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Some of my friends have asked me things along the lines of, “aren’t Christian women supposed to be stay at home moms?” I have never really been taught this idea in the churches I have gone to, but I know some Christian groups do  support the idea that Christian women should not work for a living and the man of the house should be the one bring home the bacon. So is it wrong for Christian women to earn money outside of the home? Well, ultimately I think the Bible should answer everyone’s questions on this issue.

The book of Proverbs ends with an acrostic poem describing a virtuous wife. This is actually a very long section focused on one single topic, and that’s pretty different from the rest of the book where various short phrases of wisdom are written in sequence. It begins with, “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels(rubies).” Prov 31:10. Then it goes on to describe the various things a good wife does, and interestingly enough a lot of things she does are related to business and finance. Here is what I read:

chewable viagra- “She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard” Prov 31:16

chewable viagra – First she produces: “She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands.” Prov 31:13 Also later in the passage she sells the goods: “She perceives that her merchandise is profitable. Her lamp does not go out at night.” Prov 31:18 “She makes linen garments and sells them; she delivers sashes to the merchant.” Prov 31:24

chewable viagra – “She opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy.” Prov 31:20

chewable viagra – “She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household are clothed in scarlet.” Prov 31:21 “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” Prov 31:25 I think both of these verses show that she is prepared for the things to come, and I think that being prepared for snow implies that the good wife is financially prepared for a non-fruitful season.

chewable viagra – “She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. ” Prov 31:27 I think this verse conveys the message that a good wife is not lazy, and she is very aware of what’s going on in her family. Finances is a big part of family affairs, and a wife that knows what’s going on with a household’s money would be much better prepared for disasters.

chewable viagra- “She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.” Prov 31:14-15

chewable viagra – This is the final point of the passage. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Prov 31:30

So from this book, I think it is fairly clear that a Christian woman is never required to be a stay at home mom and in a way the Bible actually encourages a wife to earn income and provide for her family. In my church there are all types of families. There are dual income families, and there are stay at home moms, and there is a pretty cool stay at home dad, too. Everyone knows that the guy is a stay at home dad and he was given a rose for Mother’s day. I think all of these family structures are totally acceptable as long as both people in the marriage agree with it and they trust each other and God enough to make it work.

I hope this post clarified the position of the Bible on women and working for income. I think that all women should be independently enough so that their husbands would not have have to worry about them very much. Finally, I believe that Christianity is a religion that gives women a lot of freedom compared to many other religions. We can choose to be a stay at home wife, or work outside the home. We do not have to hide ourselves and we can honor God in our own way. That is liberating.

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Well, these couple weeks have been pretty crazy and I have been too busy to write any blog posts in the last few days. Some big changes are happening in my life, and I may write about them when all the dust is settled.  To say the least, there was one surprise after another in the last 10 days and I’m doing something I didn’t think that I would do so soon.  Right now I will just say that I believe that everything is going to work out well for all of us because God is good.

Since I didn’t have time to put together any new content, here are some links to the great blog carnivals I participated in the past week:

-  There are definitely a lot of weird articles here.  I really liked this one about John Edwards.  .

-  This carnival isn’t as awesome as it used to be.  So hmm, I submitted
   – This article by Frugal Zeitgeist reminded me of some of the .

Finally, Broke Grad Student did a .  My article about was included.  I thought the Olympics was fantastic this year and the following were my favorite moments:

- Jason Lezak anchoring the 4x100m relay for the USA men’s team.  That was amazing to watch.  He was the oldest guy and had the fastest split ever.

- Oksana Chusovitina winning a silver in vault as the oldest female gymnast EVER.  This woman’s story is just amazingly inspriring.

- India winning their first individual gold medal ever.  The winner is a young hardware engineer named Abhinav Bindra.  He just seems so nerdy, and that’s why it’s so cool.

- Chinese badminton player .  I was watching that game live on nbcolympics.  I actually fell over laughing when he ripped off his shirt, but later on I figured out what exactly the words on his back said.  That just made it funnier.

- China ending the games with 100 medals, including 51 gold, the most gold medals ever won by China.

That’s it for now.  I’ll write more when I find time!

