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The church is located just across the street from the University of Hawaii’s business school. Because of its proximity to the University, this church has many programs that aid international students, and thus they have a good relationship with the Internation Student Services. When they received Jennie’s call for help, they sent someone to bring Helen to the church.

Later, Helen told us that the first three nights she was in Hawaii she slept on the ping pong table of the church’s library. In those three nights there were no one present in the church, and it is hard to imagine how she survived those nights in the pitch darkness of the church surrounded by cockroaches and mosquitoes. In order to save money, she only ate one hamburger in those three days.

In America the grants given to students in humanities majors like theatre arts is much less than those given to science majors. Thus Helen did not get much money from her department. When she just arrived she only received a tuition waiver, and had to work for her living expenses. This is a very common occurence. Hawaii’s main economy is tourism and is also one of the highest cost of living areas in the United States. Because of these reasons, Helen desperately needed to save money.

God always opens a path for those who tries to find it. Three days later, the people at the church managed to use their connections and found a place for Helen to stay. They found a single mother named Lory. She is a hapa (half Japanese, half Caucasian) in her mid thirties and she is quite beautiful. She has a four year old boy named Dane, and she wanted to find a student who could babysit her son on Friday nights when she went out on dates. When she saw that Helen was about her age and has experience in raising a child she was very satisfied. She offered Helen a room in her house for $150 per month and asked for free babysitting on Friday nights. With this deal, Helen was able to have an affordable roof over her head.

After she settled down in Lory’s home, Helen really wanted me and Xin to come to America. However, she did not have enough economic capacity to bring us to America so she had to work. She found a job at the Kennedy Theatre at the University of Hawaii making sets and costumes. It is not easy to make costumes. When she just started she was not familiar with sewing and often stabbed herself with the needle. When she was making sets she often had to do heavy labor and lift things to high places. Even though it is hardwork, she silently endured it to realize her goal of reunion. In addition to working at school she also did some part time jobs on the side.

Helen worked hard at earning money in order to bring us to America, but she also had the difficult task of exceling at school. Getting a PhD in America is not a simple feat.  With each lecture there are tons of reading materials and research to go through and papers to write.  Everyday Helen worked 16 to 18 hours to finish work and school. After a few months Helen was able to save a bit of money and went to Jennie at the international student service  to obtain an I-20 form for us to come to America.  Because she did not have enough money she asked for the help of a few classmates.  She borrowed some money and put it into her account and then obtained a certificate from the bank stating that she has enough money.

At that time there was a student from Shanghai named Hu Leping who helped Helen greatly.  This man majored in library sciences and loved to help other students from China.  In UH, he had a great reputation of “Hu Leping, loves to help others”. He found two to three classmates who were willing to help and collected a bit over $8000 for Helen’s account.  With this help Helen’s assets qualified for an I-20.

Helen took her bank’s certificate to the international student service to Jennie for an I-20.  Jennie is a very experienced officer and is very sympathetic and understanding to the situation of international students.  She was very responsible and tried to talk Helen out of bringing us to America because the living expenses are high and it would be very hard for Helen to support us on her wage of $6.50 per hour.  She asked Helen to wait a while before making the decision, but Helen was adamant, and Jennie had no choice but to issue the I-20.  When Helen left the office Jennie told her that even if she had an I-20 there was no guarantee that the Consulate would give us a visa because Helen did not have enough money to support us.

Jennie turned out to be right.   I took Xin and the I-20 Helen sent us  and went to the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai for a visa. An officer looked at our documents and did not say much.  He wrote a date for six months later on my and my daughter’s passports, which meant that the visa is denied and we may reapply in six months.

To be continued…

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cheap cialis for sale

cheap cialis for saleon 01.31.08 at 4:38 am

I rewatched Hook the movie and just read this post…double whammy… wish I had a hanky.

cheap cialis for saleon 01.31.08 at 11:05 am

haha you’re not crying right.

cheap cialis for sale

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  • cheap cialis for sale

  • cheap cialis for sale

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