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In the last couple days at the campuses of the University of California.  They are waving signs such as “Don’t take our education away”, and “affordable education for all”.  As an alumna of UC Berkeley, here is what I think about the issue.

First of all, I think that these students are just unlucky to be attending the UC system during the worst recession in several generations.  The California government operates on boom and bust cycles.  If you look at the historic tuition in the UC system, you will see that tuition has actually  gone down before in the late 90s because the economy was booming.  When I attended UC Berkeley in 2001, I was actually paying less than a student who attended in 1994 if you account for inflation.  In fact, I met an alumnus who graduated in the early 90s later on at an internship and he was really surprised that my tuition was just a little bit above his.  Basically, I was lucky and graduated before the major fee increases started.  The fact of the matter is that the state spends everything they have got when they are flush with money, and pretty much falls flat on its face when it is without money.  Right now, the state is just flat out broke.  The biggest problem here is that the tuition was not raised incrementally, and now the 32% increase is felt particularly hard by this group of students.  This is not the fault of the universities, but the state government in charge of the money.

Now, are the schools still affordable?  As of now, I think the UC tuition of approximately $10000 per year is still quite affordable if you compare how much an equivalent education at a private school costs.  UC Berkeley still has the top ranked engineering school in the country, and $10,000 a year is much less than $36,000 at MIT.  Similarly, the other UC campuses have some of the highest ranked programs in the country, and still cost 1/2 or  1/3rd of many private schools.  I actually think that the UCs were just too damn cheap for what they offer.  Even now, I think tuition at an UC would be less than what I will spend on childcare next year and I am not waving a sign that says “affordable childcare for all”.   Considering that UC graduates get paid comparable salaries as graduates of the ivies,  I still think that the UCs offer a great bang for the buck.

What really concerns me is that a lack of money could decrease the quality of the UC system.  If great professors, academics, and researchers no longer wanted to work at the UCs due to all the salary cuts and furloughs and the high cost of living in California then the education of many future young Californians will suffer.  I have no idea how much the schools will cost in 18 years when my baby goes to college, but if the quality of the schools go down then they might not be worth what they are charging. Perhaps in 18 years California will be in another boom cycle and the tuition will go down?

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If you have not heard, the monstrous 2000 page healthcare bill has passed in the House.  It will be debated in the Senate soon, but chances are it will pass in some form.  I am not going to go on about all the things that are wrong about it because that will take too long.  Instead, I will write about who could save money if this bill passes.

First of all, this bill is going to require everyone to buy  government approved health insurance or face a penalty from the IRS.  For individual tax payers, the penalty is   2.5% of gross pay.  For businesses, the tax penalty is 8% of a worker’s pay if the business does not pay for at least 72.5% of the worker’s health insurance premium.  There are also significant government subsidies for those who make under a certain income level to pay for premiums.

Additionally, there will be cuts to FSA and HSA plans and insurance companies will no longer be able to charge more premiums for preexisting conditions.  Also, the premium difference between the young and old will be lessened greatly.  The House bill says that the premium of an elderly person cannot be more than twice than that of a young person.  So essentially these changes will raise the price of health insurance for the young and healthy and punish those who try to save for their own medical expenses.

So what should the young and healthy do if this bill passes?  First of all, stay healthy.  Next,  if employed, ask the employer to give whatever they pay for your health insurance as a part of your pay instead if your employer is paying significantly more than 8% of your pay in health insurance premiums.  You will have to pay the 2.5% in tax penalty, and your employer will have to 8%, but you will have more cash in your pocket.  If you do get sick you will still be able to get insurance since the law basically says that everyone will be able to buy the same basic coverage regardless of preexisting conditions.

How do the numbers work out?  Here is from the Congressional Budget Office that shows how much the average health insurance premiums would be under the new plan for people in different income levels.  For a single person making around $38,000 a year, the estimated premium is $6100 a year, or 16% of income.  Suppose that this person is young and healthy and  simply pays for the tax penalty the cost is only $950 a year. Meanwhile, the person could save the difference.  Of course, right now this person pays no tax penalty, so the government is simply going to redistribute his or her money in subsidies for others.   If you look at the table, it seems that not a single income bracket pays less than 2.5% of their income for the premium, so even the poorest folks would do better to just skip health insurance while they are healthy, save the cash, and simply enroll when they do need to consume health care.  Of course, this will drive up health insurance premiums for everyone who is enrolled, and give more incentive for those who are enrolled to drop their coverage.

How does the math work out for employers?  Lets use the same employee making $38,000 as an example.  The employer is forced to pay 72.5% of the average premium of $6100, which is $4422.50  or  8% of 38,000 which is $3040.  Obviously, dropping the insurance is cheaper for the employer.  If the difference in cost were given to the employee directly then the employee still comes out ahead with more cash in his or her pocket.    When you go up in the income scale, the incentive is even higher to drop insurance.  For example, an employee making $102,000 a year with a family plan would cost   an employer around $15000 a year in insurance premiums or simply $8000 in tax penalties.  If the difference were given to that employee that employee would still come out ahead by several thousand dollars a year after the tax penalty.  That money could be used to pay for preventive care out of pocket.

