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5mg cialis price

According to various measurements, the price of food and energy have increased anywhere from 6% to 9% in the past year. Meanwhile the interest rate on savings accounts have been slashed dramatically to less than 2%. In this environment, it is easy for a saver to feel like a fool, but there are ways you can mitigate the effects of inflation and still save for the future.

5mg cialis price- Obviously, you can’t stockpile fresh food for very long, but you can certainly keep quite a bit of dried, canned, and freezable goods.  If you have room for storage, things like pasta or wine can be kept for a pretty long time. Sales are even better for stockpiling. For example, in my story about I got quite a bit of pasta roni,canned tomatoes, and toothpaste for very little money. Now I wish I bought more because we went through the food pretty quickly. Stockpiling food is a form of non-financial investment that could pay off better than stocks as long as you do eat the food before it goes bad.
5mg cialis price – I have a few stock holdings that have been giving out very high dividends. The ones I own are mostly natural resource and mineral stocks. I’m not an expert in stock picking, though, so the percentage of my individual stock holding is about 6% of my entire portfolio. There are a lot of ways to pick your dividend stocks and a simple and popular method is In the current market, you have to be careful with the stocks that give too high of an yield because some of them may be dying financial services. As always, do your research before you invest.
5mg cialis price – If buying a house makes sense in your area it may be a good hedge against inflation. I am a staunch bubble sitter here in because home prices are still way too high to justify buying a home. If inflation actually drove rent to within 10% of mortgage prices, I would consider buying, but the situation I am facing now is that home prices are falling but rent is still 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a mortgage on a comparable unit. However, if you can afford a home and in your area it is cheaper to buy than rent, it makes sense to buy a house to protect yourself against further rent hikes. As long as you get a fixed rate mortgage, your payments will stay the same throughout the term of a home loan.

I am sure there are many other ways people protect their savings from inflation. I have read that many people invest in I-Bonds or TIPS, which have variable rates related to inflation. I actually own some I-Bonds because they are state tax free. The problem is that these treasury bonds fluctuate with the core inflation rate, which doesn’t include food and energy. The result is that the return is lower than the real inflation, but they are generally better than dumping all your money in the bank or in a money market. The key is that you can manage your money well and diminish the effect of inflation when you put a little time into it. What have you been doing to fight inflation?

5mg cialis price

5mg cialis price

Welcome to the 55th edition of It’s that time of the year again. In Vietnam they are celebrating the national holiday of Gio to Hung Vuong, but here in the United States it is time for all of us to hand in our tax forms. I just begrudgingly mailed out my tax forms with payment, but today’s carnival certainly cheered me up. We have nearly 30 great stories about life and money. Enjoy!

5mg cialis price

Praveen writes that at . Apparently you don’t have to be freaked out when you receive a letter from the IRS.

Will presents posted at . This is a scary story of debt collectors who would freeze pension statements.

Silicon Valley Blogger tells us posted at . I am so jealous!

5mg cialis price

Kyle from Amateur Asset Collector gives us . It seems like Kyle paid a bit too much taxes on alcohol when he was in his twenties.

Mr. Cheap presents posted at . This is Mr. Cheap’s story about the tariffs he had to pay on hard liquor. That will teach him to be a cheap boozehound.

5mg cialis price

The rising cost of gas is really cutting into many of our pocketbooks. Here are some stories. about how gas affects people.

MoneyKing presents ,

Financial Learn presents posted at .

5mg cialis price

Mark Butler presents posted at . We can all learn quite a bit from this story of entrepreneurship.

5mg cialis price

FFB presents posted at . More money means more taxes, but it doesn’t have to mean more expenses.

Life. Money. Development. presents posted at

5mg cialis price

FIRE Finance presents posted at .

Ryan Taylor presents posted at .

Hank presents posted at .

5mg cialis price

Here are two stories about snowflaking! You can get rid of debt one flake at a time and these two stories illustrate how you can do it, too.

NtJS presents posted at .

paidtwice presents at .

5mg cialis price

Passive Income Investor presents posted at .

MoneyNing presents posted at .

The Dough Roller presents posted at .

5mg cialis price

Want to retire early? These stories of people who managed to accumulate a huge net worth at a relatively young age.

PT presents posted at .

GBlogger presents posted at .

5mg cialis price

Dorian Wales presents posted at .

5mg cialis price

Amy presents posted at .

5mg cialis price

FMF presents posted at

5mg cialis price

Chief Family Officer presents posted at . The loose privacy policy prompted Chief Family Officer to not join the new PayPal clone. I haven’t joined either, because I’m just not really into having another financial account.

First Lady Of Poker presents posted at . This is an interesting story about why women can beat men at poker.

The Financial Blogger presents .

Raymond presents posted at .

Jeremy Zongker presents posted at .

Madison presents posted at .

That is all for this edition of the . Thank you all for participating and a link back to the carnival is always appreciated. If you have more stories you can always to the next carnival which is being held at . This is a relatively new blog that is very well written. Now if you haven’t already, go out and file your taxes!

5mg cialis price


It is the that have brought a state of upon all of us. Deals like , interest free loans and non-authorized grants have brought this day. People need to learn to use their properly and resist the temptation to look at all the .

5mg cialis price

CNN Money is running a slideshow where people have sent in their photos and stories about how they are doing in the current economic atmosphere. A lot of these stories are pretty sad and involve people losing their homes, businesses, and jobs. Here are some of the stories that stood out to me and not all of them are bad.

– I liked this story because the girl is about the same age as me and she’s got things figured out.

- This couple seems to be doing just fine, too. They are cutting back, but they’re not in dire straits.

