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Next month our lease on our apartment will be renewed. I’m pretty sure it won’t go up all that much since we are pretty good tenants. None of the neighbors have complained about us, either. Just out of my interest to know whether or not our rent is fair, I found some for the past seven years. I was sort of surprised by what I found.

As I have stated previously, we pay $1700 for a two bedroom two bathroom condo. The rent includes water, garbage, and cable TV. According the the historic data from San Mateo County, our rent is actually cheaper than the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in 2000! Here is a summary of the rent trends on a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment as recorded by the county and a timeline of recent history:

12/2000 – $1902 – The year of the dotcom boom and craziness. I was in highschool.
12/2001 – $1764 – The dotcom bubble popped and 9/11 happened in this year.
12/2002 – $1597 – Recession
12/2003 – $1478 – War broke out
12/2004 – $1421 – Valley beginning to recover, the hubby moves to San Mateo
12/2005 – $1449 – I moved to San Mateo
12/2006 – $1621 – Tech sector in full recovery, new startups and lotsa hiring
12/2007 – $1785 – We got married, moved to our present condo.
3/2008 – $1812 – Latest data available, rent prices trending up as more people are renting due to the ridiculous purchase prices. Jobs are still abundant.

So after looking at this data, I feel that our rent is pretty fair. Actually, I used a CPI calculator and found that $1902 in 2000 is actually worth $2381 today. So we are really getting a bargain and rent prices don’t always follow inflation. It is a bit alarming how much the rent jumped from 2005 to 2007, but I think as more foreclosures and cheap homes come onto the market the rental market can’t rise all that much. From what I have seen, there are actually quite a lot of 2 bedroom listings on Craigslist for under $1700 a month.

So if you are facing a rent increase, I encourage you to look up the fair market rent in your locale and see if it’s fair. If it’s too expensive then don’t be afraid to negotiate because even a month’s vacancy is very costly to a landlord and could wipe out all the gains he/she gets from raising your rent. Additionally, look for a cheaper alternative early if you know you can’t afford the increase. Oftentimes, there are individual homeowners who have held a home for many years and do not want to sell. In those cases you can get a very good deal as a renter.

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My husband loves kids. Recently his best man at our wedding had a baby girl and my husband loves to hold her and look at her adoringly. (I’m jealous!) He did this at church and a woman came up to me and said, “your husband is so cute! He is just fascinated by the baby! When are you having one?”

Obviously, the cheapest thing to do is to have no kids at all, but we both agreed that we would like to have at least one kid. Personally, I believe that having kids earlier in life saves money even though I have read advice that said people should wait to have kids. Here are my reasons as to why I think having kids sooner is financially beneficial to a couple.

cheapest brand viagra – When you are young or just starting out in your career your income is probably not at the peak. So when you have less money to spend, you will probably not spoil the kid as much as parents who have a lot of money. Additionally, if you have to give up some working days to take care of the kid, the amount you lose is small if you don’t earn all that much to begin with.

cheapest brand viagra – Expenses for food and education are increasing at a much higher rate than the base inflation and wage increases. For example, my college tuition doubled in the 4 years I attended, and food prices are rising at a very high clip lately. If we have a kid earlier, we would probably have to spend less on these things.

cheapest brand viagra – I have read a lot of stories about women who waited to have kids only to find that it is much harder to get pregnant. This results in fertility treatments that produce unwanted multiple births and other complications. It is also a lot easier for younger women to recover from pregnancy and child bearing so I rather get it over with while I am young. Fertility treatments are expensive, and so are unexpected multiple births.

cheapest brand viagra – This is related to physical health. While I am still pretty young I have the energy to take care of the kid and handle a job. From what I have seen, young parents seem to handle the sleepless nights a lot better. I think this abundance of energy we have when we are young is helpful in balancing a career and children. I think if you are less phased at work by your kids, then your potential for career advancement is better.

cheapest brand viagra – My mother in law pretty much retired early when she was a little bit over 45 and both of her children were done with college. She had them fairly early on and now she travels all over the world with her husband. Knowing that your children are already adults at a young age really brings peace of mind during retirement. Additionally, you no longer have to financially support them so your retirement expenses are lowered.

