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My second secret weapon for being a great salesman is “know the product and prepare for the psychological battle”.

Hawaii is a world famous travel destination, and tourists visit from all over the world. They are not only after this Pacific island’s beautiful scenery, but they are also looking for unique things they have not seen before. In a busy market like the one in Waikiki, it is important to understand how to capture a guest’s curiosity. Previously I talked about selling a pair of exercise balls from China. This is not an item from Hawaii, but how did I capture tourists with this product? The following is my “patented” routine for selling these balls.

First, you must get a customer’s attention. I mentioned in that I piqued the interest of a customer by rolling the balls in my hands. Oftentimes, it is curiosity that brings out the potential of making a sale. When you capitalize on that potential, you may be rewarded with a sale. This is how I convert that potential into money.

First, after I get a customer to stop I would give an introduction, “Sir, do you see these two balls? The first is a dragon, and it symbolizes a king. The second is a phoenix, and it represents the queen. In China, this also means power, money, and great fortune!” At this moment, I would spin the balls and let the customer hear them ring. The two balls usually have different bells in them. One would be high pitched and sharp, and the other would be deeper toned. Then I would continue my pitch and say, “the higher pitched tone means “yang”, and the lower pitched ball represents “yin”. In Chinese medicine, you will achieve great health and fortune only when you have a balance of yin and yang.” Additionally, I would start to roll the balls on the back of the customers as a massage if they allow me to.

Then I would conclude my act with this, “Buy these two balls and you will bring home power, fortune, luck, and health!”

I took my skills in lecturing as a professor and transferred it to selling products. After my colorful description of the balls many customers seem to feel that if they did not buy the balls they would have lost something. Because I satisfied their hunt for curios I sold more balls than anyone else in the lane. Most other stores do not even sell one box, but I often sold 20 or more boxes per day.

Originally, many Korean shops did not have this product, but as they saw that I sold it extremely quickly they started to add the balls to their inventory. However, they couldn’t sell them as well as I did because they didn’t understand that in selling any product you need a little bit of creativity. Without my stories, their products did not move, and my creativity is not something they can buy.

The Korean salesman next to me saw that I sold the balls by the cases, and gave me the moniker of “number one salesman on Duke’s lane”. Thus some Korean shopkeepers wanted to hire me at a higher salary, but I didn’t agree. The reason is that I liked Peter and the few Chinese salespeople nearby. A few of these Chinese shopkeepers gave me the nickname of “BALL SALES KING”.

Even though fifteen years passed, I still have very fond memories of the marketplace, and the friends I made there.

At that time, the shop across from me was run by an immigrant family from Guangdong, China. Their surname is Lin. The father and mother arrived in America not knowing any English, and could only work in sanitation services. They have four children. The eldest is a man also named Peter. Then there are three women. The oldest daughter is named Ah-juen, the second is named Ah-ming, and the youngest is named Ah-mei. All of them are hardworking and when I just started at Duke’s Lane they helped me quite often. The two eldest children did not go to college. The eldest son Peter worked in a Japanese restaurant at first, and Ah-juen worked for my boss Peter. After they saved enough money, they bought the store across the way from my boss and became shopkeepers themselves. The youngest children Ah-ming and Ah-mei both attended the University of Hawaii. Ah-ming became an engineer and started to work for the government, and Ah-mei majored in international politics because she wanted to be an ambassador.

After I left, Peter Lin bought my boss Peter’s store and another store selling gold jewelry, and his business was booming. I was really inspired by this family from China’s countryside. I saw the spirit of the Chinese people, and their struggles to survive as immigrants in America gave me guidance.

Duke’s Lane was not only the first place that gave me my daily bread in America, but it was also a real life classroom for my daughter. At that time, Hawaii’s law mandated that children under the age of twelve could not be left alone at home. My daughter was only nine, so sometimes after school she would come with me to the store. She witnessed our fight for survival in America. Since America is a free market country that encourages competition, the experience at Duke’s Lane actually helped me quite a bit in my quest for education and employment in the future.

I turned from a college professor to a small street vendor. However, I felt that our living standards were not so bad at that time. Though there was quite a bit of psychological pressure. Here I will address a comment a reader sent to me. Lingling said, “I am very impressed by your courage to go to America, but I am also a little confused. What are you really chasing after with all of your hard work?” I think here I will quote something written by another friend. I really like this section where he said, “When you conquer bitterness and obstacles, obstacles are your riches. When obstacles conquer you, they are your shame.” I think that changing from a real college professor to the Professor of Duke’s Lane is just a set of obstacles to make me stronger. If you think about it, if I did not leave China to come to America, would I have had the colorful experience I had at Duke’s Lane? When we conquer obstacles, we collect experiences of life, and those are priceless treasures.

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buy generic cialis online canada

I just have one goal today: finish my  self evaluation for work.  It is really one of the things I hate to do, and that is why I am procrastinating.  It wasn’t so bad in my last company because they had a formal process of setting goals every quarter and I had a pretty supportive and communicative manager that told me what he thought of my work quite often. My manager in my current company is also pretty nice and easy to talk to, but the formal review process was just established this year and it is a bit confusing for everyone here.

The most annoying thing about self evaluations is when they give you a numbered scale asking you how you think you did.  Should you be modest here?  Or should you just be honest? Sometimes even when you are being honest your assessment of your work may not match up to what others think and you could come off as sounding arrogant.  I usually try to be honest and rate myself a bit above average, but is that how my peers see me? Sometimes the number ratings’ associated descriptions are pretty vague.  For example, why is “made excellent contributions” ranked 3 and “often exceeded expectations” ranked 4?  Does that mean excellent contributions don’t exceed expectations?  Basically, I hate how HR tries to make every rating sound nice and fine.