– This is a great story with a bit of advice – if you need something , start saving for it early.

- This story made me laugh. If I just waited a few months to deposit a wedding gift from my dad’s cousin from Canada I would have gotten more money, too.

– This is a couple who are savers, and felt that their money have been eaten away by inflation and they have been fools for not spending their money. This is why investing money in things other than CDs could help.

- The guy on the picture just looks scary.

– When I read this story I thought, hey a $250 commute a month really isn’t that much. My hubby and I spend about $200 a month on gas, too.

– This guy makes a lot of sense. A lot of these people who are in trouble can’t blame everything on businesses and the government, they have to be self sufficient.

– I liked this story. It’s nice to see that someone sees the silver lining in a bad situation.

– Here is a story that annoyed me a little bit, because the woman says “like most we carry $17,000 in credit-card debt and don’t have much in savings”. I don’t know if that is true for most people because $17,000 in credit card debt is definitely above average.

There are currently 51 stories and you can submit your own. I think there needs to be more positive stories amidst all the dreary news.

5mg cialis price

In part one I talked about , and I got some pretty interesting comments. I encourage you guys to check it out. In this part I want to talk about the reasons why in some instances you shouldn’t try so hard to fit in. Granted, everyone wants to be “normal”, and I expressed that feeling in a previous post about . However, being “normal” is not always wise, and you shouldn’t follow along for the sake of being part of the majority.

It all started when I was a kid. I was never into fashion and I was fine with wearing things I picked out at church sales for 25 cents. Heck, I still have one of those shirts and I wear it sometimes. I have been teased about my clothing in elementary school, but it didn’t matter to me. I knew that having brand name clothes and shoes wouldn’t really affect my schoolwork and I had good friends anyway.  Additionally, my parents really didn’t have money to buy me new clothes so there was no reason for me to unnecessarily add to their expenses.

Now that I am an adult, I think I still tend to shy away from what is considered popular. For example, I still don’t have an iPod, and I don’t intend to ever get one. I could afford a very nice car, but I have no need for it. Considering how many of my coworkers have extremely luxury cars I would say that I am in the minority. I’m not in a car contest with them, so I don’t feel the need to join in and fit in. I have to confess that as a teenager I wanted a Porsche, but now I understand that fancy cars are not necessarily a mark of success because most of them are financed by debt.

Another way that I am a minority right now is that I am a renter. I have written quite a few articles on why I am not buying a house now, and I truly believe that in I am building more wealth by renting rather than buying. Even though I will buy a house some day, I think it is good to have a different mindset right now.   I know many people jumped in to real estate because everyone was doing it in the past couple years.  Now many of the same people are regretting their decisions.  So in the particular case of real estate, I am glad that my husband and I did not decide to buy anything when we got married even though .

Finally, what is scary to me is that in America debt is considered normal. Dave Ramsey actually has a funny sticker that says, “Debt is normal, be weird!”. So when it comes to things such as debt and fashion, I don’t mind being in the minority. In fact, I think many people would be much more successful than they already are if they stopped trying to fit in and do their own thing.  I know that peer pressure is a powerful force, but we have to be level headed and see if “normal” is really the best thing for our goals.

5mg cialis price

In many ways, I am a minority in the United States. I am a female engineer, an Asian immigrant, a saver, and an only child. Being in the minority isn’t always easy, so I thought that I should write a series on how to succeed while you are different from the rest. First and foremost, you need to learn how to deal with prejudices. Here are some things I have learned over the years about how to deal with prejudice. I am sure it’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s a starting point.

5mg cialis price – Sometimes you should just walk away from ridiculous bashing of your race, gender, or religion. Getting into a fight with unreasonable people is a waste of time.

5mg cialis price – Sometimes people don’t know that you are offended by some comments or actions because America is such a multicultural place and there can be misunderstandings. I have encountered that at times and if I know that they are sensible people I try to explain my point of view. Most of the time this works well in the workplace where people are more civil.

5mg cialis price – Before you take the drastic action of suing someone you need to have evidence. For example, if you think that you’re being discriminated against in terms of pay you need to collect quite a bit of salary information in your company and that may be hard to get to. In other cases where violence has occurred you should report it as soon as possible so that the authorities can collect evidence.

5mg cialis price- A lot of prejudice stems from stereotypes, and not all stereotypes are bad. For example, Asians are usually thought of as hard working and frugal. I don’t mind that at all, but there are stereotypes such as “only children can’t take care of themselves” and “women engineers are worse than male engineers” that I deal with. The only thing I could do is to break those stereotypes through action and show others that they are wrong.

5mg cialis price- Unfortunately, all of us are imperfect humans who are capable of hate and prejudice but adding to the cesspool of hatred isn’t going to solve anything. It is natural to be angry when you are attacked, but if you escalate attacks based on prejudice then there will be no end to the whole thing.

5mg cialis price – Since America has so many laws against discrimination, there have been instances when people abused the laws and sued for “damages”. I think there is no point to raise a fuss if there is no real issue because that just brings more hatred against an entire group. Sometimes it is hard for people to tell what prejudice is, and simply talking to the “offender” could resolve a lot of things.

5mg cialis price- Finally, prejudice may throw obstacles in your path, but you shouldn’t let it deter you from your goal. For example, I am acutely aware of the fact that female workers still get paid less in this country, but I remedy that situation by moving to jobs with higher pay. Conquering obstacles often makes a person more competitive and likely to succeed.

For the most part, the prejudices I have dealt with over the years are quite small compared to what minorities dealt with in America in the last century. I think for the most part, prejudice could be dealt with in a civil manner in the current United States. The key is to recognize when you are treated unfairly and act accordingly.

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