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Recently I read about in the past four years.    It’s really not a surprise to me because I have seen the rapid rise in cost of living, taxes, and unemployment in the past few years.  Combine that with a state government that is in constant turmoil and you have a very stressful and unstable situation to be in. However, is the California dream really dying?

In my mind, the California dream is much more glamorous and adventurous than .   For example, every Chinese person I know still calls San Francisco “Old Gold Mountain” because of the Gold Rush.  The gold ran out, but the legend of sailing halfway around the world to California for treasure still remains. The dot com bubble burst, but some lucky few still made out like bandits and new entrepreneurs are still trying to strike it rich in the Silicon Valley.  The California dream gives people high expectations to become the richest or the most famous, but it also dishes out  big disappointments. The fact of the matter is that most people cannot attain the California dream.  Not everyone can become a movie star, and not everyone can be a dot com millionaire.

I have lived in California for almost 12 years now and I have seen both of my parents’ next door neighbors move out of state.  One of the families sold their home for a dandy profit and headed up to Oregon, and the other packed up to go to Washington.  Now my inlaws have packed up and left for the Philippines after living here for over 23 years and raising two children.  Honestly I am a little jealous, and a little curious as to if they love where they are now, but I think they have achieved their goals in California.

There are a lot of things about this state that I love even though sometimes I am so frustrated by all the things going wrong.  I love the innovative energy in the Silicon Valley, and the mostly sunny skies.  I love the diversity of people here and the availability of cuisines from all over the world.  This is also the state where I got a pretty decent college education even though my parents paid for it through tuition and oodles of taxes.  California is where I grew from a child into an adult, and for better or worse it is  a part of who I am.

It is very unlikely that I will leave California since pretty much my entire immediate family is here.  My husband is adamant that he would probably never leave California since he has lived here since he was two and my parents have worked pretty hard to be here.  This is home, and it is messy and screwed up, but it is still home. I am pretty sure it is going to get worse, but I also think that the innovations of Californians will make this the place to be once again. The California dream will live on because everyone dreams of a life beyond the ordinary, but perhaps right now it doesn’t seem like California is the best place to realize that dream.

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A lot happened in the last 24 hours that made me feel happy and fortunate, and I think I should write these events down.

First, I got two free meals yesterday since my company had a company meeting and a holiday party.  Spouses were invited to the holiday party so my hubby joined me at dinner time.  One of the special speakers at our company meeting was supposed to be Ronnie Lott, a former 49er and hall of famer, but he didn’t show up.  So instead he sent over seven autographed footballs to be raffled off at our party.  Every person got a ticket and when the winners were called the announcer threw the balls to them across the restaurant.  The second winner was an extremely excited engineer who held out his hands, but the ball landed straight on his forehead and he was knocked back a bit.  Then my husband won the next ball while he was saying he never wins things at raffles.  He stood up and the announcer threw the ball at him and he caught it!  He received some cheers and applause and he hammed it up a bit by raising his hands straight up with the ball.  Neither of us knew who Ronnie Lott is, but the hubby is hoping that he could sell the ball to fund the purchase of an arcade game stick.  We looked up the prices online and apparently memorabilia stores sell Ronnie Lott balls for $200 to $300.  The hubby was tempted to trade the ball for another prize at the party because some of our European coworkers didn’t really care about football and was able to trade for iPod nanos.  This was definitely one of the better company parties I have been to.

When we got home, my hubby called his parents since they are leaving the country tonight to do missionary work in the Philippines for an undetermined amount of time.  We have all been working towards this moment in the last few months with the purchase of their home and moving various things. Everyone was quite emotional, but there is also joy in that my in-laws will begin a new life for God.  It also made me feel very blessed to marry into such an awesome family full of love.

This morning we had a scheduled health exam for the life insurance I had applied for.  A slightly deaf nurse came to our home and took our blood and urine samples and took various biometrics.  I had written that a long time ago, but I never took the plunge.  I finally did it because we purchased my in-law’s home, and in case something happens either of our policies could pay off all the debts.  We bought a term policy and it is quite cheap because we’re both only 25 years old.

When I walked out the door  I saw one of my neighbors at the mailboxes.  She is  a 70 year old Chinese widow that talked to me a few times before because I am the only other Chinese person that lives in the complex. We said hello to each other and she said, “Going to work?”

I nodded.

“You’re lucky you still have a job! A lot of people are laid off!” She exclaimed.

“I know. I know I am lucky.”  I said as I walked out the door  to live another day.

