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As expected, the Fed cut the interest rate by half a point today. It was really a move that they had to do because if they did not the market would have tanked once again. I and said that I expected a rate cut and wrote down some things people could do to reduce their debt and take advantage of this development. I hope some people find that article useful.

My favorite article that I contributed to Wise Bread is . The hubby is the featured photographer on that article and I linked his site, too. Origami is really a hobby of ours that kind of is a staple of our relationship.

Another article I really liked writing was . Unfortunately it was not that popular on Wise Bread because I guess not everyone wants the startup life. However, if you’re curious about how to join the next big thing you can take a look.

Finally, I did a which pays you to go on interviews. It is too early to tell how the concept would work out, but it is interesting and I feel like it doesn’t hurt to try it. A commenter on Wise Bread cautioned people about privacy, and I do agree with him, but I feel that the information I gave to LinkedIn is public forum anyway. You can just search for my name and find a profile so I didn’t mind duplicating the information.


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I really have no words for besides that I am glad that no one is hurt. Basically the stretch of highway that I drive from the office to home was shutdown in both directions because some woman named Revuelta (flipped over in Spanish) flipped over an oil tanker with her minivan and spilled over 2000 gallons of oil onto highway 101 causing the asphalt to deteriorate. I was lucky not to be stuck in that jam because a coworker of mine tried to go home around five pm and came back to the office past six saying that he got through maybe 2 miles in an hour. All the local streets were packed to the brim and El Camino was literally a parking lot. I left around 8pm and took the 280 home and I have never seen that many cars on that highway before. Anyway, in honor of this accident, here are a list of supplies that I think commuters in Northern California may need for survival.

viagra online cheap – This is for crossing the various bridges.  In case you have automatic windows that don’t open once your car is under water then  you may need a brick to break the glass.  Otherwise bricks are also good for self defense.

viagra online cheap- One of my ex-coworkers actually has these in his car because he can’t swim.  He is afraid that if he were crossing one of the bridges his car may fall in and he may drown and he bought the life vests after he heard on the news a bridge collapsed in some other state.  I think this is reasonable and life vests are not very heavy.

viagra online cheap – So the highway patrol closed down most of the southbound lanes today because they were afraid the gasoline was going to catch on fire.  So in case your car is on fire a fire extinguisher may be good equipment to have.

viagra online cheap -  Imagine you were one of those people who were stuck on the highway for hours upon hours.  Actually, I have been there when I tried to drive home one Christmas.  It took me four hours to drive 40 miles on the 101 from the Peninsula to the East Bay.  Water and snack packs are needed to keep your energy up.

viagra online cheap -  Having lived here for ten years I can’t believe how many times hazardous materials have spilled over on the highways.  Last year a highway connector freaking burned down because of another tanker turn over. Seriously, a gas mask or hazmat suit may save your life one day.

viagra online cheap -  If it gets really bad and you have to shut off your engine, you may have time for a friendly game with the rest of the travelers who are stuck.  If you are a loner it might be good to have portable gaming or a portable DVD player.

viagra online cheap – This is pretty essential everywhere I guess.

On days like this I wish I still lived in a high density area with plentiful public transportation, but then again, a bus could be stuck on these highways too and I wouldn’t be packing my gear. The bottom line is people need to be more careful when they drive. For some reason Northern California is rife with bad drivers riding in fancy cars.  It was really a culture shock when I moved from Hawaii to here and saw so many rude drivers that think they own every single road. If everyone just slowed down a bit and tried not to cut people off, then maybe we could have less tankers rolling over.

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The church is located just across the street from the University of Hawaii’s business school. Because of its proximity to the University, this church has many programs that aid international students, and thus they have a good relationship with the Internation Student Services. When they received Jennie’s call for help, they sent someone to bring Helen to the church.

Later, Helen told us that the first three nights she was in Hawaii she slept on the ping pong table of the church’s library. In those three nights there were no one present in the church, and it is hard to imagine how she survived those nights in the pitch darkness of the church surrounded by cockroaches and mosquitoes. In order to save money, she only ate one hamburger in those three days.

In America the grants given to students in humanities majors like theatre arts is much less than those given to science majors. Thus Helen did not get much money from her department. When she just arrived she only received a tuition waiver, and had to work for her living expenses. This is a very common occurence. Hawaii’s main economy is tourism and is also one of the highest cost of living areas in the United States. Because of these reasons, Helen desperately needed to save money.

