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canada generic viagra safe

Our best man’s wife is giving birth this week. They are expecting a girl named Grace and we all can’t wait to meet her. On the note of childbirth, today I saw an extremely eye opening documentary called This is a film made by Abby Epstein after her friend Ricky Lake (yes, the talk show host) didn’t have a good experience with having her first child in the hospital. It explored the history of childbirth in America and how as a society America has phased out natural births in favor of hospital births with various interventions. It also reveals a startling fact that America has the second highest infant and mother mortality rate out of the world’s developed countries even though 99% of American women give birth in a hospital. In contrast, developed countries such as Japan has a home birth rate as high as 70% and have a lower death rate. Here are some things I learned about the business of childbirth from this film, and it is really amazing. If you don’t want any spoilers or if you feel queasy about this subject you can stop reading right here.

canada generic viagra safe – When you see women have babies in hospitals on TV you often see their legs up in stirrups and ten people telling her to push really hard. The film explained that this is the most unnatural position to have a baby because there is no way for the baby to come out when a woman is lying down. A doctor always has to use a clamp, hands, or a vacuum to extract the baby. It is much easier for a woman to have a baby standing up or squatting because gravity helps her do her work and the baby’s head will be lined up with the vaginal opening making the process natural. This made a lot of sense when a childbirth coach showed a fake hip and a baby trying to get out. When the hip is sideways the opening of the hip is angled in such a way that it is pretty much impossible for the baby to fall out. The baby also receives more stress in the horizontal position because it would be pushed up against the hip bone.

canada generic viagra safe – This makes sense for the hospital. They want their beds available so they could serve more people and make more money. The result is a great increase in Caesarean section procedures and the administration of drugs that speed up the delivery. They also say that the number of C-sections is higher during 4pm to 10pm because doctors just do not want to stay around. The average vaginal delivery takes 12 hours, but a C-section takes about 20 minutes. So when the doctors and hospitals want women out, they schedule a C-section. The fact is that C-sections are much more risky than vaginal delivery.

canada generic viagra safe- A midwife said that her fees are about $4000 for all of her services. Keep in mind that many of these midwives are highly trained and qualified to deliver babies. The main midwife they featured on the film is a certified nurse who graduated from Columbia and had been delivering babies in hospitals for five years before she became a midwife. In contrast, a vaginal birth in a hospital costs on average $13,000 and a C-Section is major surgery that often costs more than $30,000. The documentary also shows that in a hospital they often pump the mother with various drugs that eventually puts the baby in distress and require a C-Section. The caveat is that insurance companies rarely cover home births and midwives because they think it is crock and the hospitals are part of the institution that shun natural delivery.

canada generic viagra safe- The film listed the type of drugs they typically use in a hospital and what each of those drugs do. One is the epidural, which takes away pain but also slows down contractions, then there is Pitocin, which is used to speed up contractions and causes pain. So the two drugs work against each other and the hospital would keep on adding drugs until the baby comes or the baby is distressed so they have to do a C-Section. It is pretty scary and there were other drugs used in the past that caused erupted uteruses and babies without arms and legs. The body itself naturally produces hormones that make the birthing process easier and less painful and these artificial drugs really screw it up.

Despite the film having scenes of several extremely explicit home births, it made me less afraid of having a baby because the births seemed less painful and stressful than what is usually shown in TV. In one woman’s birth she just seemed to lay back and sigh and moan a bit and then her baby slipped out into her tub. Then her older child came by and touched the baby and said “eww” like it is extremely natural and cool. There wasn’t any crazy screaming or large amounts of blood covering the sheets and the whole experience seemed beautiful and calm. The film’s message is that women should have a choice to have a natural birth, and it is completely safe as long as it is planned well and the woman doesn’t have any complications. If a woman is enduring a high risk pregnancy, the hospital is still recommended. I don’t know if I would have a natural home birth because it is still pretty scary to me, and I know my health insurance would cover my hospital care. I will try to refuse all those drugs in the hospital, though, but I don’t know what will happen. Anyway, I think a lot of the information presented in this movie made sense, and I will never look at a pregnant woman the same away again. I highly recommend this film, and I think anyone who wants a child in the future should watch it just to see what childbirth is really like.