It is also a bit hard for me to fill this form out with a ton of achievements for the past year since I have only been here for four months.  So my list of accomplishments seem kind of pithy.  I don’t think that is a big problem because my manager should understand that I am still really new here.  I do have a good habit of writing down things I have accomplished in my notebook, but it is hard to summarize small day to day accomplishments such as “made this thing run again”.

Another crappy thing about this particular performance review is that I am pretty sure I will not get a raise because of the length of my service here.  I am okay with it considering that they just gave me a pretty nice hiring bonus a few months ago.  Hopefully next year I will get a bigger raise than usual.

There has been a ton of changes in every part of my company for reasons I will not state here.  I will say that I do believe in the direction the company is taking. I just hope they refine their performance review process a bit more so that it isn’t so annoying and time consuming to fill out these forms. Unfortunately, I guess I am amongst the first batch of guinea pigs to go through this at this company. So how about you?  Do you have any tips or rants about the self evaluation process of performance reviews?

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Welcome to the March 17, 2008 edition of credit report stories. This is a fairly new blog carnival that doesn’t have many submissions. The following are the submissions I found useful.

buy generic cialis online canada presents posted at . I thought this article was rather interesting. Apparently some identity theft alert services do work.

buy generic cialis online canada presents posted at .

buy generic cialis online canada presents posted at .

buy generic cialis online canada presents posted at .

That concludes this extremely short edition of the article. Submit your blog article to the next edition of buy generic cialis online canada using the if you have useful articles about credit cards, credit report, and identity theft!

buy generic cialis online canada

I have been tinkering with a few new programs to promote my site and generate more revenue. Here are my trials and experiences:

1. buy generic cialis online canada- I just joined this program last night. It is basically a link exchange program between bloggers, but it is ridiculously addictive. You can see it in my left sidebar under the heading Entrecard. You earn a credit for dropping your card into the widget of other bloggers and also receive a credit for getting drops in your widget. Then the credits can be used to buy advertising on other sites. Some of the great personal finance sites you can advertise on are ridiculously cheap because they just joined Entrecard recently. Some of the less popular sites are also ridiculously expensive to advertise on. I haven’t perfected my advertising strategy yet, but I did read a ton of blogs today and got quite a bit of visitors as a result.

2. Since Google ad revenues are dropping lately all across the web I researched where I could get some pay per impression ads. After looking around for an entire night I found Adsdaq and signed up. It is run by the reputable ContextWeb and accepts small publishers like me. With it I could set my own CPM for my ads. Right now it is performing better than BlogherAds and the ads are all very professional looking. I set the Google ad tags as the backup tag for Adsdaq and my Google earnings have not dropped. So far after using Adsdaq for a week I got $12, and this is really good because they pay when you reach $50.

3. – I usually hate social bookmarking sites (especially Digg), but I am discovering really good links at Mixx. I have been submitting one or two things I find interesting there, and it seems that they don’t penalize for submitting your own stuff.

4. WidgetBucks – This was a failure since I don’t have a product centric site. After 2000 impressions I earned nothing, so I took it off.

Additionally, I am still writing for Wise Bread and here are a few more of my favorite articles:

I think I am getting more serious about blogging lately, and I may be spending too much time on it.  I still had time to go out with the hubby and watch TV, though.  I think I have all this extra time because I don’t have a game to play currently.  It is a good thing.

buy generic cialis online canada

I have written about previously, and also shared .  I think most of us saw this coming, and a lot of us will just go on quite unaffected as long as we have a source of income. There are some effects I am seeing due to the recession all around me and I feel like I should address them here.

buy generic cialis online canada- Unfortunately I am hearing a lot of news about good teachers being fired all across California and student walking out of schools  to participate in protests in the hope of keeping their teachers.  It is a pretty difficult situation for everyone, but with 1 in 240 or so homes in foreclosure, the state of California is losing billions in tax revenues.  The former budgets made in the flush housing bubble years are just not sustainable anymore. The funding cuts are necessary because I heard that municipal bonds are not selling well these days and there just isn’t enough money.  I still think it is stupid to fire good teachers, and I hope it really is the last resort.

buy generic cialis online canada- The value of the dollar is plunging around the world.  This is going to make travelling quite a bit more expensive for Americans. I know my trip to China later this year will be much more expensive than the past two years.  It will also make everything we import more expensive.  Since we import almost every thingamajig from China and the Chinese Yuan is 12% higher than last year, I expect household goods will increase in price quite a bit. However, it also makes American exports more attractive so hopefully that will make our economy recover more quickly.

buy generic cialis online canada- This is insane, but last  month I picked up pizza dough for 99 cents at Trader Joe’s, and this month it was 1.29!  The same item increased 30% in a month.  Then I heard on the radio that flour prices are skyrocketing and many bakeries are paying 2 to 4 times what they paid last August for flour.  The reason is that wheat supplies dwindled this year and the demand increased.  Other foods are also getting more expensive because of increased  global competition for food and gas.

I haven’t really heard of massive job loss here in the Silicon Valley…yet.  It seems like companies are hoarding tons of cash, and that could be a good thing.  Today our CEO said that “difficult economic times are times for great companies to shine”, and I agree with him.  Anyway, I feel like my life hasn’t been affected greatly by the current recession, but that may change in the future if food gets more expensive than rent.

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