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Recently I read about in the past four years.    It’s really not a surprise to me because I have seen the rapid rise in cost of living, taxes, and unemployment in the past few years.  Combine that with a state government that is in constant turmoil and you have a very stressful and unstable situation to be in. However, is the California dream really dying?

In my mind, the California dream is much more glamorous and adventurous than .   For example, every Chinese person I know still calls San Francisco “Old Gold Mountain” because of the Gold Rush.  The gold ran out, but the legend of sailing halfway around the world to California for treasure still remains. The dot com bubble burst, but some lucky few still made out like bandits and new entrepreneurs are still trying to strike it rich in the Silicon Valley.  The California dream gives people high expectations to become the richest or the most famous, but it also dishes out  big disappointments. The fact of the matter is that most people cannot attain the California dream.  Not everyone can become a movie star, and not everyone can be a dot com millionaire.

I have lived in California for almost 12 years now and I have seen both of my parents’ next door neighbors move out of state.  One of the families sold their home for a dandy profit and headed up to Oregon, and the other packed up to go to Washington.  Now my inlaws have packed up and left for the Philippines after living here for over 23 years and raising two children.  Honestly I am a little jealous, and a little curious as to if they love where they are now, but I think they have achieved their goals in California.

There are a lot of things about this state that I love even though sometimes I am so frustrated by all the things going wrong.  I love the innovative energy in the Silicon Valley, and the mostly sunny skies.  I love the diversity of people here and the availability of cuisines from all over the world.  This is also the state where I got a pretty decent college education even though my parents paid for it through tuition and oodles of taxes.  California is where I grew from a child into an adult, and for better or worse it is  a part of who I am.

It is very unlikely that I will leave California since pretty much my entire immediate family is here.  My husband is adamant that he would probably never leave California since he has lived here since he was two and my parents have worked pretty hard to be here.  This is home, and it is messy and screwed up, but it is still home. I am pretty sure it is going to get worse, but I also think that the innovations of Californians will make this the place to be once again. The California dream will live on because everyone dreams of a life beyond the ordinary, but perhaps right now it doesn’t seem like California is the best place to realize that dream.

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non prescription cialis

non prescription cialison 01.15.09 at 6:27 pm

This is a pretty interesting question. I live in Austin, TX…which has recently been classified as little L.A. or some such title. I don’t know about that, but I do know that A LOT of Californians have moved here. We don’t have state tax and the market is relatively cheap by comparison. Those who sold their homes in California find they have quite a bit left over, even after buying a house here.

I find it interesting because, even though I know that California is expensive and often a disappointment on the “California Dream,” as you put it, I still want to move to L.A. and pursue MY dreams. I know if I’m willing to take the risk – despite everyone telling me I’m crazy for thinking about it – then there are others out there willing to risk it, too. In my opinion, dreams don’t die unless everyone gives it up. The California dream will live on because there are those who still believe in it’s potential, despite the flaws.

non prescription cialison 01.20.09 at 2:44 pm

California is the fakest place in the world. Honestly, I could not think of a more annoying place to live. If you not a celebrity not much point frankly. Plus a crap load of natural disasters. AND the people, well I call them dreamers as frankly they are dumbest people I have ever come across – im english – and the gap is large!

non prescription cialison 01.28.09 at 8:24 am

I graduated college last year, and it seems like California is still the ultimate destination for my age group. Some of my friends have already moved out there, some are planning to in the next year–more than likely, I’ll end up in CA too, even if only for a few years.

Currently, I’m living in Germany, and the “California Dream” is alive and well here. But of course, people here have gotten their impressions of CA from TV and films, which is in stark contrast to the California you described.

non prescription cialison 01.28.09 at 1:33 pm

I Right now Live in Nashville Tennessee and I find the city allot of Los Angeles California. Too many Californians are coming to Nashville Tennessee. I thing I will stay in Nashville Because the city is just like LA. I Graduated Vanderbuilt University in 2005 and now I work in business management in Nashville. Yes I am a Californian, I am from La and I will spread my Californian fashion to Nashville Tennessee. Beside Most of the people I work with in my business are from Los Angeles. All of you might want to come to Nashville Tennessee, This city is becoming Californian. They pay good and the city of Nashville Tennessee is control by Californians.

non prescription cialison 01.28.09 at 10:27 pm

Hey this Barry Watson

I recently moved from Los Angeles California to Nashville Tennessee. I have realized that allot of Californian business like the Nissan and other industry are coming to Nashville Tennessee. When you enter Nashville TN, biologically you are entering California. Nashville today, resides to us Californians. Yes, Many people from Los Angeles California are coming to Nashville TN. I was going to move to Austin TX, But I was convince from my friends and family members that Nashville TN is becoming a small mini California. I decided to come to Nashville TN, because first of all its bigger then Austin TX. Secondly Many of my friends and people I know from Los Angeles California are coming to Nashville TN. Most of the people I have met in Nashville Tennessee are from Los Angeles California. (That kind of make Nashville Tennessee a pure given California) The weather in Nashville TN Is the same as the weather in California. (Maybe if you love California and you don’t want to leave Los Angeles California, then come to Nashville Tennessee) Right here in Nashville we are living the California dream. I am a Californian lover and, I myself am from Los Angeles California.
( The California Dream is alive and well in Nashville Tennessee).