Anyway, most people decide to have kids later in life to save more money and advance their careers, but I think if you really want kids and you can safely afford having a kid then earlier is better. My husband doesn’t think I am ready to be a mom mentally, but one of my coworkers said to me, “No one is ever ready to be a parent!” I think that is really true, and I think we will be just fine if we have a kid within the next couple years.

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cheapest brand viagra

When I started college, the most unfortunate thing that happened was that Popo passed away. When we lived with Popo, we did not need to pay rent, and that lifted a gigantic financial burden from our lives. As an exchange, we cleaned the house and yard and often cooked for her. Popo really loved to eat my stewed pork. Even though she was over 90 years old, whenever I cooked some of my stewed pork she would eat a bit more than usual.

After we returned from , one of Popo’s daughter told us that Popo contracted pneumonia and had a high fever. Her children sent her to the hospital. We visited her in the hospital but she already slipped in a coma. After a few days, she passed away at the ripe age of 94. We lived with her for a little over 4 months. Even though her children did not want to live with her, all of her descendants were quite filial to her. Every day a different member of the family came to see her and give her food and sometimes gave us things to eat. Now Popo left us, and we had to move.

Right before I started college, my whole family moved to a studio on Young Street. It was just a room around 200 square feet with a tiny bathroom and a small kitchen. The rent and utilities cost around $500 a month, but this was the cheapest place we could find. Right in front of the door there was a gigantic mango tree that bore enough fruit to last us for years. Helen actually dried the mango in the oven and preserved it. I remember during the Cultural Revolution, there was a headline that stated Chairman Mao donated some mangoes he received from African diplomats to a labor team. At that time, I really didn’t know what kind of magical fruit a mango was. Then in Hawaii we had an endless stream of mangoes to eat, and my former fascination with the mysterious fruit was gone. We lived in the tiny studio for more than four years, until I received my Masters degree and we left Hawaii.

January 18th, 1993 is a date I could not forget. On this day, I became a freshman at Kapiolani Community College and began my life as a working student. In the first semester I selected four courses totaling 12 units. The courses were English, Mathematics for Economics, American Business, and Basic Accounting.

The first day I went to class, I sat down in the classroom and saw many teenaged American classmates around me. I thought to myself that in China I have been teaching kids like these for many years, but now I am once again in the student’s seat. Sometimes life is just really unpredictable. Going to school is tough, but this was the only path I could take since I left my homeland. However, going to school is also a luxury. If I didn’t have the time or the money then there is no way I would be studying in a foreign country. If I didn’t leave my homeland, there was no need for me to repeat college. So from this point of view, I feel that I was quite fortunate. Since I felt that I had no choice but to go to school again, I gained a new experience, and also obtained more options and excitement in the process.

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Today I read an article in BusinessWeek titled . Basically, it talked about how Senator Obama is proposing raising taxes for “rich” families with incomes of $250,000 or more, and how some families feel that they are just middle class with that kind of income.

As the article pointed out, it really depends on where you live since the cost of living varies wildly around the world. My husband and I don’t make anywhere near $250k a year, but we would be considered extremely well off if we lived in China. We may be upper middle class in a lower cost state like Texas since we could afford a house there and send our future kids to private school. However, in the Silicon Valley, there is no way anyone would considered us to be rich. Personally I feel that “rich” in the Valley is probably someone with assets in the hundred-million to billion range, and I am realistic enough to say that I probably will never be rich here.