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I am sort of a documentary junkie and I like watching them on Netflix’s instant play. Two documentaries I have reviewed on this blog include and . Today I heard about an interesting documentary called documenting the threat of America’s ever growing national debt. Yahoo has that talks about billionaires Warren Buffet and Pete Peterson endorsing this documentary and speaking out about how the government should work on borrowing less, and encourage the citizens to save more, but will anyone listen?

A few days ago I wrote an article called on Wise Bread and it was a comment on Knight Kiplinger’s article about how Americans themselves are the culprits for the nation’s economic problems. The American people like lower taxes, and more services. The politicians get elected by making expensive promises, and they fulfill their promises by borrowing money. This has been going on for quite a while. One of the commenters on my article wrote an extremely long comment that ended with,

“Fed a steady diet of corporate-controlled advertising which manipulates quirks of the human brain (read Jerry Mander’s ““) to increase consumer spending and pro-corporate news, is it any wonder the average American is a mess? Sure, they’re stupid for continuing to stare at the boob-tube and not noticing that they get the urge to order out a pizza after the TV ad, but hey, most people just don’t have as high IQ’s as the average tightwad (read ““), especially as many of today’s consumers are from the post-Reagan/cut-education-to-the-bone generation. It’s not that the more aware people aren’t writing to their Congressman demanding solutions, the problem is that those Congressmen aren’t listening because they’re beholden to their corporate sponsors.

STOP telling people they’re stupid and it’s all their own fault. A) it’s only 25%-30% their fault; B) the minute you tell someone it’s all their fault they stop listening to you; and C), the originator of this article is quoting a non-credible source. If you want to change things, take clueless consumers by the hand, gently explain the situation to them and what they can do to fix it in a non-blaming way, then unleash them on Congress to throw the bastards out of office. Educate people that they have been brainwashed and teach them there is another way to live.”

I think this commenter is pretty blunt and cuts to the heart of the problem. Most people don’t care or know enough to learn about the national debt. Most people keep on electing the officials that promise the most to them. How does a politician make “reduce the national debt” sound more sexy than “tax cuts for the middle class”? Sure, I.O.U.S.A may be a great documentary, but how many people will watch it? Now that billionaire endorsed it, I am sure that those in the government who love class warfare and spending all they can would dismiss it as another piece of propaganda from “the rich”.

Here is what I find absolutely fall-off-my-chair hilarious. China is one of the biggest creditors to the USA. Actually according to the Treasury, China . So basically the $40 billion extravaganza of an Olympics could be just funded by the interest payments America is sending to China. I am sure some of you Americans might be calling China evil now, but if China didn’t loan the money to the United States then your lives may be a lot worse. Treasuries carry a fairly low yield, and that’s what kept inflation low in the United States for decades. However, if China stops buying so many treasuries from the United States sometime in the future or demand higher rates then that would affect government funds in a significant manner.

I really don’t know how Americans can fix this because there doesn’t seem to be a politician that doesn’t love to spend and get more debt. I guess they’re not spending their own money so it doesn’t matter to them. Young sensible professionals are not the majority in America, and most people who vote are baby boomers and seniors who love the government sponsored freebies so politicians pander to them. One prime example is that Obama is proposing no taxes for seniors making $50,000 a year and below. It makes sense for the more elderly because the debts incurred by the government will be paid by generations to come, so they’re not spending their money either. I’m not saying that all elderly people are leeches, but selfishness tend to lead people to vote a certain way especially when the incentives are so large.

Finally, here is another funny and ironic fact. When people who work in the government apply for Top Secret or Secret clearance they will be screened for the amount of debt they have. If they have too much debt they may not get clearance because they are more likely to be blackmailed or accept bribes. Right now, the United States Government’s national debt is so large and owned by so many foreign nations that it may not pass for its own security clearance if it applied. I think the Department of Homeland Security should probably get involved as soon as possible because the United States Government’s finances is a valid security risk.

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The hubby and I have been r and we celebrated early in the past weekend.  The hubby booked a full moon kayaking trip in at the Beach House and also reserved us spots for Sunday brunch at Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.Since I planned I let him plan this trip.  It is only fair.  This is my travelogue for this wonderful weekend.

