difference between having 10 days and 15 days of vacation per year is huge. That extra week of vacation may just save your sanity. Equity compensation can include stock grants, , or employee stock purchase programs. If the company is doing well, then the equity is a worthwhile bonus. Health insurance is very important, but a lot of employers these days don’t pay for 100% of the premiums. So when I look at a compensation package I would find out how much health insurance the company pays for. There are also other miscellaneous benefits a company could offer such as free food, club memberships, and discounts. Those are also great, but they’re more minor additions to a benefits package.

cheapest viagra prices online– Most of the time I don’t apply for jobs that are more than 20 miles away from where I live. The physical accessibility of the job is very important because you need to consider that it takes time and money to commute. If your company offers telecommuting then that’s possibly the greatest location because you can work at home and not commute at all. I personally don’t mind going to the office because I like to interact with my coworkers, but if I have to drive more than an hour each way to work everyday I think I would go insane. And yet I know some people in the Bay Area that drive two to five hours per day to work because housing is so expensive in areas close to work. Driving that much is really not worth it because an 8 hour day turns into a 10 to 13 hour day and there will be no other life but work. I would prefer to take public transit to work if I could, so if the job is along well established public transportation then that’s a plus in my book.

In conclusion, there are many aspects of a job to consider before accepting an offer. The best thing to do is to get as much information as possible, either through the interview, people you trust, or online resources. If there are terms that you don’t like about the benefits package there is always room for negotiation. I have found that it’s never as clearcut as “this offer is better because it pays more”. Trust your instincts, and if you feel like you wouldn’t fit into a particular job or company, then don’t take it because if you do the lives of everyone involved may become a little worse.

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Today at lunch my coworkers and I discussed the frugal and interesting people at my company and came to the conclusion that I am definitely not the most thrifty person here. This is an article featuring some of my rich and frugal coworkers without giving names. These people profiled here are all brilliant and I think of some of them as rolemodels. If you’re my coworker and you recognize yourself below please don’t be offended! I respect all of you very much!

  • This coworker is an extremely intelligent Harvard grad who has been with the company for more than seven years. He is getting paid more than six figures and has racked up a stock compensation package worth at least few hundred thousand dollars in the past few years. He doesn’t own a car because he rollerblades to work, and he rents a very reasonably priced apartment near downtown San Mateo. One funny frugal story about him is that he went to McDonalds downstairs and bought a hamburger, and then added cheese that he brought with him to make it a cheeseburger! Despite his frugality, he really seems like a truly nice and generous man.
  • I work with this particular coworker a lot and he’s usually very reserved and quiet. He carpools with two other people to work because in his words, “everytime I hear the FastTrak beep my heart sinks a little”. For those who don’t know, FastTrak is the electronic toll collecting system in California and every beep is four dollars now. His own car is a Toyota from the early ’80s and his carpool buddy helps him shop for cheap things when he needs them. He’s also very into saving money and like me, he is a housing bubble fence sitter. This person also makes more than six figures but lives on a lot less. The funniest story I remember about him was when he looked very depressed and our supervisor asked him what’s up. He then revealed that his new wife is demanding diamonds. Then our supervisor pointed him to some sales, and he pretty much gagged at the prices and frowned. I don’t think the wife got the diamonds.
  • We’re not too sure about the motivations of this particular coworker. We theorized that he is always at the office to save energy at his own abode. He is always there and one of our other coworkers actually found a picture of this guy on Google’s streetview near our office. Once I left my keys at the office and went back to retrieve it at 2 am, and this guy was still there. We know he’s not working all the time, so he is probably trying to save on internet and energy costs. He also buys groceries and brings them to the office to consume. This guy is in the same league as the first guy in terms of wealth, but he lives like a true office bum.

I don’t think I am ready to go to the extremes of living at the office or packing my own cheese, but my coworkers are truly inspirational. I am nowhere near them in income yet, but I will try my best to continue to be frugal when my income does rise.

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Recently and both wrote about employee stock options and when should options be cashed out. Here are my experiences and knowledge on the subject after receiving stock options as part of my compensation package at a couple companies.

  • Options are a contract between you and your company. There is no cash value to your options.
  • Options usually expire within a few months of your leaving a company so the best time to think about exercising it is probably when you leave.
  • You can’t sell the shares you buy through options if the company is still private. There are clauses in the options agreement that the stocks would be a non liquid investment and you can’t transfer the shares.
  • If you exercise incentive stock options, the difference between the current price and the exercise price add to your AMT income which could trigger an AMT tax.
  • If you exercise the options and then sell the stocks within a year, the short term capital gain taxes is the same as your ordinary income, which could be 40% or more. If you wait until it becomes a long term capital gain it might be a much bigger chunk of change that you keep. So this might be an argument for exercising the options early.
  • Don’t expect to become fabulously rich from options unless you are granted a significant share of the company. Think of it more like a bonus if you’re able to make money. I have had ex-coworkers who really thought that they would become millionaires from 0.000001% of a company worth less than 3 million. Basically, don’t let it go to your head and spend your money like you’ve already gotten the after tax gain of your options exercise. I’ve always told my parents, I’d be lucky if I get a couple cars out of exercising my options.

As for me, I did exercise some options a little over a year ago when I left my last company. It was only a $600 investment and now it’s a pretty stock certificate in a drawer somewhere. The company isn’t doing badly so my stocks have quadrupled in price on paper. In my current company I asked for more pay during salary negotiations, and they gave me 50% more options than the original options number instead. It turned out to be a good move. In the Valley it’s conceivable to work for a collection of small companies that give a fairly good amount of options and build up a stock portfolio of your employers, and maybe one of them will make it big.

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