Finally, lets examine why we have health insurance now.  It is to buy generic cialis online without a prescriptionagainst future diseases  and healthcare consumption.  Your insurance doesn’t exactly buy you anything you can use right now.  For example, I was pregnant this year, and if I didn’t have health insurance to begin with  I would have had to pay quite a bit for the treatment I received.  Since pregnancy is a preexisting condition and I would not have been able to buy health insurance anywhere while pregnant.  Now if the new law passes, I could buy health insurance while pregnant since it would be illegal to refuse insurance to patients with preexisting conditions.  This completely changes the definition of insurance and makes it almost like a coupon program you can join at anytime.  Basically, your membership fee is your taxes, and then you can pay a middle layer of insurance companies when you need health care.  So, there is really no need to carry expensive health insurance that covers everything  when you are healthy because you can enroll anytime.

If all the young and healthy knew how to do basic math, they would be dropping their health insurance and opt for more cash  pay as soon as this bill is enacted.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Congress most American public schools aren’t so great so many people would become new insurance company customers because they cannot figure out that 2.5% is less of a penalty than the 15 or 16% they would be required to shell out.    I don’t know if this healthcare bill would actually raise the percentage of people who are insured because a lot of people out there do have common sense, and businesses will figure out that the 8% penalty is much less than what they would be required to pay otherwise.

So could you save money with Obamacare?  You probably can if you have a preexisting condition and need to consume a lot of health care.  On the other hand, this will cost a lot more for those who are young, healthy, or make too much money.   In the end, it is just and does not do anything at all to improve the quality of healthcare in this country.

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One of my friends often makes fun of government economic reports and other news by repeating the numbers reported and adding some catchphrase the Obama administration, Geithner, or Bernanke has been spewing.   His favorite phrases are “green shoots” which references Bernanke’s report that the economy is getting slightly better and the ubiquitious “change we can believe in”.  He also likes to say “lols” at the news that are really stupid and refers to generally stupid things as a “clownshow”.   Here is an example of a reading of this week’s  news.

buy generic cialis online without a prescription:

– At least the pace is slowing!

– Profitable companies found out that people are more productive in recessions, so they need less workers

– We are all landlords now.

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– 99 weeks of unemployment benefits available now in California

buy generic cialis online without a prescription

This is just oxymoronic.

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We are also making some guesses on what the yield of today’s will bring.

In all honesty, I don’t think things have improved much in the past 12 months.  Sure, the stock market has regained ground, but it is mostly due to the fact that the US dollar has lost value.  That is not really a good thing for those who get paid in US dollars.   Unemployment and foreclosure are still going up so it is no time to celebrate the end of the recession yet.  The good news is that there are a lot of shopping, restaurant, and travel deals for the consumer this holiday season because everyone is trying to sell something to someone out there.  This is definitely a good time to save money on the things you need and enjoy.

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I have been at home for almost three full weeks now with the baby, and it hasn’t exactly been a vacation.   I feel like the baby needs me constantly, and when I get a moment alone I tend to fall asleep or I end up pumping out extra milk.   I have to admit that I actually wanted to go back to work on a couple days because taking care of the little one is getting pretty repetitive and I just want some time alone.  Then when I think about returning to work I also feel a bit panicked because I have no idea how I could leave the little one without missing him.  He is a little poop machine but he is also pretty adorable.  Anyway, time is passing by very quickly and before I know it it will be January, so I am writing down a list of things I need to take care of before returning to work.

buy generic cialis online without a prescriptionbuy generic cialis online without a prescription – This is a huge thing I need to settle before going back to work.  We are thinking of asking around in church first to see if anyone we know offers childcare or could recommend someone trustworthy.    I have been looking on Craigslist just to see what the going rate for nannies and daycares are and it seems to average around $11 to $16 an hour.  We would need at least three to four full days of care a week so that works out to be  $1500 to $2000 a month.  If we share a nanny with another family the rate is possibly a little lower.  This definitely would be our biggest expense for the baby.

buy generic cialis online without a prescription -  I have until the end of the year to enroll in my employer’s  medical and dependent care FSAs.  The depend care FSA’s maximum contribution is $5000 for each family, but our tax rate is fairly high when you throw in state, federal, and payroll taxes so it is worthwhile to spend that childcare money pretax.

buy generic cialis online without a prescription –   I need to make a list of all the accounts and insurance policies I should add the baby to as a beneficiary.  We just got his Social Security number this week so this can be done online for the bulk of our accounts.

buy generic cialis online without a prescription- The hubby already  did this item so the baby is now covered under his plan. We all have Kaiser HMO and so far it has been quite good and convenient for us.

buy generic cialis online without a prescription – I want to build up a good supply of milk in the freezer before I go back to work.  Since breastmilk could last 3 months in the freezer every bit of extra milk I store now is still good in January and beyond.  The frozen milk could be thawed and eaten by the baby in 24 hours so I could give the milk to whoever the caretaker is during the day.  Even though breastmilk is freely produced from me, it takes time to pump, label, and store everything.  However, formula is quite expensive so I don’t mind putting in the work now.

For the most part, I really enjoy being a mom now, but after these three weeks I realize that I need more stimulating interaction.  The baby is cute, but he is  not doing much besides eat, poop, and sleep now.  We are also trying to stay home as much as possible so the baby doesn’t catch any diseases so each day is quite boring.  Nevertheless, we can’t wait until the kid is old enough to talk, walk, and play boardgames with us.

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