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I’m sure you have heard about President-Elect Barack’s Obama’s new push to pass a stimulus package.  I couldn’t find a a comprehensive article about the details of the plan, but what’s being reported the most in the media are the tax cuts which make up about 40% of the package.  Here they are, and here is why I think they are mostly nonsensical and probably would not do much to lift the economy.

generic viagra usgeneric viagra us- I know that every bit of money helps, but is this really the best way to spend billions of dollars in stimulus money?  $500 per person works out to be about $40 per month.  I guess it’s good for a cable bill, but will $40 per month stop a family from going into foreclosure?  Will $40 per month be enough to stop local shops from closing?  Another thing is, didn’t we just have a round of stimulus like this from the Bush administration?  That one was actually $600 per worker or $1200 per couple plus $300 per kid.  Just look at how much that helped and you’ll see how much this one will help.

generic viagra us – This one has so many holes that it’s like a piece of moldy Swiss cheese.  First of all, if a person lost a job at business A and then finds a job at business B, is business B really generic viagra us a job? It seems like that would be a net gain of 0 jobs to me.  Additionally, some businesses are doing well and some are doing poorly.  The ones that are doing poorly are very unlikely to hire someone just for the tax benefit because adding an employee is very expensive and it would only make sense to add an employee if the employee’s output of work can bring a profit.  On the other hand, the businesses that are doing well may already be planning to hire people and they will get stronger due to the tax rebate, but they probably did not need that money to begin with and again this tax rebate would have been pointless.    Another thing is that it’s unclear how long a company needs to keep an employee to claim this tax benefit and what type of employment it would be.  If those details are not clear I can see shady businesses exploiting this by hiring some person part time for half a month and then claiming the credit for a profit.  Anyway, I don’t think this tax stimulus will actually be an incentive for any logical business to add to their payrolls and I highly doubt that this will bring about a net gain in employment numbers.

generic viagra us- This particular item isn’t mentioned a lot on the big news sites probably because it’s just bizarre.  I see this particular clause benefiting the giant financial firms the most because they have had the most significant losses in the last year, and they also had the biggest profits in the years prior.   A lot of companies in other industries did not suffer as badly, and the good responsible companies that were still making a profit in 2008 will not get a boost.  Again, there is no guarantee that the companies that receive this benefit will create jobs and expand the economy.  In fact, I think in this economy only the strong companies that still have a profit are still hiring because they know that they can get discounted labor and they are in a good position to use the extra labor effectively.  It is almost like Obama wants to punish the companies that had good management to make a profit despite difficulties by giving their tax dollars to those who may have been extremely irresponsible and I think it’s plain stupid.

Finally, there is a question that everyone should be asking “WHERE THE  (insert your favorite expletive here)  WILL ALL THIS MONEY COME FROM?” Oh that’s right, they will just add it to the national debt, and that will be paid by Americans for generations to come.  I know that Obama’s plan isn’t finalized, but so far I haven’t heard a single good idea from him, yet.

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When I was in Southern California there was a truly bewildering story of a man who dressed up as Santa and murdered nine members of his ex-wife’s family, and when I came back to the Bay Area I read about something even more disturbing. In the past week the most bizarre and tragic story in the Bay Area has been the shooting of 22 year old Oscar Grant by a young BART police officer.  I only saw the more “conclusive” cellphone videos today and I have to say it is truly incomprehensible.  The young man was clearly on the ground and secured by more than one officer, and then the second officer stands up and pulls out his gun and fires into the victim’s back.  It took several seconds for the officer to take out the gun and the whole thing really looked like an execution and it is just unbelievable.

A lot of people including myself are wondering why the officer did what he did.  Apparently in the past there had been two more incidents where BART police blew away unarmed people, but this is the first time when citizen reporting with cellphone cameras have brought so much attention to a BART shooting.  According to the police immediately started to confiscate cameras after the incident, but a few people managed to keep their phones since their traincar left the station just in time.  Technology has made it possible for everyday folks to watch the watchmen, and that is comforting and yet disturbing at the same time.

The aftermath of the incident is yet to be played out.    Right now there is a protest at the Fruitvale BART station and trains are passing the station in both directions. more than 500people have showed up around 6pm and the station was closed since protesters blocked the fare gates.  The protest is scheduled to last another 2 hours.

Then there is the lawsuit a lawyer filed on behalf of the family.  The family is seeking $25 million dollars from BART, and it’s sad to say that this will be a Pyrrhic victory at best since no amount of money will bring Oscar Grant back.  BART could probalby cover the costs of the lawsuit with their liability insurance, but I am sure more public funds will be spent and ridership might even decrease a bit.  This is not good for the public since BART is such a vital service for so many people here in the Bay Area, but there has to be some accountability.

These horrible stories just show that you may never know when you will meet your maker, and you are never as safe as you think.  The police are supposed to be peace keepers, but some people let power get to their heads.  The classic showed that ordinary people who are put in positions above others stepped over the boundaries and I am sure it happens every single day.  Thankfully the internet gives the people a little bit of power back.