Half Moon Bay is a coastal San Mateo city about 20 miles from where we live famous for the yearly Mavericks Surf Contest and the Pumpkin Festival where the worlds’ most enormous pumpkins compete.  We set out on Saturday morning and arrived in Half Moon Bay in about 30 minutes.  We stepped in a small local restaurnt called The Flying Fish Grill and got some lunch, and then we headed to our hotel.  Unfortunately, our room wasn’t ready yet so we went to Poplar Beach after checking out the kayaks at Pillar Point Harbor.  Poplar Beach is one of many public beaches along Half Moon Bay and it has a small free parking lot.  If you go to the main beach a block over it has a parking lot that charges a fee.  At Poplar Beach we spent about two hours looking for beach glass.  Before we got married we went to that beach once and I started looking for beach glass.  The hubby never heard of this before and said, “why are you picking up garbage?!” I explained to him that people collect beach glass for fun and make them into jewelry.  Then it turned into a bit of a competition and he helped me collect glass. Funnily enough we saw another couple collect glass, too, and the whole time the hubby was saying he couldn’t believe people liked garbage.   After we got home on that trip I made some of the glass into pendants and sold them for around $50 at a church craft fair.  So this time the hubby thought of looking for beach glass as a treasure hunt. After two hours of hunting, we found a small pocket full of browns, greens, and white pieces.  I also found a tiny cobalt blue piece and a quarter from 1965.

We returned to the hotel and took a bit of a nap since the kayaking event was at 7pm.  After waking up we walked down to Pillar Point Harbor again. Unfortunately, it was quite overcast so we were unable to see the full moon.   There were a group of about 10 people and we were instructed to put on many layers of stuff.  There is a jacket plus a skirt that stretches over the kayak and also a life jacket. The kayaks held two people and were a bit larger than the kayaks we used in Kauai.  The hubby sat in the back to steer and I was in front.  We paddled towards the breakwaters and we saw hundreds of pelicans and seagulls.  Some people paddled a bit too close to them and they flew towards us and plopped in the water.  Some of the pelicans were still shedding their baby furry feathers.  A couple harbor seals also popped out their heads above the water.

After paddling for more than an hour, we cleared the last breakwater and we were in the open ocean.  The sea was quite calm and the waves bobbed the kayaks slightly.  It was quite dark and the glow sticks on our paddles indicated where the other kayaks were.  It was very quiet and we could hear people speak quite clearly.  We were only in the open ocean for a little while and then we headed back into the harbor.  On the way back we made a stop at Mavericks Beach. This is the beach where the annual death-defying Mavericks Surf Contest is held.  The spot where landed had several giant carved pumice stones.  The guide explained that they were monuments in remembrance of those who died surfing there.  It was quite dark so we couldn’t see much, but the guide explained that this was a dangerous place to surf.  The waves could reach more than 25 feet during the winter and there are sharks in the waters.

We left the beach and headed towards the harbor.  It was getting quite dark, but with every paddle a plume of green light glowed in the water.  I have seen this before at Stinson Beach so I knew that it was a kind of microorganism that glows when you disturb them.  I tried to get the hubby to look at the glow but he thought that they were bubbles and I couldn’t quite convince him that something in the water is giving off light.  Finally one of the guides said, “I love this bioluminescent stuff!”  Then I said that my hubby doesn’t see it and other people started to paddle to show him.  Then he sort of believed that the green glow wasn’t just bubbles.  After three hours of paddling we landed back at the harbor and walked back to the hotel.  We were quite hungry and the hubby called the concierge to see if any restaurants were still open.  Apparently a Mexican place called Tres Amigos is open until midnight so we went there and filled our tummies.  Then we returned the hotel and fell asleep.

