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The next day, I arrived at Peter’s shop before 4pm. Peter introduced me to Meilan. Meilan is a Vietnamese born Chinese woman around 30 years old. She spoke both Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. She arrived in Hawaii in the mid 1970s with her parents as a refugee and worked with Peter for more than three years.

Peter told Meilan, “Please teach this man how to sell things here, and especially teach him how to price things and do solid business. Additionally you should teach him how to lock down the store at night. I have to go now. A few friends are waiting for me at a game of Mahjong.”

After Peter left, I learned a bit more about the marketplace from Meilan, and especially the skills involved in selling trinkets. Meilan told me that in these Waikiki stores generally the face price is ten times that of the wholesale price. If the item is a luxury item such as fine silver or gold jewelry then the markup is even higher. So even if a customer haggles, we could still sell it. However, we can’t sell our wares for too low of a price because our competitors sell similar things. People generally buy what is easy to sell, and if one store cuts the profit margin too low then the other stores would be quite angry. Additionally, Meilan told me a little bit about Peter. He was an international student from Taiwan. When he just arrived he worked at restaurants and went to school at the same time. After he got his degree, he bought this little shop in the international market place and became an entrepreneur. He and his wife also has an import and export company. In the few years prior to the recession their business was doing extremely well and they earned quite a good sum of money. Now business was not as profitable in Hawaii as years past, and Peter’s wife went back to Taiwan to find new opportunities. As a result Peter didn’t care about his little shop any longer, and he was glad to find me as a helper so he could go play Mahjong.

In the past I was just a professor of economics and only knew theoretic things about commerce. I didn’t know that in real life competition would be so fierce in a marketplace like this, and it really takes a good amount of work to be a good salesman.

To tell the truth, I manned the shop by myself on that first day, but after twelve hours of standing and hollering I did not even sell $100 worth of goods. After you take away my wage and rental fees from this bit of money, my boss Peter actually lost money. When he came to help me lock down the shop he checked out how much I sold. When he saw that I earned very little money he didn’t seem to disapprove. He said to me, “You just started! I really believe in you.”

That night, I felt a little depressed when I went home. If I couldn’t make a profit for Peter, how could I take his money? I had my heart set on being the best salesman in the entire marketplace.

When I set my heart on something, I always try to do my best. Thus I started studying other salespeople before and after my shifts. After a period of observations and experimentation, I discovered my own rules for being a good salesman. The following are some of my discoveries.

You must be direct and cordial, and call out to the customers first. The following is something I say often in Japanese, “Please take a look! We are having an 80 percent off sale right now!”

When two young Japanese ladies heard that there is an 80% off sale, they stopped in front of my shop. I really didn’t think that the little bit of Japanese I learned a long time ago could be so useful. However, if you want me to speak a lot of Japanese I would fail miserably. When the ladies came over I started to show them a selection of silver jewelry and other Hawaiian themed products.

“It is real silver, please try it on.” I picked out a silver dolphin ring and put it on one of the lady’s hands. Then I pointed to the dolphin and asked, “What do you call this in Japanese?”

The young lady looked at my sincere face and said, “Kore wa, nihongo de, iruka desu.” (This in Japanese is “iruka”) As she said this she lifted up her hand and admired the ring in the distance.

I stood behind her and started praising her, “Kawaii ne, anata wa hontoni kawaii.” (Very cute, you are really cute.)

Then I repeated what she taught me, “iruka, iruka”, and said “You are my Japanese teacher, and I am your student!”

The girl started to chuckle and said, “korewa, ikuradesuka?” (How much is this?)

Now I took the ring off her finger and checked the pricetag. It said $30, but I knew that the wholesale price was $2. So I plugged the price into my calculator and showed the lady that I took $24 dollars off, and sold it to her for $6. She was extremely excited that she got such a great deal, but actually the store still made a 200% profit. What is more important is that besides the small item she bought, she and her friend also bought some perfumes totaling over $150. My performance really surprised the Korean salesgirl across the way.