non prescription cialison 01.28.09 at 10:43 pm

I recently moved to Nashville Tennessee with my friends. At first I didn’t want to leave LA because I was raised and was born in California. I did however moved to Nashville Tennessee. The job I have in Nashville TN pays allot and most of the people I have talk to are from California. Right now I am glad that I live in Nashville Tennessee because it true, we Californians control Nashville Tennessee. I have also heard that Nashville TN seems to be a little California which I realize that when you leave Nashville TN, you are leaving California as will. I don’t even know why Nashville TN doesn’t reside to California as a city. Will I am glad that I live in Nashville California and I will always remained right here in Nashville California.

non prescription cialison 01.29.09 at 6:52 pm

Hey this is Double C.
Oh so now Nashville TN is living the California dream.
uh, Hi Laura. You know what Double C loves is Californian girls. Double see’s Californian girls as sweetie pies. Double C hates California but loves Californian girls.
uh hi Laura, hey sweetie. It would be nice having yours truly Double C and Laura combining California and New York . Oh Yeah. You know what Double C is going to do right now, Double C is going back to Nashville TN for one reason, and that is for you Laura. Double C bets, you have to be a good looking Ms. Cool. In a matter of fact, Double C is walking down the stairs of the apartment and heading to Nashville TN. Laura, sweetie, you will know who is Double C because usually, Double C always were a red or black hat or cap and kicks it in Broadway street close to Nashville TN. Double C could assure you Laura that Double C is one good looking stud. Double C has some bodies that lives close to downtown Nashville TN. Double C will arrived tomorrow to Nashville TN depending on the traffic. will see you Laura in Nashville TN and hopefully we could have one happy date. Double C will arrived tomorrow in the Evening in Nashville TN. Love you Laura.

non prescription cialison 01.30.09 at 10:36 pm

I moved to Poland about 4 years ago. Sure Poland is not living the California’s dream but the city seems nice. I lived in California for 25 years before coming to Poland. I am studying to be a business management right here in Poland. I thing that I will do my business mostly in Europe and probably in New York and across the north East. I wasn’t not that much of the Californian fan but the state seem interesting. I thing that I might go back to visit California in 2013, It depends if California is different and If I feel like visiting California. If California does change then maybe I might visit California.

non prescription cialison 01.31.09 at 7:22 pm

These first common are for you Californians lovers, like

Nashville Tennessee is living the Californian dream, You know that Nashville Tennessee is control by Californians. I right now Live close to Nashville Tennessee. Before coming here, I lived in Los Angeles California. Pretty much I am sticking to Nashville Tennessee because the city is Los Angeles California. Maybe you might want to come here. You walk in Broadway Nashville Tennessee and you will find allot of Californians. The city is control from Californians and has in increasing of Californians residents. You could even say I am living the Californian dream right here in Nashville Tennessee. I really don’t know why these Californians target Nashville Tennessee. Probably is the climate because the atmosphere and environment of Nashville Tennessee is just like the atmosphere and environment in Los Angeles California. Even the City of Nashville Tennessee looks like Los Angeles California. I wonder why won’t the state of California even claim Nashville TN belonging to California. Will, anyway’s must of the residential of Nashville TN are from Los Angeles California.

The Californian dream might be death in California, but the Californian dream is steal living and shining right here in Nashville Tennessee,
Maybe you Californian lover like Kristy might want to live that Californian dream right here in Nashville Tennessee.

non prescription cialison 02.01.09 at 3:16 pm

I understand what everyone is saying, but I’m probably here (in California) for good. I’m a third-generation Californian. My great-grandparents fought to get here. One came around the horn in a clipper ship. Another came across the country in a covered wagon. They found their dream in a tiny town in northern California, and today their descendants are all over California.
California isn’t just Los Angeles. It isn’t just San Francisco. As I write this, I’m in the high desert of Southern California. I’m only 100 miles from downtown LA, but it might as well be another world. I’m surrounded by chickens, goats, horses, dogs, cats, coyotes, bobcats, and all the joys of rural living.
California isn’t just a geographic location. It isn’t just the attitudes of a small group of celebrity-obsessed interlopers. It isn’t even just silicone valley and the innovation that has happened and will continue to happen there.
California, for all its screwed up messes, is still the land of the independent. California is the place where you can dream and make it come true. California is where nobody cares if you wear white shoes after Labor Day, or if your car is as good as your neighbors’, unless you choose to live that way.
They say that they tipped the country and all the fruits and nuts rolled to the west coast. Sometimes I think that’s true. The Pacific coast is a place where you can be yourself, and carve out your own niche to exist in. This is true of all the Pacific states, but California has its own variety of that flavor.
I love California, southern and northern. It has diversity of climate, geography, culture, opportunity. You can get anything you want in California, you just have to know where and how to look. Sometimes I think about moving someplace else, but I doubt that I ever will. I’m a Californian. I have my flaws and so does my home, but California is still what it has always been to me and was to my great-grandparents. It is home.