God always opens a path for those who tries to find it. Three days later, the people at the church managed to use their connections and found a place for Helen to stay. They found a single mother named Lory. She is a hapa (half Japanese, half Caucasian) in her mid thirties and she is quite beautiful. She has a four year old boy named Dane, and she wanted to find a student who could babysit her son on Friday nights when she went out on dates. When she saw that Helen was about her age and has experience in raising a child she was very satisfied. She offered Helen a room in her house for $150 per month and asked for free babysitting on Friday nights. With this deal, Helen was able to have an affordable roof over her head.

After she settled down in Lory’s home, Helen really wanted me and Xin to come to America. However, she did not have enough economic capacity to bring us to America so she had to work. She found a job at the Kennedy Theatre at the University of Hawaii making sets and costumes. It is not easy to make costumes. When she just started she was not familiar with sewing and often stabbed herself with the needle. When she was making sets she often had to do heavy labor and lift things to high places. Even though it is hardwork, she silently endured it to realize her goal of reunion. In addition to working at school she also did some part time jobs on the side.

Helen worked hard at earning money in order to bring us to America, but she also had the difficult task of exceling at school. Getting a PhD in America is not a simple feat.  With each lecture there are tons of reading materials and research to go through and papers to write.  Everyday Helen worked 16 to 18 hours to finish work and school. After a few months Helen was able to save a bit of money and went to Jennie at the international student service  to obtain an I-20 form for us to come to America.  Because she did not have enough money she asked for the help of a few classmates.  She borrowed some money and put it into her account and then obtained a certificate from the bank stating that she has enough money.

At that time there was a student from Shanghai named Hu Leping who helped Helen greatly.  This man majored in library sciences and loved to help other students from China.  In UH, he had a great reputation of “Hu Leping, loves to help others”. He found two to three classmates who were willing to help and collected a bit over $8000 for Helen’s account.  With this help Helen’s assets qualified for an I-20.

Helen took her bank’s certificate to the international student service to Jennie for an I-20.  Jennie is a very experienced officer and is very sympathetic and understanding to the situation of international students.  She was very responsible and tried to talk Helen out of bringing us to America because the living expenses are high and it would be very hard for Helen to support us on her wage of $6.50 per hour.  She asked Helen to wait a while before making the decision, but Helen was adamant, and Jennie had no choice but to issue the I-20.  When Helen left the office Jennie told her that even if she had an I-20 there was no guarantee that the Consulate would give us a visa because Helen did not have enough money to support us.

Jennie turned out to be right.   I took Xin and the I-20 Helen sent us  and went to the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai for a visa. An officer looked at our documents and did not say much.  He wrote a date for six months later on my and my daughter’s passports, which meant that the visa is denied and we may reapply in six months.

To be continued…

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Today is the hubby’s 25th birthday and our 5 months “mooniversary”. We will be going to a potluck tonight with some friends from church. It so happens that another guy is celebrating his 25th birthday, too, so we will be having a combined birthday dinner. Potlucks are always an awesome way to eat lots of food by contributing a little and this would be a very frugal birthday celebration. However, the hubby and I will be going to Napa tomorrow for some top notch food at Auberge du Soleil and a cooking demonstration at the Culinary Institute of America. Then we will stay in Napa for one night at a bed and breakfast and eat some more.

This weekend is not cheap, but I am a big fan of paying money for experiences rather than things. I am especially in love with good food and I always want to share the delightful flavors and aromas with my hubby because he is a foodie, too. The problem is I am a fairly bad cook so I have to outsource to better chefs. In my family birthdays are always celebrated with an extremely fulfilling and delicious meal, so I want my hubby to have the same.

In my mind excellent food and travel is worthwhile because it will only get more expensive in the future, and there are so many places to see and so many things to eat! Because I am fairly frugal most of the time I can easily afford the occasional splurge on a vacation or excellent restaurant. Ultimately, money is meant to be spent, but I would never spend money I don’t already have.  Knowing that I am able to afford my fun makes it even more enjoyable.

So there, my secret is out. I am not a total tightwad when it comes to food and fun on special occasions. I do enjoy spending money when I know I will have a great time and that I am able to cover my expenses completely without effort. I hope my hubby enjoys this weekend very much!