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viagra 100mg

So we finally finished doing our taxes for the year of 2007. Since it was the first year for us to do taxes together it was a little more annoying than usual. Things used to be as easy as taking the standard deduction and reporting my W-2s and investment income. This year I had to read a lot more about filing as a married couple and the various marriage penalties. There were a few things we could have done to reduce our taxes. For example, I told the hubby to increase his 401k contributions last year, and he did do it, but his company seems to not have updated his contributions percentage. Since we didn’t get married until end of August last year I never looked at his paychecks for most of the year. It seems that for engaged couples really should start at the beginning of the year they intend to marry because the tax status is based on their marital statuses at the end of the year. By the time I got the hubby’s W-2 for last year it was too late to contribute more to his 401k for 2007. Another thing is that our W-4 status was wrong for most of last year because we didn’t change it. I don’t think that affected our taxes so much, though.

The end result is that we owe money this year simply because we got married. Both of us were bumped into the next tax bracket due to the marriage penalty. If we were both single we would both get tax refunds this year. However, we did donate a good amount of money so the tax bite isn’t so bad, and we don’t have a problem paying it off. This year, we are putting the following plans in action to reduce our taxes:

viagra 100mg- The hubby contacted his HR and now his 401k contributions are at the same level as mine. Last year I saved a lot more than him in my 401k and it is only fair that he gets to save as much in his own retirement account. This move reduces our combined adjusted gross income, and it means we will pay less taxes as a couple.

viagra 100mg- We are upping our donations each month to our church and charities because we have been blessed financially and we want to give a bit more out. I rather see the money go to causes I care about than the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board. Some people said to me that it is a dumb plan because I don’t really save money by giving money out, but donating isn’t about saving money.

viagra 100mg – Treasury bonds do not incur California state tax and the Vanguard California Tax exempt money market fund is exempt from both Federal and State taxes. I am already putting money into these funds, and I plan to add some more. This is in our joint account and we can use the money for a house in the next couple years.

viagra 100mg – Our plan is to have a kid two years after we get married, and though a kid would reduce taxes he or she would increase our expenses quite a bit, too. We can’t really control the exact time of conceiving, but hopefully it will happen in a year or two.  I am reading up on this quite a bit.  I think it is best for us to have a kid sooner rather than later because each year the cost of having children goes up.  Also, I think the hubby’s mom is so lucky to have two adult children out of the house at the age of 46!  I want to be a young empty nester in twenty years.

The funny thing is, we still qualify for the tax rebate this year, but it is just enough to cover the taxes we owe so we will come out even.  Since we owe taxes I am trying to write the checks as late as possible and send out the returns in April.   Hopefully this year we will not owe anything!

viagra 100mg

Today I opened a Roth IRA account at Vanguard for the hubby and fully funded it for 2007. Why so late you ask? Well, the hubby never ever had a Roth IRA account and since we got married last year I wasn’t sure if we were low income enough to contribute to a Roth IRA. The Roth IRA is one area where you can clearly see the marriage penalty. A single filer can contribute the full amount to a Roth IRA when he or she makes less than $99,000, but a married couple can only contribute the full amount if they make less than $156,000. I am not quite sure why it is structured this way because it seems to be saying that married people should get less tax advantaged accounts?

Basically I was afraid that we weren’t eligible to contribute any longer. However, after tallying up our income and donations our adjusted gross income was just a bit under the limit and I signed the hubby up and funded the account from our joint account. Right now I just parked his money in Vanguard Target Retirement 2045, but that could be changed in the future.

Looking back, I guess it is good that I had to wait a bit to open and fund this account because the market went down quite a bit. If we had opened the account back in the end of August when we got married then the money would have diminished quite a bit. Then again, it doesn’t matter that much because we plan to hold the funds for 34 to 35 years.

I really like Roth IRAs because they give us the option of taking out our contributions, and there are no taxes on the earnings in the future. I have had one and funded it faithfully every single year. The hubby just turned 25 recently so he can start withdrawing the money in 34.5 years, and I am sure these years will pass faster than we think.

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Throughout my life people have told me, “you have so much potential!” I still vividly remember my band director in 9th grade saying that to me. I was the best oboe player, but I was also the only oboe player. I really didn’t practice very hard and was quite happy with getting solos that I may not have deserved. I know that I could have been a much better musician if I concentrated on it, but at that time I really liked math better.