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canada generic viagra safe

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 9:05 am

I’ve been wanting to watch this, but regardless of what they show, I think I am going to stick to adopting. lol.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 9:58 am

i was all about having a natural birth, until it happened. i felt like a failure at first, but my husband assured me that i don’t have to undergo tons of pain–to be a good mother.

it was so painful…even with the drugs. i know i couldn’t have done it without medical help, drugs and my husband.

also, just because you opt for a hospital birth doesn’t mean there will be lots of people in the room. it was only me, my husband, one nurse and the doctor. the lights were low and the whole experience was wonderful. i can’t believe it’s been almost three months either–seems like i just brought my daughter home.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 10:25 am

Thanks for the review. I also loved the documentary and learned a lot. Women deserve the opportunity to have a natural birth without intervention. However…to do so we as women need to advocate for ourselves and do our homework before we land in the hospital. I had a birth center birth..with a midwife…and it was amazing. I highly recommend this option for those (like myself) who are to scared to do a home birth but not wanting to sign your rights away at a hospital.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 10:40 am

Thank you so much for sharing this. I “Stumbled Upon” you, and I’m glad I did. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, and I am hoping to find a “water birth center” if we are able to. Having a baby in the water just seems so much less stressful to me! I have a 14 year old, and believe me, that was a LOAD of stress! My water had broken, but yet they still had to induce. LOTS of pain…no fun at all.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 12:29 pm

Actually the point about the position of mother at childbirth is biblical. Here’s a quote:
Childbirth Among Hebrew Women

Very few passages in the Bible speak of the manner in which womenfolk gave birth in ancient times. Perhaps the most explicit text on this subject is to be found in the first chapter of Exodus. To expedite his genocide program against the Hebrews who had settled in his country, one of Egypt’s Pharaohs gave the following order to the Hebrew midwives: “When you help the Hebrew women to give birth and you do see them on the stool for childbirth, if it is a son, you must also put it to death.” Sometime later, these Godfearing women justified their failure to carry out this murderous plan by saying to the king: “Because the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women. Because they are lively, they have already given birth before the midwife can come in to them.”—Ex. 1:16-19.

From this passage we learn three things: First, that the profession of midwife existed already in those distant times (sixteenth century B.C.E.); second, that women apparently gave birth, not reclining on a bed, but sitting or crouching on some sort of birthstool; and third, that Hebrew women often gave birth without professional assistance, being “lively,” or as other Bible translations say, “hardy” or “vigorous.”—Jerusalem Bible, Revised Standard Version.

The likely posture assumed by Hebrew women for delivery is referred to by Kennett, in his work Ancient Hebrew Social Life and Custom, as follows: “At the birth of a child, the mother was delivered . . . supported on a small stool resembling a potter’s revolving wheel.” The New Bible Dictionary by J. D. Douglas states: “Among the Hebrews women very often crouched down in childbirth upon a pair of bricks or stones.”

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 12:42 pm

Hey, that Biblical reference was very interesting, and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the comment.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 2:14 pm

My first two sons were born with the pitocin, and both births were hideously painful. the first (18hrs) because of stalled labor, the second (9hrs) induced because my blood pressure was rising too high. My last son (8hrs) came easily – and with about 1/8th of the pain – without the pitocin. All three were normal vaginal births.
Though I’m glad I had it when required, pitocin is the devil.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 5:31 pm

We’re not sure yet if we can have kids (more about our sanity than the physical part), but if I do so I’m definitely going to work with a midwife and try for a home-birth, maybe water. My old boss’s wife highly recommends it and she’s had 12 kids, though not all at home.

The only mom I’ve worked with so far who didn’t have an epidural was also the most awake, perky, etc the next day. Most of them are kind of dopey. I can understand wanting to manage the pain, but I don’t think I’d want the long-term effects.

They’re totally right about C-section log times, I have to check when each baby was born at work and I see the mom going into and out of the delivery room in an hour. The actual C-section probably takes a lot less time. Obviously I’d want one if the baby was in breech, but otherwise I’m sticking to the vaginal delivery.

canada generic viagra safeon 03.31.08 at 9:53 pm

I had heard the position was unnatural. I guess some services will offer you midwives and jacuzzis without drugs. All I know is I was sure glad when my wife git her epidural!

canada generic viagra safeon 04.06.08 at 4:50 pm

[...] baglady presents The Business of Being Born posted at xynny, saying, “review of a great documentary about natural child [...]

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