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Recently I read a that argued that one way to solve the unemployment problem is for more families to revert back to one income households and depend more on the household economy.  It is a long article so I will break down his main points for the impatient, but I highly recommend reading the whole thing because it is very eloquent.

purchase cheap cialis soft tabs- In many cases one partner’s income is completely eaten up by childcare expenses, work related expenses, and taxes.  Even when that is true many people still go to work day to day just to be away from their children.  Personally our family is not currently in this situation, but if we had one more child and had to pay childcare for both children then we would have more disposable income if one of us stayed home due to the tax benefits we would receive and the childcare and other money we would save.
purchase cheap cialis soft tabs- Greer says that only in the “only in the last half dozen decades that the home has become nothing more than a center of consumption; before then, it was a place where real wealth was produced.”  That “real wealth” is not money, but the fact that households produced actual goods from raw materials.  This still happens in many households, but it is no longer the norm.  The norm now is to have jobs and buy the biggest and brightest thing you can so that you look better than your neighbors.
purchase cheap cialis soft tabs- Greer makes a point that economists dismiss the value of the hosuehold economy because it lacks economies of scale, but when you work for an employer a lot of the value in your labor is consumed by your employer.  On the other hand, work in the home is consumed directly by the family and improves the family’s standard of living directly.

purchase cheap cialis soft tabs – Greer briefly talked about how many feminists believed that working for one’s family is a form of slavery while working for an employer isn’t.  Basically, feminism shattered the household economy without equalizing the relationship between gender and work.  Although I am a working woman, I must agree with Greer here.  If women believe that working at home is slavery, then there is no reason for them to think that working for an employer isn’t slavery.  If the feminist movement sought for equality between the genders then the value of household work should be promoted so that more men can take on that role without shame and ridicule.  I really think feminism actually did a disservice to women because now many women work more than before, and aren’t necessarily any happier.
purchase cheap cialis soft tabspurchase cheap cialis soft tabs- Greer says that most families will not downshift even if it makes sense financially  because they are mesmerized by that paycheck and they do not think of the “whole cost of systems”. It is counterintuitive that one paycheck is better than two in many cases, and many people just feel that going to work is the normal thing to do and I think many families believe that they absolutely need two incomes to survive.  The fact is, many families have two incomes to keep up with the Joneses and drive up the costs of things that they consume.  One of my friends recently said that he is not looking to buy a home because he realized there is no possible way he could compete with married couples with two incomes.  The funny thing is that  you can rent a place at half the price of a typical mortgage payment here, so the dual income married couples that are driving housing prices into the stratosphere are simply working more for the same or a slightly lower standard of living when compared to a single income family with a stay at home partner that rents a similar home.

I think that many of my friends and I have been taught that being a stay at home mom or dad is in some way demeaning, and that working for money is the only way that you can prove your worth.  The fact is that the household economy has more value than we were led to believe.  I think right now the only reason the both of us are still working is that we want to retire early.  The sooner we can opt out of working for others the sooner we can pursue more meaningful work in our own household.

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purchase cheap cialis soft tabson 04.21.10 at 6:54 am

For completeness, it’s worth going back a bit more than 60 years. Before the industrial age, the household was the main center of economic production, and most adults worked in the home (although many also worked in nearby fields as well). It’s a strategy that still works, if you’re willing to live a subsistence lifestyle.

Sending the first adult out of the house to earn money at a job is a huge step up in standard of living—not only does he or she earn money that can be used to buy stuff you can’t make at home, a good job comes with benefits that can be used to cover the members of the household that stay home.

Sending a second adult out of the household yields diminishing returns. There’s child care costs and progressive income taxes, plus a second set of benefits aren’t worth twice as much as the first set.

The issues scale for households with more than two adults (although benefits generally only cover two adults, although they can cover any number of children).

I wrote a post on this for Wise Bread:

purchase cheap cialis soft tabson 04.22.10 at 12:30 pm

I haven’t read the whole article yet, but I will. Very interesting ideas. I agree in general, except that I’m a bit confused about what kind of “household economy” we’re talking about. Neither men nor women should be ashamed to be managing it – and it does make financial sense in many if not the majority of cases for one spouse to stay home- but there are big differences to the individuals financially, socially and psychologically between managing a “household economy” and managing a career. The family as a whole may come out even, but the spouse with the paycheck will have more freedom, power and autonomy.

I’m a young woman who has beneffited from an amazing and very expensive education. I’ve used it to get a great job that challenges my mind; I’ve built a network of influential contacts in the business world; I’ve accumulated a wardrobe that is suitable for the office and for wining and dining with clients; and I’ve gotten used to earning my own money and the sense of empowerment and independence that comes with that. I manage my time however I see fit within the context of my job; people ask me for my opinion daily; I’m a valuable member of a productive team.

Contrast that experience with managing a “household economy” instead. Say in a few years I’m a stay at home mom who spends her days cleaning, cooking, comforting children, clipping coupons, etc. You can argue that the two roles have comparative economic value, but even if that’s true there is still a significant difference psychologically and socially.

purchase cheap cialis soft tabson 04.23.10 at 11:08 am

I haven’t read the John Michael Greer article yet (though I’m going to!), but I really agree with many of your points. My husband and I save a LOT of money with me staying home. Not only do we not have to pay for childcare, but we don’t have to pay for the extra gas, clothing, etc that would be required if I were working outside the home. We also save a lot of money on food. As it is, I cook almost all of our food from scratch. But if I were working, there’s no way I’d have the time!

I do have one minor quibble, though, which is that I don’t think feminism has made life worse for women! On the contrary, feminism has opened up many opportunities for women that would not have been there before, and for women who want to take advantage of those opportunities, that’s priceless. (And that’s not even getting into other issues beyond the workplace). I do agree that second-wave feminism did women (and men!) a disservice by viewing the home and homemaking as a negative thing; however, we must remember that at the time, homemaking was becoming more and more about consumption of “outsourced” goods (searching for the latest and greatest in appliances, foodstuffs, etc) rather than learning and practicing homemaking skills (such as canning, cooking, what-have-you). More and more women were finding themselves very unhappy as simple consumers, and I can’t say I blame them!

purchase cheap cialis soft tabson 10.19.10 at 1:13 pm

I might be some kind of weirdo, but I would love to be a household dad. Actually I was, when I was working at home and I onwed my own company. Kids grow too fast and having the chance to bathe them and do homework with them is a great opportunity that come once in a lifetime. I personally do not buy it when a mother sells to me the idea about slavery by just working at home. I wish I could do it myself…

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