I think a lot of the angst in the article comes from people who have good incomes that live in expensive areas of the country. The fact is, the tax system doesn’t adjust for cost of living. So even though people in high cost areas like the Bay Area are compensated well, our real capability in saving money is vastly diminished. It is tough to equalize this situation, and adding more taxes to high income families will probably just make it tougher for families with children who need that income.

Personally, one thing that really annoys me about all of this isn’t even about taxes.  I feel that with every speech about raising taxes on the rich, the politicians are implying that there is something wrong with having good incomes.  It is as if it is a sin for a family to make over $250,000 so that they need to be punished.   Most people I know here in California who have good incomes are hard working and honest people who did nothing to deserve the ire of people who have less than them.  They are professionals who contribute quite a bit to the society just through their work.  Why is there a need to take away more from them?

One thing is for sure, taxes will go up after the Bush tax cuts expire in two years. I highly doubt that the tax cuts will stay with a Democratic majority in the government. The sting will be especially painful for dual income couples like us because the marriage penalty will probably go back in full force again and our tax rate will rise dramatically. It will probably cut into our savings rate, but we are socking away as much as we could now before that happens. Ultimately, I think the government should find more ways to cut spending rather than squeezing more out of married couples and the “rich”.   I also don’t believe for a second that they will draw the line at $250k.  So brace yourself for more taxes everyone!

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Well, after blogging for almost a year I have collected over a thousand comments on my articles. Some of them are really quite interesting. Previously and here are some more of my favorites.

In my , a woman named Nancy Lynn left a poem and I really loved it:

From Nancy Lynn

I have lived here since 1996, and realized the other day that I still don’t feel at home here. Here is my poem about California:

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It never rains here
This long-legged mistress is a mystery,
She is fake and beautiful
With no soul
But never changes.

The year is like a stack of blue cubes,
Square as windows of an Internet Company
Reflecting the sky
Of daily brightness
And vapid valleys streaming in cars
Climbing one hill and another
Which exit only for take-out coffee

The ocean is untouchable
Cold, colorless darkness
A metaphor for “the beach”
Where you may look, but don’t touch
It’s all a part of the perfection,
And you can insert your image everywhere.

The natives, having pushed out
Indians, Mexicans
But sit in trees and fight for the condor,
Must always defend how beautiful
And bounteous their land is,
Vain and proud of their humility,
Political correctness and perfection.
I listen, but only hear
The sky, void of thunder.

Thank you Nancy Lynn!

Speaking of poems, my dad is a budding poet. He left this comment a while ago that made me laugh a bit:

great job, Xin!

Send you a Chinese poem I just wrote for your future education of your kids in Chinese.











































This my translation of it:
cheapest brand viagra

Driving along California Highway 12
I am awakened
by a windy plain
it is the multicolored spring
The yellow flowers blooming next to the road
are blinking at my car’s headlights
The clear lake along the road
is surrounded by many Canadian geese.
The surface of the lake ripples after a soft rain
and welcomes flocks of chirping and hovering egrets and water fowl
The vast and endless wilderness
Carries the loving care of the rain season
and spread the green of life across the plains and towards the mountains
The light yellow long haired Australian sheep,
And the black and white cows
dot and flock the plains like
stars upon a green sky.
The winds of the ocean
flows from the peninsula’s shorelines
and make the windmills fly.
Its tall steel frame converts the renewable energy
The lights are lit, and the electric cars are moving.
Windmill, the sky thanks you for leaving her a blue body.
My car is still moving, and I am still mesmerized by the spring.
Suddenly the car next to me flashes its lights.
I am speeding.
I brake and slow down.
I am awake, and I still have the spring that I can never stop praising.

Anyway, hope you have enjoyed these diversions from personal finance and two views of California. My dad works for a foundation that helps people save energy all over the world so that poem has a bit of a hippie environmentalist ring to it, which is kind of cool.

If you want to read more about personal finance. Here are some recent carnivals I participated in:

That’s the ones I remember, but if I didn’t link you feel free to tell me! Have a great day everyone.

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