I was the president of the math and science clubs in different years of high school, and as a result I participated in quite a few competitions. Once again another teacher told me that I had potential. By then I already knew that I was not the most brilliant kid out there because I met real geniuses that had brains in a completely different league. So I chose the most practical route and applied to Berkeley Engineering. Berkeley EECS was a pretty tough program, and I ended up being just a bit above average and I thought that was enough.

Now that I have graduated, sometimes coworkers and bosses still tell me that I have potential to become more than what I am. It is a statement that really puzzles and bothers me when I think about it. On one hand, these people see something in me. They think I have talent, and that is always a good thing. On the other hand, it makes me feel that I am not utilizing all of my skills and perhaps I am not performing my job at the fullest. So every time someone tells me I have potential I am a bit wary of their true meaning.

One ex-coworker told me that she thought I was really smart and have the potential to become the founder of a successful business, and an ex-boss told me that he thinks I could become an engineering manager really quickly. I suppose I could be those things if I wanted to, but they are all other people’s visions for my future. I think what really matters is the potential I see in myself. I know I can do more in this world if I tried, and I know I can lose twenty pounds. I know I have the potential to be a parent, retire early, and travel the world.

I suppose sometimes it is hard for people to believe that they have the potential to do anything when everything is falling into pieces, and hearing the words “you have so much potential” is encouraging. In other instances, these words can really make you stray into something you do not want to do. So here I say to you as a friend, “You have so much potential. You have the potential to be happy and you have the potential to do the things you love to do.”

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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog for the 142th edition of ! There were over 100 submissions this week and it took me quite a while to read them and I cut the list down to a bit over 80 posts. Even though my blog is called I have never written about the homeless. So for today’s carnival I will highlight some myths and facts about homeless in America, and hopefully raise awareness about this important issue.

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  1. viagra 100mg gives some I would definitely teach my future child(ren) both Chinese and English. This article gives some good reasons why foreign language skills are helpful to almost anyone.
  2. viagra 100mg relates his passion (ultrarunning) to his young financial journey in
  3. viagra 100mg presents . She writes in detail about how to choose a financial adviser.
  4. viagra 100mg presents . This post really amused me and I want to train my future child like this too.
  5. viagra 100mg helped his friend break down the benefits of a job offer in Australia in I think Smarty’s friend made a good choice.
  6. viagra 100mg writes about the financial aspects about having a real monkey as a pet in . I was seriously amused by this article. As with any pet, you do need to figure out the financial consequences of owning one.
  7. viagra 100mg presents , and says, “Could you tell your financial life story in only 6 words? How about ‘We budgeted, saved, and retired early!’ Or ‘Bought high, sold low, smacked forehead.’ Or “Must mend holes in my pockets!’” This is a collection of short and funny money stories by Madame X and her commenters.
  8. viagra 100mg presents . Each of the random thoughts in this article is a tiny bite of wisdom that can help you build wealth in your life. Read it for some great insights!

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Cities that set up services for the homeless will attract large amounts of homeless people.
  • viagra 100mg Many homeless people move to search for jobs or family, and not for public services. In fact most still live in the city they became homeless.
  1. viagra 100mg brings us . This is a very well written article about hard work, persistence, and optimism.
  2. viagra 100mg thinks that a budget is a key to financial independence and sends us this post, the first in a series about funding your life.
  3. viagra 100mg gives us some step by step instructions on budgeting in this post:
  4. viagra 100mg presents