The next day, we ate a little bit of the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, and went back to our room to nap some more.  Finally we checked out and headed to Sunday brunch at the Ritz Carlton. The Sunday brunch at the Ritz Carlton’s Navio restaurant was beyond our expectations. First of all, we didn’t know that it was a buffet because the hubby booked it after seeing a review somewhere that said the Sunday brunch was good. I also didn’t know that the restaurant overlooked the greens of the golf course and the blue ocean.  There was a huge selection of foods all over the world including sushi, caviar, dimsum, and prime rib.  The  small appetizer sized dishes  were presented in the most delectable and appealing manner.  Our favorite was a small plate of roast duck breast served upon steamed bokchoy.  The dessert station was also amazing.  There were half a dozen types of chocolate truffles and fruits and many beautifully presented tiny desserts.  I heard one man there say, “I want to take this to our table and just look at it!”  There was also a dessert with gold flakes on it and I laughed a bit because the hubby joked about how pretentious people who eat gold are.  Anyway, I took about six or seven desserts and just indulged in the decadence.  After four plates of culinary delight, we couldn’t eat anymore, but we really wanted more.  The funny thing is that I had a dream a couple weeks prior about an extremely fancy buffet with chocolate truffles and meats.  I told the hubby, “this is the buffet of my dreams!” and we sat there laughing like idiots for a bit.

After the food we walked to the back of the hotel and followed a path down to the beach.  The beach is public so you don’t have to be a hotel guest to go there. The beach was extremely small and we combed it for about an hour for beach glass.  Unfortunately, all the pieces we found were quite small.  The hubby said to keep them anyway because he wants to fill a spaghetti jar with sea glass.  We were quite tired after that and walked back to the valet for our car.  This is where the hubby remarked, “why is every car here so expensive looking?”  Indeed, all the cars parked in front of the hotel were Mercedes, BMWs, and such.  Then we saw a Toyota van pull up and I realized that they park the cheaper cars at the larger parking lot.  So I said, “see not everyone here drives an expensive car, they just park the most expensive looking ones in front!”   I guess the Ritz needs to look ritzy, but we definitely had a great time there without the need to look rich.

So that’s my weekend of adventure and gluttony.  It’s great to get away from computers for a while to bond with the hubby and the great outdoors.  It certainly wasn’t cheap, but it was completely worth it and I hope we can do it more often.

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I read Laura Rowley’s Yahoo Finance column pretty regularly, and this week she and how many young adults with large student loans and small wages are basically debt slaves doomed to pay for their education for decades. I have also written a little bit about college finance before. In “” I wrote about how many middle class families do not qualify for financial aid or even scholarships at expensive private colleges and that drew many different responses. Some say that kids should pay for their own college expenses and others say that the financial aid system needs to be reformed. Either way, most people agree that there is a problem with having to take out huge loans to fund college. Here are some things I think parents and college bound teens should consider before signing on to a generation of debt.

chewable viagra- I went to the University of California at Berkeley and all four years of tuition plus room and board cost less than one year at any private university. My parents paid for it, but if I could have paid off the entire amount with less than a year of income after I graduated. Recently an article in Forbes ranked UC Berkeley as . The study was done by and the schools were ranked on the median salary of alumni with 10 to 20 years of experience. I think if they gathered data on the amount of student loans some of the private school alumni are still paying, then they will probably find that Berkeley grads keep more of what they earn and pay less to the loansharks. There are plenty of great state college in this country, and I think they are the best bang for the buck.

chewable viagra- If you could shave one semester,term, or even year off your college education then you would save quite a bit of money. It involves a lot of hard work and creative class scheduling, but it is worth it. I took classes that could fulfill multiple graduation requirements and also took classes in the summer session and I finished about a year early. I used the year to work at a couple internships and took one class in my last semester of senior year.

chewable viagra – I know quite a few people that went to community colleges and then transferred to Berkeley or other schools during their junior year. Their final degree is still from the more expensive school and no one can tell that the first two years were spent in a cheaper school.

chewable viagra – I know some people who worked for a year or two before college to save money for college. Many colleges allow you to defer enrollment for a year so you can have the opportunity to do something.  chewable viagra

chewable viagra – Right now I do not have kids yet, but I am putting $100 a month into a 529 education savings plan under my name.  I don’t think parents and children could save too early for a college education.  A 529 allows you to withdraw the savings for education and any gains on the investments are tax free.

Finally, I totally agree with the advice given in the Yahoo Finance article that you shouldn’t borrow a lot more than what you would earn after college.  However,  it is hard to look at the financial impacts of college loans when you are a young idealistic teenager who wants to do the things you love regardless of money.  There needs to be a balance between idealism and practicality, and perhaps more high school counselors should teach students about the effect of massive student loans.

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