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online viagra sales canada

Today I read an  article on the New York Times titled ““.  The basic gist of it is that top colleges are trying to encourage students to enter non-profit sectors and take jobs in public service, but many students are burdened with huge loans that they have to pay off so a secure job with a fat paycheck is the path they end up taking.  I am not surprised at this at all, but here are some of my thoughts in working in public service.

Most people are idealistic when they are young and then get disillusioned later, but I think I am the opposite.  In highschool I knew people that were truly believed that they could change the world for the better, but I wasn’t one of them.  I knew that after college I wanted a high paying job, and I wanted to be financially secure. I know that sounds selfish, but I figured that I am just practical. I also said to my friends that I would never work as a teacher or work for the government.  Now after graduating and working for three years at fairly well-paying corporate jobs, I think my thoughts on public service has changed quite a bit.

First of all, I think America really has a shortage of great teachers.  Most of my immediate family members have been teachers and professors in China at one time or another, and I think my dad enjoyed it more than most people. So I know that it can be a very personally fulfilling job. Anyway, I think one of the main problems with finding quality teachers is definitely financial.  The starting salary for highschool teachers in the Bay Area is around $30000 to $50000 depending on the school district and credentials, but the new teacher might have a buttload of student debt to pay off.  Couple that with the extremely high cost of living here in the Bay Area, I don’t see how we could get good public school teachers.  Good science and math teachers are especially hard to find because people who study science and math could get much more lucrative jobs. I went to Albany High School and I had a bunch of excellent science and math teachers who graduated from UC Berkeley.  They are mostly retired now, but any one of them could have taken up a more lucrative job as an engineer. I had a physics teacher that almost completed his electrical engineering PhD at UC Berkeley, but decided to be a high school teacher, and he was a great teacher.  If we don’t have more public school teachers like them, then the next generation of children will suffer as a whole.  Anyway, I know of one classmate who gave up her lucrative job at a large web retailer to apply for Teach for America, and I hope she is still teaching.

Next, I think many young people do not realize how much of their souls they have to give up for that big paycheck at that corporate job.  There are plenty of high profit businesses that have less than ethical practices.  Additionally, many highpaying jobs require you to work to your bone.  There is also corruption in public service, but for the most part I don’t believe it is encouraged.  Granted, there are plenty of great jobs in the private industry, too, but in the article I read a lot of these Harvard students are going to hedge funds, which I think are mostly shady businesses because they have very little regulation or disclosure. Of course, a public service job might also be terribly boring, but if it’s a job that helps people and fulfills you, then it might not be as bad.

Finally, there are lots of perks in public service and non-profit jobs, too.  For example, I think government employees still get pension for the most part, and my mom will get her healthcare covered after she retires.  Sure, the pay might be  lower, but a perpetual pension is worth quite a bit. Additionally, non-profit organizations  usually give more time off than for-profit corporations so that is worth something.  Also, I feel that there is a bit more job security in non-profit and public corporations.  Someone told me once that the government never fires anyone.  There is quite a bit of bureaucracy involved, and so people stay in a job forever.

Right now both of my parents work for non-profits.  My dad really thinks he is changing the world through his work, and I think that’s pretty cool.  My mom just started at a state university after working in a for profit company for all of her career in America.  She is trying to adjust to all the bureaucracy and a huge pay cut, but I think in the end she will reap the rewards of paid health care and a small pension. Now with that said, lately I have thought about getting a non-profit job sometime in the future because now I do want to change the world  for the better somehow.  However, I think I would be happier to do the job for free when I am financially independent.  As much as I have warmed up to the concept of public service, I am still practical and selfish by nature.  So I guess I will just have to spend a few more years as a well compensated corporate cube dweller.

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online viagra sales canada

online viagra sales canadaon 06.24.08 at 9:18 am

i can truly identify with what you’re saying – having worked in private industry for 15 years (7 of which with world’s largest tech firm) with an mba from top school and recently made the leap of faith to a public agency. let me know if i can help on providing some insights if you plan a similar transition. take care. c.

online viagra sales canadaon 06.24.08 at 11:14 am

“There is also corruption in public service, but for the most part I don’t believe it is encouraged.”

I MUST disagree vehemently with the idea that private companies are inherently more corrupt than the public sector.

I worked for the State and for a City government and there is no greater ingredient for sloth and laziness than a guaranteed paycheck and nearly guaranteed job. Especially when a union is involved.

Not to mention the idea that if we didn’t spend it, we’d lose it. Meaning we had to spend our entire budget for the year – even if we didn’t NEED to – in order to guarantee the same or increased budget for the next year. I bought a lot of unneeded pens and paper in order to spend our supply budget.

I now work for a large private company in what you might consider a more corrupt sector – finance. Our hedge funds aren’t any more corrupt than any other sector – and neither are any other parts of our business.

The idea that not for profits don’t attract unethical people is ridiculous. I am sure if I took the time I could research and find dozens upon dozens (if not hundreds) of examples where people took advantage of their Non-profit status. I know at least one person in MY family (very extended mind you) who skimmed $ off the books at her non profit job.

I really hate the idea of Corporate = Bad and Gov’t = Good. Government isn’t exactly non-profit either. The amount of waste and legalized theft (in the form of taxes to pay for things that gov’t has no business paying for) is much more insulting to me than a private company making widgets for profit.

online viagra sales canadaon 06.26.08 at 10:43 am

In law school, we often referred to “golden handcuffs.” You graduate law school, start a high paying job where you’re working 80 hours a week, and you end up hating it, but you can’t bring yourself to give up the big paycheck in order to take a less stressful job at a smaller firm or go to a public service job.

I work for the federal government. And I agree that there is a lot of waste. But there are also a lot of young people here who are driven to make a difference, and I really love being part of that atmosphere. We’re clearly not here for the money, we’re here because it’s what we want to be doing.

online viagra sales canada

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