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Most homeless people do not work and are on welfare.
  • viagra 100mg Many homeless people have full time jobs but cannot afford to pay rent or purchase a home. A survey in 1987 found that most homeless people do not receive public assistance.
  1. viagra 100mgpresents This is a good guide on how to build your own wealth by working for yourself.
  2. viagra 100mg presents I couldn’t agree more with this article. When I was in college I did multiple internships and that helped me tremendously when I tried to find jobs later in life.
  3. viagra 100mg presents This post includes a graph of the earnings by Americans in different age brackets. The data is quite interesting to look at.
  4. viagra 100mg writes . This is a very basic article on how to get a better salary, and it should be helpful for those who are always afraid of salary negotiations.
  5. viagra 100mg asks ? In some family situations a second income doesn’t add much, but for couples who have similar incomes it is advantageous to have two incomes.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Homeless people are mostly dangerous and violent criminals.
  • viagra 100mg A study conducted by John Hopkins found that homeless people are more likely to be arrested for non-violent crimes, but actually commit significantly less violent crimes against property or people.
  1. viagra 100mg noticed that since the subprime mess credit card rates actually started increasing! Read more in his post:
  2. viagra 100mg offers us a look into some new startups as well as other options for obtaining your credit score and report in his post titled It seems that the services offered by some of these companies are promising.
  3. viagra 100mg presents . This is a good primer on what affects your FICO score, which is used to determine many things in your life.
  4. viagra 100mg presents . This post wonders if the five star rating for credit cards as proposed by Senator Obama is a good idea.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Homeless people choose their lifestyle and do not want help.
  • viagra 100mg A portion of homeless people are mentally ill or suffer from some serious addiction. Others suffered some serious illness and lost their jobs. Many battered women are also homeless. Most of them do want assistance.
  1. viagra 100mg: Free at 45 rants in this article I totally agree with this guy because I can’t believe how some people think that a mortgage is not debt but an asset.
  2. viagra 100mg discusses the reality of a situation where you have to skip meals to pay rent.
  3. viagra 100mg explores the ‘shopping beast’ that resides within many of us in .
  4. viagra 100mg presents , and says, “A working, realistic budget was the tool I needed to get me and my family out of consumer debt!”

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Homeless people is a static population that does not change very much.
  • viagra 100mg Research shows that 40% of homeless people are homeless for less than 6 months, and 70% have been homeless for less than two years.
  1. viagra 100mg gives us a neat little calculator to estimate our own personal inflation rate in the following article: .
  2. viagra 100mg presents Megan is learning what the Federal Reserve is all about. I think everyone should look into learning more about this powerful organization.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg San Francisco, CA is towards homeless people. Many laws are enacted in cities across United States against the survival of the homeless.
  1. viagra 100mgis a retirement plan administrator and gives us tips onviagra 100mg.
  2. viagra 100mg The Wisdom Journal presents
  3. viagra 100mgtells his personal story of debt titled
  4. viagra 100mg tries to explain all the numbers associated with tax deferred retirement plans out there in this post Frankly I am still kind of confused after reading this.
  5. viagra 100mg gives some tips on how the Federal interest rates affect our personal finance in .
  6. viagra 100mg presents This is a simple and precise checklist on what your spouse should do in the event you die.
  7. viagra 100mg presents

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg About 20% of homeless children do not attend school. Those who do attend schools switch often and has a less stable learning environment than housed children.
  1. viagra 100mg gives us some very helpful tips to trim down the grocery bills in
  2. viagra 100mg presents This is a short and sweet post about using candles to make a space warmer.
  3. viagra 100mg writes about her struggles to be content with less on a birthday in the following post . I think it is silly to make a big deal about getting older, and I agree with her that you don’t need to have a giant celebration every year.
  4. viagra 100mg wonders if it is better to pay lots of money for designer furniture or buy knock offs for a fraction of the cost in .
  5. viagra 100mg questions whether buying organic food is worthwhile in the following article:
  6. viagra 100mg spent some quality time with his new wifey by . He saved some money, too!
  7. viagra 100mg says that you should concentrate on reducing your three largest expenses: housing, transportation, and taxes. Read more: .