non prescription cialison 02.01.09 at 10:13 pm

Amazing it’s been since 1990 since I been in LA. it’s almost, what 19 years I was in California. I remember I used to heard Dee- lite and other pop musicians from 1980′s.
Since I left California in 1990 I moved to Austin Texas. I left Austin in 1992 then moved to Nashville Tennessee. When I came to Nashville in 1992 Nashville kind of had a California atmosphere. Its now 2009 and Nashville Tennessee is consider a mini California. One thing I miss from California was girls like you Kristy and Patricia. I remember I used to have a girl neighbor who was proud to live in good old California. I haven’t seen her since January 5 1990. Most of those Californian girls are coming right here to Nashville Tennessee. Gosh I love girls like you Kristy and Patricia. Well sorry we lived 2050 miles away from each other. I haven’t visit California, Probably I might Visit California this coming June of 2009. I might visit good old LA. I haven’t visit LA since I was 31 years old. But one thing is that I am staying in Nashville Tennessee because it feels like California in here and many Californians are coming right here to Nashville Tennessee. When you enter Nashville Tennessee, You are entering California as well. Will we see if I might visit California this coming June.

non prescription cialison 02.02.09 at 9:47 pm

I came moved to Tennessee about a month ago. I have search for houses close to Nashville Tennessee. I brought a house just outside of Nashville Tennessee. My neighbors are nice and are from California. Seems the Nashville is going California. Will I thing I might be living the California dream right here in Nashville because were there is Californians then the Californian dream has to exist. I wonder if Nashville will ever become a city residing to California as a city.

non prescription cialison 02.03.09 at 9:56 pm

Its been 39 years since I moved to Nashville TN and I have noticed that Nashville TN is becoming a small California. I used to live in California. I left California to attend school right here in Nashville TN. I graduate Vanderbuilt University in 1974 then I decided to stay in Nashville Tennessee. I now live close to downtown Nashville. When I first moved to Nashville TN, not many Californians lived in Nashville TN. During the years and decades went by, Nashville TN has been increasing of Californian population. The City has also been expanding. Today, Nashville TN seems to have allot of Californian quality. I have visited California and most industries headquarters of California have moved right here to Nashville TN. Today as the city of Nashville TN expands, there are more jobs in the construction industry, As a matter of fact I am a architecture manager of the construction industry at Nashville TN. Most of my construction workers are from California. What my construction workers tell me when they socialize with me is that they have family relative and friends coming right here to Nashville TN that live in California. The California dream is alive right here in Nashville TN. If many Californians are coming to Nashville Tennessee, It must have a sign that these Californians are achieving there California dream right here in Nashville Tennessee.

non prescription cialison 02.05.09 at 11:47 am

California was once a nice state, but it has been totally ruined by:
1) Overcrowding and gridlocked roads in the LA and SF bay areas. Driving in these areas is a living nightmare – you’d be better off riding a bike or walking, except that you’d probably get run over by a rude, agressive driver.
2) Overpriced homes in most areas & have to live far from work & spend half your life stuck in traffic to be able to afford a home.
3) Third world, marxist, corrupt politics, especially in the horrible bay area and LA areas. The state is totally incapable of producing or electing a politician with any shred of common sense or decency. The state should be renamed “Handbasket”, and its capitol renamed “Helena”.

non prescription cialison 03.17.09 at 7:28 pm

I agree with Pater.

Why does California losses allot of citizens everyday, because its fake and it sucks allot.

Hope you Pater are out of California because I am.

non prescription cialison 04.20.09 at 1:33 pm

I am from holland and was last summer in ca and las vegas. I have never seen a place on earth thats so beautiful and never been in a country where the peaple are so nice and gentle. And everuthing was so cheap and good, the food, clothes, cars, houses etc. So i realy like ca. And if you say that ca is fake, you have never been in las vegas. Thats realy madness. However i love ca and specaily santa monica in la. I would love to life there for a few years

non prescription cialison 05.19.09 at 8:53 pm

From the time I was 5, I wanted to leave Ohio and move to California. I did live there in fact for nearly a decade, then came an unwanted move to the Pacific Northwest and then a divorce. I always wanted to go back to CA but as a poor and struggling displaced homemaker and mom I had to stay put. Even though I’ve learned to love Oregon, and it’s been 30 since since moving to California for the first time, and although I’m well aware of the various negative aspects of the Golden State, that “California Dream” of my childhood and adolescence still lives on inside my heart and it will never die. I feel strongly enough about that I actually wrote a song about this whole idea. I entitled it “If You’re Going To California” and if you’re interested, you can listen to it at my blog.

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