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Last Saturday I attended a mixer for personal finance bloggers in the Bay Area hosted by. I met quite a few highly intelligent and interesting folks and here is a quick summary of what I learned from them.

The people I met included The Silicon Valley Blogger of , Lazy Man of , DC from , Mr. Credit Card of , Barbara from , and Jake from . Additionally, the lovely ladies of Danielle, Claire, Casey, and Erica were hosting the event. I’ve been reading The Digerati Life and Lazy Man for literally years so it was interesting to meet them in person. Lazy Man seemed a little shy, and his wife is quite pretty. SVB is sort of what I expected her to be, very talkative and engaging. Of this group, Lazy Man, SVB, and Mr. Credit Card are all doing their online business full time.

compare prices cialiscompare prices cialis – I think one major lesson I learned from this even is that networking is important especially when you are trying to work on your own business full time. When you are working on something in solitary confinement you can only get so far. You have to make real connections with people beyond the internet to stand out. Since a lot of web publishing income is from advertising, it is nice to know who your potential clients are.

compare prices cialis – Mr. Credit Card is actually a super funny guy, and he talked for a while about how many large online publishers are unprofitable. For example, was going to go public and revealed their earnings. Apparently it had $40 million in revenue and was still unprofitable. Mr. Credit Card said he was incredulous because he is just one guy and his site is profitable probably because he doesn’t have a CFO making a crapton of money. This is something my friend Jerry also wrote. Jerry just recently quit his job at a large company to do his iPhone app business fulltime. I encourage you to read his blog, too.

compare prices cialis – Many of these fulltime bloggers do outsource a lot of work. You can find cheap labor in many places on the internet, and I have done some of this in a small scale. Now I have more websites under my management I may outsource more content creation.

compare prices cialis – One recurring theme echoed by several bloggers is that thoughtful and well written content do not get the attention they deserve. Instead, dumb stuff usually get a lot of eyeballs. DC of PFStock said that all his posts that he spent tons of time on do not get a lot readers, but posts where he hides Coke Rewards points get tons of view. I think this is just true of the world in general. I mean, just look at crap like Jersey Shore and the millions of fans it has and you’ll see that most people are just drawn to stupid stuff and if you want to have a successful business you need to take their money. I have known this for a while and that’s why I have mostly separated out the stupid content and genuinely good content I have. This blog is where I write my more personal and real thoughts, but I do have other much less intelligent sites that are profitable. Sadly, I don’t believe that writing great content is the path to fame and fortune. When you run your websites like a business, you really have to know what makes a profit.

I am happy to say that I found the meetup to be very fun and educational. It was nice to meet a lot of like minded people. Both SVB & DC are also Berkeley grads so we had a little Cal group there. Hopefully I will attend one again and hopefully one day I will also be just running my business fulltime.

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For the past week and a half my daily routine has consisted mostly of feeding the baby and sleeping while the little guy is sleeping.   I have barely had time to read the news or email.  I always knew that I would breastfeed because breast milk is “free” food for the baby and I don’t care much about what my boobs look like, but I have to admit that it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.   Everyday the little guy asks to eat more than ten times, and I feel like he is constantly attached to my boobs.   These are my thoughts on being a walking talking  milk dispenser.

The hubby has been a lot of help in cleaning the house and changing diapers, but when it comes to feedings he just doesn’t really have the equipment.  At those 4 am feedings,  as Lynette from Desperate Housewives said, I am  “the only bar in town” for the little guy.    It takes at least 30 minutes for the baby to drift off to dreamland with my nipple in his mouth and a dribble of milk down his cheek. Meanwhile I am nodding off and trying not to drop him.  I am getting used to these feedings in the middle of the night, so they are not so bad now.  My hubby is also able to get quite a bit of sleep through the night now so he is feeling less tired during the day.

The more bizarre aspect about breastfeeding is how the baby seems to have a remote control on my boobs.  One time I was doing some business in the bathroom, and he woke up and cried for food.  I wasn’t finished, and I just felt this tingly itch in my boobs and a few drops of milk dripped on my thigh.  Apparently this is called letdown, and it is really the weirdest thing I have ever experienced.  I basically get this urge to shove my boobs into his mouth to relieve the itch.   How can this helpless little chubby guy control my body like this?

I also find the look on my baby’s face both endearing and frightening when he gets close to my breast.  He makes the most animalistic grunts with his mouth wide open and shakes his head from side to side as if he is possessed. Then he latches on like a rabid little beast and starts gulping down milk.  After a few minutes he would slow down and revert back to the peaceful little baby he usually looks like.  I don’t know if all babies do this, but the ferocity in my child’s face when he sees a breast is quite funny.