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Homelessness is only prevalent in large cities.
  • viagra 100mgThere are a lot less shelters in rural areas so the homeless are less visible and live mostly in cars and campers. The truth is that there are homeless people everywhere.
  1. viagra 100mg thinks you should open a Roth IRA immediately, and offers great advice on how you can open an account and start investing in the following article:
  2. viagra 100mg has an excellent post on how consistency in returns beats sporadically large returns when you are
  3. viagra 100mg presents and comments, “I realized a very sad truth about investing; Small investors cannot really hope getting steady two digits returns. Small investors are usually not made to invest plain and simple.” I think this article needs to be read by everyone who believes that they will get 10 to 12 percent returns every year.
  4. viagra 100mg presents Gold prices have soared in the last couple years and Tushar has some ideas on how you can profit. I am still kicking myself for not buying more gold Panda coins from China.
  5. viagra 100mg presents . This is another article about precious metals and how you can profit from them.
  6. viagra 100mgpresents , and says, “Yield on Cost (YOC) is an important metric, worthy of tracking on each of your individual dividend income investments.
  7. viagra 100mg presents .
  8. viagra 100mg examines the conventional wisdom that dividend increases are always a good thing for investors in . Some companies could have stock prices that stall but the dividends increase. Is that always desired?
  9. viagra 100mg gives us a primer to exchange traded funds in
  10. viagra 100mg gives a nice breakdown of what I-bonds are in I own some I-bonds and they are definitely a safe investment. I treat it as a CD, and since I don’t have to pay state taxes on the gains the yields are quite good.
  11. viagra 100mg gives us something to think about when we are considering a 401k rollover with this article:
  12. viagra 100mg presents . This is a simple article that gives you some common sense tips on how to become a better investor.
  13. viagra 100mghas a thought provoking about investments and genocid:
  14. viagra 100mg writes and argues that 529s are great for young professionals to save for an educational fund for themselves.
  15. viagra 100mg Well tells us . However, I think the same can be said for any investment because you are never rarely guaranteed to make money.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mgAll homeless people are adultsviagra 100mg
  • viagra 100mgThe typical homeless person on the San Mateo Peninsula is just 5 years old. In fact, nationally the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population is families with children. About 39% of all homeless people in 2003 are youths under the age of 18. viagra 100mg
  1. viagra 100mgpresents Apparently a CSA is a community farming association where you can buy foods locally. It sounds pretty interesting and I wonder if there is something near me.
  2. viagra 100mg shows us how to save time with an online billpay service in
  3. viagra 100mg explains the difference between the AGI and MAGI in this informative article:
  4. viagra 100mg presents , and says, “Too many kids just aren’t prepared for life after college. A big part of this lays on the parents shoulders. The article makes the
    case that kids may be better off paying there own way through school, even if it takes longer to graduate.”
  5. viagra 100mg presents This article uses the metaphor of an aircraft carrier to describe personal finance habits.
  6. viagra 100mg gives us a list of There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel for those of you in debt!
  7. viagra 100mg gives us his insights about people’s attitudes towards money in this article:
  8. viagra 100mg writes about Michael Jackson and how even wealthy folks are not beyond making horrible financial mistakes. Read his comments in
  9. viagra 100mg has some good tips on how to save money just by taking care of what you have. Read more in
  10. viagra 100mg gives the steps Dave Ramsey teaches for financial independence in
  11. viagra 100mg gives us a collection of 29 personal finance moves people can make in honor of leap day at .
  12. viagra 100mgrecounts the most important choices in his life and how they made him successful at.
  13. viagra 100mg presents
  14. viagra 100mg gives some compelling
  15. viagra 100mgpresents . This is a short article about keeping snowflakes against debt special, and not a part of the budget. Only by keeping them special can you pay extra towards your debt.
  16. viagra 100mg tells us how he used
  17. viagra 100mg has completed step 3 of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and
  18. viagra 100mg writes Borrowing money from friends can be tricky business. These rules may help you keep a relationship intact.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Homelessness has risen in America in the past 20 to 25 years because of the decrease in affordable housing and the decline of real wages.
  1. viagra 100mg gives us some common sense tips for saving money on a mortgage .
  2. viagra 100mg writes about the debate people have about whether or not a mortgage should be paid off as soon as possible. Read more at
  3. viagra 100mgy has some good tips for home buyers in this post:
  4. viagra 100mggives some good advice about refinancing in
  5. viagra 100mg writes about . I’m not sure how many people this program will help, but the information is quite solid.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mg Many homeless people are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit on their tax return but are not aware of the resource.
  1. viagra 100mg tells us some and exposes the loopholes in the system.
  2. viagra 100mg gives us some expert advice on taxes and children: s. She says, “Got kids? You might — or might not — be able to get an extra $300 in tax rebate money for each of your youngsters
  3. viagra 100mg teaches us This is a good article for anyone who hates taxes.