Finally, I offer my condolences to both the families of Oscar Grant and the officer.  I hope noone else gets hurt in the midst of this and we don’t have  full scale Rodney King-esque riots here.

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Happy new year everyone!  I have been away from my blogs for a while since I spent the last couple weeks in our new home down in Southern California.  My inlaws are moving to the Philippines in about 10 days and this may be the last Christmas we will spend with them in California.  This year we do  plan to go to the Philippines to visit them for Christmas.   The last two weeks was filled with a flurry activity.  We saw my sister in law get married in Temecula to her Navy seaman and then my parents made a drive down for a couple days.  We took them to the San Diego Zoo and also Hollywood Blvd.  My husband also had the chance to see quite a few friends and have dinner with them.

Christmas was lean last year because everyone is trying to save money.  The only shopping trip we went on was after Christmas at the local mall.   I lounged a bit in the Bath & Body Works since they were having a sale, but ultimately did not buy anything.  In the end, we went to  TJ Maxx with my parents since my mom is a big fan of that store, but I have never been in one.    TJ Maxx is kind of like Ross where brand name goods  are heavily discounted for consumers. I was surprised that they had a huge selection of beauty products including AHAVA brand moisturizers that my hubby got me from Israel one year.  My mother often buys the cosmetics there as gifts for friends in China because they are really into brands in China.   Anyway, this was the place I did the bulk of Christmas shopping.  I bought two large bottles of shampoo, a camera case for my dad, a shirt for my mom, and a pair of  PJs for myself.  Everything came under $45 since the store is so discounted.  You do have to dig a bit through the many multicolored shelves, but there are plenty of heavily discounted goods to be found.

For my inlaws we waived their rent payment on the house for these last few days and didn’t really buy anything new for them because they are  trying to get rid of everything in the house right now.  They actually gave us one of the presents we got them last year for Christmas because they can’t bring it to the Philippines.  Every single day we were doing some packing and sorting because a lot of things had to go.

On New Year’s day we drove a caravan back up here to Northern California with quite a bit of furniture and kitchen goods.  My inlaws also sold one of their cars to an aunt so they’re going home with less stuff.  It took us another half day to sort everything into our closets and storage spaces.   So basically we have been quite busy.

We also found a family that agreed to be caretakers for our house after my inlaws leave.  We reserved the right to use the downstairs guest room at anytime and they will be taking care of the gardening, pool, and utilities.  It is really an awesome deal for them, but we’re hoping it will not be long term.  The hubby is really contemplating moving down south, but we would need to secure employment there and that seems to be a lot tougher than getting jobs in the Silicon Valley.  Also, the hubby is waiting for his company’s games to be published this year so that he could say on his resume that he has shipped a couple games.  So basically we won’t be moving for at least one year.   Honestly speaking, if we both had jobs with comparable pay the quality of life is a lot higher there because the cost of living is quite a bit lower.   We could actually just live on one income if we moved into our house because it’s cheaper than renting a two bedroom apartment here.  The public elementary and middle schools there also have pretty high ratings so my hubby says that it’s more likely we’d move after we have kids.   As my friend Michael jokingly (or maybe seriously)  said once, “the Bay Area is where you work really hard for a crappier life”.

Even though this year  has just begun, I already have a list of things I’m planning to do.  First, I am seriously looking into a refinance even though we just bought the home a few months ago.  The reason is that interest rates have come down significantly in the last month because of the Fed’s plan to buy mortgage backed securities.  If you have significant equity in your home, good credit, and good income then it may be a good time to refinance, also.  I’m specifically looking into a no-cost refinance and right now I’m watching the rates at IndyMac and Technology Credit Union.  IndyMac quoted me a no-cost refinance rate of 4.75% a couple weeks ago but it was impossible for me to get all the paperwork through and their phonelines are always busy. They’ve also been sold to a bunch of private investors so I’m not sure the rates will ever get that low again.   is a local Silicon Valley credit union and they have a pretty straightforward online application so I’m watching the rates there.  They also answered phone calls pretty quickly when I called so I may do the no-cost refinance with them when the rate drops a little lower.  Their rate is currently at 5.25% for the no cost and lower than 5% with costs.  This credit union is for people who work or live in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda, so pretty much most Bay Area folks can qualify for membership.

The next beast on my list is taxes for the year of 2008.  I may hire a professional this year to do it because I exercised some stock options last year and  bought the house with the hubby.  Seriously, I really hate taxes.

I think the rest of 2009 should be quite interesting since Barack Obama will be the new president.  Will the United States be revitalized or go down the tubes?  No one knows yet, but we will be okay as long as we trust God and be responsible with our own actions.  This is a year that will be filled with challenges for everyone around the world, and hopefully these events make us stronger and more prudent in the years to come.

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