I am trying to pump a bit of extra milk every day just for the times that I cannot feed him, but I think my breasts are still trying to catch up to the demand of the little nugget  so I cannot spare too much milk, yet.   So far the bottles I pumped really helped in calming the baby during a couple doctor’s appointments, and today my mom fed the baby with one of my bottles and I think it was fun for her.

Another positive side effect of this marathon feeding schedule is that I am losing the fat I gained during pregnancy.  I am only 4 to 7 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight now and I am on track to lose the extra weight I had.  Of course, my hypercritical Asian mom is still saying that I am fat even though I just had a baby 11 days ago.

Overall, I think  breastfeeding is  very worthwhile for us even though I do feel like a food dispenser for my spawn.  The little guy rarely spits up milk, and he has gained enough bulk to be above his birth weight.  I know that we are fortunate that the baby is able to get enough food from my breasts and he is taking the milk well and the free breastfeeding class we took at Kaiser definitely helped.  My hubby loves that breastfeeding is very easy and clean because it doesn’t involve washing bottles or mixing formula.  He actually said to me that he cannot believe that many women do not even try to breastfeed because it is the most economic and easy way to feed a baby.   Then again, men do not have to deal with cracked nipples and tingly letdown.  I will definitely try to continue feeding the baby breast milk for as long as I can, even though it will be a little tricky when I start work again.

compare prices cialis

Today I am done with my 28th week of pregnancy, and I am definitely a lot bigger than before.  The belly is really getting in the way and I am having a difficult time putting on my socks because it is hard to lift my legs up all the way.  These few weeks I have been getting a bunch of blood tests done and there will be more doctor’s appointments ahead.  The hubby has been able to feel the baby kick almost everyday and he talks to the baby often.  The baby is quite hyper and according to my hubby when the baby kicks me at night I would spasm a little and snore with each kick.  He thinks it’s funny, and I don’t remember it at all.

In terms of preparations, I am trying to document a lot of things at work about what I do  before I take leave in a bit over two months.  There are some things I do that are not really written down anywhere and it would be good for my coworkers to know where to find things necessary for releasing our software.  It has been busy, but I am making good progress.  The hubby and I also signed up for some prenatal classes offered by Kaiser that we will take in the first half of September.  There are four sessions that include breastfeeding and preparation for the birth.  There are also newborn care classes offered at the Kaiser health education center that we will sign up for.   Hopefully we will feel a bit more prepared after these classes even though realistically I know we cannot be completely prepared to be parents.  I am really just hoping that the hubby will be calm during the labor and delivery because he has repeatedly said that he will probably freak out.

In the meantime, I am also still working on my baby registry, and hopefully I will have time to go to some rummage/garage sales in the near future to scout out stuff for the baby.

As to my blogging, I am still taking the approach of writing whatever I want whenever I want to and that probably will not change when the baby comes.  I guess this is why this blog feels so random.  If you do not follow my other blogs, I have written some articles recently on that you can read.  Here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks:

Finally, I think I have not completely digested the fact that I am going to be a mom soon.  Also I have found that researching about parenting is so much more difficult than researching  about how to save and manage money because there are just too many different opinions. For example, most people agree that it is good to start  a Roth IRA account while you are young, but I have found that some people actually think I am too young to have a child.  It is true that many people in my social circle do not have kids yet either due to graduate school or personal choice, but  I am 26 now and I think I am at a good stage in my life  to have a kid.  I actually wrote   and I still believe in what I wrote.  I have also found that  culture and customs also influence parenting decisions so it is difficult to say who is “right” in their child rearing methods.  Many people also get awfully defensive when you do not agree with their child care tactics and some folks can also get in your face when they do not agree with what you think is best for your child. (Rabidly defensive or well meaning women are both scary.)   So I guess it is best to just figure out what works well  for us on our own and  this child will just have to be an experiment since he is our first.

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I started writing this blog a little over  two years ago with .   Since then I have written hundreds of posts here and also on Wise Bread.  This is not the first time I have kept a journalor blog, but this blog is definitely the one that lasted the longest.  So after two years of writing, I think it is a good time to reflect on what this blog has become.