viagra 100mg

  • viagra 100mgI can’t do anything about homeless people.viagra 100mg
  • viagra 100mgRead on for
  1. viagra 100mg presents This article is a discourse on why trying to make money fast is not always wise. Apparently my favorite failure Casey Serin is back at his get rich quick schemes.
  2. viagra 100mgpresents This article certainly makes you feel a little bit paranoid about where you are sending your private information!
  3. viagra 100mg teaches us
  4. viagra 100mg writes about a personal finance book he enjoyed in
  5. viagra 100mg recounts the story of her mother’s death and shows that we all need to have our finances organized and have a will to take care of those left behind. Read more: ?
  6. viagra 100mg in this eye opening article:
  7. viagra 100mg highlights a concept I have never heard of. Apparently there are “concierge doctors” that charge people a fee for the privilege to be their patients. Read the post for details! .
  8. viagra 100mg discusses the cost of removing snow in .
  9. viagra 100mggives us an excellent worksheet about life insurance in

That is all for this wonderful carnival and thank you all for writing so many informative, amusing, and thoughtful articles! I have learned a lot about personal finance and the homeless this week. for next week and my favorite Canadians will host the carnival at: .

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  • generic viagra india "Men can develop erectile dysfunction after sitting on a hard bicycle seat for many hours because they compress an area of the anatomy known as the perineum," explains Ken Taylor, MD, a former assistant clinical professor of family medicine at UCSD and a co-researcher in the 1999 cycling-impotence study. The perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum. JAMA. 1999;281:421-426. Treatments for erectile dysfunction in 2004 include: How Does an Erection Occur? Select brands carefully. Only purchase brands that list the herb's common and scientific name, the name and address of the manufacturer, a batch and lot number, expiration date, dosage guidelines, and potential side effects. buy generic cialis generic cialis Orgasm best price cialis australia discount codes canadian pharmacy Blood glucose levels: Abnormally high blood glucose levels may be a sign of diabetes mellitus. How Erectile Dysfunction Works Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer doesn't cause ED on its own, but treatment (radiation, hormonal manipulation, or surgery to remove the cancer) can lead to erectile problems. Sterilization is when a man or woman has an operation to permanently prevent pregnancy. If you're sure that you don't want to have children or you don't want more children, sterilization may be the right choice for you. Talk to your doctor about any herbal products you are considering before trying them. Design A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, flexible dose-escalation study conducted May through November 1996. Advertising Disclaimer Sex Therapy Metabolism (breakdown) of vardenafil can be slowed by aging, liver disease, and concurrent use of certain medications (such as erythromycin, ketoconazole (Nizoral), and protease inhibitors). Slowed breakdown allows vardenafil to accumulate in the body and potentially increase the risk for side effects. Therefore, in men over age 65, with liver dysfunction, or who are also taking medication(s) that can slow the breakdown of vardenafil, the doctor will initiate vardenafil at low doses to avoid its accumulation. For example: cheap brand name viagra heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), and canadian cialis commercial Alprostadil has also become available in some countries as a topical cream (under the brand name Befar),[23] and preliminary studies have shown a clinical efficacy of up to 83%.[24] It has an onset of action of 1015 minutes and its effects can last over 4 hours.[citation needed] side effects of viagra use Arthritis was the most common reason for NSAID use, and for men with arthritis the corresponding rates of erectile disorder were 97 and 52 per 1000 person-years. cialis black box warning In the treated rabbits, tests showed that pressure inside the penis, a key component of an erection, was normal. Other tests showed that blood flow, response to nitric oxide, drainage of the blood after the erection and presence of sperm in the female vagina were also normal. The tissue engineering worked so well that four of 12 females were impregnated by the repaired rabbits, according to the study. best viagra dosage Have high blood pressure sanofi canada shipping australia to new zealand In most cases, ED is a result of physical causes (although it can easily be made worse by psychological factors), and can often be treated. However, silence, embarrassment, and feelings of inadequacy and humiliation only lead to further withdrawal on the part of both partners, increasing the distance and tension within the relationship. The anxiety which results can easily make a case of ED worse, leading to a vicious circle of failure and anxiety about failure. cialis 10mg or 20mg

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