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Apparently some of my friends and family were wondering where I was the past couple days. I was not online at all and my phone was out of reach. Well, I was actually at a company sponsored retreat for all of the engineering staff and it was absolutely awesome. We stayed at a camp ground in Pescadero called Costanoa and even though the surroundings were beautiful it was raining the entire time. However, all of our activities were indoors so it didn’t matter. One of my favorite professors from college came to our retreat and gave a week’s worth of lectures from his computer security class and I actually learned a lot. After dinner there were a myriad of fun activities including Scrabble, Belgian beer tasting, a poker tournament, and lots of arm wrestling. (I won the Scrabble and bested a Stanford grad and an MIT grad! Berkeley FTW in Scrabble!) The next day we had a security contest where we were all given an open source project to hack. My team didn’t win but it was still a lot of fun. Amidst all the fun our CTO gave a speech on the economy of all things, and I thought it is interesting enough to share.

Our CTO is a very smart guy that has been around the Valley for many many years (possibly longer than I’ve been alive). He said that he has been through many economic downturns and booms in this crazy place. As he tells it, when he attended college here the semiconductor industry was booming and highway 101 had traffic from 8am to 11pm. Then all those jobs were outsourced and the Valley was quiet once again. Then came the famous dot com bubble and bust. He recounted a conference he attended back in 2002 right after the burst. He and several other people were scheduled to speak to a room full of newly unemployed engineers. The first speaker was a recruiter, and he told the room full of people that there are absolutely no jobs, and advised people not to talk to him to look for positions because there is none. The second speaker was someone who was sort of an expert on real estate and basically told everyone that they will see a housing downturn and lose their homes. The third person was some sort of reporter and also said something depressing. Our CTO was last and he thought to himself, whatever I do I have to say something positive to this crowd of people. So he went up there and asked everyone, “How many of you are unemployed engineers?” Practically everyone raises their hands. Then he asks, “How many of you were doing mundane work like getting data from database and displaying it on a website and got paid obscene amounts of money for it?” A large percentage of the room raised hands. Then he says, “you know what, this is how you can fix our problem. I am sure there is someone smart enough in here to start something truly interesting, and all it takes is one of you to start a company that is amazing and not mundane and the rest of us can work for you.” Supposedly, that is the year our company grew from an idea to a band of the best engineers and researchers. Then he went on about topics such as the mortgage crisis and globalization, and here are my take aways from his talk:

viagra online cheap – I came back from the retreat and the stock market was going crazy because of the Fed’s extremely large interest rate cut and various economic problems. The CTO did say that this is going on because of a lot of fear. There is a lot people who are afraid of what is happening to the banks and what is happening to businesses, but in the end things will get better because of innovation and increased productivity. Most of the fear people have is because of uncertainty. There is no clear indicator that everything is alright so there is panic. The right thing to do is to be innovative and try to profit.

viagra online cheapThe CTO said that the best time to staff up a company and rent office space is in times of economic downturns. If a company has money, then they are getting a bargain because people are more willing to accept lower wages and commercial real estate rents drop drastically. So if you have cash during a downturn, then you are able to snatch up many bargains. As I wrote in a , I will be on the lookout for sales in stocks or real estate. viagra online cheap

viagra online cheapHe said that the world has been changed so much by technology that globalization is no longer an option. Every company and country needs to establish footholds globally to become big. Even though people are always complaining about immigrants in America and jobs being outsourced to India, these things are necessary and probably good for everyone in the long run.

viagra online cheapviagra online cheapThe CTO asked if we were afraid that we would be outsourced, and only one person raised his hand. He thought that was a good sign because we are a great group of engineers. He further said that if you keep yourself at the top of the pack then you can demand to be paid well and you will not be outsourced. I think that is good advice because there is no need to sell yourself short and if you keep on improving yourself, you should be able to charge a higher price. viagra online cheap

viagra online cheapThis is  something the executive officers say at almost every speech they do. They always say that they hired people smarter than them to create a great company. I think it is great advice because I learn a lot from those who are smarter than me, and in turn I become smarter. There is also a chance that one of them will start a company one day that is the next Google or the next Microsoft and I can go along for the ride.

Anyway, I thought the CTO’s speech was very motivational and candid. I am sure he can make a living by hosting success seminars, but instead he does funny things like making movies and cheering us on. So once again, do not be afraid and do the best you can this year.

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