First of all, this is  a great place for me to give my friends and family updates on my life.  After college my friends naturally dispersed all over the world and it is hard to contact everyone to just talk about what is going on because I am busy with work full time.  Since starting this blog , , and  now I am carrying the little nugget below:

I have gotten many messages from my friends and family in the form of “Hey I read on your blog that…”.  Sometimes my friends also start discussions about the random topics I write about, and that’s always fun.

Next, writing down my thoughts from time to time is really therapeutic for me and my husband.  When I am blogging my husband gets a bit of “man time” and he  appreciates that I don’t talk his ears off about what I think all the time.  It’s not that we don’t talk to each other, but I know he is not that interested in a lot of the money and finance topics I write here.  Also, he is pretty much the first to know things that happen in my life so there is no point in telling him again.    This has been a great place for my rants and raves, and it will probably continue to function as such.

Additionally, blogging has turned into a good source of side income.  We are still donating most of the money my blogs generate so technically my writing is benefiting  people in my community and the far reaches of the world in a tangible way.  I don’t really do a lot of promotion of my blogs, but now there is a steady stream of advertising revenue.  This aspect of the blog wasn’t totally planned in the beginning, but I am glad that it is happening.

Through this blog I have also met some great folks at , and also .   This also wasn’t really planned, but it is a great result of letting random people read my thoughts.  Over two years my posts have received hundreds of thousands of page views, and I hope I made people think, laugh, and cringe just  a little.

In the last two years I definitely experienced and learned quite a lot of things and blogging has been a good way for me to chronicle my life and thoughts.  Sometimes I read my old posts as a reminder of what happened, and perhaps in the future my kid will be able to read this and learn something, too.

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Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday with my family.  First the hubby’s family had a party full of meat and games at his aunt’s house.  Then my parents made a trip to San Mateo and we went to a Chinese restaurant nearby.  Finally on my actual birthday the hubby took me out to The Village Pub, which is a Michelin starred restaurant that is practically down the street from where we live.  Needless to say I enjoyed spending time with my family and eating everything very much.

The hubby and I have not been to a fine dining  restaurant for this entire year  so it was really a fun treat  to go out.  The hubby actually convinced me to go because I was a bit hesitant about spending on my birthday this year with the recession and the coming of the baby.  In reality we are still saving around 50% of our income and neither of us got a reduction in income.  So we could afford to celebrate without worrying.  The hubby was a little apprehensive about the dress code since our experience with , but we read some reviews of the Village Pub and found that they allow jeans and shirts.  After all, we are back in Northern California.

On the way to the restaurant the hubby said that if they try to turn us away due to dress then he would say something like, “can you really afford to turn customers away?  In this economic climate?”  When we got there we found that the whole place was packed, and most people were dressed quite well, but there were a few people in jeans and Hawaiian shirts.  The servers were quite prompt with us and there was not a problem even though we showed up in jeans.   The hubby sat down, looked around,  and said, “well, I guess they can afford to turn us away.”  We opened the menu and found that it was not overly expensive.  Each appetizer was a bit under $20, and entrees were between $20 and $40.  So it was possible to eat pretty well for under $75 per person.  So the hubby concluded, “I guess maybe  this is recession dining for the rich.”

We both agreed that we always find the appetizers and desserts the most memorable at these “fancy” places, and The Pub was no different. The hubby had a mushroom and sweetbread salad topped with a poached egg for his appetizer.  I had a shaved foie gras salad with plums.  Both were seasoned just right and the ingredients tasted very fresh.  I had a rack of pork for the entree and the hubby had a spring lamb in three preparations.  I think the hubby’s lamb was better than my pork.  The pork was well cooked and seasoned, but it was a bit boring.  Finally for dessert I had a plate of strawberries prepared in several different ways.  One preparation was in a beignet, one was a frozen bar of strawberry with cream, and then there were a bunch of fresh strawberries on french toast.  It was really a very large dessert.  The hubby had a peach dessert that was prepared like a cobbler and also a frozen manner.  Overall we enjoyed our meal very much and it was a very good birthday for me.

Looking back on the past few months I think we do have a lot of reasons to celebrate.  and a wonderful family and we are soon enough.  I think that the horrid state of economy and the coming of the baby did add a bit of anxiety to our lives, but when I write it all down it seems that we are worrying for nothing much.   As my old roomie Cathy used to say, “all you need are faith, family, and friends”, and we have all three.

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is that I  think everyone who has a reason to celebrate this year should go ahead and do it as long as it is affordable.  There is no point in worrying about things you cannot control, and life really passes by faster than you can enjoy it.

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