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I admit it. I watch a lot of TV, and this year I have had the unpleasant experience of turning on the tube to find President Obama when I expected some funny or smart show to come on. This has happened repeatedly in the last few months and it is scheduled to happen again on 4/29.

Because of Obama I had to watch Valentine’s Day episodes of popular comedies in the middle of March. I am sorry but it just feels out of context to see a bunch of hearts on St. Patrick’s Day and every show was just a little less funny. Next, I now no longer know which day some shows are on because several networks changed airing dates to accommodate Obama. Some shows are also trying to catch up by showing multiple episodes in the same week and that is just plain confusing.

I have no problem with President Obama being on TV. After all, he has important things to say, but is it really necessary to preempt prime time television every few weeks on every single network channel? What is wrong with a 6pm news conference when news is usually shown on TV? It is possible to communicate to the public on cable news, the internet, or radio so I think all of these prime time conferences are done at least in part due to Obama’s enormous ego.

So what does this rant have to do with finance or business? Well, the TV networks are definitely . These two upcoming weeks are especially important because it is what’s known as May sweeps. This means that many shows are having their season finales so advertising is generally more expensive. Also, the sweeps ratings are important to every show since they are used to determine advertising rates for the next season. These prime time interruptions are really hurting the major networks and the shows they are airing. It also hurts the local network affiliates in every city and town in America who receive ad revenue from the shows they air. Most of all, the revenue loss will hurt the workers at these broadcasters and shows. If a company is forced to lose millions of dollars every few weeks they are bound to cut some personnel. Also, many of the new shows that are trying to establish themselves are hurt by the constantly shuffling scheduling, and every cancellation of a show is equivalent to the cancellation of hundreds of jobs.  So believe it or not, Obama’s decision to schedule his news conferences during prime time instead of say 4pm or 6pm is truly hurting people.  I think one of these networks should just stand up to the White House and say no and I am sure that network will get more viewers than the rest because they would be showing something different.

By now I can already predict what Obama is going to say on the news conference because he generally says the same thing over and over. First, he will say something to the effect that we are in a difficult economic crisis and everyone needs to work together. Then he will say that he has cut taxes for 95% of Americans and he is cracking down on the greedy bankers. Finally he will end up with the cliche that there is hope for America. Basically, Obama is continuing his campaign and since he is president now he has the power to get primo prime time coverage for free!

I am about these prime time TV interruptions. It may seem silly that I care about TV so much, but it is my leisure time that Obama is sacrificing for his own ego. After working 8 to 10 hour days, I think millions of Americans deserve to be shown something that makes them happy for 20 minutes to an hour. Millions of people want to escape from the reality of this horrible economy and real life just for a little while, and Obama is taking that away when he can choose not to. So I don’t think it’s stupid to say that if your President really cared about your well being he or she would leave your favorite shows alone. News conferences belong on news channels, and not during Chuck or Bones.

Here is an idea, if Obama seriously wants to be on TV on prime time so often then he should just get his own reality show. I am sure that will have great ratings and actually add to the coffers of the network that snags it. At least that would stimulate the economy instead of taking money away from broadcasters.

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buy cheap generic viagra onlineon 04.24.09 at 9:45 am

I don’t watch television very often, but when I do I am not upset by seeing Obama on television so much as I am upset by the way he is treated by the media. They have turned him into yet another celebrity. I get tired of hearing about Michelle’s wardrobe and sexy arms. These people are our leaders and we shouldn’t be treating them the same way we treat Britney Spears. That is what bothers me the most. You can’t walk into a grocery store without seeing them plastered on the covers of gossip magazines with article titles like “What we do to keep our marriage happy.”

Who cares? How about these magazines publish articles titled “What I am doing to improve our country”?

AH! Thanks for the rant so I can rant! I may have to go blow some steam off on my blog now ;)

buy cheap generic viagra onlineon 04.24.09 at 1:21 pm

Haha, I love this rant. I too hate it when there’s a Presidential speech on TV – even if I really want to hear it! I agree they should just do it before or after Prime Time hours and then post it online too so people can see it there – or read it – if they missed it (but lets be honest, 98% of Americans don’t give a damn what Obama has to say – and the other 2% already know what he is going to say, as you describe!).

Although I don’t think the networks have a choice since they are technically “public” which I assume means they get some form of subsidy from the government which in order to receive they must do x, y, and z (like pay attention to regulations about censoring, put the Prez on when he talks, etc). I am more worried that my tax dollars are going to pay/reimburse broadcasters for the time the President spends on the air!

buy cheap generic viagra onlineon 04.24.09 at 2:15 pm

I’m pretty sure the broadcasters aren’t being paid, and they have refused President Bush before so it is kind of scary that Obama is getting all this expensive airtime. It’s like Big Brother from 1984, or dictators who have weekly addresses. When Obama wasn’t president yet he paid millions to air his 30 minute infomercial during prime time, and it seems now he is just exercising his power for his own pleasure. It’s annoying and frightening at the same time. The public airwaves aka the electromagnetic spectrum is a natural thing, and Obama really needs to learn to share.

buy cheap generic viagra onlineon 04.28.09 at 6:40 am

Fox is going to air its programs as usual.

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