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cheap viagra online australia

Well, it’s finally 8/8/8 and the Olympics started in China with a grand show of .  A few months ago I wrote an article and drew a slew of mixed and highly polarized reactions.  Honestly, I was surprised that it bothered me so much that people were so against the Olympics in China since I have been so far removed from China for so long.  I guess I was swept up by what the San Jose Mercury News calls a “. Hah!

A couple days ago I asked a friend if he was proud that China is hosting the Olympics, but he is Taiwanese American so I expected he would say no.  He said that he identified himself as an American and he just didn’t care about the Olympics that much and he wasn’t even proud when America hosted it.  He reads my blog so he knew that I actually cared about the Olympics being in China and I consider myself Chinese.  Then he said that  I  have  a lot of  American values  and  a lot of  and it is about 60/40.  At first  I said to him, “what American values do I have besides eating burgers and getting fat?”  He laughed at me and said that is a big part of American culture for better or worse.  Then he said that I believe a lot of things that are “American”.  For example, I think that compensation should be merit based and that I am a Christian.  I suppose I did pick up those traits in America, but it is hard to say what is truly American because this country is like a mosaic of so many ideas and cultures.  That is one thing I truly love about America.

It is hard to deny that America is a country with incredible opportunities, freedoms, and diversity.  There is really no other place like this in the world and every single day I am still amazed by this country’s creations, influence, and wealth. When I was younger I actually wished that I was born in America and I was an actual American citizen because I would be granted everything this country had to offer.  I hated that  so many Americans have had so much for so long and  they didn’t appreciate it and I envied them for being so lucky to have been born in this country.  Very few people knew how I felt because everyone thought that I was an American by the way I spoke and acted.  I am actually eligible to apply for American citizenship in a few years, but I am thinking twice about it because I no longer  want to give up my Chinese citizenship.   I have grown to see the value in being Chinese as China is becoming more free and economically developed.

The greatest problem with America now besides is that it is so very disjoint and everyone bickers all the time.  It is no longer the United States; it’s the Blue States and the Red States.   Theno longer belong to the people, but to corporations with lobbyists.  There is just so much discord and dissatisfaction within United States now that it is hard to love this country that taught me so much.  At this pace, the United States’ growth  cannot match what can be accomplished by more than one billion people united in China and it makes me sad that this  brilliant country is doing so little with so much.

As I have said before in my first article about the Olympics, China still has a deluge of problems that it needs to work out, but I am definitely proud of how far it has come.  I am so glad that this event is happening in spite of so many naysayers and attacks.  Just yesterday I heard a couple coworkers say that they’re surprised that China pulled it off and the Olympics actually started despite a gigantic earthquake and years of international disapproval.  I chuckled a bit in my cube because I thought it was funny how Americans generally underestimate the Chinese.  Anyway, this Olympics will be fun to watch, and I will be rooting for China.

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cheap viagra online australia

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.08.08 at 1:45 pm

Personally I think that it is hypocritical of the world to sit and point a finger a China as though everyone else is so much better. I found it ridiculous that Bush of all people was lecturing about human rights..this from a man who agrees with torture and started an illegal war. People live in far too many glass houses to be throwing stones like that.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.08.08 at 2:05 pm

“…Americans generally underestimate the Chinese…”

Americans often underestimate. It is pretty annoying.

I think that what you love about America is precisely what it means to be American. The USofA is not a perfect place. Even though everyone comes from different cultures, has different ideas, and nearly everyone is an immigrant if you go back a few generations, we agree that we can disagree on almost everything. However, at the end of the day we agree that everyone is equal and deserves “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” unless they are dumb and do something that puts themselves in jail or in weird situations, in which case we still give people 2nd and 3rd chances.

I know this simplistic view and I agree that individuals, lobbyists, and corporations are taking advantage of the system. I know that when the words were written, there was still slavery. I know that even now, people aren’t really equal. But that’s the story of America. We agreed on the goal, and now we’re trying to get there. And we’ve come a long way. And along the way, we encourage people in other countries to do the same (hey, we’re a nation of immigrants, so we care about other countries). If you can’t wait until we get there, you can always move to Canada haha.

I’m setting myself up for flak on a lot of issues. I know. But I really do believe that historically, America has done its best to uphold these basic rights in spite of people’s slow-to-change attitudes and perhaps hypocrisy about specific issues. Bickering is ok. It’s not really intense. But even intense bickering is ok, it led to the civil war, which was worth it.

China has improved dramatically. Perhaps the difference is that China’s goal is either not explicitly stated, or it’s simply different than America’s.

The ESPN reporter who was shooed away from the scene of a “Free Tibet” protest two days ago outside of the “Bird Nest” stadium, or the fact that in Beijing you are only allowed to protest if you’re in a designated area and you have previously applied for a permit to protest? These are things protected by the US Bill of Rights. Not saying that American is better….just saying that things are different.

