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generic cialis no prescription australia

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generic cialis no prescription australia

I have found that I like the LA Times’ reporting a lot more than the SF Chronicle’s.  Today on Sacramento’s plan on how to balance the state budget, and some of it is truly hilarious.  Here is a short summary.

  • State workers’ June paycheck would be paid on July 1st, thus pushing $1.2 billion of expenses into the next fiscal year.  Umm… this saves money how?
  • $1.7 billion of school funding would be delayed until the next fiscal year.  Once again, this is another paper fix
  • Withhold 10% more taxes from every working Californian starting Jan 1st 2010.  This is essentially an attempt to collect almost $2 billion in taxes in advance.  What prevents people from changing their withholdings and owe the state money even with a 10% increase?
  • 3% tax withholding on payments to independent contractors.  This is another gimmick to advance tax payments, but the independent contractors could get the money back if they don’t owe 3%.
  • $1 billion proposed money grab on local gasoline tax revenues.  This is already being fought by the League of California Cities with a lawsuit.
  • $1.50 per pack extra taxes on cigarettes.  When New York imposed a huge hike of taxes on each pack of cigarettes some simply bought cigarettes with lower taxes from other states and imported them to New York and made a profit by selling them at the tax inclusive rate.  I’m guessing some Nevadans or Oregonians will be into this business in California now.
  • Illegal immigrants in prisons are being sent to immigration to be deported.  They really should have done this years ago.  Isn’t this really common sense?

A lot of these attempts to delay or advance payments really add nothing to the bottom line.  In fact, I think some of them would backfire.  For example, if you usually get a state tax refund now, perhaps it is time to change your withholdings so that you end up owing money at the end of the year because the state is trying to milk more money out of you this year anyway.  Also we all know that the state delayed refund payments for months and months this year so why should they receive your money early?  Chances are this would happen again if they do not change the fundamentals of how they are operating.    If enough people change their withholding strategy then this advance grab of tax dollars would not work at all.  If you calculate your withholdings correctly it is possible to owe just enough to not have to pay a penalty.

I’m kind of annoyed to see that a lot of the original proposed cuts on some social programs are gone and all of these gimmicks are going on.  So they are pushing one month’s salary into the next year, what will they do the next year?  Push the salaries again?  Soon enough state worker’s will be getting their pay budgeted for years into the future.  That’s pretty pointless.

I really do not mind paying taxes if it is being used responsibly, but it does not seem like the government knows how to manage money properly.  Add that to the fact that Californians themselves control the law making proposition system you just get a complete mess.   Of course noone wants to cut education, healthcare, and freebies, and of course noone wants to increase taxes.  So what you have left over is a very dysfunctional state and another reason to hate California.

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generic cialis no prescription australia

generic cialis no prescription australiaon 06.24.09 at 9:16 am

I’m guessing you like the LA Times better because the SF Chronicle’s reporters are typically far left progressives, and the LA Times leans more Republican/fiscally conservative. I find I agree with you.

Interestingly, the commenters on are typically fiscal conservatives, though they’re clearly a minority in the Bay Area voting populace.

generic cialis no prescription australiaon 06.24.09 at 2:58 pm

I just feel like LA Times reports more and the writing is better. Today a friend actually told me that he didn’t know any of these things by reading the Chronicle, and he had to get the news from my blog. What’s up with that? Anyway, it seems that this budget is a no go.

generic cialis no prescription australiaon 06.26.09 at 2:37 pm

“Illegal immigrants in prisons are being sent to immigration to be deported. They really should have done this years ago. Isn’t this really common sense?”

No it really isn’t common sense. Letting criminals/prisoners go before serving there whole sentence because they are illegal is kind of dumb. Most criminals are a part of a network so once released in there own country they are more likely than not going to make there way back to America via there network. Also we can’t ensure the treatment of the prisoners once they leave our prisons I think it is kind of a “cop out” we convict a person then shrug responsibly for there imprisonment. The budget crisis is very complex and these paper fixes aren’t going to fix them. It is very easy to target those who have little or no rights and few people to fight for those rights.

generic cialis no prescription australiaon 06.28.09 at 10:01 pm

The state goverment has cash flow problems now. They do not have money to pay bills. That is why they try to delay the payments.

generic cialis no prescription australiaon 07.02.09 at 10:44 pm

[...] is already July, and the ludicrous budget plan I wrote about  a week ago did not end up passing.  Now California is starting to issue IOUs for [...]

generic cialis no prescription australiaon 07.13.09 at 10:55 pm

I am reading with great apprehension the evolving news about our State’s budget.
I cannot believe that Sacramento is starting to talk about suspending prop 98, for the second time in 2 years.

Education, the corner stone of our democracy, is once again made the scapegoat.

A bill is currently being discussed in the Senate which would lower the majority requirement necessary to raise a parcel tax, benefiting school districts. The bill is called SCA 6.
This bill is not a tax increase, rather, it would restore the democratic process, giving communities the opportunity to make local choices, benefiting local schools without going through Sacramento.

Please consider signing an on line petition in support of this bill

generic cialis no prescription australia

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  • generic cialis no prescription australia

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