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I have been gone from this blog for a while mostly due to my work and family, but there are so many things I want to write about and haven’t had the time for.  Today I read an about a young  woman named Cortney Munna the same age as me who has nearly $100,000 of student loans.  The article basically tries to chronicle how the woman got so much debt, and whose fault it is that it got so big.  Here are some of my thoughts on this matter.

First of all, many commenters berated Ms. Munna and her mother for choosing an expensive school they could not afford, and then choosing a liberal arts major that has very little career prospect.  I think the major that she chose isn’t the problem, but the real issue that both she and her mother chose to pay for an expensive school they really knew they could not afford.   Even if she were an engineering major, she would be a lot better off if she went to a cheaper school because it would take less time to pay off the costs.

In the housing bubble, many people started to regard their dwellings as investments and disregarded the fundamentals of affordability. There is a parallel here since many people believe that a  prestigious degree is an “investment”. Speaking from experience, having a degree from a highly ranked  engineering school does get your resume to the top of the pile so in these times of economic distress it is worth it to have that extra credential.  However, once you are experienced enough and have proven that you can do a certain job competently, then where you got the degree does not matter as much.  Another aspect of the “investment” is that you build a network in college that could offer you opportunities in the future, but you could really do that at any college and later on at work.  Also, having a degree from a top school usually means a paycheck that is slightly above average, but the difference is not that great once years of experience are added.  Basically, there are definitely benefits in holding a degree from a prestigious school, but I doubt it is worth a lifetime of debt.

Another similarity I can see in these student loans stories and the foreclosure stories is that these people were paying for a “dream”.  Many people sought the “American dream” of home ownership at any cost, and similarly, many young students get accepted to their “dream schools” and try to attend at any cost.  Although dreams are worth pursuing, I think  borrows and lenders need to get in touch with reality.

One thing I do think is unfortunate is that most of those who rack up piles of student loans come from middle class families because they .  In many of these cases, they might have thought that going to a prestigious private school is the way to upward mobility, but find the opposite to be true after graduation.  The solution here is once again to pick a school that is affordable.

Personally, I never had student loans since but if I had to pay for it on my own I would have wiped out the entire four years’ cost in my first year of work.  I consider that to be a very affordable school.  Basically, I think that these students and parents really need  to sit down and think about things rationally before taking out huge loans.  Four years of education should not end up being a lifetime of indentured servitude.  I don’t believe that student loans are “good debt” at all, and I am glad that I never had to deal with them.  In 17 years my son will be choosing a college, and I will definitely explain the financial aspects of each college offer to him.  If he chooses a school that we as a family could not reasonably afford, then I would have failed as a parent.

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cialis professional onlineon 06.03.10 at 6:18 pm

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeny Jose and peter freer, Peter Freer. Peter Freer said: Student Loans – the new subprime crisis?: [...]

cialis professional onlineon 06.03.10 at 9:12 pm

Good post! As a fellow Cal grad I am also grateful that my parents could support my undergraduate tuition (although the tuition rates are going up!).

As for the article, I don’t want to blame the mother or daughter for wanting to choose the best school…however, getting into private loans and whatnot without really understanding the future costs and implications…that I don’t like. However, $750 for rent in/near SF is great and very manageable while making $2300 after-tax. She should definitely not be deferring the student loans (of $700) either since she should be able to live off the other $850…

cialis professional onlineon 06.04.10 at 8:39 am

That NYT article made me so mad! I was upset she was whining about a $100k in debt for a degree in religous and women’s studies!!! What in the world was she expecting to do after that? Earn a $100k a year as a ???? I am so tired of people placing blame on others for bad choices they make. I came from a poor family, but didn’t qualify for financial aid only loans and I went to community college the first two years, paid for that with cash/credit, then went to a private school for my liberal arts education to the tune of $20,000 in loans. Still paying for it years later and about to get $20k more for my grad school education. But after I graduate with job prospects of $55-70k per year I know I will be able to pay it off. Ugh, people need to think before they sign for a morgage, student loan, credit card. Don’t play the blame game!

cialis professional onlineon 06.06.10 at 5:29 am

Education is like anything else: you get out of it what you put into it. Complete idiots have graduated from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, while some extremely bright, capable people have graduated from less prestigious schools. It’s not the name of the school that provides an education; it’s the motivation of the student. And we need to be more focused on the actual edcuation of our minds, than the name of the school we go to, the brand of our clothes or the car we drive or what nifty little gadgets we own. We have got to get out of our brand-name, competing with the Jones’s mindset and start being more responsible; this lust for false prestige is destroying people’s lives. Think, people. Think!!

cialis professional onlineon 06.06.10 at 5:40 am

Oh, by the way, on the Manna article itself: This woman makes around $2300 a month and pays $750 for rent in New York. What is she doing with the other $1550? The article didn’t mention dependents. So, she’s a single woman who only provides for herself. After groceries and utilities, she should still have several hundred $ left over. She has no reason to defer her payments or to complain and she got herself into this mess by choosing a high-priced school for a religious studies degree! And if, for some reason, money is a little tight, since she’s single, without dependents, she could get a little part-time job on the side to pay her bills; this is called a work ethic–you work as hard as necessary to pay your way. I really have no sympathy for this person. Stop your whining, budget your money, live within your means, pay your bills!

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