From my point of view one of the biggest problems with America is the lack of home-grown science talent. The only reason America has a tenuous lead in science is because immigrants fill the PhD ranks. As science goes, so does the economy.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.08.08 at 2:36 pm

Hi James,

China’s current goal is very explicitly stated. You can read about Hu Jintao’s vision of Harmonious Society here:

China’s history is just so much longer and more complex than America’s and I don’t think anyone could say that the Chinese do not want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As to applying for a permit to protest, I think that’s actually a valid security measure. In America you can’t just protest anywhere, anytime, either. You do get arrested for disturbing the peace if you’re screaming at the top of your lungs at 12 am in the middle of an apartment building where most people are sleeping. Anyway, just allowing protests is a big step forward for China.

I agree with you about the lack of science talent. With the growing wealth of China, many people in our generation are going back to China after achieving advanced degrees instead of staying in America because the immigration process is so retardedly draconian here. I know quite a few people our age that went back to China with their foreign degrees and did quite well. Basically, America is no longer the promised land for talented immigrants. Once again, that’s great for China, and not so great for America.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.08.08 at 3:27 pm

Hey Xin,

Thanks for the link about Harmonious Society. I will go read about it and think ^.^ And thank you for not belittling my ignorance.


cheap viagra online australiaon 08.08.08 at 6:13 pm

I highly recommend the Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria.

Lots of discussion about where China is and where it’s going (and of course, how America is reacting to it).

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.09.08 at 12:42 am

Saw the opening ceremonies today. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be Chinese. Much respect to the Motherland!

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.09.08 at 2:57 pm

I think your views of America are in line with my own. I hope our next president can unite us again, and move us forward from the economic disaster we currently have. As for China, I really didn’t know much about their culture nowadays before the Olympics. Their culture had backwards traffic lights and communism.

The chinese hosting the Olympics has opened my eyes quite a bit to their current problems and accomplishments. It probably helps the travel channel and other stations have programming related to the chinese culture and society.

Anyways, good writeup. I’m going to favorite you through Entrecard so I can read some more. Thanks!

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.09.08 at 3:12 pm

[...] Thoughts about the Olympics and being Chinese in AmericaAt first I said to him, “what American values do I have besides eating burgers and getting fat?” He laughed at me and said that is a big part of American culture for better or worse. Then he said that I believe a lot of things that are … [...]

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.09.08 at 3:13 pm

[...] Thoughts about the Olympics and being Chinese in AmericaAt first I said to him, “what American values do I have besides eating burgers and getting fat?” He laughed at me and said that is a big part of American culture for better or worse. Then he said that I believe a lot of things that are … [...]

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.10.08 at 4:10 am

> It is hard to deny that America is a country with incredible opportunities, freedoms, and diversity. There is really no other place like this in the world

Well, everywhere is unique, so you’re technically right – but I think it really is an American trait to think that America is incredibly special and unique – and really, it’s not as different from the rest of the western as it thinks.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.10.08 at 2:02 pm

Great post!

I agree that America’s division can be a problem at times, but this country has been divided for most of it’s existence. While there have been a few bumps along the road, I’d say the USA has been on the right path most of the time.

If possible, have you given any thought of duel citizenship?

As for the Olympics – the opening ceremonies were MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE!

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.11.08 at 5:42 pm

Dual citizenship is not possible for China & America because both countries have clauses that say you have to give up one citizenship or the other. For other countries it is feasible I guess.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.12.08 at 1:03 pm

That’s a bummer.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.18.08 at 10:37 am

Doesn’t really sound like China is allowing protests…

I am afraid of China, but not because of the government. I’m afraid of Chinese people. Because people educated in China are smarter and work harder than me. How am I (my family/children/descendants) going to compete?

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.18.08 at 10:50 am

This is funny.

I also love Chinese people. Technically there are a lot of them in my family! I also like the land of China. Our family even owns property in the mainland.

And I see how all this stuff fits into the Harmonious Society concept. If people don’t agree with it, they can move somewhere else, if they can afford it.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.21.08 at 9:52 am

A western story on China’s protest application process. I can see how it was written from a western perspective, and I can imagine how China’s state media would portray the same situation.

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.21.08 at 2:19 pm

“…The younger sister dismisses Olympics “protest parks” as completely fake. The rights group Chinese Human-Rights Defenders reported eight cases of the detention or disappearance of people who applied for permits to voice their dissent in Olympic protest zones…”

cheap viagra online australiaon 08.25.08 at 8:39 am

last link about the protest issue…i promise. and despite what people may think, i’m trying to be objective. gosh i wish i could read chinese so i would get some of the other perspective.

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